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(Old Canon) Raden vs Pearl Soldier 7

Discussion in 'Ryona City' started by Raden, Feb 19, 2014.

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    Sep 24, 2011
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    So much like Idoro and NNin, who have their Pearl and Petal Soldiers respectively, I'm trying to copy them / fit in and play too. I've come up with the Augs, girls who have either willingly... or not... been conscripted into testing bionic parts. Me in character is the "evil baron" type, and I'm still sort of getting used to role playing "myself". I had this RP with Idoro, who basically let me beat the crap out of Pearl Soldier 7. This is probably one of my top 3 favourite RP's I've done in the year and a half I've been doing them and he's given me the okay to share it, so here it is. I hope you enjoy it!

    ?Pearl Soldier #7?/?Justicular???? [pixiv] (Pearl Soldier 7, with and without visor!)


    <Raden> ???: "I have her signature, sir. One life form on my heat visor, ahead."
    <Raden> Raden: "Excellent. Stand by."
    <Raden> Footsteps are heard, slow, echoing.
    <Raden> He walks into to the main room.
    <Raden> "Number seven. I believe we have some unfinished business to take care of, do we not?"
    <Raden> (yt)
    <PearlSoldier07> "Like hell.." thought the veteran Pearl Soldier as she looked around herself. Her suit was still non-functional, and that left her weaponless.. and up to her own devices. She knew she shouldn't have turned down Akina's offer to keep a standard-issue pistol on hand..
    <PearlSoldier07> Spotting one of the exits, she smirked. "Time for the ol' bait and switch... she grabbed hold of a nearby chair and stood up from her hiding place, hurling it at Raden!
    <PearlSoldier07> Immediately after, she threw herself towards theexit, making a mad dash!
    <PearlSoldier07> ((YT))
    <Raden> "Gah!" I had to duck out of the way of the flying object. "That didn't take long..."
    <Raden> As Number Seven heads for the door, she runs into a wicked clothesline that knocks even her for a loop.
    <Raden> "Oh yes, say hello to the Augs. I believe you may have met Susanna."
    <Raden> "Status."
    <Raden> Susanna: "84% power. more than enough."
    <Raden> (yt)
    <PearlSoldier07> Home free! she thought as she stretched her arm out for the handle...
    <PearlSoldier07> Time seemed to slow down as one half of her body stopped, while the other half kept going. Her collarbone is smacked by something as hard as steel and she flops down on her back, legs flying up in the air! "UMPF!!"
    <PearlSoldier07> Hitting her head hard on the ground, she winces, her vision blurry.. her thoughts jumbled..
    <PearlSoldier07> "Uhuhh....whhaa.." she mumbled incoherently, lifting her head up weakly.
    <PearlSoldier07> ((YT))
    <Raden> "What, you thought I wasn't going to bring backup or something? Hey, I know when I am out of my league., That's why I have these beauties."
    <Raden> "The one who just clobbered you is Susanna Rossi. If it felt like you got hit by something not flesh, congratulations, you've figured out what's been augmented on her."
    <Raden> Susanna: Now let's see how well these babies work!"
    <Raden> Susanna draws back and fires a punch into Number Seven's stomach!
    <Raden> (yt)
    <PearlSoldier07> None of Raden's words registered with #7 as she continued to look at two blurry blobs before her.
    <PearlSoldier07> But one thing that definitely could be understood was pain.. #7's slim and tone belly might as well have had a target on it, for soon it had a hard metal fist pummelling it, sinking into her body and making her react by folding up around it!
    <PearlSoldier07> "OOouufff.." she cried out, air forcing itself from her mouth as her cheeks puffed up. Her hands instinctively moved to grab the fist that had hit her..
    <PearlSoldier07> ((YT))
    <Raden> Susanna: "Hey, hands off!" She takes a quick swipe with a hook punch, landing it on number seven's jaw!
