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Otohime's Despair (Okami)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Cloister, Jul 30, 2011.

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    Author's Note:
    One thing I enjoy is when royalty (Queens and Princesses especially) are captured or suffer defeat in some way. Okami has a whole bunch of queens and princesses, some of which suffer a cruel fate. Otohime is not one of those, so I wrote one for her. There's one moment in the game where you have to race to the ocean to meet with Otohime to reach a dungeon. You have until nightfall, and you can actually wait around until it's too late. Unfortunately, nothing happens and you're just reset until you get it right. So I wrote this story to explore the consequences of not making it on time.

    Otohime stood at Watcher’s Cape as despair swept over her. She watched as Oni Island disappeared from the horizon as night settled. Her plan to break the barrier and help Amaterasu reach the lair of the Dark Lord Ninetails was not to be. It was so terrible that her body felt weak. Everything from her crown to her kimono felt heavy. She turned to find Amaterasu and Issun arriving to make the same terrible realization. Even the goddess of the sun lowered her head in shame knowing she was too late. The Dark Lord Ninetails had bested all of them. Queen Himiko had sacrificed herself to Ninetails to find the location of Oni Island... but it was all in vain.

    “Nighttime already!? That means... Oni Island has vanished from the waters off Watcher's Cape. We'll never be able to find it again!” Issun exclaimed.

    “All hope is lost,” Otohime said. “With Oni Island gone, the Dark Lord is free to build her demon forces undeterred. Queen Himiko gave her life for this moment... but we were too late.”

    “No! It’s not over! We’ll find some other way to reach Oni Island!” Issun protested.

    Issun’s determination was not enough to overcome the air of defeat hanging over the queen and the sun goddess.

    “Amaterasu, I know you will never give up, and I wish you well in your travels. But I must return to my people. It is more dangerous than ever now that the Dark Lord has recovered her power and Oni Island is unreachable.”

    “Don’t talk like that. We won’t give up! Hang in there Otohime!”

    Otohime returned to Dragon Palace in the depths of the sea, fearful of the future and the fate of the Dragonians. The Dark Lord would not let her intention to help Amaterasu go without retaliation. She had to brace herself for the worst. Her kingdom was in more peril than ever before.

    Under Otohime’s orders, her people gathered at the Dragon Palace and braced for the worst. Every Dragonian that could carry a weapon did and waited for an attack. Otohime stood ready in the throne room to try and lead her people to victory. She could feel the oppressive darkness in the ocean. Her nerves were worn from her foreboding visions.

    “Everyone is in position, Otohime.” One of her loyal guard reported.

    “Very good. We must remain strong. As Dragonians, we must be prepared to do what is necessary.”

    “Is there anything else your highness?”

    “Yes, we must pray to Amaterasu,” she said gently.

    Just then a cloud of darkness appeared on the horizon and moved in to cover the Dragon Palace and the bottom of the sea in pitch black. Otohime looked upward realizing that the time had come. They would make their stand or fall to the Dark Lord and the demon horde.

    “No! You will pray to me to end you quickly!” A cruel voice called out.

    The Dragonians readied their weapons as demons emerged from the cloud and poured onto the grounds of the Dragon Palace. Fighting broke out at the gates of the palace as Orges and Imps lashed out at anything they could get their hands on. The brave Dragonian guards were swept up in a stampede of demons and assaulted from all sides. There were too many for them to concerted on as each soldier was pinned down and beaten. Otohime could hear the cries of her people as they fought a losing battle against the numerous demons. Soon the front gate was broken down, and ogres swung their clubs to crush the palace defenders. The Dragonians were shown no mercy.

    “Your highness! The demons have entered the palace! There are too many to hold back!”

    “We must remain strong,” Otohime whispered.

    Her worst fears proved a reality as the Dark Lord’s forces crushed her forces without pause. It would not be long until they destroyed the castle and made it to the throne room. She knew there was only one way to possibly hold off the tide of darkness. From her kimono, she pulled out the Dragon Orb. It had allowed her husband to transform into the Water Dragon, a powerful force that could protect the sea. Unfortunately, her husband’s battle with the Dark Lord was so savage that it drove him to madness. The same could happen to Otohime if she was not strong enough.

    “I must protect my people...” She vowed.

    She raised the Dragon Orb, ready to harness its power and transform into the Water Dragon. With a bright flash, she appeared above the Dragon Palace as her body turned into a long graceful serpent dragon adorned with the fins found on her crown. She let out a roar before the horde of demons nearly eclipsing the monsters attacking her castle. They hesitated only once before she tore into their lines, knocking them around with her tail and biting down on anything that opposed her. The other Dragonains found a second wind, and began to push back the rush of demons. They had the support of their leader, taking on the invading demons without pause.

    But Otohime soon rose up with a scream of pain as her new form was hit with a unfathomable power. The Dark Lord had finally decided to strike. A crooked sword with many teeth swung out of nowhere slamming into her serpent body with enough force to send her spiraling backwards. A deadly gash had been left on her dragon body as she sunk to the bottom of the ocean. It took all her concentration to rise up and head back to the battlefield to help her people. Already she could feel her strength fading. It stuck fear into her heart to think Ninetails could stop the Water Dragon with a single blow. By the time she made it back to the Dragon Palace, she could no longer hold on.

