(Old Canon) [Ryona City] The New Apprentice (Combat RP)


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It's said that 'nice guys always finish last', and that statement couldn't be more true then for Zhou- one of the four 'sons' of Shen Long and an employee at the Dragon Pagoda hotel. Everyone seems to enjoy taking advantage of his easygoing, level-headed personality. Whether it's his brother or his childhood friend Petal Hui, he always seems to be putting up with someone's crazy antics.

But even someone like Zhou has his limits, and when he is coming home one day from errands he meets a woman who manages to finally make him snap and give in to his more violent side. This is no ordinary woman however, as she manages to prove to Zhou in combat, making even him recognize her ability and spirit.


LOCATION: Roosevelt Courts, 1:34 PM (4891 Roosevelt Avenue)

These basketball and tennis courts were once frequently used by the public in the past, but as time wore on and as Roosevelt Avenue became more affiliated with the slums and ghettos the city stopped keeping them up, and now they are run-down and sparsely used. This area is not a hotbed of illegal activity such as gambling, partying and even street fighting.

Yuki (SufferingLily)

A chant bounced along the narrow street getting louder and louder as one approached, as if leaving a trail to be followed. It echoed inside Yuki’s skull like the rhythmic pounding of a drum. “Fight, fight, fight!” They roared. And so she did.

The slamming of her fists against flesh matched the drumming in her head. Her body felt electrified and the sweat running down her body felt like ice against her burning skin. Her smile was broad and wide, almost feral in its ferocity. It was the beginning of that feeling she loved. The thrill of victory.

The rundown basketball court that served as the setting for this battle smelled of must, sweat, and decay, but Yuki was beyond caring about that as she went in for the final strike. A loud crack filled the air as her foot crashed into her opponent’s skull. The brunette fighter took a step back, eyes glazing over… and fell onto her back, unconscious.

The ring of spectators all around the two fighters erupted into a roar as the cat fight came to an end and Yuki threw her arms up in celebration. She walked over and planted a foot on the fallen girl’s chest and posed, the very image of a goddess of victory.

She panted and her chest heaved, her full breasts pushing against the tight fabric of her cropped top, the garment little more than a sports bra in truth. Her behind stuck out slightly in the pose she held putting every curve of her ass on display given the thong underwear she was wearing and nothing else. Despite her glorious victory she had young girlish features, more cute than sexy, unlike her figure. Her hair was tied into pigtails that swept over her shoulders.

If not for her impressive physique and the metal gauntlets and boots she wore she might even look helpless. She definitely didn’t look so now though as she grinned down at the beaten girl at her feet. “Too easy.”

Zhou (Idoro)

It'd been a few hours since Zhou had set out from the hotel and out to the city to run a few errands. There were bills to be paid, supplies to pick up… and of course, grocery shopping to be done.

His childhood friend Hui had requested that he help her cook something special tonight for a few guests, and he readily agreed. For the past few days he had been cooped up in the Dragon Pagoda, doing his job as one of the attendants. It was nice to finally get out and breathe some fresh air... well, as fresh as it could be in a city like this.

Zhou was a Chinese-American man, standing a bit taller than average at about 5'10". He had long, straight black hair that he let hang freely from his head and upon his face he wore simple spectacles. He was by all accounts, extremely handsome and often found himself complimented by women (and men) who were impressed by his looks.

It also helped that he kept up his appearance. Always dressed sharply, even for an occasion like going to the grocery store- Zhou never slumped. It was this type of work ethic that made him stand out from his other 3 brothers.

Though not a celebrity by any means, many people knew his face- the Dragon Family was famous in the city for running the very expensive hotel at the richer end of the city. It was often visited by famous people from all over the world for its A-class service and hospitality.

But right now, he had chosen to come to another part of the city due to its closer location- something he didn't do too often. Despite his appearance, he was a very capable man in combat, able to handle most opponents with ease. But this was something he didn't let on to very often for he was polite and timid, often preferring more peaceful routes and only fighting when defending himself.

Right now however, he began to hear a ruckus from a block over. People shouting and chanting. He carried his groceries over to the location- what appeared to be a run-down basketball court. A bunch of civilians were surrounding a few people in the center... and Zhou positioned himself so he could see what was happening.

It was a street fight! He hadn't seen one of these in years. And by the looks of it, one of the combatants was clearly dominating the other. It didn't take long for her to completely defeat her foe- taking a victory stance atop her proudly as the crowd cheered.

He pushed his glasses up slightly to get a better look at her clothing- or lack thereof. She didn't wear much, but he could see that she had attached metal gauntlets and greaves to her arms and legs respectively... no doubt these aided in her fighting ability.

