Paige Returns Ep. V- Part 1: vs. Nikki Bella


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Sep 25, 2015
Paige Returns Ep. 5- Part 1:
Paige and AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella

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It's been a few weeks since Paige appeared on Smackdown. She's hoping that fans have nearly forgotten about her one-and-only match on the Blue Brand, and she's managed to keep quiet about what happened backstage after the cameras stopped following her. Now, she's sitting quietly in the back, making sure not to cross anyone's path anymore.
Nikki Bella happens by though, radiating her usual aura of confidence and beauty. She spots Paige sitting alone, moping around, and decides to mouth off to her.
"Hey Paige..." she says as she struts up to the pale girl. She hesitates and glances around as if lost in thought, then cocks her head arrogantly. "Isn't this where Eva fucked you a while back?"
Paige's face goes ghost white with embarrassment and Nikki laughs at her. "Eva showed me the video" she reveals. "You were SO pathetic! When are you going to finally just quit and save yourself even more humiliation?"
Nikki takes another step up to Paige and the embarrassed girl flinches back meekly. "Why don't you take me on?" Nikki dares her. "You still got the guts to meet me in the ring?"
Paige hangs her head but doesn't respond. She knows Nikki would only destroy her too. If Eva Marie beat her in under a minute, she fears what Nikki would do.
"Hm... If you don't want to even compete anymore, maybe I'll just tell the world about what Eva did to you..."
"No!" Paige gasps in fear. "Please, don't..."
"Tell you what" Nikki suggests with a smirk, "You can bring a friend to face me with! Well, if you have one... You can fight for your honor together, or whatever's left of it."
Nikki laughs, pats poor little Paige on her head, and turns to leave. "Try calling AJ Lee" Nikki calls back over her shoulder. "You can both take me on!"

Paige quietly does exactly as Nikki suggests and gives her friend a call. AJ agrees to come out of retirement for Paige's sake and to shut up the bratty Nikki once and for all. AJ always hated Nikki for what she feels are undeserved accomplishments and her insincere, snobby attitude.
AJ reunites happily with Paige in the back one day, and the two even get a photoshoot together to commemorate her return. AJ is still the second-longest Diva's Champion in history, and her coming back for one more match brings a lot of attention to the match. Paige even manages to find her smile again and dares to hope for some kind of a real comeback now.

Nikki is less impressed with AJ's return and posts on Twitter her own sexy shots, reminding everyone just who she is. She tweets about how often she's beaten AJ and Paige in the past, taken AJ's title and her record reign, and how she defeated AJ in her last singles match in the company. Nikki brags on and on about how much better she is than the two outsiders, and she shows no intimidation of going up against them both.

A few weeks go by as AJ Lee's return is advertised and Paige gets ready for her final chance at redemption. If Nikki reveals what Eva did to her, she knows it'll all be over for her. She has to win this time, and with AJ beside her, she hopes she can.
Paige enters the arena to welcome back her friend to the WWE Universe. On her way to the ring, she shows off her old self some, licking her lips at every turn and playing to the crowd. There are more fans who ignore her than she's used to, but the majority cheer her on. They still love her despite everything that's happened.

Paige takes a microphone and proudly announces AJ before she enters.
"I am excited and very, very proud to welcome back a damn good friend of mine!" Paige shouts to the crowd. "She's the Geek Goddess, one of the longest-reigning champions of our era, and the only woman I'd love to have by my side! AJ Lee, WELCOME BACK!"
AJ's familiar music hits and the crowd erupts for her. For the first time in years, her tiny but toned self skips cheerfully to the ring. She beams at the warm reception and loves every second of it, and she embraces her friend in high spirits.

AJ takes the mic and waits for the adoration to fade. She enjoys every moment of it, basking in the fans' love. She finally raises the mic to her lips but just as she begins to speak, a familiarly obnoxious beat hits the arena.
"YOU CAN LOOK, BUT YOU CAN'T TOUCH!" the music blares. Nikki Bella then makes her way to the ring, preening to every man in the audience while ignoring Paige and AJ as if they didn't even exist. The two are left impatiently waiting on her.

