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(Old Canon) Ryona city: the goliath gambit

Discussion in 'Ryona City' started by unknownwatcher, Jun 10, 2015.

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    This is an rp by me(the watcher), thequietauther(secretary of defense), Idoro(shyne), and bakuhaku(target practice)

    [06:39.56] <@SecretaryOfDefense> It was a decidedly secret meeting
    [06:40.30] <@SecretaryOfDefense> That The Watcher managed to set up with the Secretary of Defense
    [06:41.00] <@SecretaryOfDefense> Shyne was there to help protect the important official
    [06:41.31] <@SecretaryOfDefense> And Shelly Martinez...who secretly was Target|Practice
    [06:41.42] <@SecretaryOfDefense> Is to become the pilot of the new weapon
    [06:42.06] <@SecretaryOfDefense> And with The Watcher as the host
    [06:42.27] * SecretaryOfDefense flew in from the Capital to see the invention showcase

    [06:46.28] <The_Watcher> the testing site was in the outskirts of ryona city. the area looked like it was set up for a minature pre-planned battle
    [06:47.13] <The_Watcher> the one thing that stands out was an eight foot tall mech standing at the end of the feild
    [06:48.41] <The_Watcher> The watcher observes the secretary of defense arriving and goes to greet her. "greetings madame secretary. sorry about the location but things have been crazy for watcher inc as of late"
    [06:49.15] * The_Watcher looks around the area "Ryona city's protector should be here soon as well as the pilot"

    [06:49.19] * SecretaryOfDefense nodding as she extends her hand towards The Watcher
    [06:50.01] <@SecretaryOfDefense> "Pleasant to meet you, Mr Watcher."
    [06:50.46] <@SecretaryOfDefense> "...alright. Show me what you got."
    [06:51.17] <@SecretaryOfDefense> She said straightening up as she looked at the strange machine from afar

    [06:52.26] * Targer|Practice is dressed on an female military dress. Her blonde hair covers a part of her face. She has big blue eyes that show nothing but fear. She sweats under her "costume". Mostly beacuse she is used to have Dorkly clothes and a huge deal of make up on. She feels naked without it

    [06:52.39] <@SecretaryOfDefense> "..come on. We don't have all the time in the world."

    [06:53.31] <Targer|Practice> "Y-Yes Ma'am!"

    [06:54.15] * SecretaryOfDefense turned to The_Watcher

    [06:54.19] * Targer|Practice saluted not knowing what she was doing in there. She exteded her hand to watcher again "I-I am honored to be the pilot Mister...Watcher..??"

    [06:54.37] <@SecretaryOfDefense> "...so where was the protector as you say?"
    [06:55.03] * SecretaryOfDefense 's stern looking eyes looked at the Watcher

    [06:55.16] <Shyne> From out a door, enters Shyne, in her usual superheroine outfit. Long black hair, deep purple eyes and a smile that would make most villains gag in disgust. She was the face of heroism in Ryona City, and come to be feared by many.. and coveted. "Sorry I'm late! Got held up in traffic."

    [06:55.22] <@SecretaryOfDefense> "Am I supposed to wait for my own securit--"
    [06:55.41] * SecretaryOfDefense looking at Shyne and begins to calm down a bit
    [06:55.45] <@SecretaryOfDefense> "...good."

    [06:55.46] <Shyne> She straightened her outfit and walked towards the others, wearing that smile. "Hope I didn't interrupt..?"

    [06:56.00] * Targer|Practice gags on her mouth in disgust. Her covers her mouth.

    [06:56.00] <@SecretaryOfDefense> "You arrived just in time."

    [06:56.17] * The_Watcher shakes the pilot's hand "not at all shyne. you're just in time for my mini speech"
    [06:56.44] * The_Watcher walks the group over to the mech

    [06:56.44] * SecretaryOfDefense looked at Target|Practice at the corner of her eyes, raising her eyebrow
    [06:56.56] * SecretaryOfDefense followed The Watcher.
    [06:57.13] <@SecretaryOfDefense> "Are you sure your 'pilot' is capable, Mr. Watcher? She seemed to be ill."

