Paige Returns Ep. III: vs. Lana


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Sep 25, 2015
Paige Returns Ep. 3: Paige vs. Lana
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Lana is being interviewed backstage as her debut match draws near. She proudly shows off several studio photos of her training and her ready in ring gear. She's looking impressive overall, and the cocky Russian knows it.

"Lana, how close are you to being ready to compete in your first singles match?" asks the interviewer.
"I'm ready now" Lana boasts. "I've been ready for a while. Everyone saw that way back at Wrestlemania 32. I made the biggest impact in the women's tag team match then. Do you remember how I kicked the crap out of Paige?"
The interviewer nods slowly. "You nearly KO'd her, a former Diva's Champion. You were undoubtedly impressive."
"I hit Paige so hard with my kick to her face I should have just went ahead and pinned her. I would have won the entire match for our team. I basically just allowed Paige to live, that's the bottom line."

Lana pauses and thinks to herself a moment. "But you know, beating up Paige may not actually be all that impressive anymore. Seems like she loses to anyone. She's so pathetic now."
A wickedly devilish idea crosses Lana's mind and she beckons the interview move down the hall. "You know, maybe little bitty Paige would be a good tryout for me" she comments aloud. "She's easy enough to beat, apparently, so she's perfect for my debut."
Lana leads the way into the medical examiner's office where Paige is seated, getting her shoulder checked out by a physician.
"Well look who we have here" Lana mocks, strutting up to the wincing Paige. "Are you feeling okay? Did Alicia and Summer beat you up too bad?"
Paige scowls and tries to brush off the aches in her body. "Fuck you, Lana" the fiery girl growls. "Injuries come with the job. You'd know that if you were an actual wrestler. But no, you just accompany the real wrestlers to the ring and mindlessly cheer them on while doing nothing yourself!"
"Oh, feisty!" Lana exclaims with amusement. "I'm surprised you still have such a mouth on you after getting your ass kicked so much recently."
Paige stands up with a determined look in here eye, getting right in Lana's face. "Don't talk shit if you're too scared to step in the ring" she warns. Lana boldly stands her ground though and puffs out her chest to push Paige back.
"I'll get in the ring with you" she says. "You and me, one on one, tonight. It'll be my singles debut. How about it, Paige?"
"You're on!" Paige instantly agrees. Lana grins evilly.
"One more thing" the Ravishing Russian adds. "If you lose. Sorry- when you lose- you don't show your face here anymore. You take Summer's advice from last week and you go to Smackdown. You'd fit in better on the B show."
Before Paige can respond, Lana spins around and struts out of the room, whispering to the interviewer one last time. "I'm going to destroy that phony 'anti-diva'" Lana claims with total confidence. "She hides behind a mask of makeup and I'm going to show everyone how pathetic she really is."
Lana takes her leave and the camera is left on Paige, who's brief in-your-face attitude vanishes along with Lana. Instead, worry comes over her as she ponders what she's gotten herself into this week.

Later in the night, Paige prepares for her match by boosting her confidence, reminding herself who she is. She's the Anti-Diva, the woman who started the Women's Revolution, a former two-time champion and constant contender for the gold. She's a top-tier wrestler, and she's got the body of a supermodel to boot.
Paige dolls herself up in her dark, rebellious fashion and takes selfie after selfie, feeling like her powerful self again as she eyes herself in the mirror. She's ready to go, and she heads out to the arena for her match against Lana, a woman who's barely trained and never wrestled a real match before. Paige has every right to be confident about her night.
This is where she gets to cut her losing streak short.

Paige's music hits with thunderous noise and the pale raven-haired woman makes her way to the ring, brimming with confidence. She shows no signs of her recent hang-ups and seems ready to take Lana down a peg and send her back to training in shame. The fans are still firmly behind the energized beauty, and they seem eager to see her shut Lana's big mouth.

Lana's music cuts Paige's off though and the proud blonde stunner walks to the ring in flamboyant fashion, decked out with a long purple cloak and shimmering gear. Everyone takes notice of her and all eyes are off Paige, who's left fidgeting nervously as the Ravishing Russian enters the ring with authority.