Nikki quickly takes a microphone and lays into AJ and Paige. "Nobody cares that you're back, AJ!" she says fiercely. "You're nothing but a scrawny little loser who I retired! I beat you so many times you ran away because you couldn't stand being second to me!"
Paige looks upset by the insults but AJ looks unconcerned, making 'blah, blah, blah' motions with her hand as Nikki rants. She looks more amused than anything, but an angered Paige takes the mic up instead.
"AJ is a future Hall of Famer!" Paige argues back at Nikki. "You've only gotten as far as you did because of your boyfriend!"
"And yet I keep kicking both your asses every time we meet!" Nikki brags. "How is that if I'm so talentless?"
Paige and AJ both go silent and seethe with frustration but Nikki doesn't let up. "Paige, you're pathetic" she continues. "And AJ's been gone for so long she'd probably get crushed by Eva Marie in less than a minute too! I bet I could take you both on at the same time in a handicap match! How about it?"
Paige gets right in Nikki's face and shouts at her "You're on!"
A sinister smirk crosses Nikki's lips. "When I beat the shit out of you two, I'm going to make you my subservient little slave, Paige. I'm going to make you quit. It's going to be more humiliating for you than anything- so humiliating, in fact, I kind of feel bad about beating you two out here in front of everyone. How about we make our match backstage in the training ring, away from prying eyes? It might help keep a shred of your dignity intact!"
"Hell no!" Paige refuses with a scowl. "We can go right now, but not in the back! We're going to take you down, Nikki! You're outnumbered and outclassed!"
Nikki sighs but nods in acceptance. "Okay then, how about this? If I beat you two right now, then we have a private match backstage. You can be embarrassed both out here and in the back!"
Paige is furious by this point and accepts, daring Nikki to try taking both her and AJ on. She calls for a ref to come down to the ring and the bell to begin the battle.

AJ steps forward to face Nikki first, ready and raring to go. She calms Paige down as they all wait on the referee, and the two are excited to finally wrestle again.

A referee appears on the ramp, walking slowly down to the ring, and he signals for the bell. The instant it rings, AJ turns to face Nikki but is blasted instantly with her devastating forearm, knocking her out in a flash.
A stunned Paige angrily charges at Nikki but gets met with a knee to her gut, stopping her momentum. Nikki then whips her off the ropes and plants her with a spinebuster, then stands tall over both women with a devious smile. In a matter of seconds, she's completely taken down both proud champions.

With her ever-confident smile, Nikki drags Paige up and lifts her over her shoulders for the rack attack. She holds Paige there a minute and laughs as if she can't believe how easy this is. Then, as the crowd urges Paige to escape and make a comeback, Nikki drops her pale body with brutal impact.

Paige is laid out in the middle of the ring next to AJ's prone body. Nikki slides on top of Paige first and hooks a heavy, limp leg with a laugh, waiting on the ref to still enter the ring. He finally makes it after Nikki's already had Paige pinned for several seconds, her long hair splayed over Paige's unaware face, and he finally makes the count.
"One..! Two..! Three!"
Paige is finished just like that, just that quickly and easily. So easily, that Nikki covers AJ next just to humiliate her on her big return. The ref shrugs and counts again as Nikki effortlessly hooks the skinny girl's leg.
"One! Two! Three!" he counts again. AJ is defeated from a single blow alongside her pitiful friend.

Nikki's music hits and the arrogant diva proudly stands over her devastated foes. Neither Paige or AJ have much life as the superior woman hovers above them, flexing her toned body and mocking the two's pitiful showing. She lets the sight sink in as the crowd takes it all in, knowing exactly who's better in just about every way.
With the decisive victory in hand, Nikki grabs a mic and crouches beside Paige, who's rolled over onto her side by now. Nikki pulls out a big toy of hers as well- a dark strapon. She holds it up a moment for the fans to take notice, then begins to slowly slide it down Paige's spine, over her small tights and between her ass.
Nikki holds it there a moment and snickers, all to amused how Paige is too dazed to even notice what's happening to her and how the crowd is intently watching for what will happen next. Nikki leans in overtop Paige and sneers into the mic with a devious laugh.
"I bet you guys want to see what happens to poor Paige next..." she teases. Many fans cheer her on and lean forward expectantly, but she suddenly pulls away.
"Too bad!" she tells everyone. "I'm saving the fun for our private match backstage. I know you all wish you could see it... So I just might record some of it. Maybe I'll release it all after I win!"

Nikki drops the mic but whispers one more thing in Paige's ear, brushing back her dark hair from her face. "When I beat you back there, I'm going to tell everyone what Eva did to you... And I'm going to do even worse... And if you don't start behaving like a good little bitch, I may release it all online..."
Nikki laughs and gives Paige a hard smack on her ass before standing up and walking out. Paige and AJ are left behind like discarded heaps of garbage, both slowly coming to and realizing what happened.
Paige heard every word Nikki taunted her with, and as the dominant Bella stands on the entrance ramp, Paige looks after her and does nothing but break down and sob.

This was basically just the prologue to the episode. Much more to come in part 2!​
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