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(Old Canon) Ryona City: Unsolved Mysteries

Discussion in 'Ryona City' started by Idoro, Mar 9, 2015.

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    Ryona City, 8:00 PM. With nothing to do on this particular night, you decide to turn on the tube and see what's on. On the default local station, you begin to hear eerie music coming from the speakers...

    Images begin to circulate across the screen, depicting various mysterious cases, accompanied by a gruff voicing explaining each to the viewer audience.


    "Cloning. Long considered by many to be unethical in practice, and banned in most major countries. However, startling eyewitness accounts and recently uncovered evidence may be the answer to a question no one wants to be answered..


    Does cloning exist in Ryona City?"


    "The Dragon Pagoda in central Ryona City has always been a trademark symbol of the city itself. It is known for offering fine dining, entertainment and the best hotel rooms money can buy.


    However, the origins of the Dragon Pagoda remain largely a mystery to the inhabitants of the city. There exist no records of when it was built, nor who commissioned it to be built in the first place. The oldest residents of the city claim that the pagoda has always been there. The current buildings' owners have declined to comment on the issue.


    Who built the pagoda? What are the identities of the Dragon family? And what dark secrets shroud the purpose of this landmark building?"


    "Also, we take an in-depth look into one of the city's most infamous and populated crime organizations, the Pearl Corporation...


    ..as well as the stunning decision by a local city councilman to invite the Corporation into helping police the city. What is the motivation behind the shocking announcement?"

    The image of a handsome, middle-aged man dressed in a dinner jacket appears on screen, standing in front of what appears to be one of the local the police stations in Ryona City.


    "This and more.. on tonight's special edition of Unsolved Mysteries- we take a look into America's most infamous and crime-infested location- Ryona City. Join me.. and perhaps we can finally answer some of the city's most puzzling questions."


    Welcome to Unsolved Mysteries, a new segment of Ryona City that will allow participants to pose questions to one another regarding some of the more interesting or unknown issues regarding the RP. In this thread, you will be able to read about various segments regarding the history, culture, news, people and other aspects of Ryona City!


    With so much information regarding everyone's characters and roles in the RP, I thought this would be an interesting way for us to see into each other's characters and backgrounds. I think it will also open up opportunities for us to RP with each other concerning Ryona City if certain plot points are especially interesting.

    In short, this is a way for us to put out some of our information without actually having to do it in-character. Since there are many participants in this RP, some of us can't always be on at the same time to interact with each other. There's also a lot of information about our respective characters and groups that we may not know about. So this will give us writers a chance (at our own discretion) to reveal details about our part in the RP!


    Unsolved Mysteries, just like the original TV show will run several segments in a single program. Stories can relate to (but are not limited to) these subjects:

    WANTED: Criminals wanted for crimes from robberies to murders.

    INVESTIGATIONS: Investigations currently pending a result.

    MISSING PERSONS: Regarding missing family or loved ones, or just missing people in general.

    THE UNEXPLAINED: Regarding cases which have no explanation currently known to science. Anything from disasters to miracles.

    THE SUPERNATURAL: Pertaining to supernatural events, or events believed to be not of this world in origin.

    LOST HEIR: Someone pass on, leaving a large inheritance but no one to claim it?

    LEGENDS: Stories and myths that have circulated for decades or even centuries.

    UPDATES!: These segments will only run when there is an update to a story previously released on the program. This could mean that a mystery was solved, a missing person was found, a wanted person brought to justice, etc. This generally coincides with a resolution to an RP or a big secret being found out (And being made public knowledge BY request.)


    Simple. PM to me an idea you have about a 'story' that can be covered on the program. You can reveal as much or as little information about it as you want, and I'll produce a segment for it in the thread. Though not required, providing images will be helpful to creating a segment.

    Keep in mind that any activity in this thread will not count towards your standing in the roleplay. However, it can work (and is intended to be) as a way to generate roleplay and story ideas for everyone involved, which can help improve your influence. So keep that in mind!


    Stay tuned to find out, I intend to write out all three segments that I've shown up above which is basically the first episode. Keep your eye out on the 'Current Segments' and 'Next Episode' tabs to see what stories will be run in the future!


    Of course! Just send me what details you want to add, any characters of yours you'd want interviewed and I can slide it in to that segment. Accounts you make in this way can provide crucial information to the story, or just be simple eyewitness accounts. Any law enforcement members you currently roleplay as can have their investigations be included as well.

    Keep in mind, any canon resources that I have access to will have their information added to any segments that are relevant to the content provided.


    Well it wouldn't be an RP thread if there wasn't any RP allowed in it, would it? It's allowed here, but just keep in mind that it should be restricted to just your characters watching the program, perhaps reacting to its content and the like. Anything beyond that should probably be kept to a separate thread or chat!

    That's about all I have for the explanation. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to post them here or PM me!





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