    [06:57.57] * Shyne looked up at the robot, giving a sharp whistle. "I thought Japan was the one who was building killer robots.."

    [06:58.10] * Targer|Practice follows and looks at Shyne. She looks absolutly nervous. Shyne wasn't supposed to be here, If she fails RingMaster would make her regret not been able to die
    [07:00.06] <Targer|Practice> "I-I assure you Ma'am I am more than capable t-to pilot that thing even with my eyes clothes"

    [07:00.26] <The_Watcher> "she fine. anyways, this is project goliath! As you know, ryona city has it share of crime. However, some of it is caused by these super powered criminals. our police can't fight these guys most of the time without our heroine here but there's only one of here"

    [07:01.56] <@SecretaryOfDefense> "Hmm..."

    [07:01.59] * Shyne nodded. "And even then, sometimes I can't bring them down by myself.."

    [07:02.01] <Targer|Practice> "Eyes closed! I meant Eyes clothes!"

    [07:02.05] * SecretaryOfDefense seemed to be intrigued
    [07:02.23] <@SecretaryOfDefense> "Can this be mass produced?"
    [07:02.37] * SecretaryOfDefense turned to The Watcher
    [07:03.20] <@SecretaryOfDefense> "....through sustainable and practical means?"

    [07:03.21] <The_Watcher> "There are rumors of meta human activity around the world. not to mention that the world is growing with more and more chaos. goliath will change that. more powerful and cheaper to make then a tank, these things were made to take on anything!"
    [07:04.04] <The_Watcher> "yes, they can madame secretary If I'm the one producing them."

    [07:04.17] * SecretaryOfDefense nodding a bit

    [07:04.43] * Shyne eyed The Watcher carefully.

    [07:04.46] * The_Watcher looks at the pilot "Miss martinez, please enter the mech"

    [07:04.46] <@SecretaryOfDefense> "So long as its within the agreed costs. Now show me what this weapon can do."

    [07:05.14] * The_Watcher looks at shyne "do you have any thoughts about this?"

    [07:05.27] * Targer|Practice meeps and nods. She runs off tpwards the Mech suit with no haste
    [07:05.40] * Targer|Practice enters the cock pit. She giggles a little...Cock...

    [07:05.49] * Shyne shook her head. "I guess we'll just have to wait and see."

    [07:06.05] * Targer|Practice shakers her head and makes the Mech suit move a bit. "Ok...So far so good..."

    [07:06.56] <The_Watcher> as target practice enters the cockpit, she sees two holes to place her arms in. it appears to be the "controls"

    [07:10.11] * SecretaryOfDefense leans to Shyne

    [07:11.08] * Targer|Practice only moved the Mech a bit. Rather just make it shake. She then screams when she feels something stab her back. On the Cock Pit a bunch of needles clawed it's way towards her spine.

    [07:11.12] <The_Watcher> "alright, as our pilot settles in, let me explain the cockpit. the mech actually connects to the pilot through thier blood stream and thier brain patterns."

    [07:11.14] <@SecretaryOfDefense> "..so. You are Ryona City's protector as well as an important member of the Justice System?"

    [07:12.05] <The_Watcher> "in a sense, the user becomes one with the mech. thus, it makes the learning curve an easier one"

    [07:12.27] * SecretaryOfDefense looking at The_Watcher and thinking
    [07:12.48] <@SecretaryOfDefense> "....I see....does that mean, anyone can pilot the thing?"

    [07:12.49] <The_Watcher> "Martinez, fire a few rounds into the tank!" the watcher points to a group of tanks

    [07:13.25] * Targer|Practice instentivly puts her hands on the two holes that her hands are supposed to be in. She shivers after the initial "contact" and sweats like crazy. She tries to hold herself together and thinks on giving a step foward.
    [07:13.38] * Targer|Practice falls down and flops to the ground. Being the clutz that she is
    [07:13.41] <Targer|Practice> "Uugh!"