    <Raden> "Now now, not too much too soon. The rest of us still have to have something to pick up."
    <Raden> Susanna: "Yes... of course."
    <Raden> "You know, Number Seven, this is nothing that won't preclude us from doing business in the future, or at least, Mr. Idoro and I. Business and all that, you know?"
    <Raden> "Sometimes however... you really just have to mix business and pleasure."
    <Raden> (yt)
    <PearlSoldier07> "Hrrk..!" #7's head snapped to the side as she was struck, and she released Susanna's hand. She laid on the ground, limbs spread apart in a vulnerable position.
    <PearlSoldier07> She heard something about Idoro and business... and then something about business and pleasure. Between heavy breaths she turned in Raden's direction and said, "Y-you know what.... fuck you."
    <PearlSoldier07> ((YT))
    <Raden> "I knew you've wanted that for a while now." *grin*
    <Raden> "But I'm afraid things just can't be that easy."
    <Raden> As number seven faces me, she's hit from behind with another clubbing arm to the back!
    <Raden> (yt)
    <PearlSoldier07> ((Wait.. how is she hit in her back when she's laying on it?))
    <Raden> (Oh, I figured since she turned in my direction, she wasn't on the ground... did I get it wrong?)
    <Raden> (damn, this is bush league here. I'm doing terrible so far lol)
    <PearlSoldier07> ((lol, she turned her head, not her entire body))
    <Raden> (super fail. I'll need to redo that.)
    <Raden> As number seven faces me, she takes her attention off of Susanna, who slugs her in the stomach yet again!
    <Raden> (there)
    <PearlSoldier07> ((Ouch!))
    <PearlSoldier07> "Ha.. you wisHHHOoof!" she coughs out again, eyes wide as she's struck in her stomach once more!
    <PearlSoldier07> "Nngh..." she groans, turning over onto her side and curling up. How could someone hit so damn hard anyways? Not even #4 could hit so damn hard from what she remembered..
    <PearlSoldier07> 'This is bad.. REALLY bad..' she thought, looking around her for anything that might help in this fight..
    <PearlSoldier07> ((YT))
    <Raden> A quick jerk of my head is enough for Susanna, who pushes Number Seven a little, rolling her face down.
    <Raden> Stepping over Seven's body, the shadow cast looms over her as I scoop her up and place her in a camel clutch, sitting sharply on her back.
    <Raden> "Ah, this is fairly comfortable, isn't it?" I ask her, leaning back with the hold.
    <Raden> (yt)
    <PearlSoldier07> #7 offers no resistance as her beautiful body is limply pushed over onto her stomach. Dreading what's to come next, she feels Raden take a seat on her, and then forcing her into a camel clutch.
    <PearlSoldier07> As her head is lifted up, she then immediately resists.. "Ggrgh... one of... your stupid.. gay wrestling holds, huh?" she said, her voice straining not to cry out..
    <PearlSoldier07> ((YT))
    <Raden> "Oh very mature, indeed. I'll have you know, I'm really... really enjoying this right now, heh heh."
    <Raden> Quick eye contact with Susanna is her cue, as she steps over Seven's legs.
    <Raden> Gathering them up, she crosses them over her arms in a Texas Cloverleaf.
    <Raden> "Give her about half power,. We don't want to snap her in half... no, she has to feel this. No fun if she's paralyzed."
    <Raden> "One, two, three."
    <Raden> On three, Susanna cranks back on her legs in tandem with my chin hold, bending Seven back sharply!
    <Raden> (yt)
    <PearlSoldier07> "I-I bet you say that to the little boys too don't yuuuUAUAAH!!!" she cries out, her body bent nearly impossibly as the other half of her is put into another hold.
    <PearlSoldier07> Now #7 couldn't hide the pain, her arms flailed about and she shook her head rapidly. "AAAhh... l-let go...!!"
