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This is part of the cooperative RolePlay "Ryona City" for further info of the characters and the world this RP takes place please visit:
Ryona City - Collaborative Roleplay and Canon
This is cannon to the lore and future RP of this setting

This an fight between the wolfman "Haku" made by Baku|Haku, Eagle_Eye and her unit created by unknownwatcher

* Eagle_eye arrives with her group in a seedy corner of ryona city
They are here because another elite coded named gearhead saw something weird on the new camera they installed
* Eagle_eye looks around to find the area deserted "that man could be anywhere, spread out and find him!" the group disperses to try and find this mystery man

*On the lobby of the building a man hided on the shadows observing the zako near. His eyes glowed red reaveling his position but that didn't mattered for long since he jumped at Eagle Eye with his long claws out
*The man was more a wolf that a man. The only thing human about him it was that he stood on two feet. He drools and barks as he tries to slash the beatiful zako

* Eagle_eye barely had enough time to dodge as she saw him lunge at her from the corner of her eye.
The creature tore some fabric off of her latex outfit which made her mutter a cuss word in an arabic language "ladies, I found "it". come to my location at once!"
* Eagle_eye fires a few shots at Haku as the other zakos gather

* Haku recives the shoots straigh on the chest. This seems to bother him more than anything. He bleed from the wound but keeps his attack at Eagle Eye.
*The wolf roars and tackles the Zako to pin her agaist the wall. This would show her the difference of strenght between them
* Haku tries to claw Eagle Eye on the stomach. If he managued to pin her to the wall

*Eagle_eye screams "euuuurggg!"the wolf managed to pin eagle eye to the wall. His strength frightened her a bit as she has never seen anything like this in her time as a merc.
*As he tried to claw her, she tried to kick his hand away from her frantically two zakos from her group arrive and point their weapons at haku "Stop right there!"

* Haku turns around and growls at the Zako. He stands on four feet with looking at the zako ready to attack when the zakos made their fist move. Drool comes out from his fangs as he growls at the zako as if they were predators trying to take his prey
* Haku runs straight to the first zako bitting her weapon and pulling it. He uses this to prevent the zako to defend herself and knee her on the stomach

*"Hey-" as quickly as her weapon was removed, the zako was attacked on the stomach. "arrghh!" the second zako tried to inject haku with a syringe as the first zako fell on the floor*
* Eagle_eye moved awayfrom the scene to contact gearhead "We found....it? what are our orders?" two more zako showed up with stun rods

* Haku grabs the zako that he kneed on the stomach and thorws her at her companion the syringe end up on the zako's butt. He runs towars the two that arived and tries to grab them both.
* Haku launches bite as he tackles the zakos

"Got you no-' but before she could inject him the first zako landed on her, knocking both on the ground
*As haku lunged at the second pair, both dodged and tried to attack him with a stun rod each

*Gearhead: Eagle, we want you to interrogate it if you can.
*Eagle eye: "Roger!"
* Eagle_eye takes out her tranq gun and loads the ammo

* Haku growls as he is stunned with the stunt rods. However altogh his fur smells burned this only irrates him further to the point where he grabs the rods and breaks them with one hang each
* Haku looks at the zakos and grabs one by her neck "What now?"

*Eagle_eye shouts"shit!" one zako yelled out as haku broke the stun rods
The zako that was grabbed let out a blood curling scream as she tried to punch haku's mouth
*The other zako jumped on his back and tried to pound his head
* Eagle_eye looks on as she finishes loading the tranqs "He can talk so he should be able to answer our questions"
* Eagle_eye fires a dart at haku

* Haku bites the zako's hand as she tries to punch him. He makes sure his teeth sink real deep for her not to bother him no more with punches. He stops bitting her to drop her to the floor once the other zako is on top of him. As he tries to get her off he managues to hear the sound of the tranquilizer gun and the smell of the foul chemical
* Haku grabs the zako tigh and jumps to the floor making sure he lands on his back to hit the zako that was climbing him.
* Haku does this to evade the shoots too. He makes sure that the girl is dizzy enough and runs on four legs towards eagle eye

*Eagle_eye screams "ahhhh!" the zako yelled as her hand was bit. "I'll need rabis shots now" she remarks as she tries to find a safe place to banage her wound, Eagle_eye smirks "I got you now" said the other one as she mounted him but then a tranq hit her right in her chest area
"I feel...why eagle?" she said as she passed out
*Eagle_eye>"shit!" eagle eye said as haku charged towards her
* Eagle_eye runs towards haku firing a few more darts as she jumps over him

