Paige Returns Ep 1: Paige vs. Alicia Fox


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Sep 25, 2015
Paige Returns Ep. 1: Paige vs. Alicia Fox

The last time Paige wrestled in WWE was in late June, months ago. Now, after a tumultuous year for the twenty-three year old, she's finally making her big return to the Women's Division, which has changed drastically since she took time off to nurse injuries. With Paige back on the scene, she no doubt aims to make an impact right off the bat and throw her hat into contention for the Women's Championship and reestablish herself as a revolutionary female talent.
With Paige's official return announced, the young beauty is all smiles backstage. She's ready to return to the ring, to the fans, and to wrestling in front of thousands of people. She's showing a newfound energy and excitement, positively glowing with joy in anticipation of stepping back into the arena. She may not have a match scheduled on the day of her big comeback, but she'll at least get to address her return and talk to the fans for the first time in what feels like ages to her.

Paige's music hits suddenly, loud and hard, refreshing after such a long absence. Paige herself steps out from behind the curtain seconds later, unable to hold back a genuine smile as the fans scream for her being back. The pale raven struts her way down the ramp, beaming, basking in the fans deafening noise, practically skipping at times. The beaming beauty makes her way into the ring and takes up a microphone, waiting for her music and the fans to quiet before she speaks in her thick English accent.
"It's good to be back in MY HOUSE!" she shouts to the crowd's delight. She takes a moment to take in the sigh of the thousands of people, adjusting to being back before them all.
"Seriously though..." Paige continued, growing serious, "I don't plan on going back to how I was when I left. It's been a rough year, I know. I barely got to compete, and when I did it was in throwaway matches... I took a loss to Summer Rae of all people... I quit going to the gym, I lost my fire, I got sidelined with injuries..."
Paige paused and took a deep breath, putting her prior toils behind her. "But all that changes now! I've remembered who I am! I'm the Anti-Diva! I started the women's revolution! I was the first NXT Women's Champion and the youngest Diva's Champion! I've got a lot of years left here, and I'm going to spend them knocking heads together and raising hell! No more skipping around with irrelevant stories or matches! I'm back and I'm going right for my title! This is my house, the Anti-Diva's house!"

Before Paige can say another word, Alicia Fox's music suddenly blares, cutting the pale beauty and her fans off. The crowd turns to boos as Alicia struts her way down to the ring, walking as arrogantly as ever, looking completely unimpressed at Paige's rousing comeback speech. She enters the ring as Paige looks ready for a fight, but she gets a mic of her own after playing to the crowd, practically ignoring the returning rebel.
Alicia looks Paige up and down and scoffs at the sight of her. "Let me ask you something, honey" Alicia begins to say. "Why exactly should anyone care that you're back? You're no rebel. You're not a revolutionary. Other women changed things around here while you were getting doughy and lazy at home. You said you quit going to the gym as if that was a big thing to admit. Well guess what, honey, we could all tell. You said it yourself- Summer Rae kicked your ass! And don't forget that when you first debuted here on Raw, I was the first to beat you. I dominated you. And whether you've got a new fire or not, I could do it again."
A scowl crosses Paige's face as the fans boo Alicia's words. But the pale raven shows no fear and fires right back. "Is that a challenge?" she asks with fire in her voice. "You want to go? How about right here, right now? I'm back! I'm ready! Are you?"
A look of mild surprise hits Alicia and she glances around, seeing the fans cheering for Paige to make her in-ring return right away. With a smirk she looks back to the Anti-Diva and without blinking agrees. "You're on" she states simply. Both women then dropped their mics, got a ref down to the ring, and readied themselves for a match."

The bell rings and the two start off with a rough grapple, swinging one another around in a fight for supremacy. Alicia pushes Paige away, breaking the hold and surprising her, then follows up with a sudden, hard slap across her cheek, decking the pale beauty into the corner.
Paige rubs her sore cheek in surprise and pain, but soon turns back towards Alicia, who's waiting to meet Paige with another hard slap against her chest with a loud, sickening smack of flesh-on-flesh. Paige cries out from the red handprint on her chest, stumbling back into the corner as Alicia laughs above her.
"Better stop crying, Paige!" Alicia shouts down to her. "You're a badass, right? Come on, act like it and take me down!"