Zhou smirked. She was a powerful fighter, but her technique appeared a little sloppy for his tastes. He looked around himself briefly, wondering if anyone else would step up to challenge her. 'Stopping to watch this one fight shouldn't hurt...' he thought to himself.


After a short bit of celebration Yuki lifted her foot off the defeated girl and another girl stepped forward. Yuki started getting into a combat stance but the newcomer shook her head vigorously and pointed at the fallen fighter. Yuki sighed and allowed the girl’s friend to drag her off and tend to her wounds.

She wiped the sweat from her brow and looked around. She was happy to see the awed looks on the faces of many of the spectators. There was no point to street fighting if she didn’t get to prove she was the best of the best.

For Yuki that was what mattered, being stronger than anybody. The entire time she was growing up her parents and her friends told her it was foolish to pursue martial arts. They said that she could never be the best. Well time had proven them all wrong. She just had to show the world that.

“Well does anyone else want to give it a go?” She asked innocently to the onlookers, staring them in the face one by one as they were forced to look away. “Not just the girls either, I’ll take on any of you boys too.” She spoke sweetly, offering a smile to one of the younger men who blushed and backed into the crowd. “Come on… is everybody too scared?”

“How about…” she trailed off as her gaze fell upon a certain handsome bespectacled figure in the crowd. She took a step in his direction and squinted, as if not quite sure if she was really seeing what she thought she did. “You.” She finished with a wicked grin, pointing at the man.

There was no way anybody who cared about being the best in this City wouldn’t recognize a member of the Dragon Clan. And that was her ticket to the top. If she could defeat a member of such an illustrious family everyone would have to acknowledge her. Everything would change.


When the woman had begun looking around for her next challenger, Zhou too looked around to see if he could spot anyone willing to step up. After a few moments he heard her choose someone and looked directly at her to see who she had chosen...

She was pointing at him! Well maybe not him, just in his direction. He looked around to see if anyone had been the target of her finger but...

Everyone started to step aside, until there was a clear path between himself. A few people in the crowd recognized him, and one even yelled out "Yo, it's that one dude uh... the dude from the hotel."

Zhou blinked a few times before looking at Yuki incredulously. "Wait... you mean... me?!"


Yuki sauntered toward Zhou as the crowd parted between them. She stopped only a few inches away and now she was close enough to see that he had about 5 inches in height on her, not that it would make any difference in the end of the day.

She laughed at the incredulous look he gave her and reached out her finger again to poke him gently in the chest. "Well of course you." She said through a smile. "I don't see anybody else here worth fighting."

"Or am I too much for you?" Yuki asked, casually running a hand down her side to rest on her hip as she stared up into the taller man's eyes. She did her best to hide the anticipation she felt bubbling up within.


"Er..." Zhou muttered as she walked up to him, confirming it was he who she had chosen. She poked him in the chest, causing him to flinch slightly at her touch- as light as it was. He looked and felt like a nerd.

A couple of onlookers chuckled at the exchange, and Zhou did his best to smile politely. "Well... ah... I apologize but... fighting isn't for me and... I have to get these groceries back home you see. I have an important dinner tonight that I can't be late to."

He looked down at her, noticing that her cleavage took up a lot of her form and cleared his throat, averting his gaze from them. "Perhaps some other time..?"


Somehow Yuki felt like a bully but she pressed forward anyway. "I'm afraid this is a one-time deal big boy. You get a go at me now or never." "Unless of course... you're scared." She said the last innocently but it was obviously a jab at the man and she poked her finger into his chest again, this time harder.

Could he really be a member of the Dragon Clan... he looked weak. Maybe she'd been mistaken but she was almost certain it was him.


"Mph..." he muttered as she pressed into his chest once more. It seemed like she really wanted to test his ability. But Zhou was the most level-headed out of his brothers, and knew that this girl was just trying to goad him into fighting.

He very gently moved her hand away from his chest and shook his head once more, closing his eyes and smiling. "I am not scared of someone like you, ma'am. I simply have other engagements that I have devoted attention to prior."

'Someone like you'... was he trying to insinuate something? He bowed his head to her and opened his eyes. "Have a good day. And good luck in your bouts."

And with that, he turned to walk away, groceries still in hand.


Yuki simply stared for a few moment as Zhou turned away, utterly unused to being turned down in such a manner when it came to... just about anything really.

Most men jumped at the chance to fight her. Probably thinking they would have any easy win and an easy grope or something equally sleazy. But apparently this man was different. He would require greater coercion.