    She reverted back to her human form, appearing back inside the throne room clearly exhausted from the whole experience. She did not know if she could do it again, but her people needed the Water Dragon more than never. She raised the Dragon Orb again, only to have it shatter in her hands. The pieces rained to the floor along with her hope as she fell to her knees.

    "What! The Dragon Orb... it's..."

    “Ha ha ha! Pitiful princess! You don’t stand a chance!”

    Otohime looked up to see the shadow of the Dark Lord break into the throne room. Her royal guards raised their weapons but were cut down. Ninetails took form within the Dragon Palace throne room before the defeated Otohime. The Dark Lord had shattered her people's greatest treasure.

    “No... this can’t be... Great Amaterasu, forgive me.”

    Ninetails snarled. “I will destroy your sun goddess soon enough. But before that time, you will suffer for opposing me!”

    Despite her hopeless situation, Otohime could not help but plead.

    “Please, if there is any mercy, take me and spare my people.” She pleaded.

    “Ha! I plan on it. But not because of mercy. Someone must mourn your death when I kill you! They must spread the word that the Dark Lord has defeated the Dragonian Princess!”

    Otohime lowered her head, prepared for the end. But Ninetails did not kill her. The Dark Lord simply laughed and called in a mob of imps.

    “You will not die yet. First, you must suffer!”

    Ninetails used her tails to harness the power similar to the Celestial Brush. Ropes appeared around Otohime’s wrists and legs binding them tightly. She gasped in pain as the crushing force pinned her legs and arms together. Then a rope stretched to the ceiling so the Dragonian princess was dangling helplessly off the ground. She was a prisoner in her own throne room.

    “To think you could oppose me!”

    Otohime struggled with all of her might as Ninetails used more brush techniques. The demon drew lines over parts of her body to deliver a slashing blow. She screamed as something cut into her like a whip. Her kimono was not damaged, but the pain was real.


    The slashes to her face snapped her head back and forth as if someone was slapping her. Each one hurt more than the last. Her face turned red and she could feel stinging all over her body. By the time Ninetails was satisfied, Otohime was panting for breath.

    “I must endure... for my people...” She gasped.

    “Then endure my full wrath!”

    The worst was yet to come as Ninetails drew zigzags calling down a powerful bolt of lightning. Otohime seized up as electric coursed up and down her body. The unexpected attack caught her senses off guard and she screamed in pain. The imps gathered in the throne room laughed and pointed as she suffered the blast. As the guardian of the ocean, the electricity was draining. She felt relief like no other when it finally came to a stop.

    “Aaaaaaaaahhhh...” Otohime’s cry was like a whisper.

    Then the lightning came again, flooding her with pain as her body refused to listen to her and rocked uncontrollably. She could only imagine she looked like a fish on a line the way she was dangling from the ceiling with the fins on her crown. It was too much. Suddenly she would do anything to avoid getting hit with a lightning strike again. For a second, her resolve faded away into desperation.

    “Stop! I beg of you!” She found herself yelling out.

    Ninetails simply laughed at Otohime’s cry for help.

    “If you do not suffer then I will gladly take it out on what is left of your people!” The Dark Lord cackled.

    The surging electricity came to a stop and Otohime could think straight again.

    “No... I did not mean that...”

    Her moment of weakness weighed heavily on her mind. She was close to giving in, but the loyalty to her people remained strong. She could not let the pain make fall completely into the Dark Lord’s hands.

    “I must... hold on... as long as I can.” She told herself.

    Otohime continued to gasp for air until she felt like heaving. Ninetails punished her with more power slashes and surges of lightning until she could no longer hold her head up. It was too much. She could not hold onto her strength. One more attack from the Dark Lord would surely end her... Then she felt the ropes around her arms and legs break and she collapsed to the floor.

    “Your end is near! Imps! You may have the scraps!”

    Ninetails disappeared in a cloud of swirling darkness as the imps charged forward and pounced on Otohime. She felt their claws all over her body as they pulled her kimono down until her breasts spilled out. They were sore and sensitive as the imps, either accidentally or on purpose, knocked them around as they fought each other. Her dress was next as the fighting ripped it to shreds. She had never felt so exposed before. And exposed to demons... it was too much.

    “Ungh!” She gasped.

    One of the larger imps plucked her from the crowd and held her high in the air. She was limp from Ninetail’s punishing attacks, allowing her arms and legs to hang loosely. The other demons danced around her trying to leap up and grab her sleeves to pull her down. The big imp holding her grew tired of this game and tossed her across the throne room. She hit the ground with a thud and then rolled several times until she was face down on the palace floor. The imps rushed after her. Otohime closed her eyes, finding it impossible to stay conscious even as the demons closed in on her.

    “Amaterasu... I beg of you...”

    Otohime’s prayer was cut short as the imps grabbed hold of her.

    “Augh! Ungh! Aaaaaaaaaah! Arrrrrgggh! Uaaaaaah! No- aaaaaaaah!”

    Finally it was too much for the leader of the Dragonians to take and she slipped into unconsciousness. It was not over for her. As long as she drew breath, she would be Ninetails’ prisoner...
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