    [07:13.49] <The_Watcher> "for this one mech, yes. however, we are adding dna scanners to the others

    [07:13.55] * Targer|Practice raises her arm and shoots the tanks from the floor

    [07:14.18] <The_Watcher> "this one would have one in but we were attacked a little while ago"

    [07:14.29] * Shyne looked to the Secretary. "Yes ma'am. Because of the situation and the crime level.. I've been given certain liberties as a law enforcement officer as well."

    [07:14.54] * SecretaryOfDefense nodding a bit slowly

    [07:15.16] <The_Watcher> the tanks bent out of shape as each bullet hit them
    [07:15.48] <The_Watcher> "ok, now fire a few missles"

    [07:16.08] <Shyne> "Wow... powerful bullets."

    [07:16.12] * SecretaryOfDefense seemed to be quite deep in thought as she looked at the weapon effects

    [07:16.23] <Targer|Practice> "Uuuh...I can't get up!!" Whined the pilot

    [07:16.41] <@SecretaryOfDefense> "Seemed to be on par with the military--"
    [07:16.57] * SecretaryOfDefense looking at the fallen mech on the ground
    [07:17.18] <@SecretaryOfDefense> "....is that an obvious weakness, Mr. Watcher? Not being able to get back up?"

    [07:18.04] * Shyne raised a brow. "Um.."

    [07:18.28] <The_Watcher> "it's only as weak as the pilot. activate the thrusters to get back up"

    [07:19.19] <Targer|Practice> *The mech suit eventually got up. The movements were clumsy and slow. As if a baby deer was learning to walk
    [07:19.27] <Targer|Practice> "Oh! I got it! I got it!"

    [07:19.32] * The_Watcher looks at the SoD "Martinez is a rookie. I got her to demostrate that it's easy to learn. in fact, it's her first time in this thing"

    [07:19.46] * SecretaryOfDefense narrows her eyes
    [07:19.54] <@SecretaryOfDefense> But she seemed to buy the idea

    [07:20.02] * Targer|Practice stands up but her legs are crossed like a school girl.
    [07:20.17] * Targer|Practice shoots the tanks with the missiles "Fire? Gaah! It worked!"
    [07:20.54] * Targer|Practice makes the mech suit clap it's hands, again like a school girl

    [07:22.06] <The_Watcher> "another point is that the mech makes the user feel confident. ok, now fly up in the air for us"

    [07:22.29] <Targer|Practice> "Uumm...Mister Watcher? I feel a voice telling me to ..."
    [07:22.37] <Targer|Practice> "Aaah...Aaah...No!! NO!!!"
    [07:22.41] <Targer|Practice> "WHAT IS THIS?!"
    [07:22.49] <Targer|Practice> "Aaah...!!"
    [07:22.56] * Targer|Practice points her arm at watcher and fires

    [07:23.01] <@SecretaryOfDefense> "?!"

    [07:23.22] * The_Watcher eyes widen and shoves the SoD away from the fire "look out!"

    [07:23.49] * SecretaryOfDefense was pushed out of the way

    [07:24.19] <Targer|Practice> "M-Make it....STTOOOPP!!!"

    [07:24.32] <Shyne> "YIKES!"

    [07:24.33] * Targer|Practice keeps firing at the place where both Watcher and the SOD where standing

    [07:24.51] <Shyne> Quickly, the heroine would put up a barrier of light to try and intercept the bullets before they could harm anyone.

    [07:25.12] <Targer|Practice> "Aaah! Aaah! Please, Miss SHYNE!! GET AWAY!!"
    [07:25.17] * Targer|Practice shoots a Missile at Shyne

    [07:25.32] * The_Watcher pulls the SoD and carries her to cover "shit! what's with her? Shyne, can you fight her off while I get the SoD to safety?"

