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Discussion in 'Invalid Requests' started by Awesome5872, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. Awesome5872

    Awesome5872 Potential Patron

    Feb 2, 2016
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    Are we allowed to request clothes/.swf mods? Basically, a guy has a thread called Lucky's Imports and one of the hair images he has up there was with Lady Palutena, the godess of light and the ruler of Skyworld from the Kid Iccarus franchise. But, I would like some clothes to go along with her. Here's some reference pictures. :/[​IMG][​IMG]
  2. stuntcock

    stuntcock Staff Member Moderator

    Jun 5, 2012
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    Yes you can, but please check out the Request Rules. Costumes tend to be quite extensive and require a lot of modding effort. Therefore we expect users to:
    • search for existing material which is "good enough" to match parts of the costume (e.g. are any of the existing sandals close enough?)
    • clearly identify each part of the costume which should be included in the mod (e.g. "I want the robe and stockings but I don't need the staff" or "I really want the necklace, but you can omit the dangly gold bits on the front of the dress because they'd be too much work")
      • describe the separability of the costume ("the whole thing can be one big SWF" vs "I want to be able to strip off the top part so that her breasts are visible, while leaving the rest of the costume intact")
    • provide high-quality reference images for each part of the costume included in your request
      • a single reference image can cover several parts, but some items (such as gloves and boots) usually require their own special images
      • the images which you've posted so far aren't sufficient
    • explain what you expect re: in-game customization
      • does the costume need to support the breast slider, or can it use a single Breast size?
      • do parts of the costume need to support RGB slider adjustment? If so, which parts?
    • carefully explain any alterations which you expect
      • for example: the Palutena dress includes a slit on the left side. This is the "background" side; the slit would not be visible during SDT gameplay. If you want the dress to be mirrored (so that the slit would be visible to the SDT "camera") then you must say so.

    This isn't a strict requirement, but I generally expect people to show respect for our modders and artists. This means putting a bit of extra preparation and effort into your posts, especially when you're asking someone to do hours of work in order to create a custom mod for you.

    • @Chance is a girl.
      • This isn't a serious criticism of your post; I just like to remind people that the SDT community isn't a complete sausage-fest.
    • Linking to an artist's thread is polite; it helps other users to discover their work.
    • If you like the Palutena Hairstyle then you could add a Rating or a Review. Most artists appreciate feedback and constructive criticism. A positive rating can help a file to become more popular.
      • @Chance isn't active anymore (any probably isn't going to return) but I want to encourage more communication between artists and fans.
      • XenForo system provides you with convenient tools for expressing your opinion. If you really appreciate something, then there's really no excuse for ignoring it. Set aside five seconds from your busy schedule, and click the Like button.
      • Novice artists are especially reliant on feedback. If the SDT community becomes more communicative, then it will be better able to foster new artists and assist them in developing their skills.
    • If you really like the Palutena hairstyle then you can help to improve it.
      • There's an extant Revision request which would "upgrade" the hairstyle into a dynamic SWF file.
      • If you're willing to vector-trace Chance's PNG file then I could add some animation features to it.
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