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Aug 13, 2020

"Target identified."

Agent Kensington has spotted her target. As a security agent of the Matrix, her job is to apprehend saboteurs and hackers and eliminate them. Will she be successful with the reader that got caught by the security guards or will her prey slip through her fingers? Let's find out. Though the agents of Matrix are tough enemies to beat, their hard approach to combat may be slowing them down. Or is agent Kensington equipped better than her 'non-upgraded' Agents to deal with the hackers more effectively? Only the Architect knows.

- No dirty stuff. This is meant to be a hand-to-hand combat match to the death.
- Hand-to-hand only, but further weapons/guns can be discussed.
- Female muses (spies, agents, heroines) prefered, but won't say no to male muses.
- No godmodding.

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