She narrowed her eyes and stepped after his retreating form before lashing out with her foot to strike one of the bags he carried, splitting it open as the contents scattered across the ground.

"What do you mean someone like me?" She inquired, anger in her voice. She couldn't allow him to get away, she needed this.


The bag was thrashed open, causing vegetables, uncooked rice and other ingredients to fall to the ground, still protected in containers and baggies but obviously no longer able to be carried easily.

Zhou stopped- at first, surprised that someone could have the audacity to do such a thing. But that surprise quickly turned to disgust as he turned to face Yuki, his polite expression gone... and replaced by anger.

The crowd reacted in surprise as well, some of them uttering "Ooooh" as they expected Zhou to lash out. "Hey, that was fucked up!" one of them said.

But he would only sigh after staring at her for a moment and bent down to pick up what had spilled out. "You possess some skill in fighting it seems, but lack even simple manners..." he said in agitation.

Was it possible for a person to be so passive? Even though he seemed angry, he still had no intent to fight it appeared. Moreover, what did he mean by 'some skill'? Was he trying to insult her in a passive-aggressive way?

Perhaps he was letting his reputation get to his head... those rich Dragon family people. What did they know anyways?

"I've got more than enough skill to deal with a coward like you." Yuki growled, her temper getting the best of her as Zhou refused to be baited into a fight.

"You think you're too good for the likes of me? Think I'm too unworthy for you to bother with?" She said mockingly, as she stomped down on a bag of uncooked rice, bursting it as the contents exploded across the ground.

"Or are you just afraid? I didn't realize that the Dragon Family was full of people like you." She said, standing above the kneeling man. "I'm sure somebody better will teach you guys a lesson soon enough."


Coward... he'd heard it all before. He wouldn't be goaded into fighting her, and that was th-

The explosion of the bag of rice near him caused Zhou to involuntarily look up in amazement...how far was this one willing to go to try and anger him? "Why are you acting like a child?!" he said angrily.

The crowd remained mostly quiet, just watching the exchange. But Zhou didn't care. It was a mistake to come here, that much was certain. She then stood in front of him... and mocked him once more... but also mocked his family.

This was where Yuki could finally see a change in the man as he quickly got to his feet, showcasing some martial artist-like agility as he did so.

He glowered at her, his eyes staring at her fierce and intently. "...Do not speak of my family in such a way, lowborn" he said after a few moments, his voice low and... Actually a little frightening. The crowd responded in hushed gasps and mutterings to each other.

A shiver ran down Yuki's spine as she heard the tone of Zhou's voice but she kept grinning despite herself. It seemed she'd found his weakness. She would get her fight... and her renown after all.

"Oh did you grow a spine?" Yuki asked as she bent her knees and assumed a fighting stance. "Or are you just mad about your stupid family?"


Zhou continued to stare at her, noticing that she had taken a fighting stance. Insulting his family again, he remained still, silent... cold.

Defending the honor of one's family was paramount, and this girl treaded where no one should- commoner, noble or otherwise. That is the way his 'father' taught him.

The crowd began to reposition themselves around the two of them as a fight looked to be in the works. The stage was set, it seemed.

Zhou backed up a few pace from her, sighing and standing straight, but still. "How callous you must be to force my hand in this way. Insulting one's family is baseless and without honor."

"...But very well. If you want me to teach you a swift lesson, than I shall" he said, keeping his gaze on her and remaining still.

"Fight! FIGHT!" the crowd cheered. Looks like Yuki would be getting another challenge after all.

Yuki felt her blood begin to pump as the crowd started chanting again. This pampered rich kid didn't know what it was to get in a street fight she was sure of that much. No rules to keep him safe here and no friends to rely on. Only one's own strength mattered here.

And she was confident that her strength was more than enough. "Why don't you try teaching me some honor then?" Yuki mocked as she sprang forward suddenly.

She covered the distance between them rapidly, moving at a rate that would make an Olympic sprinter jealous. She thrust her right arm at Zhou's chest, aiming to slam the metal gauntlet into his sternum. But in the following moment she aimed a steel clad foot at his left knee.


Quick, but also something Zhou was predicting she would do. As she dove at him with incredible speed, Zhou quickly weaved to the side, seeming to move so quickly for Yuki's eyes that she only saw a blur of movement as she went past him... looking like she was aiming to strike at nothing.

The crowd clapped and let out a few laughs at Yuki's expense as Zhou stood a few feet behind her, pacing away from her slowly, but keeping his eyes on her.

"Ey yo, the dude's over there" one of the people in the crowd pointed out to Yuki...