    [07:25.42] * Shyne watches as the missile comes for her. "....-gulp-"
    [07:25.59] <Shyne> But as soon as the SoD and Watcher were out of the way, she would drop the barrier and take off running in the opposite direction!

    [07:26.41] <Targer|Practice> "Arrggh...:Gotta...do this quick.."
    [07:27.16] * Targer|Practice looks around for The_Watcher. As soon as she spots them she raises her arm again
    [07:27.23] <Targer|Practice> "D-Dieee!!!!"

    [07:28.23] <The_Watcher> after placing the SoD in cover, the watcher goes after the mech "Martinez, stop this at once!"

    [07:28.55] <Shyne> Shyne watches as the mech supposed starts to go out of control... she quickly rushes over to the arm aiming at the Watcher and launches herself at iit, turning into a projectile of light- trying to knock its aim off!

    [07:29.17] * SecretaryOfDefense was placed in cover, looking at the Watcher in a crazed manner. "What is the meaning of this, Mr. Watcher?!"

    [07:29.42] * Targer|Practice 's arms fly to the side and it reels a little. "I...I...Told you...TO GET AWAY!!"

    [07:29.50] * The_Watcher looks at the SoD and only shrugs his shoulders

    [07:29.55] * Targer|Practice back hands Shyne with her giant mech suit hand

    [07:30.34] <Shyne> "Guaahh!" Shyne screams as she is smacked by the hand, spinning away and sliding across the ground, tumbling over herself..

    [07:30.46] * The_Watcher fires a small device at the mech and runs back

    [07:31.17] * Targer|Practice tries to step on Shyne's trying to squish her. "I've died squished before....Is quick don't...Worry..."

    [07:31.49] <The_Watcher> "I do not know what's happening. I do know it's not the mech itself......."

    [07:31.59] <Shyne> As the foot comes down on Shyne, she holds out her hands, stopping it momentarily. "Ergh...!"

    [07:32.55] * SecretaryOfDefense seemed afraid as she continued to cover her head and remained hidden

    [07:33.03] <The_Watcher> "pardon me for a moment" the watcher runs towards shyne and pulls her from the mech's foot

    [07:33.04] <Targer|Practice> "Grrrgg!! Aargh....This voice...This other voice..."
    [07:33.20] <Targer|Practice> "Its...Interfiring with...My..h-headd!!"
    [07:33.32] * Targer|Practice 's foot stopms on nothing

    [07:34.44] * Shyne was pulled out just before the foot fell on her. "Whew.."
    [07:34.58] <Shyne> She then jumps on top of the cockpit, trying to find some way inside.

    [07:35.16] * The_Watcher looks at shyne "I implanted a fail safe device on the mech. we need to fight it long enough for it to shut down. with me?"
    [07:35.35] <The_Watcher> "...or that"

    [07:35.45] <Targer|Practice> *Shyne can see the Pilot inside. On closer inspection she looks like she has gone absolutly insane. "You!!"
    [07:36.08] * Targer|Practice shakes the cock pit part to try and make Shyne fall

    [07:36.09] <The_Watcher> "the hatch is on the back!"

    [07:36.21] * Shyne raised a fist, trying to punch in the window! "She looks like she's gone crazy..!"

    [07:36.44] <Targer|Practice> "Grraaaargh!!! YOU WON'T HURT ME ANYMOREE!!!!"

    [07:36.52] <Shyne> "On the back, got it!" she said, hopping off the front and over the mech!

    [07:36.54] * Targer|Practice 's hands tries to grabs the herione

    [07:36.56] * The_Watcher runs towards the back of the mech and fires at the hatch door

    [07:38.18] * Shyne rolls out of the way of the hand. "Ha! Gotta be faster than that!"

    [07:38.44] * Targer|Practice looks around. Everyone looks like the watcher to her. She flies up. She knows that the other voice told her to do so
    [07:39.03] * Targer|Practice flies a few feet from the ground and shoots misiles to the floor not really aming at nothing
    [07:39.07] <Targer|Practice> "DIE! DIE DIE!!!"