    <PearlSoldier07> ((YT))
    <Raden> "Oh first you insult me, and now you want something from me? Hmm. I'll have to think about this."
    <Raden> I remove my right hand from the camel clutch... only to punch seven in the face with a crossface punch.
    <Raden> (yt)
    <PearlSoldier07> "Urgh.." she lets out weakly as her face is punched. She didn't think she'd ever been punched there before... maybe that's why it hurt so much.
    <PearlSoldier07> her head went limp in Raden's hand, her breathing quick and heavy. She had never felt this amount of pain before..
    <PearlSoldier07> ((YT))
    <Raden> "Hmm, you don't seem to be very talkative anymore..."
    <Raden> "Susanna."
    <Raden> Together the holds are released, dropping seven back to the floor.
    <Raden> "I let go as you asked. I'm not such a bad guy after all."
    <Raden> "But you didn't say I couldn't do another one."
    <Raden> With that, I take Seven's arms, and cross them up around mine, locking in a cobra clutch, and then pulling her up to her knees, making sure to stand over her for more leverage.
    <Raden> (yt)
    <PearlSoldier07> A weak groan escaped #7's lips as she laid out on the ground, released from the two holds. Without her suit to dull the pain she was feeling, she was experiencing a whole new take on battle.
    <PearlSoldier07> Another hold? Realizing that being a smartass probably wasn't in her best interests any more, she said jokingly, "Um.. c-can we talk? Maybe I... ugh.. heyy!!" Her arm was grabbed and then crossed up in a cobra clutch!
    <PearlSoldier07> "Hnngh.. gaah!!" she wailed, her free arm waving around. As her head was brushed up against Raden's arms, the clip holding her hair in a ponytail busted off, letting her long blue hair run wild.
    <PearlSoldier07> ((YT))
    <Raden> "Heh. Now you want to talk... hmm. You're realizing now that when you cross the wrong people, bad things can happen."
    <Raden> "Kind of like this..."
    <Raden> Pulling Seven to her feet with the choke, I nod to Susanna.
    <Raden> Susanna rears back, but before she launches it...
    <Raden> "Give her abuot 30%. We don't want to murder her or anything."
    <Raden> Susanna nods and makes an adjustment... then hits Seven across the face with a right cross, as the choke hold continues!
    <Raden> (yt)
    <PearlSoldier07> "HUWAARhh.." #7 lets out as she is struck again across the face, her feet nearly giving out under her.
    <PearlSoldier07> This time, she's nearly sent into slumber as her body goes limp, dazed once more. "Oouuh.." she moans pitifully, offering no more resistance to Raden's hold.
    <PearlSoldier07> ((YT))
    * Raden nearly buckles witht he unexpected sudden support of Seven's body weight.
    <Raden> "Geez, Susanna. I think even 30% was too much for her."
    <Raden> Susanna: "She is kind of a little bitch without that stupid suit of hers protecting her. And what kind of armour is that anyway>? I knew she was a slut the moment I saw her."
    <Raden> "Yes, well, she's got to be taught how to be nice, doesn't she?"
    <Raden> Susanna: Oh, indeed. I have an idea too."
    <Raden> "Oh? Do share."
    <Raden> As the conversation takes place, the choke hold continues wearing on Seven, until finally, she's dropped to the ground like a sack.
    <Raden> "I love your ideas, you know that? I'm so glad you volunteered for this program."
    <Raden> Sussanna and I take up one of Seven's arms each, and both step over her, then rock back, putting her in a double armbar!
    <Raden> "Remember, don't break it. Yet, anyway..."
    <Raden> (yt)
    <PearlSoldier07> Plop. #7 falls in a heap to the floor, her already tight trunks riding up her butt and her top chafing in several areas now.
    <PearlSoldier07> A bit of drool leaked from her mouth and her eyes were half-open. It was only because she had actual fight and pain training in the past that she wasn't knocked out yet.