* Haku slashes with his big claws the darts using his feral instints to slash them away, Times has run out for eagle eye as Haku is in front of her in a few seconds. The beast holds Eagle Eye by bitting her on the shoulder and forcing her into the floor. if this works Haku is going to use his big claws to tear appart the zako's armor

*Eagle_eye before he could bite her, eagle eye grabs his mouth with both of her hands, dropping her weapon in the process "who are you?" she asked

* Haku grabs the zako by her hands to make sure she doesn't scapes, also to respond to her question since "Dog that barks can't bite"
* Haku streches the zako's arms to make her scream "M-My name is...."
* Haku drops eagle eye "Graaaah!"

*Eagle eyes are were stretched"hrrrghhhh ... this is it..." she though when suddenly haku let's her go
* Eagle_eye rolls back and retrieves her weapon "what's happening?"

* Haku 's eyes stop being red for a second. He grunts and falls to the floor, his fur thins and he starts to look more human for a moment as he gaps "N-Noo....The ringmaster...Run!"

*Eagle_eye awnsers "ringmaster? who is he?", Eagle_eye points a gun at haku as he starts to transform back

*Haku grunts"The electricity blocked his signal now..."
"Arrgh...Listen up! He is trying to lure your boss into a trap, You most not let me get out of the building or else..."
* Haku 's eyes turn red again. The now human Haku runs towars Eagle Eye and tries to punch her on the face "Run!"

* Eagle_eye dodges the punch and fires another dart into haku's neck "sorry, but I need you for questioning"

* Haku growls and his wolf ears appear on his head once again "Hraaarrgh!". The claws grow again and tries to slash eagle eye with several attacks. Most of them are erratic

*Eagle "shit" shouted as he slashed at her arm which is now bleeding "everyone, retreat!"
* Eagle_eye signals for the escape van as the final two zakos in the group arrive

* Haku tries to catch Eagle eyes and bear hug her to rendicion "If I have you as hostage The Watcher shall come!"
"His blood will feed the arena perfectly!"

*zako#5: look out!
*zako #5 pushed eagle eyes out of the way and is bearhugged instead "errruuuuughhhhhh"
*zako 6 motioned eagle to escape as she tried to pry her comrade away from the wolfman "where's that damn van!?"

* Haku bearhugs the zako tigh aiming to crush her bones. He doesn't know who he is bearhugging since he is still on the human form and his insticts haven't kick in yet. He does one last attempt to choke the girl on his arms
* Haku drops the girl and looks at the ones scapping he jumps and managues to grab #6 anckle

*Zako number 5 went "accchhhhhkkkkkkk" as she went limp in his arm
*Zako number 6 went "eeepppp!" as she was grabbed by her ankle.She tried to reach out for eagle eye but eagle eye was running away not looking back

* Haku pulls #6 and forcer her to drop to the ground in order for him to stop her on the stomach, he does it quick and in one move in order for her to lose her air quicklty and he can give chase to eagle eye

*Eagle_eye screamed "hrrrrrghhhh' went 6 as she loss conciousness, she tries to open the van door but it refuses to open "sorry eagle eye, bosses orders"
*The van drives off without her "no.....'eagle eye said as she fell to the floor

* Haku smiles as his feral form finished up booting. He grabs Eagle Eye by her foot and rises her up and punches her on the stomach.
* Haku punches the zako several times on the stomach before letting her drop to the floor, he steps on top of Eagle Eye and presses his foot agaist her head

* Eagle_eye was beaten as she was left behind "OOOOFFFFF" "ERRRGGHHHHHH" "ARRRRGHHHHH"
Finally, her head was stompped on by

Haku "what are you gonna do ith me?"

* Haku grabs Eagle eye and arm carries her
"Firts...you are going to love clown make up; Second we are going to use you to draw the watcher. If it's not you then another one..."
"And another one, and another one!"
"Well drag her elite until he comes out to play"
* Haku jumps the stairs into the second floor with the carring defeated zako on his shoulder. Then he jumps out from a window lo land on a lower building rooftop

* Eagle_eye ponders and fears what's to come as she is dragged away. "Why did he leave me behind?" she wondered as the pair left into the darkness

<==To Be Continue
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