    [07:39.19] * SecretaryOfDefense looked up from her hiding place to TargetPractice

    [07:39.46] * The_Watcher runs, dodging the missles

    [07:39.57] <Shyne> "Agh!" Shyne scrambles away from the incoming missiles, quickly thinking of a plan..

    [07:41.04] * The_Watcher looks at his left arm "75%, excellent"

    [07:41.40] * Targer|Practice raisses up. A smoke of dirt, debris, and gun powder raises up. She is far to insane to know what she has done. The mech recomens her to stay up "SHUTUP! SHUTUP! SHUTUP!!"
    [07:41.52] * Targer|Practice lands hard on the ground to look for Watcher

    [07:42.50] * Shyne quickly ujmps out from cover, in front of the cockpit. "Hey you!" she shouts out to the pilot..

    [07:43.18] <Targer|Practice> "There you are! Watcher! Die!!"
    [07:43.37] * Targer|Practice slams the left hand to the cockpit not really paying attention to her own safety

    [07:43.52] * The_Watcher jumps on the back of the cockpit and tries to open the hatch

    [07:45.02] * Shyne slips out of the way as the hand crashes into the cockpit. "Gah!"

    [07:45.17] <The_Watcher> "this went to hell real fast!"

    [07:45.41] * Targer|Practice uses her other hand to ctach the slipping heroine and crush her on it's giant size hand
    [07:45.52] <Targer|Practice> "Grrrgh...Ggh...Hggnn..."

    [07:46.13] <The_Watcher> the impact of the mech's fist made watcher fall off the mech
    [07:46.20] <The_Watcher> "Gah!"

    [07:46.23] * Targer|Practice twtiches on the cock pit as all the voices keep telling it to stop"

    [07:47.21] * Shyne was caught by the hand. "Oh no.." she quickly mutters as the hand quickly takes to squeezing her...
    [07:47.47] <Shyne> "GYAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!" she screams out as the metal grip begins crushing her from every angle of her body...

    [07:48.33] <Targer|Practice> "Die..Die SO I CAN GET OFF THIS THING!!!"

    [07:48.43] * The_Watcher looks at his left arm once more "85%"

    [07:49.03] * SecretaryOfDefense cringes as she looked at Shyne
    [07:49.39] * Targer|Practice raises up SHyne up while crushing her. She laughs maniacally. A laugh that everyone has heard. The laugh of a Harley

    [07:49.49] * The_Watcher gets in front of the mech tries to distract it "The watcher is over here. come and get him!"

    [07:50.06] <Targer|Practice> "Eh?...Watcher? Watcher most die!"

    [07:50.07] <The_Watcher> "wait, is that......"

    [07:50.20] * Targer|Practice realises Shyne and tries to grab The_Watcher

    [07:50.55] * The_Watcher dodges the hand and runs in between the mech's legs

    [07:51.03] * Shyne falls to the ground, whimpering and in a heap. "..."

    [07:51.55] * Targer|Practice jumps a bit and lands on the mechas butt trying to squish The Watcher

    [07:51.58] * The_Watcher looks at shyne "hold on for a few more minutes. remember that fail safe I talked about?"

    [07:52.31] * The_Watcher barely gets out of the way of the falling mech and falls on his side

    [07:53.17] * Targer|Practice gets up and shoots around trying to shoot The Watcher as well

    [07:53.20] * Shyne tries to sit up, obviously having some difficulty in doing so...

    [07:53.25] <Targer|Practice> "DIE! DIE!DIE! DIE!!! AAaaaaaaaaaah!!"

    [07:55.40] * The_Watcher rolls trying to get away but on bullet managed to graze his left side "argh!"

    [07:56.15] * Targer|Practice laughs as she sees Watcher slow down "Yes...Yes! Die! Die! Die!!"
    [07:56.24] * Targer|Practice picks up watcher with it's giant hand
    [07:56.28] <Targer|Practice> "Last words?!"

