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Om bai shira manta ya sowaka - Warriors Orochi fanfic

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by anotherguttersnipe, Dec 3, 2012.

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    Originally intended for the punishment challenge, it got too big. So I decided to make it a standalone fanfic.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    From a thick forest, Da Ji scouted an Uesugi controlled outpost in the clearing ahead of her. She had followed a brigade of 200 strong to this place, and amongst their number, was a captured Himiko. She was convinced that the sight of her army would spook the Uesugi forces into legging it with Himiko before they could take the fort. Moreso, she lacked the time to maneuvre her forces to ensure that escape was impossible, leaving her with only one other option-to break Himiko out personally. As reckless as this move was, Himiko was too vital to risk leaving her in the coalition's hands for any period of time.

    Da Ji silently broke out of the forest. Her fox-like agility allowed her to move at a full sprint while keeping keeping herself low. As she approached the outpost, she effortlessly ran up the wall without making a sound, before landing in a crouch upon the ramparts. Quickly observing her surroundings, she noticed only a handfull of ashigaru scattered over the ramparts, no doubt acting as a nightwatch while the 'real' warriors slept. she crept up to observe the interior of the outpost, to find Himiko in its center, completly unguarded. The young girl seemed to be on her knees-as if she was praying.

    As a strategist, every part of Da Ji's conscience was telling her it was a trap-a classic open fortress play from Zhuge Liang's book. Yet at the same time, Da Ji couldn't risk leaving her-knowing that the coalition's strategists were willing to use actual persons of interest as bait in their ploys. Da Ji silently lept off of the ramparts, and hesitantly approached Himiko.

    "Himiko?" Da Ji whispered, trying to get her attention.

    Himiko didn't respond, which pressed on the fox's anxiety alittle. As Da Ji got closer, she heard Himiko repeatedly muttering something, although she couldn't make out what it was.

    "Himiko!" Da Ji whispered alittle louder.

    Now only a few feet away from her, Da Ji could now make out what Himiko was muttering.

    Om bai shira manta ya sowaka

    "Shit......" Da Ji moaned, confirming her suspicions.

    Suddenly 'Himiko' exploded into a white mist, in their wake leaving a handful of mystical cards.

    "NOW!" upon a soldier's shout, the ramparts were packed with Uesugi samurai. Their bows were drawn and prepared to fill Da Ji with arrows. The fox gave a smirk in response. The Uesugi's trap would've been perfect-had they not had the audacity to attack her with arrows. She quickly summoned her two purple marble orbs, sending them upward to do circular laps above her. The inner circle intercepted the tide of arrows headed for her, while the outer made its way across the ramparts, easily taking out her assailants. With the initial threat gone, Da Ji pondered for a moment on whether to make good on her escape, or to mop up the rest of the Uesugi forces. This lapse of concentration turned out to be her downfall.

    Da Ji hadn't seen him coming. And she hadn't sensed him until he was right within close quarters. She spun around to find the white-robed figure of Kanetsugu Naoe bearing down on her. With his left hand extended, he sent a bolt of pure white energy into Da Ji's abdomen, sending her hurtling back into something hard. To her suprise, she found herself glue on what she hit with her arms and legs spread out-unable to move anything aside from her head. She noticed a gentle blue glow behind her, and to her shock, found herself bound to a magical circle, powered by Kanetsugu's card deck. The orbs she used to wreak havoc on his men fell to the ground and dematerialised. The binding circle had somehow neutralised her ability to control her weapon.

    "I knew this ploy would have drawn your attention, but I had thought that Orochi's strategist wouldn't have been so foolish as to come alone." Kanetsugu stated in a cold matter that might have put Zhuge Liang's manneurisms to shame.

    "Damn you! Where the hell did you take Himiko?!" Da Ji angrily bit back.

    "You are in no position to be making demands of me, fox-demon." Kanetsugu retorted, reminding her of her predicament.

    Suddenly, a seductive smile crept upon the once enraged lips of Da Ji, as she attempted a different approach to get her released from her bindings.

    "You know, you don't need this silly little circle to take advantage of me, boy." She spoke with a demure tone.

    "What are you talking about?"

    "Oh c'mon. Don't play dumb. We both know what you want from me here. If you let me go, I'll let you do whatever you want with me. If you impress me, I could have you spared when my army comes to annihilate your forces. Whad'ya say, cutie? Wanna have some fun?"