    <PearlSoldier07> 'Sleep sounds like a good idea right about now... yep..' she thought to herself as she blinked her eyes, considering staying down.. hoping that would make the attacks stop. She was wrong.
    <PearlSoldier07> "Mmf.." she whimpered, feeling her arms suddenly pulled apart and put into very painful holds. The pain shot throughout her body, forcing her from her drowsy state almost immediately and making her yelp!
    <PearlSoldier07> "Aaack!"
    <PearlSoldier07> ((YT))
    <Raden> "So, fuck me, huh?" I pull her wrist back now too, to add to the stabbing pain. "You still think that?"
    <Raden> (yt)
    <PearlSoldier07> "EEYYAH!!!" she cries out, pain evident on her face. She can feel tears welling up in her eyes..
    <PearlSoldier07> Her legs instinctively pull inward and she buries her face into the ground.. 'I can handle this... I can handle this..' she keeps telling herself. Her body was trembling.
    <PearlSoldier07> ((YT))
    <Raden> "That's right, squeal more, haha."
    <Raden> "Let her go."
    <Raden> Susanna looks confused, but does so without question.
    <Raden> Pulling Seven to her hands and knees, I nod to Susanna. "Fifty percent. Turn it up a notch."
    <Raden> Susanna grins, and then raises her arm, driving it across Seven's back in a clubbing shot!
    <Raden> (yt)
    <PearlSoldier07> As #7 is released, she immediately pulls her arms inward, curled up with her bottom sticking in the air.
    <PearlSoldier07> She looked quite pathetic here, her hair covering her face, hiding her expression. Her back slowly lifted up and down as she took in heavy breaths.
    <PearlSoldier07> She could hear talking, but they were only voices.. she looked up weakly, as she was suddenly grabbed and lifted up slightly..
    <PearlSoldier07> The next moment, she felt white-hot pain coursing through her back.. the scream she made sounded helpless.. pathetic.. her eyes went wide and she fell back to the ground, writhing and squirming as her hands went to her back.
    <PearlSoldier07> Tears could be seen leaking from her eyes as she pounded the floor with a free hand..
    <PearlSoldier07> ((YT))
    <Raden> "And that wasn't even full strength! I'd hate to see- well, I'd love to actually, but I don't want to see that happen. I'd "hate" to see what happens if she hits you as hard as she could."
    <Raden> Susanna: "I'd probably break the whore in half, ha!"
    <Raden> "You probably would, too. But I got something for her, since her suit seems to be unpowered."
    <Raden> "A little something one of my special ops discovered a while ago."
    <Raden> "Turn her, please."
    <Raden> Susanna's hands are on Seven again as she rolls the Pearl soldier onto her back.
    <Raden> Walking around to her legs, I drop to one knee, punching Seven straight in the crotch!
    <PearlSoldier07> "S-stop!" she said suddenly as she was turned around, one hand on her back while the other was held up in a stopping position. "Please.."
    <PearlSoldier07> As her legs turn over, it allows an opening.. for Raden to place a punch in her soft crotch. Indeed, her trunks were giving her a mad wedgie right about now, and offered little protection from the attack.
    <PearlSoldier07> "MMNNnnaaaaaahh.." she moaned as her legs closed in and her body rolled to the side once more. She was in the fetal position with her arms now stretched over her injured private area.. the tears had streamed down her cheeks as this point.
    <Raden> "Again, Susanna."
    <Raden> Susanna rolls Pearl Soldier 7 onto her back again, holding her legs open... for another blow to the crotch.
    <Raden> "Hey, you never know Susanna, she might like this secretly. You should have seen number 82, hoooo. Dirty little one there. She ended up, uh.... well, she made a mess, heh."
    <Raden> Susanna: "I'm sure number seven here has had her crotch "pounded" enough to be able to take it! Haha!"
    <Raden> (yt)
    <PearlSoldier07> As she is rolled over again, she looks up at Susanna with watery eyes and a pleading look. "No..." she says as her legs are opened once more. "Please.. no.."