Angered, Paige pulls herself back up, nearly seething after the unpleasant beginning to her return. She charges Alicia in frustration, but Alicia sprints right for her and takes her back down with a clothesline, staggering Paige as she struggles back up. Once back on her feet, Paige turns around right into yet another earth-splitting slap across her jaw, downing her again.

As Paige nurses her pained face, Alicia grabs a handful of her dark locks and drags her to her knees, position the girl right before her. "Where's your attitude, honey?" Alicia asks tauntingly. "Where's your fire?"
Alicia throws another slap against Paige's face, knocking her down for a longer moment as the pale girl collected herself and held her jaw in pain and shock. Alicia was all too happy to give her a chance to rest, preening to the crowd and receiving a harsh response of boos.

Growing more and more flustered, Paige slips out of the ring to collect herself and shake off the rust. Damn it she screams to herself, trying not to lose herself to her frustration. I'm just rusty she tells herself. I got this. This is my house! Alicia can't beat me. No way. This is my big comeback!
The ref steps out of the ring to tell Paige to return to the match. "Come on, Paige" he says loudly, "get back in there!"
"I'm going!" Paige screams at him, visibly angry and annoyed. "She just threw me off! I just need to get back in my groove!"
"Then bring it, honey" Alicia calls out to her, waiting patiently in the ring. "Bring your little 'bad ass' in here and show me what you got. It's a pretty nice ass, I've got to admit. Maybe I'll spank you into submission."
"Fuck you!" Paige shouts back. "I'm going to kick your ass!"
Alicia dares her to bring it on, but Paige takes a deep, calming breath before reentering. She makes sure to not get frustrated and taken by surprise again, and she steps back in calm and ready to go. The fans let her know how glad they are to see her back and she looks her opponent up and down, knowing she can take Alicia like she has before.

Paige takes no more than a single step towards Alicia when she finds a sudden boot in her face, jarring her entire body to the mat. Paige lies stunned a moment, and Alicia goes for a quick pin, only finding a two-count. Nonetheless, Alicia laughs wildly and grabs Paige be her hair and begins smashing her pretty little pale face into the mat again and again and again. By the end of the assault, Paige curls up in a stunned, embarrassed, and hurting heap in the middle of the ring.

With a look of disgust ant her easy opponent, Alicia drags Paige up by her black hair. She hurls her off the ropes and thrusts another boot in the girl's face, dropping her small body with shocking ease. Even the crowd grows quieter as the beating unfolds, and they watch in stunned silence as Alicia manhandles their returning Anti-Diva.
Even as Paige tries to crawl back to her feet using the ropes for leverage, Alicia cuts her off. She chokes Paige against the middle rope, barely breaking by the referee's five-count. Paige slides to the bottom rope, limp, inviting Alicia to choke her again, draining the life from the girl's already-pale face.
Alicia breaks the choke again and the ref admonishes her, warning to let up on the poor girl. Paige crawls to the corner to catch her breath, but Alicia refuses to relent. She slides outside and uses the corner against the raven beauty, grabbing her arm and leg and bending her around the cold steel ringpost. Paige cries out as the ref counts to five again, helpless to do anything but cry and scream as her body's folded up and exposed for the world to see.
Once she's finally released, Paige barely moves, too sore from being stretched around steel to stand. She leans against the bottom rope to catch her breath and hold her back, but Alicia tugs her back by her hair, again rendering her helpless as she dangles the poor girl over the bottom rope, exposing her soft belly. Alicia holds her there a moment, letting the fans take in the sight, then smacks her stomach hard, leaving a red handprint right over her pierced belly button.

