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(Old Canon) Ryona City: Shyne's struggle

Discussion in 'Ryona City' started by Baku|Haku, Aug 27, 2014.

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    This is part of the cooperative RolePlay "Ryona City" for further info of the characters and the world this RP takes place please visit: http://www.ryonani.com/roleplay/5851-ryona-city-collaborative-roleplay-canon.html

    This is cannon to the lore and future RP with this setting

    This an fight between the Zako group "Harleyz" made by Baku|Haku and Shyne made by Idoro

    Shyne: I try. -sigh-

    Harleyz: There she is! *shoots*

    Shyne: -ducks under the gunfire- What the?!

    Harleyz: "Hidding, Come out so we can capture you and force you to fight agaist monsters for our own amusement"

    Shyne raises up and puts her hands on her hips. "Sorry! Not today, girls!" She then aims both hands at the Harleyz and a blinding white light emits from them!

    Harleyz: [Close up to one of the Harleyz's mouth] "Shoot her! Shoot her! ,Aaaghr!"

    *Shyne jumps into the crowd of Harleyz and begins attacking them all with swift punches and strikes at light-speed!

    Harleyz: The clown ladies cover their eyes and grunt. They see a white blur kicking them on the face. Three of them grunt and fall to the ground "Uugh!"

    Harleyz: The clown ladies cover their eyes and grunt. They see a white blur kicking them on the face. Three of them grunt and fall to the ground "Uugh!"

    *Harleyz are surprised. However one of them was wearing sunglasses. She wore her hair in a lon bu color ponytail and grabbed Shyne's head

    Mareada: "Look into my eyes..."

    Shyne: Erngh.. what?! -she swung out at Mareada, attempting to ger her to let go!-

    *Mareada got hit on the face knocking her glasses of revialing a pair of snake like eyes. The eyes stared at Shyne making her feel dizzy

    *Shyne began backing up... feeling a little light-headed. "....Mm... this is..?!"

    *Mareado smiled "Get her" two of the blinded harleyz grabbed Shyne by her arms tighly. To make sure she didn't scape they kicked her on the stomach

    *Shyne was bent over by the kick, wincing in pain. "Oof..!" But the heroine refused to be kept down. She charged her arms with the power of light and attempted to hurl her captors to the ground!

    *¨Her captors got blinded and the snake eyes were closed. The girls on their skin type costumes tried to punch Shyne on the dark "Come here tooths!"

    *Shyne did her best to avoid the wild punches, responding with a few of her own before being struck in her back.. "Augh!"

    *As soons as the clown lady managued to feel Shyne's soft fabirc she smiled "Gotcha! She is here!"

    *Mareada looked back and Shyne and hissed like a snake. She threw a kick to her face.

    *Shyne spun around, only to be kicked in her cheek. She gasped in pain and staggered back a few feet. "Nngh..!!"

    Harleyz: "What a lame power, Even Mareada is more useful than you heroine!" screamed a Harley swirling a chain she lanched it in order for it to land on the heroine's neck and get her trapped on the place while the other clowns recovered

    *As the chain swung out for Shyne however.. the heroine caught it in one hand. "Lame? I'll show you lame..." She then forcefully pulled the Harley down to the ground in one motion, and then attempted to stomp on her face!

    "Gyaaah!" The Harley was pulled and meet the ground face to face. She grunted as she tried to get up but she was stomped son "Uwaaah!"

    *Shyne unwrapped the chain from her arm. "Who are these crazy clown girls anyways?"

    *The clown girl looked at Shyne with tears on her eyes with her libs quivering. "Uuh...You are not fun..." As she said this Mareada jumped on the back of Shyne and attached herself to the heroine as if she was a snake. Rather a sanke with atms. Her left arm locking the heroine's neck while the other grabbing her head to keep it from turning. Both of her legs wrapped around her stomach chocking the heroine

    *Both of her legs wrapped around the heroine to make the air leave more3 easily her body. She was squezing hard the heroine. Tighter and tighter like a snake choking it's prey

    Shyne: AUGH!! -She waddled around, held by Mareada and unable to move very much. A yelp of pain escaped from her mouth as she was choked, and she positioned her hand to grab at the back of Mareada's hair, "L-let go!"

    *Mareada giggled, as she saw the heroine's hand rising she knew another light attack was comming, Unlike her companios she was not going to underestimate the heroine. "No...Won't..." The woman opened her mouth wide and bit her on the ear while still holding tight to the heroine

    "NYAAHH!" Shyne cried out in surprise as her ear was bitten!. Desperate, the heroine began to shake more vigorously, and Mareada could feel the energy radiating from her body..

    *Mareada felt the attack comming, She had few options now. She could risk staying on top of the heroine and hope that she ran out of air or jump back and try to dazzle her again. Even maybe hypnotise her into submission

    *Mareada jumped leave shyne time to draw breath

    *Shyne gasped for breath, taking a few steps back and trying to regain her footing. "Gah.... haa..." She quickly pointed her hand up and fired a blast of sunlight at Mareada!

    "Hmp!" Mareada was saved by a Harley with a huge target on her heat "Gyaaahh!!" Mareada threw the Harley away who seemed to b have been burned to a crisp "YOu are done heroine, LOOK INTO MY EYES!" The snake eyes were focused on Shyne's eyes one more forcing the heroine into an almost hypnotic trance.

    *Shyne paused, her eyes locking with Mareada's. She had seen these sort of tricks used before.. but it was too late to avert her gaze. "N-NO!" Slowly.. she felt herself slipping into a trance.. her muscles becoming weaker..

    *Mareada slowly walked towards Shyne and grabbed the heroine by her hair "Stare Shyne...State into the face of your own death...." This city belongs to the Red Tent Circus (RTC :P )

    *Shyne can feel her head going into a dream world. Shyne couldn't fight it off.. the hypnotism was too strong.. her last vestiges of resistance were fading away! "Can't.... cannnnnn't.....mmmhh..." she mumbled..

    *Mareada forced Shyne's face into hers and forced a french kiss on the heroine. She smiled and letted Shyne drop to the floor on her back "Happy Nightmares heroine...." Two of the normal Harleyz grunted and grabbed the heroine by her arms and dragged her to a van. She grabbed the Harley that was shoot and she seemed to be fine for the most part "Inform the RingMaster that we have a guest"

    *Shyne was oblivious to what was going on.. she felt heavy in the arms of the Harleyz, but offered no resistance..

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