Once Lana ditches her robe and stands ready, the bell rings. Paige prepares to grapple and lunges first, but Lana surprises her with a stuff slap to start things off. Before Paige can recover, she's quickly punched and stumbles into the corner.

Lana grabs Paige by her hair and violently tugs her around. Paige helplessly follows, screaming as her hair is nearly torn out. Lana then scores a huge kick to the back of Paige's head, knocking her silly and again stumbling blindly into the corner.
Paige tries to shake the cobwebs from her head and walks right towards Lana, who laughs at the girl's wobbly walk. Lana outright spits in Paige's face, then slaps her as hard as she can across her cheek, decking her down to the mat.
Paige sits in stunned pain as the referee checks on her, but Lana just laughs at her, amused at how a mere slap completely did the girl in.
"Is that all you got?" Lana asks Paige as she sits whimpering. "This is my first one-on-one match and I'm handling you like a bitch!"

Lana grabs Paige's neck and cranks it roughly at an uncomfortable angle. Paige cries out as Lana tortures her, and the wicked blonde seems to relish every second of it. Her eyes light up and her grin turns into an absolutely evil laugh, drowning out Paige's screams of anguish.
"You like to scream, right, Paige?!" Lana shouts down at her. "Well now you're screaming for me! How do you like that?!"
Lana tosses Paige down and releases the painful hold, but the damage is done. With Paige holding herself in pain, Lana looks down on her with dark eyes.
"You're a weak little bitch, Paige" Lana mutters. "And before I beat you and send you packing, I'm going to make you admit it."
Lana adds an exclamation point by slapping Paige again while she's on her knees, keeping her down in the dirt.

Lana is relentless and stands firmly on Paige's strewn hair, then yanks her up by her arms. Paige again cries out in pain as Lana punishes her, flailing her feet wildly in a vain attempt to escape.
Lana finally breaks the hair pull and demands a mic. She leans down in Paige's face to mock her loudly for everyone to hear. "How about it, Paige?" she asks coldly. "You my bitch yet?"
Paige angrily pushes Lana away, refusing to give in.

Lana isn't about to have Paige fight back, so she retaliates at once with a devastating kick across Paige's face, destroying the poor girl and breaking her down into a pitiful heap. Lana immediately regrets destroying her so ruthlessly though. After all, Paige can't admit to being her bitch if she's knocked out cold.
Realizing this, Lana grabs the downed Paige by her hair and throws her tiny body into the air, sending her crashing down a second later and jolting her back awake as rudely as possible.

"Look at that, I'm letting you live again" Lana brags, standing tall over Paige. The Russian waits until Paige is on all fours before hoofing her in the gut, sending her rolling to the ropes in a hot mess.
Paige leans weakly on the bottom rope to catch her breath, but Lana slides outside and gets right in her face. "I can end you anytime I want" she tells the pale girl. She then slaps her hard across the face, bouncing her back into the middle of the ring.

Paige rolls back into the ring but doesn't have the strength to stand. She instead flops onto her back and stays there, barely breathing and already worn out. Lana re-enters and laughs over her prone body.
"You sure are a little slut, aren't you?" she accuses the pale girl. "I mean, you always seem to be on your back! Maybe you should try not getting knocked down so easy."

Paige forces herself up in a rage, desperate to shut Lana's mouth. But the poor girl is too dazed and just stumbles about, easy prey for Lana to effortlessly push into the corner. Paige tries to get out of it and mount a comeback, but Lana simply kicks her straight in her chest, dropping her in the corner with ease
Paige groans and whimpers in pain, but it takes all her strength to just try crawling back up the ropes, gasping for breath.

Lana stands with her hands on her hips as she waits for Paige to drag herself to her feet. Once she's up, Paige blindly stumbles forward, knees wobbling. Lana sighs with disappointment at the pitiful performance and glowers down at the frail girl.
"You're pathetic" Lana mutters. "Tell you what- do as I say, obey me, and I'll make this a little less painful for you. So... get on your knees."
Paige instead takes a wild swing at Lana, who easily catches Paige's arm and counters with a sharp slap. Paige stumbles a bit and again attacks, sluggish and weak. Lana grabs her wrist harder this time and again slaps her, this time holding her up. She slaps poor Paige again and again as the groggy girl is held up by her wrist, just taking each smack as they come.
Lana then grabs Paige's face and wraps her fingers around the girl's jaw, squishing her soft cheeks in her hand, forcing her to make a pitiful pouting face. "You're done" Lana tells her firmly. "I own you. Now get on your knees."
Lana guides Paige down while still holding her face firmly in hand. She forces Paige down to her knees and makes the pale girl look up at her through sweat and tears in her sad, puppy-dog eyes.