Alicia lets Paige go and the girl crawls back into the ring, coughing and gasping for air. But Alicia slides back in without skipping a beat and crawls up behind Paige, almost stalking her with sensual delight. She sits her up and wraps a tight arm around her chin, although Paige struggles to fight away before the headlock can be locked in.
"No... No..!" Paige gasps between heavy breaths. She's desperate for some respite and squirms as Alicia wraps her arm under her jaw. "Please, no!" she gasps weakly. "Just give me a minute, please-!"
Alicia toys with Paige a moment, delighted by her pleas. She holds her arm around the girl's head but doesn't squeeze, giving her a glimmer of hope she might escape.
"Let me go!" Paige begs between weak coughs. "Please, just a second... Don't- No..!"
Paige squirms and struggles but gets nowhere. Soon enough, Alicia locks on the headlock and tightens her hold, sapping the so-called fire from the pale girl. Paige kicks her feet helplessly, desperate to still fight, but she soon loses even the energy for that and drifts to her side, succumbing slowly but surely.
Just as Paige's vision begins to blur, the sound of the roaring fans reaches her on the mat, threw her messy hair and sweaty brow. They cheer her on and some life returns to her, giving her the strength to fight to her feet, even break free...

Paige turns around to mount her counterattack, but she suddenly gets dropped instead by another long leg being shoved in her face. Whatever little momentum Paige tapped into was swiftly and utterly destroyed, and Alicia stood over her in dominant fashion.
"Is this it?" Alicia shouted to the crowd, now ripe with boos. "Is this your beloved little rebel? The Anti-Diva? Yeah, she looks like a real tough chick..."
Alicia looked down on Paige's heap with a smirk. The pale raven didn't seem to have much of a fire left.

With a sigh, Alicia picks Paige up as if she weighed nothing and whipped her off the ropes, this time catching her in a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, crushing the poor girl's spine and destroying her once again. Paige cried out in agony after the brutal move and crawled into the corner to sob, but Alicia again wouldn't give her a chance to rest. She picked Paige right back up and hit another, splitting her body in two once more. A third followed, unleashing a painful scream from Paige as her back gave out. Alicia then dumped the poor little pale thing outside the ring and stood up to gloat as Paige lay devastated outside.

With a wide smirk on her face, Alicia exits the ring after the fallen beauty. She stands over her like a conqueror, and Paige is too wracked with pain to do a thing about it. Alicia grabs her up and hurls her hard into the barricade with a disgusting thud, letting her body bounce off and against the cold floor.
Before Paige can do anything but hold her back in pain, Alicia drags her around some more and throws her against the timekeeper's desk, bouncing her neck and shoulders off its unflinching side. Paige looked to barely be moving after the brutal assault.
Alicia finally stopped her attack for a moment to brag to the nearby fans. "This is too easy!" she shouted with a laugh. "She's just a weak little girl! Maybe I should knock her out and leave her in the sun so she'll get a tan, what do you think?"
Alicia walked up to a fan with a cup of beer in their hand. She snatched it away, getting a sudden idea, and walked over to Paige, still on the floor whining and holding her back and neck. Alicia bent over her and poured the beer all over her, starting with her face and drifting down her slender neck to her breasts. The alcohol trickled over her, under her bra, sticking to her sweaty, heaving body as she tried wiping it from her eyes.
With a laugh, Alicia stepped back to admire her handiwork and let the fans see Paige's humiliation. The pale raven was so embarrassed she began to crawl away from her opponent, looking wet, sticky, and hurt, and even worried about what might still come.

"Where are you going, honey?" Alicia asks mockingly. "Trying to run? It's your big comeback- you can't leave now. You've got to be memorable, right?"
Paige groans and tries to stand, barely stumbling up on shaky legs. She keeps one hand constantly on her back, just barely holding it together.
"I'm going to make everyone remember you tonight" Alicia said proudly. With a smirk she approaches Paige and pushes her lightweight body against the apron, hands strategically placed tight on her breasts. She squeezed them hard, making Paige cry out and struggle, but she was too weak to stop from being molested. Alicia had her way with her, squeezing and handling her breasts however she wanted, laughing all the while with a sneer in Paige's face.
Alicia pressed herself closer to Paige, feeling the girl's warmth and she sobbed and whimpered. She whispered to her, taunting her delicately. "Everyone's watching, honey" Alicia reminded her. "They're all going to see you get handled and beaten. I can do whatever I want to you, and I will. After tonight, no one will care that you're back. You'll just be a punching bag who got ruled in the ring."
Paige sobbed and sobbed as the crowd watched Alicia have her way. Their pale raven was helpless, completely helpless.