Yuki blinked in surprise as she struck air, looking around for a moment for an opponent that wasn't there. He'd just... disappeared?

But she spun around at the call out from the crowd. "I know that." She snapped at the slowly retreating form of her opponent.

Then she rushed in again, this time jumping toward Zhou and aiming a flying kick directly at the handsome man's head.


Yuki launched herself in the air at Zhou, aiming a powerful flying kick for his head... but again, the Chinese man seemed to predict her attack as he moved underneath her in a blur, leaving her sight momentarily..

But she didn't have to wonder where he had gone for very long, for as she passed overhead, he quickly spun around with a high roundhouse kick, smacking her in the chest as she landed on the other side of him!


Yuki didn't have nearly as long to look for her vanished opponent this time. Instead he made himself known as he landed a roundhouse kick to her chest.

"Uhhhhhhh" Yuki groaned as the wind hissed between her teeth and she was sent stumbling back, surprised by the strength of the blow and its suddenness. Her impressive bust shuddered wildly and she nearly fell over before catching herself at the last moment.

The crowd roared at the hit apparently siding with Zhou somewhat after her display in getting him to fight. Which was fine, she didn't need their support.

"Lucky hit." She growled as she struggled back into a defensive stance, her chest aching.


Zhou stood still before turning to face her. He didn't appear to have even a lick of sweat on him... was he even taking her seriously?

"Guess this is what happens when she fights a dude!" someone in the crowd said, mocking Yuki. But Zhou had other plans. He lifted his hand in front of himself and said to her, "There. I put you on the ground. I think I've proven my point. Next time, you should learn to keep your mouth shut" he said snappily, as if expecting her to back down. Even he knew better though.

"Oh damn, she got told!" a younger kid said, his friends giggling in response…

Yuki suppressed the urge to blush as the crowd turned against her. "You haven't proven anything. Except that you can run away and your kicks don't hurt."

But despite her words Yuki was hurting... she had to find some way to put this pompous prick down fast. She slowly moved toward him, like a predator nearing its prey, her eyes focused intently on him should he move again.

"I don't remember any of you being eager to face me." She declared as she walked right up to Zhou.

But rather than charging in this time she threw out a measuring punch at her handsome opponent. Only to stop short and throw out a palm thrust to the right where she suspected he would dodge to.


Zhou kept his eyes on her, watching her movements carefully. She was, despite her rudeness, attractive. Pretty, even. How sad that they could not have met on better terms than this.

He noticed that she approached him more carefully this time, and he kept an eye on her body language. He was attempting to predict what she would do next.

She threw a small punch at him, causing him to dodge slightly, and then followed it up with a true punch, aiming to strike at him with his guard down.

However, it was not down, and Zhou himself was a bit surprised that she was able to trick him in this way. He raised his arm to meet her punch… and even with her gauntlets on, it felt like she had hit solid steel as she struck his forearm.

"Not bad" Zhou said, grinning. "You really do have promise. It's a shame you're such a jerk."


"Ungh" Yuki grunted in frustration as she only managed to strike Zhou's arm... which seemed almost to hurt her more than it did him. How was that possible? Was he even human?

But despite everything Yuki felt her heartbeat quicken as he grinned at her, speaking a vague compliment. He really was very handsome.

No no no, she couldn't afford to get distracted. She couldn't afford to lose now. If she did she would be just another silly girl who thought she had what it took to be a martial artist. She couldn't let that happen.

"It's a shame you're a pampered little boy." Yuki said before suddenly grabbing the wrist of the arm that had blocked her and yanking Zhou forward into a knee ready to be slammed into his stomach.


Zhou chuckled at her remark... ‘Pampered’. Did he really come off that way? Maybe that was why it was so hard for him to meet women. Or, at least women who didn't want to fight him all the time!

She quickly grabbed a hold of his wrist, causing his attention to snap back to the fight and he saw her attempting to pull him in close to possibly get a close hit on him. Rather than try to pull away, he simply allowed himself to be pulled into her.

But instead of meeting her knee, he instead used the momentum to place his other hand on her shoulder, kicked off with his feet and pulled away from her grasp, leaping over her in a flip and landing behind her on his feet, as a small cloud of dust puffed out from below him.

The crowd looked on in amazement before breaking out into clapping and cheering. Zhou turned around once more to face Yuki... but he was smiling now. "I didn't know you liked to dance, ma'am."


Yuki blinked as Zhou evaded her attack in the most elegant manner she could imagine, landing gracefully behind her before she turned to face him, amazement written on her face for a split second. Then she regained herself.