Lana takes up the mic and gets in Paige's face, still holding it firmly in her grasp. "Are you my bitch yet?" Lana asks callously. Paige shakes her head no, so Lana smashes the mic over her skull.
Paige is helpless and hurt, and Lana asks again. "Are you my bitch, Paige?!"
The poor little raven weakly nods, but that isn't enough for the Ravishing Russian. Lana grabs her up by her hair so she's kneeling again, and she shoves the mic to Paige's lips. "Say it!" Lana orders. "Tell everyone what you are!"
Paige's lip quivers and she sobs behind her dangling black hair. But even though she hides her shame, it comes through in her voice. "I-" she stammers weakly, her voice cracking through hurt sobs.
"I... I'm..."
Paige takes a deep breath and whimpers right into the mic, failing to fight her shame.
"I'm Lana's bitch..." she finally croaks.

Lana bursts out laughing as the crowd erupts with deep boos. The fans don't faze the dominant woman though, and she arrogantly points for Paige to stand up. The small girl shakily obeys, her legs trembling as she rises to a humiliated, hunched over stance.
Paige stands idle, already beaten, as Lana sizes her up and takes careful aim. She then smashes Paige to pieces with a second blistering kick, leveling her to the mat. Lana then just stands over the girl a moment to let the sight of Paige at her feet sink in.
With the crowd raining deep boos down on her, Lana plants a single boot on Paige's chest. The pale girl is motionless, practically dead. It's a foregone conclusion as the ref begins his count.
"One! Two! Three!"
Paige doesn't budge through the count, and the match ends in decisive fashion.

Lana celebrates with her usual evil laugh as her hand is raised in victory over the still-prone Paige. The blonde leans over the defeated girl and shouts "I told you I'd be dominant!"
Slowly, Paige comes to and her eyes flutter open. It takes a moment for her to realize she's lost, but Lana ensures the first thing she sees is the dominant Russian standing above her. Paige gasps a pitiful sob at the sight, upset with herself and her own inability to triumph.
"Come here, bitch" Lana orders Paige. "Kneel before me."
Paige meekly does so with a defeated whimper. She hangs her head in shame but Lana lifts up her chin, not letting her try to hide her tears from the crowd.
"You can never show your face here on Raw again, you stupid bitch" Lana tells her. "Now get the hell out of my ring."

Lana pushes Paige away and watches as she starts to slowly slide under the ropes to leave. Lana kicks her one last time for good measure though, splattering her limp body to the hard floor outside. Paige groans in pain and shame as Lana laughs at her misfortune and waves goodbye from the ring.
"Hey, Paige, one last thing" Lana calls out on the mic before Paige can even stand up. "Why don't you crawl out of here? You don't deserve to walk out and salvage any pride. Crawl out or I'll strip you down and tie you to the ringpost with your own clothes!"
Paige is appalled by the threat but stays down. She does as she's told and submits, crawling up the ramp like a tamed dog, sobbing all the way. It's the last time the fans will see her on Raw, and Lana leaves a lasting image of her final defeat.

Backstage, before Paige can leave for the night, an interviewer tries to get a comment on her loss and banishment from the Red Brand. But the submissive Anti-Diva only sobs and hangs her head in shame. She doesn't utter a single word and walks off, tail between her legs and utterly, definitively, defeated.

Up next, Paige goes to Smackdown and tries her luck there! Only 2 episodes left!​


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Sep 28, 2012
Another great chapter kodivas. Really like the way you take into account what happened previously as well as letting Lana gain the upper hand in the only way she knows how. Was going to be interesting how you'd vary what happens to Paige but with only 2 chapters left, I don't think it will outstay its welcome. Keep it up! Again, thanks a lot.
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