Alicia finally had enough and let the screaming, crying girl go. Paige stumbled away and started to climb the steps back into the ring, but Alicia caught her instead and flipped her back onto the floor with a sudden crash. Paige again curled up in a heap, groaning in pain and holding her body in agony.
Alicia stood back a moment to catch her breath, leaning against the barricade as if she wasn't even in the middle of a match. She watched as Paige tried to get back up, slowly, and make her way back into the ring. Once Paige reached the top of the steps, Alicia interfered again though, this time grabbing Paige from behind and pushing her up the turnbuckle. Once atop it, she pushed the small girl off, sending her tumbling down into the ring, back first against the hard mat.

As Paige writhes on the mat, Alicia calmly, ever-so-slowly, struts back into the ring, tall and proud of the brutalized girl. She waited patiently in the corner for Paige to make it to her knees, facing away, and then Alicia grabbed her and pulled her in close. Alicia held her light body against her and reached around her, running her hands over Paige's hips and onto her stomach, then softly up to her breasts again. She suddenly squeezed, making Paige cry out in tears and pain as she was held in place getting molested.

"God, you whine a lot" Alicia muttered from behind Paige. "It's a real turn off. Gross."
Alicia pushed the pale raven away in disgust, tired of hearing her crying and sobbing so much. Paige barely held her footing and stumbled about, turning back to Alicia in a daze. She was met swiftly with another tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but this time Alicia held on, bending Paige's small body over her knee, making her cry out even more.

Not yet satisfied, Alicia releases poor Paige and instead locks her in another hold, pushing her long legs into the pale beauty's injured spine and hoisting her off the ground. Paige was lifted high into the air, exposed and broken for all to see, crying and screaming in pain. Finally, mercifully, Alicia let her down, only to smash her pretty face into the mat in the end.

Alicia looks over the battered girl with a sigh. "You had enough yet, honey?" she asks. "You look like you have, but I don't know. You like to talk, to brag, saying you're tough and a rebel and all that... I think you need to be bent in half again."
Alicia moves Paige to a sitting position and again shoves her boots into her back. "No... No, please, wait..!" Paige begs. But her pleas are ignored and her face contorts and cries out again as she's lifted up, stretched out and broken with no fight left.
After a while, Alicia drops her again and lets her lie on the map, whimpering and groaning. "You know what, honey?" she asks with a laugh. "Torturing you is pretty damn fun. We should do this more often."
Alicia pushes Paige onto her stomach and gets on top of her, wrapping an arm under the girl's chin. "Bring the camera in close" she demands. "I want you to capture every subtle little expression when I break this little badass."
Alicia wrenches back on Paige's head and pulls on her hair, making her scream in pain right into the camera. Alicia wrenches her small body back and forth like a ragdoll, making her whimper and sob as every single tear is caught on film.
"Are you finished yet?" Alicia asks in a mocking puppy-dog tone.
"Ahhhh!!!!" Paige cries.
"If you want it to stop, you have to tell me so. Otherwise, I can go on beating you forever."
The thought of submitting crosses Paige's mind, and the camera catches her pained expression. She doesn't want to admit defeat, especially on the big night of her return, but she's in so much pain and can't fight back. Alicia cranks her neck back to hammer home the perilous state she's in.
"Ahhh!!" Paige screams out. "O-Okay... Okay! Please, stop!
Alicia eases up, just a little, and leans in close to whisper in Paige's ear. "What was that?" she asks. "I didn't quite hear you. You're going to have to beg."
"God... Ah... Please... Please let me go..."
Alicia ponders releasing the hold a moment but instead pulls back on Paige's neck, earning another scream from the pale raven. "Say it like you mean it" Alicia orders. "If you don't, I'm going to embarrass you like you never thought possible."
"No, please..." Paige begs weakly as tears well up in her wide, dark eyes. "I give up... Please, Alicia, please... Let me go..."
Alicia laughs in triumph and pushes Paige's head to the mat. She stands tall over the humbled little girl as the camera exits, having captured every detail of the defeat. Alicia isn't quite through though and the match is still going, so she waits until Paige can crawl to her knees and sit before her conqueror with hopelessness in her eyes.