    [07:56.28] * The_Watcher holds his sides as blood runs out
    [07:57.19] * The_Watcher is then picked up and is struggling in the mech's grip
    [08:01.47] <the_watcher> "last words? How about "you lose"?"

    [08:02.06] <Targer|Practice> "Uuuh??"

    [08:02.08] * the_watcher smiles at the crazed pilot

    [08:02.54] * Shyne sits up finally, looking at the mech, having seized Watcher in its grip. "...!"

    [08:06.01] * Targer|Practice starts to feel weird. The voice seems to be gone
    [08:06.06] <Targer|Practice> "Uuh...Uh...What?"

    [08:06.42] * the_watcher looks at his left arm "100%"

    [08:06.45] * Targer|Practice feels the spine trat charging up false imagues, Pixelated pictures and many other spam into her brain
    [08:06.50] <Targer|Practice> "Aaaaaaarrgh!!!"

    [08:07.19] <the_watcher> "goliath, release me at once"

    [08:07.47] * Targer|Practice wiggles on the cockpit trying to get out. However the things on her back won't let her and the one that hols her arms starts to malfuntion making her arms useless
    [08:07.53] * Targer|Practice realises watcher
    [08:08.16] * Targer|Practice falls on her knees. A million imagues n her head. All of them interfiring "Moom...Mom is that you...?"
    [08:08.29] <Targer|Practice> "Mom...I'm sorry....Guuh..Aah..."

    [08:08.45] * the_watcher drops on his butt "oof! shyne, you can heal wounds right? *points to his bleeding side"

    [08:09.01] * Targer|Practice spits blood and once again dies. The mech suit going down with her. If watcher doesn't move fast he is going to get squished by a falling mecha

    [08:09.44] * the_watcher painfully flips backwards barely getting away in time

    [08:11.44] * Targer|Practice bleeds on the Mech suit. Her body twitching. Still being send the fals impulse from watcher. She has failed her mission. Watcher is still alive

    [08:13.53] * the_watcher gets up and wobbles over to shyne "well, that was eventful."

    [08:14.09] <Shyne> "Thank.. the Goddess.." Shyne mutters before falling back down on the floor, still in lots of pain.

    [08:16.23] <the_watcher> a few of the watcher's femme unit arrived. the watcher looked at them "took you long enough! get the pilot out of there now, she has a lot of explaining to do"
    [08:17.05] <the_watcher> the femmes opened the hatch and removed target practice from it
    [08:17.46] <the_watcher> one of them femmes could possbily be seen taking something else out of the cockpit and pocketing it.

    [03:56.56] <the_watcher> an hour after the incident, shyne lies in the hospital uncouncious, the pilot who was thought to be shelly martinez was in the morgue, and the watcher is getting bandaged up in the infirmary

    [03:57.52] <DelilahGrey> The Secretary of Defense stood before The Watcher, a flower in hand as she looked at him and keeping quiet
    [03:58.03] <DelilahGrey> Her stern eyes just looked at him.
    [03:58.12] <DelilahGrey> As she seemed to be deep in thought.
    [03:58.18] <DelilahGrey> What was she thinking about?
    [03:58.33] <DelilahGrey> Somehow, she remained quiet as she looked at The Watcher
    [03:58.43] <DelilahGrey> Maybe...he should say something more?

    [04:00.33] <the_watcher> "I know what you may be thinking. I'm not sure what happened to the original pilot but I'm having my team look into it. The harleyz are targeting me as of late. as ceo of watcher inc I apologize."