    The fox's seductive words seemed to wash over the young Uesugi general. With his arms folded, he kept his steely gaze upon his captive. Da Ji began to feel frustrated by her failed efforts at seduction.

    "Your army is not coming." Kanetsugu bluntly stated.

    "Oh? And what makes you think that?" Da Ji quizzed.

    "Yukimura now rides against the bulk of your forces. While I hadn't anticipated him having to fight your entire army, I imagine that without your leadership, they will wither and break against his cavalry. You are now completely on your own, and at our mercy."

    This revelation sent a slight chill up her spine. She knew that Masamune Date and Sun Wukong were far away fighting Wei and the Oda clan. Meanwhile, Kiyomori Taira and Dong Zhuo were close enough to mount a rescue, but most likely wouldn't knowing them. With no army, no plan, and no idea where Himiko was, Da Ji was now truly alone and isolated. Before she could dwell on her situation further, Kanetsugu clicked his fingers, causing the binding circle to light up with electricity. The accompanying electric shock earnt small gasps of pain from her lips.

    "And you would do well not to think me so low as to fall for your seductive wiles!" There was a slight tinge of anger in Kanetsugu's voice this time.

    "So then, what do you want from me?"

    "Dong Zhuo has several captives we wish to rescue, and we know that you know where they are. You will give us their location, if you know what's good for you."

    "If you tell me where Himiko is first, then I'll tell you where the swine has hidden his harem." Da Ji attempted to bargain.

    "You forget your place."

    With another snap of his fingers, the binding circle lit up with lightning once more. This time, the pain had doubled in intensity, causing Da Ji to writhe against the circle as much as the tight binding allowed her to. The moans from her lips suggested she was deriving some form of pleasure from her ordeal, and in truth she was. Lord Orochi treated her to worse thrice over when he was in a 'good mood', and the fox genuinely enjoyed his brand of cruelty. As the electricity subsided, Da Ji looked up at Kanetsugu with her cheeks slightly pink. If this was the worst he could do, there was no way the young man could possibly break her.

    "I'm not sure you really want to find them......." Da Ji boasted between her audiable panting. "I saw what he did to Zhang Fei's daughter. I'm pretty sure that uppity bitch will never recover after-AAAHHHNNNN!!!!!"

    Another click of Kanetsugu's fingers, and the circle treated her body to even more lightning, causing the fox demon to wince an eye from the pain. As she gritted her teeth, she managed to force a smile. The only other person who could make her wince like that, was Orochi. Under different circumstances, Da Ji would've been impressed with Kanetsugu's enginuity. There was only one thing that continued to bother her though. Kanetsugu maintained his emotionless visage, not showing even a hint of satisfaction from torturing his beautiful captive. Although this unnerved her alittle, she kept it to the back of her mind, as she continued to get her kicks from Kanetsugu's interrogation. The surge of electricity ended, leaving Da Ji breathless and feeling alittle warm.

    "Dong Zhuo surprised me that day......." She continued to explain through heavier breaths. "He managed to break her spirit in just one hug........ and he got creative- ACH!!!!"

    Her words were violently cut short by Kanetsugu driving the hilt of his blade into her abdomen hard. Her bindings prevented her from lurching forward, amplifying the pain tenfold. Unlike the shock treatment, there was nothing nice about this. Wide eyed from the shock, she noticed that Kanetsugu's expression had changed. His brow had narrowed, accompanied by a slight frown on his face.

    "I tire of your useless banter!" Kanetsugu spoke with a raised voice. "Tell me what I want to know, or this will get alot worse!"

    "There's nothing you can do to get me to speak, boy....." Da Ji managed to spit out, though she was unsure of the truth in her declaration.

    "Then allow me to prove you wrong."

    On those words, Kanetsugu started making several symbols with his hand. On the last symbol, several ghostly spears shot out from the binding circle, piercing Da Ji's entire body save for her head. She remembered narrowly surviving an encounter with Ma Chao's spear. The pain was unlike anything she'd ever felt before, and that was a flesh wound back then. Now that pain was multiplied ten times over. The ordeal caused a sharp scream to escape from Da Ji's lips. Thankfully the spears had managed to miss her lungs, although that fact hadn't provided any comfort to her. Even in her panic sticken state, she noticed a distinct lack of blood or wounds, yet the pain inflicted from the spears felt no less real because of it.