Alicia takes a moment to look down on Paige and the defeat in her eyes. It was such a stunning sight; she just had to admire it before wrecking the poor girl's face. Alicia grabbed Paige's dark hair and dragged her up, limp and barely squirming, and threw her hard through the turnbuckles, cracking her ribs off the ringpost.
Paige stuck there a second, awkwardly positioned in a painful pose. She raised her just a bit, but that was enough of an opening for Alicia to thrust her boot into Paige's jaw once more. The pale raven drooped at once and flopped to the mat's edge, out cold at long last.

Alicia drags a lifeless Paige into the center of the ring to end things, but the poor girl is so out she couldn't escape a pin no matter how long the ref counted. Alicia placed one mocking finger against Paige's lips and told the ref to count.
Alicia grabbed Paige up by her hair at the last second, shaking her awake, albeit barely. She wrapped her fingers around Paige's cheeks, squishing her face in the palm of her hand. "Not quite yet, honey" Alicia told her softly. "I've already won. Now it's just about proving a point. The point being, of course, how weak you are."
Alicia let Paige drop back to the mat, lifeless and completely at Alicia's mercy. The better woman stood tall over the pale raven and gloated to the crowd, who sat stunned at Paige's total destruction. Alicia could do anything now, and everyone knew it.

Alicia took her sweet time dragging Paige up for the last time. She let the pale raven stand on her wobbly legs, ready to buckle any given moment. Her hair was frazzled in a hot mess and her mouth hung agape in exhaustion. She still stunk of the beer that Alicia had poured on her, and her skin shone from its wetness and her own sweat.
"Goodnight, honey" Alicia told the pathetic sight. "You're done."
Alicia threw her long leg in between Paige's thighs, breaking the smaller girl in half. As she bent over and held herself in pain, Alicia ran off the ropes and scored a devastating scissors kick, flooring Paige to the mat in a thunderous smash.

Paige was completely leveled. Alicia rolled her heap of a body onto its back and hooked a leg tight, folding the girl up like a weak little doll for the pin.
One... Two... Three... counted the referee. It was a foregone conclusion.
Alicia had her hand raised and celebrated as though she'd won the Women's Championship. But this was, perhaps just as important. Championships were won and lost, but Paige only got one comeback night, one match marking her return to the ring. This had been it, and she'd been dominated and destroyed like a fresh-faced rookie.
To celebrate, Alicia stepped outside the ring to the fans and grabbed hold of another beer. She even grabbed a fan's pink baseball cap and brought it back inside. She laid the hat over Paige's beaten face, hiding a small fraction of her shame. The beer was poured over her exposed belly, seeping into her belly button and around her piercing. Alicia even pulled up on her leather shorts and studded belt to let the liquid trickle down her shorts, just to embarrass her some more.

Before leaving for good, Alicia paused with one last thought. She retrieved a black marker from the announcer's desk and went back to the still motionless Paige. She undid the girl's belt to loosen her shorts, then flopped her over onto her belly. Alicia tugged at Paige's short and pulled them down just past her ass, exposing her dark panties for all to see. To finish things, Alicia wrote, ever-so-carefully on Paige's ass, two simple words, one word per cheek. She then left the pale little rebel right there in the ring, unconscious, partially stripped, soaked with beer, beaten and utterly humiliated. And written on her ass were the words 'Welcome Back.'



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