    [04:02.05] <DelilahGrey> "...."
    [04:02.20] <DelilahGrey> "...I see."
    [04:02.26] <DelilahGrey> She finally said as she looked at the_watcher
    [04:03.05] <DelilahGrey> "...then what of the project? Is Watcher Inc going to still make that weapons or not?
    [04:03.15] <DelilahGrey> She moved closer to the_watcher.
    [04:03.47] <DelilahGrey> "I can see the potential for such lethal weapon in defending the greatest nation on earth. Do you feel it can be fielded?"
    [04:04.00] <DelilahGrey> Somehow strangely...she seemed to be more eager in getting the weapons
    [04:04.11] <DelilahGrey> More so than the_watcher's own life or Shyne's

    [04:05.01] <the_watcher> "despite the set back, I still stand by our mech. Yes, I still want to create a batallion of mechs for the US of A. you saw how it performed out there. thankfully, our heroine is still alive but you seen how even she struggled. without my help....."
    [04:06.36] <the_watcher> "well, let's not dwell on what ifs. Point is, if my mech can go toe to toe with a heroine as powerful as her, imagine what a battalion can do. imagine the lives that can be saved."
    [04:07.22] <the_watcher> "....and like I said, cheaper then tanks and a low learning curve"

    [04:08.09] <DelilahGrey> "But somehow I can't help but noticed...was there something in that pilot that got her possessed?"
    [04:08.30] <DelilahGrey> "She seemed to be screaming and shouting hallucinations as she shot at all of us."

    [04:10.09] <the_watcher> "the harleyz are lead by the thug known as ring master. He has the power to control the minds of his group. This theory is on the spot here but his power and the mech's controls could have clashed making her go insane."
    [04:10.53] <the_watcher> "I know this because I witnessed his mind controlling the a harley before. making her jump out the window"

    [04:11.34] <DelilahGrey> She pursed her lips and think about it a bit.
    [04:11.43] <DelilahGrey> "....alright then."
    [04:11.59] <DelilahGrey> The Secretary of Defense said as she turned to the window.
    [04:12.24] <DelilahGrey> "How confident are you in the control and safety of the pilot in using your mech?"

    [04:14.08] <the_watcher> "well, make sure the pilot is mentally stable and you should be fine. I tested the controls myself during the beta phase."

    [04:15.20] <DelilahGrey> "...you said you test the controls?"
    [04:15.26] <DelilahGrey> It seemed to perk her attention
    [04:15.45] <DelilahGrey> "...alright then. I would like to see another test run, but with you controlling it."
    [04:15.57] <DelilahGrey> "Would that be possible?"

    [04:16.35] <the_watcher> "the mech itself should still be functioning so I don't see why not"
    [04:17.34] * the_watcher gets up but groans "damn, it hurts even if it's just a flesh would. a centimeter more and i wouldn't be standing here at all I think"

    [04:18.03] <DelilahGrey> "...."
    [04:18.24] <DelilahGrey> "...alright. Would a Femme from your organisation be able to contol the mech in your stead?"

    [04:19.54] <the_watcher> "no need, I'll do it. it shouldn't bother me that much. Besides, I don't want any more surprises"

    [04:20.24] <DelilahGrey> She nodded.
    [04:20.44] <DelilahGrey> "How long would the doctor say till you recovered?"

    [04:21.23] <the_watcher> "a couple of weeks actually"
    [04:22.29] <the_watcher> "I take it you are leaning on a buy?"

    [04:22.39] <DelilahGrey> "Can you pilot one in your condition?" She seemed to be slightly impressed. "Then would one disabled and sick be able to operate it too?"
    [04:23.02] <DelilahGrey> "...of course I do. I have never seen such technology..."
    [04:23.17] <DelilahGrey> Somehow she seemed suspicious when she said it
    [04:23.24] <DelilahGrey> Its in the_watcher's gut

    [04:24.45] * the_watcher looks at the SoD curiously then replies "never actually tested it with an injury. let's find out!"

    [04:25.21] <DelilahGrey> "...you seemed really perky."
    [04:27.27] <DelilahGrey> "...are you sure you don't need to rest?"

    [04:30.13] * the_watcher looks at the SoD "hmmm,I guess I should rest but it's only a basic demostration. I mean, you saw what the mech can do."