    "I imagine that you would've tortured your prisoners in a similar fashion." Kanetsugu's defiantly stoic tone now bestowed fear onto the once infalliable Da Ji.

    "It's not so fun being on the other end, now is it?"

    "Kanetsugu........ please........." Da Ji whimpered.

    "I could do this for hours. Days if you make that necessary. I will continue for as long as it takes to get the information I need."

    "W-what about honour....... or justice.....?"

    Da Ji's words caused the stoic young man to sneer violently. With another wave of his hand, the spears penetrated even further, earning a loud yelp from Da Ji.

    "You have no right to use those words in my presence!" Kanetsugu bit back, now sounding genuinely angry.

    "A captured foe who recognises the virtues of which the Uesugi clan stand for would be treated with dignity." As he spoke, the spears began to grow blades on their sides, until they resembled Yukimura's weapon of choice.

    "However, you know none of them....."

    On those words, the spears began to slowly retract. Da Ji felt them slowly and agonising rub against her muscles. Whimpering and gasping in pain, she watched as the business ends of the blades drew closer and closer. Even if they were illusions, the idea of going through an entire dissection without the loss of consciousness was too much to bear. Worse yet was the possibility that he was willing to repeat the process over and over again, not to mention what else he could do with the binding circle on the off chance her mind conditioned itself to the pain. There was only one way out of this.......

    "Xu Chang....." A teary eyed Da Ji spoke.


    Dong Zhuo has them at Xu Chang castle! Now please!" Da Ji cried out.

    Without a word from Kanetsugu, the spears dematerialised, leaving Da Ji's body wracked with immense agony. Broken both in body and spirit, she allowed her tears to flow freely from her eyes.

    "Please..... tell me what you've done with her........" Even in this state, Da Ji's thoughts were still of Himiko's whereabouts.

    "We don't have her." Kanetsugu answered back.


    She no longer had the drive to accuse Kanetsugu of lying. Normally, she would've flown into a rage, barking threats and insults over being duped the way she was. But the interrogation had practically destroyed that part of her, leaving in its place a pathetic shadow of the once proud strategist of Orochi. All she could hope for now, was for Kanetsugu to show himself as the better person, and provide mercy where she might not have.

    "I've given you want you wanted....... now please....... let me go........."

    Kanetsugu stood silently for a moment, looking at Da Ji in pure disbelief.

    "As Orochi's right hand, you've mercilessly butchered countless innocents, and you took the life of our Lord Kenshin not in battle, but after days of torture that failed to break his spirit, and you ask for mercy?!"

    The intense look of anger in the young man's face struck fear deep into the fox demon's heart in ways that even Orochi himself was unable to.

    "If a lesser man were in my position, the rest of your pathetic existence would forever be spent in bondage, as you're forced to endure endless torment at his whim. However, as a man of honour, I shall provide you the mercy you seek."

    As Kanetsugu finished his sentence, he waved his hand upwards, causing the binding circle to light up in brilliant blue flames. If Da Ji had the energy, she would've screamed from the pain of her flesh burning under the magic inferno. Her mind had became fragmented from this act. There was no mercy in this on her end, and for all she knew, this could've been another illusion, just as the spears were. She had to believe it, because she didn't want to die like this.

    "Your Lord Orochi awaits you in the underworld."

    Her last sight was Kanetsugu Naoe with his back turned to her, gently uttering one last phrase.

    Om bai shira manta ya sowaka
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    First, let me say that I don't know nothin' about Warriors Orochi, but I imagine your investment in the fiction would be a real treat to fans of the series. For a non-fan the opening was kind of confusing, but when you got to the main conflict I was thoroughly engaged. Da Ji and Kanetsugu were both well defined and I felt like you told me everything I needed to know about them in this short story.

    I like how Da Ji was kind of into it at first, but then she started to realize just how vicious her captor could be and the torture gradually broke her down. It was believable. I don't know what it is about interrogations, but I find them so sexy and this was as good as they come. The cruel twist at the end, that Da Ji's rescue mission was for naught, just made things better.

    The bad news I now hate you because you do great 3D artwork and you write great stories. From henceforth, we are enemies. Bravo!