"They'll be cheering for me soon." Yuki said, her desperation building as victory looked like a more and more impossible goal. "You can't win by just jumping around all day."

Then Yuki quickly launched a barrage of short quick punches meant to overwhelm her opponent and get through is guard... or at least create some kind of opening.


Zhou grinned, she was right. As fun as it was to dodge her attacks all day, it didn't look like that alone would be enough to prove his point. And so he met her fierce assault as she started to deliver punches towards his person.

She was quick, but Zhou was able to guard against all of her attacks, parrying and moving her fists away with each punch, until she overshot one of them and created an opening herself!

Zhou leaned in close and shoved his elbow into her toned, sexy belly before standing up to full height and hammering his fist down on her head as she bent over from the belly blow. "Kyah!"

The exchange of movement was fast, but looked like something straight out of a movie to the crowd. As they became more excited, their cheers and rowdiness intensified!


Yuki grew more and more desperate with each blow but he blocked them all seemingly without effort, as if she were nothing more than a child. Which only made her angrier until she finally put too much into one of her punches and missed.

She barely had time to regret the mistake before Zhou's elbow buried itself in her stomach. "Uaaagh!" Yuki shouted as she bent over in surprise and pain, her plump behind facing out toward the cheering crowd.

Then another powerful blow came her way in the form of a fist slamming down on her head and forcing her straight to the ground. "Kyaaaa!" Her scream cut off abruptly as she hit the pavement, twitching there for a moment on the ground at Zhou's feet.


The crowd cheered as Zhou downed Yuki, seemingly becoming the new 'champ' of this little street fight. He looked around himself and smiled lightly, not seeming to mind the attention.

Hearing Yuki cry out in pain caused him to feel a bit of guilt, and he didn't feel like embarrassing her any further.

"It is done" he proclaimed, crossing his arms. "You fight well, but you've much to learn. Especially when it comes to manners."

Watching her stir, he awaited a response... surely, she now saw the futility in this.


Slowly Yuki got onto her hands and knees, shaking her head to try and relieve the pounding pain there. Why... why couldn't she beat him?

"Uuuuhhhhh" She groaned in pain but managed to keep on rising regardless. What would people think if she lost here? She wouldn't even dare to look back at the crowd.

Instead she just looked straight ahead toward Zhou... though right now she was only eye level with his chest given her hunched form.

"I... I can't give up." She declared.


Zhou looked at her... that fighting spirit she had reminded him of someone close. Despite being put down on the ground twice by him, she remained determined to defeat him.

Was her insulting his family just a ruse to get him to fight? He pondered for a moment as he looked at her slowly stand up to her feet. The possibility that he had denied such a spirited fighter a chance to fight him made him rethink this whole situation.

A genuine fighter wanted to test their skills against him... and he'd be insulting her now to simply walk away and not give it his all.

Her breaths were heavy, her large breasts bobbing up and down with each one. Such a brave woman to put herself on display like this.

"You" Zhou said, blinking. "What is your name?"


"My name is Yuki." She huffed before finally bringing herself back to her full height. "Make sure... you don't... forget it."

And with that she made another attempt despite the fact that anyone could see she didn't stand a chance.

She raised her gauntleted fist fast and hard, putting all the strength she could muster into it and attempting to land a powerful uppercut.


"Yuki..." Zhou mouthed, raising his hands to his face and taking his glasses off. He stuffed them into his jacket pocket. He was far-sighted, and could not see very far out. But this way, his close-range sight was heightened to a point where he could focus on just the fight... and ignore anything else.

"Very well. I am Zhou, Son of Shen Long" he said, taking off his jacket and letting it fall to the ground. He was going to respect her request to bout and would no longer hold himself back.

Zhou watched her as she suddenly leaned in with a fierce uppercut- so quick and powerful that he had no choice but to step back to avoid being hit. Now that his glasses were off however, she could see the fierceness in his eyes too...

Meanwhile, a couple of lowlifes approached the street fight now, wondering what the ruckus was about as they made their way towards the scene.

Yuki didn't relent, she was putting her all into a final assault on the impenetrable fortress that was her opponent. The only sign she let on after her attack missed was a slight pout but even that faded when she saw the look in Zhou's eyes.

He was going to fight her for real... she had to give her very best. This was what she'd wanted after all.

"Hyaaaaah!" She shouted as she took a quick step in to follow up the uppercut and thrust both palms toward Zhou's chest, with the intent to paralyze him as the air exploded from his lungs.

She looked quite the sight, her toned form moving in perfect sync as sweat poured down the plethora of naked flesh visible to all. But most of all her eyes seemed to shine with the determination she felt.