    [04:30.52] <DelilahGrey> "Hmm...if you say so then."
    [04:31.46] <DelilahGrey> an hour later
    [04:31.57] <DelilahGrey> "...it does seemed very impressive."
    [04:32.09] <DelilahGrey> She seemed astaunded by the mechs
    [04:32.47] <DelilahGrey> "Almost as good as Fenrir's technology...but they won't sell it to us."

    [04:33.20] * the_watcher gets out of the mech after a half hour demo "then they are fools"
    [04:34.12] <the_watcher> "so...."

    [04:35.20] <DelilahGrey> "...so its agreed. How soon can you have this mass produced?"
    [04:35.28] <DelilahGrey> She turned to the_watcher
    [04:35.35] <DelilahGrey> "As soon as possible, I hope?"

    [04:36.13] <the_watcher> "give me a month and they will be yours."

    [04:40.56] <DelilahGrey> "...alright. One month."
    [04:41.26] <DelilahGrey> She said as she pick up the phone and call her helicopter...
    [04:41.52] <DelilahGrey> "..then you would need to rest. The payment will be transferred after all the mechs are checked. Deal?"

    [04:42.59] <the_watcher> "agreed. now, you excuse me, my company needs to be in the know about the deal. would you mind if I made this public?"

    [04:43.15] <DelilahGrey> "..."
    [04:43.23] <DelilahGrey> She immediately halted him
    [04:43.26] <DelilahGrey> "....wait."
    [04:44.52] <DelilahGrey> It took her some time to decide as she seemed to be thinking a bit
    [04:45.07] <DelilahGrey> "It will be announced after we received the mechs."
    [04:45.12] <DelilahGrey> She said finally
    [04:45.35] <DelilahGrey> "Frankly, I prefer if we actually have the product in hand before announcing it...."

    [04:47.21] * the_watcher nods "fair enough. no announcement until you get the product. Am I correct that you guys will be picking up the mechs or do you want me to bring them to you?"

    [04:48.18] <DelilahGrey> "...we will come and pick them up ourselves."
    [04:48.28] <DelilahGrey> She said as she turned to the_watcher
    [04:48.44] <DelilahGrey> "Don't call me by my official line..."
    [04:48.54] <DelilahGrey> She said as she wrote out a note
    [04:49.01] <DelilahGrey> "...call me by my private line."
    [04:49.07] <DelilahGrey> She said as she passed it to the_watcher
    [04:49.35] <DelilahGrey> "...don't tell anyone of this transaction, but to me, understood? For the sake of National Security."

    [04:49.42] * the_watcher takes the note "noted"
    [04:50.39] <the_watcher> "only we know what transpired here in this room. I guess that conculds our business?"

    [04:51.00] <DelilahGrey> She nodded.
    [04:51.16] <DelilahGrey> "...then we shall part here."
    [04:51.23] <DelilahGrey> She extends her hand to the_watcher
    [04:51.35] <DelilahGrey> "Pleasure doing bussiness with you, the_watcher."

    [04:52.02] * the_watcher shakes the SoD's hand "pleasure iss all mine" the watcher says as he gives her a warm smile and leaves the hospital grounds.

    On the way to Watcher HQ by limo, the watcher is on the phone

    "Hello madame vice president. Yes, the meeting went well. No, we can't go public until the product is in thier hands. Yes, I can't hardly beleive we pulled it off although I'll need a couple of weeks to recover. The deal being successful was only icing on the cake. I agree, the test data looks very promising. The mech nearly curb stomped Shyne. No, I saved her. She is much more usful to us alive then dead. speaking of pawns, I should thank the ring master, if he didn't accept my gracious invitation then none of this would be possible.Yeah, I got what I wanted from that harley. Ok, I'll see you soon. *a femme sitting besides him hands him a vial that seems to contain blood* A kickass mech, blood of a near invincible harley, and I made a pretty penny to boot. All in all, a great day."

    The watcher smiles as he looks at the city's skyline.
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