Zhou quickly brought his arms in front of himself to guard against her palm thrust, but the sheer power alone caused him to skid back on his feet, nearly into the crowd itself.

He lowered his arms afterward, and wiggled them a bit smiling. "Damn! That was pretty powerful" he said, lowering his torso a bit, and aiming a single hand towards her.

He stood like this for several seconds and... Yuki could feel something strange in the air. In fact, it was becoming a little hotter.

Most of the crowd watched with abated breath, eager to see what was going to happen next.

"Yeh! Show that bitch whatfer!" one of the lowlifes exclaimed. Almost simultaneously, Zhou suddenly leapt in towards his opponent, lashing out at her with his fists and feet in a quite literally flaming barrage of punches and kicks!

They weren't particularly expending for him or hard to block but Yuki quickly began to realize that Zhou's knuckles and feet appeared to be lined with flames! Even guarding against them would prove to be painful as the fire lashed out at her body.

"How much of this can you take?!" he exclaimed, trying to force her guard down, if necessary.


Yuki's eyes went wide as the air around her grew hotter and Zhou's appendages suddenly burst into flame. An "oooohhhh" echoed from the crowd just as Yuki prepared to block the barrage.

The attacks were so fast that Yuki found it difficult just to keep track of them but she managed to defend against them somehow, trying to deflect mostly with the metal she wore but occasionally a punch or kick would strike flesh and leave behind skin that was red and irritated as if burnt.

"Ouch ouch ouch!" Yuki exclaimed as it grew harder and harder to block and her arms got heavier from exhaustion. Her body practically shone with sweat, making her voluptuous form all the more alluring, drawing plenty of gazes.

But still she persevered until she saw what she thought was a chance to strike back. She managed to duck below one punch and tried to use the opportunity to throw an elbow into Zhou's stomach...


Zhou was confident that his barrage would wear her down... but to his surprise, she would suddenly burst out with a punch when he made an opening. An error on his part- he wouldn't be able to dodge or block this one. He quickly braced himself with his chi, and was struck!

"Errgh...” he grunted, not being knocked away this time. However, the blow allowed him to strike back at her as well. He quickly thrust his palm towards her chest, striking one of her large breasts and blasting her with spirit flame point-blank.

The spirit flame was as painful and felt just like normal flame, but did not leave permanent burning scars. It was a good way to discipline and even punish students and pupils, as it didn't leave any lasting marks. After striking her chest, Zhou would use this opening as a chance to drill Yuki with more punches, striking her in the breasts, belly, the sides, and even once across the face.


Yuki smirked as she landed the elbow perfectly and prepared to follow it up but she never got the chance. Zhou reacted faster and with lightning fast reflexes he landed a blow into one of her sizable breasts.

"Aaaahhhhh!" Yuki screamed as she reeled back in agony, the flame scorching her breasts as it jiggled from the impact. And once more Zhou was displaying his superiority. Yuki was helpless as his next barrage began.

Her body recoiled with each blow and her mouth opened in a new scream of agony as her body was covered in punches and kicks and the flames that accompanied them. The display was as impressive as it was brutal.

By the end Yuki looked worse for wear, her mouth left open in a wordless scream and her eyes rolling back up into her head as her legs struggled to hold her up.


"Hahahaha!" one of the lowlifes chuckled mockingly towards Yuki as she struggled to keep on her feet. "Hey, whatsa matter lady? Didya really think you could take on a dude or something?"

"Yeah.." his buddy chimed in, pointing behind him with his thumb. "I think you got lost on your way to the kitchen or somethin'."

Raucous laughter erupted from the crowd at Yuki's expense... Zhou didn't seem to pay heed to it for now, as he was focused on Yuki entirely.

'She managed to hit me.. bah, I'm so sloppy.' he thought, patting his abs where he was struck. 'Perhaps I should get out and fight more often...'


Yuki heard the mocking as if from very far away but it still filled her with a brief moment of terror. That was why she couldn't lose... that was what they would think of her. She had to prove herself.

Somehow the buxom fighter managed to put one foot in front of the other, carrying herself slowly and unsteadily toward Zhou.

"You won't defeat me." She slurred as she raised a trembling fist as if to strike out at him again... but deep inside the doubt was taking shape. The belief that she had no chance of defeating him.


"That decision has already been made" Zhou said to her calmly, taking the stance of his father's ancient fighting style. Both hands raised in front of him, with his torso twisted slightly.

He looked at her for a moment and in his head knew that she was no longer capable of putting up a decent fight... but the challenge had been made. He would continue until she could no longer move.

"Heeeey, this bitch doesn't know when to quit, does she?" one of the lowlifes said, chugging down a bit of the alcoholic beverage he had in hand.

"Yeeeah, she needs to stay down and know her place.. besides, it gives us something to look at while she's down there too boiii!" he said, elbowing his friend and causing them to chuckle, along with the crowd.

Zhou twisted his arms around and rushed towards Yuki, mixing up his movements of hands and feet before lashing out at her with a beautiful thrust kick towards her face...

Even before he reached her Yuki knew what was coming next and that it would be painful. She didn't even have the energy left to raise her hands all the way to defend against the kick.

As she realized that something inside her gave way and for the first time fear replaced the determination and anger that was on her face and her unsteady legs started to shake just a bit more.

His grace and strength... he was simply on another level. Suddenly she was a scared girl rather than the fierce warrior she had been at the start of the fight.

"Yaaaaaaah!" She let out a scared shriek just as his foot struck home hard.


The force of the kick would knock Yuki back several yards, but it wouldn't be the end for her. As soon as Zhou was back on two feet, he advanced towards her, reaching down and grasping her by the ankle.

Flipping her over onto her back he quickly knelt down and raised his free elbow into the air. With her leg lifted in such a way, it left her crotch wide open.

Zhou hesitated for a few seconds, unaware if she would protest or not, but it didn't matter. He slammed his elbow down onto her vagina, causing her little thong to fold inwards from the strike. Flames erupted at the point of impact, only adding to the pain she would feel afterward.

The crowd reacted in surprise and shock at the cruel attack. Of course the lowlifes simply cheered it on. "YEAH! SMASH THAT BITCH'S CUNT!" one of them exclaimed, the other chiming in with "WOO! Yeah make that little pig squeal!"

And squeal she did. The initial kick had almost knocked her unconscious but the follow up brought her back to her senses almost immediately. "Aiiiiieeeee!" She screamed as the physical and burning pain erupted in her crotch like an explosion.

She twitched as the current of hot pain traveled the length of her body, her scream escalating as it did.

Then with a convulsion a wet spot spread across the thin fabric covering her vagina and made a small puddle on the ground beneath her. Yuki meanwhile was only dimly aware of what was happening, her eyes fluttering but somehow she still remained conscious and in motion.


"YOOOO! SHE PISSED HERSELF!" was the first thing to come out of the mouth of the lowlifes as they watched Yuki get hammered. The crowd's reaction was mixed, from looks of disgust to gasps of surprise, to laughter, even cheers.

Zhou stood up after landing his attack, noticing the small puddle that she would create after his attack. It would then occur to him that he had very much avenged his earlier humiliation when she had destroyed his bags of groceries and insulted him... perhaps he had gone overboard.

But it was what she wanted, and as a fellow martial artist, he had honored that. Unfortunate that the humility had to be beaten out of her.

He did not wait for her to get to her feet and instead pulled her up by the arm, to a standing position. Once it looked as if she could stand on her own, he immediately stepped in and struck her belly with two hard punches before spinning around and striking her cheek with a flaming roundhouse. "Toooouuu-yaaa!"


Yuki could barely register what was happening as she was pulled to her feet all she knew was that she was in pain and wanted it to stop. The fantasy of victory had fled her like the liquid now puddled on the floor.

"No wai..." She started to say in a pained whisper but it was too late as Zhou's fist sank into her belly not once but twice, leaving the toned flat stomach red when he pulled his fist away.

The female fighter wobbled as if to fall but his attack hit her first, sending a wave of hot pain through her cheek as she spun away through the air as a result of the powerful blow.

She nearly flew into the crowd but they spread apart and she landed amidst them hard on her face, her ass sticking up into the air behind her. "Uooouhhhh" She moaned as she drooled onto the pavement, somehow just barely lingering to a thread of awareness.


Zhou let both feet touch the ground slowly, looking over towards where Yuki had landed. This fight was nearing its conclusion if it wasn't there already...

He began making his way towards Yuki, admiring her courage to face a much stronger opponent and not back down. That took guts. He didn't know her story, or what exactly pushed her to do so, but he couldn't deny that she had given it her all.

"She's done! Let her rest!" a more concerned person yelled out as Zhou bent down, lifting Yuki up by her underarms and holding her up in a loose full nelson.

She had a powerful scent about her, mixed with blood, sweat and other fluids- and Zhou couldn't help but find it enticing. Yes... it wasn't often that he found himself lured into fights like these but, perhaps it was just one of those days.

He wanted to see this one develop, grow and become stronger. But to do that, he was going to have to give her a reason.

Though she would likely whimper in protest as he lifted her up, Zhou suddenly bent down, scooping the girl up in his arms, almost looking as if he was going to carry her off.

But instead, he would deliver the final blow as he dropped to one knee, bashing Yuki's spine over it and bending her muscular, slick and sexy body over it for everyone to see.

By now, her soiled thong would likely be riding up her crotch deep… and her top would slowly be unveiling the large, soft breasts underneath.

Even if this didn't put her out, he would end their fight here, Zhou thought.


"Uaaaahhhhhhh!!" Yuki let out a soft shout as she was dropped onto Zhou's knee, not because it didn't hurt but because that was all she could manage but a few tears squeezed out of her eyes as her voice faded into a moan.

Her thong pulled up into her crotch hard and tight and her top slowly lifted up revealing the bottom of her breasts. Her toned perfect form was being stretched out for all to see, the loser put out on display.

"N...no" Was all she could manage to whisper as the pain became too much. Her eyes rolled as her head lolled back, mouth hanging open and tongue sticking out, drool running down her chin.

Her top pulled up just a tiny bit more to reveal the smallest hint of a nipple as her defeated form was stretched. It was clear to any onlooker that she had been completely outclassed.

And the only thing that followed her down into the dark depths of unconsciousness... was the desire to get stronger and one day beat that pampered... handsome man.

As the cheers of the crowd faded from her ears... and the stone-cold gaze of this man who had defeated her faded into black... only one thing was on Yuki's mind as she drifted into a dreamless slumber.

When she next opened her eyes, she would find herself in an unfamiliar place. A fancy, ritzy-looking hotel room that was... much too expensive than anything she could ever afford on her own. It was so unlike the slummy neighborhood she had just been in.

More strange, she was clothed in a simple robe and had apparently been bathed. To the side, she could see her battle clothing placed on the couch, which had also been cleaned and polished.

As the answer to where she was became more clear, she would hear a light knock at her door.

Yuki pulled the robe tight around herself as the knock sounded and realization dawned on her. There was only one hotel this fancy anywhere near where she had fought.

"Come in." She called. "..you bastard" She whispered barely audibly but there was more of a hint of fondness in the name than hatred.

She tried not to think of the fact that she was naked underneath the thin fabric covering her.


The door opened slightly, and she could see someone peering in. The reflection of light on the person's glasses didn't make it hard to figure out who it was.

Zhou came in, looking at her with a kind smile. He looked absolutely no worse for wear from their previous bout... and the fact that he had shown her some gratitude was proof of this.

"Sleep well I hope?" he said as his smile turned into a devilish grin.


"Yeah thanks to you." She said sullenly, trying not to think back to the sight she must have been at the end of the fight.

But still she couldn't help but feel gratitude. If she had lost to another she might have been in for much worse than a fancy hotel room.

"Thanks though..." She said quietly, turning her head away from him.


"I'm sorry if bringing you here was out of line but.. I couldn't bear to just see you lying there on the asphalt. Especially with how some of those onlookers were poking your unconscious body."

"I asked the maid to clean your clothes and bathe you while you were unconscious. Her touch is delicate, so please do not worry."

"...More importantly though, and I know this may sound strange, considering the circumstances but..."

He paused before looking towards her and saying, "I was wondering if you would like to spar with me at some point in the future."


Once more she found a reason to feel grateful as she shuddered at the thought of those lowlifes poking at her. And of course for the cleaning. And for the opportunity to spar...

"What, what?"

She looked at him dumbfounded for a moment, apparently at a loss for words. After several moments of silence she finally found something to say with a half-smile.

"I guess... but I'm afraid I won't provide much challenge."


Zhou chuckled at her answer, shaking his head. "That may be but I figure instead of simply training by myself to keep in tip-top form, I would rather take the opportunity to help someone else become stronger in the process."

"You possess a unique fighting spirit, Yuki. I sense you can achieve something greater than simply beating down others in street fights. You even managed to land a hit on me.. and that in itself is impressive."

"My 'father' offered me a rare chance to do something with my life when I was pushing drugs on the street in my youth. Now look where I am."

He stepped near her bed, looking at her and almost radiating kindness. "What do you say?"


There was only thing Yuki could say to an offer of such unprecedented kindness. She tried to hold back tears as she nodded her head meekly in acceptance.

No one had ever expressed a desire to help her along this path before. Not even one person. She had always clawed and scrambled and fought her way along alone...

"I would like that." She managed to whisper, clutching the sheets of the bed in a tight grip.

"I would like that a lot."

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