    <PearlSoldier07> ((Has she been hit yet, or is Raden nearly biding his time to take in her pleading and suffering?))
    <PearlSoldier07> Gulping, she moved her hands to her crotch, mentally preparing herself to be struck again. "...no more.."
    <PearlSoldier07> ((YT))
    <Raden> "Oh, I see, but when I ask you to stop, you think it's funny... well it's not so funny anymore is it?" My voice begins to raise...
    <Raden> "You're not having fun now, are you? You still think this is funny? This is funny!"
    <Raden> Raising my fist, it comes down again, into her crotch for a second time.
    <Raden> (yt)
    <PearlSoldier07> "No!" she yelps as another hard fist comes landing into her crotch...
    <PearlSoldier07> She lifts up a little from the ground, crying out again. As she sinks back down, she sobs.. turning over and covering her crotch again..
    <PearlSoldier07> She can be seen with one hand clenching in a fist, opening and and closing..her eyes were shut tightly and each breathe seemed to be some sort of sobbing.
    <PearlSoldier07> She was in pain, yes.. but she was also frustrated and ashamed at being put in such a position.. why did her suit have to give out now?
    <PearlSoldier07> She forced herself onto her stomach.. and began to crawl on the ground, trying to make her way from her tormentors.
    <PearlSoldier07> ((YT))
    <Raden> "Hmm. Susanna, did you bring it?"
    <Raden> Susanna's eyes light up in glee. "I so hoped we'd get to use this! Can I do it?" She lost herself in her excitement for a moment.
    * Raden grins at her giddiness. "Okay, but I get to do it too. We'll share."
    <Raden> Susanna steps over Pearl Soldier Seven, and clasps a collar on her, with a long chain which she wraps around her arm.
    <Raden> "Now then, Seven... crawl. Crawl like the dog that you are."
    <Raden> Susanna: "How much force can I use here?"
    * Raden grins. "As much as it takes to get her to do it."
    <Raden> (yt)
    <PearlSoldier07> #7 felt something close around her neck.. but she didn't know, nor care what it was.. she still kept crawling, too weak to even try to stand at this point.
    <PearlSoldier07> She suddenly felt the collar tug at her as she went the length of the chain. Her head jerked back slightly and her eyes widened..
    <PearlSoldier07> "...What is.." she put a hand on the collar.... and her cheeks blushed.
    <PearlSoldier07> ...this was so humiliating..
    <PearlSoldier07> ((YT))
    <Raden> Susanna: "Keep crawling or I pull the choke chain... do it! And believe me, you don't want ME to pull that chain. Get to it! This way!"
    <Raden> She begins leading Pearl Soldier 7 around the room...
    <Raden> (yt)
    <PearlSoldier07> "Ngh..!" #7 had no choice but to obey her captor. She immediately resumed crawling, dragging her knees across the ground.
    <PearlSoldier07> More tears began to water up in her eyes as she gave Raden another pitiful look. There didn't seemto be a shred of mercy in that man..
    <PearlSoldier07> The blushing was pretty evident on her face now too.
    <PearlSoldier07> ((YT))
    <Raden> Susanna led Seven around the room, dragging her and making her crawl pitifully. It was quite clear on her face: this was highly embarrassing.
    <Raden> I had to follow Susanna, admiring Seven's quite shapely ass as she was dragged around.
    <Raden> I reached out to Susanna, and she gave the chain to me. Wrapping it around my arm, I looked back to Seven.
    <Raden> "Another lap, this time with me. I may not be able to pull the chain and break your neck like she could have but I can still choke you out with it. Let's move. Or else."
    <Raden> I give a tug on the chain as a signal to go.
    <Raden> (yt)
    <PearlSoldier07> #7 continued to remain obedient to her tormentors as her leash changed hands. She now followed Raden around the room, knowing the cruel man was deriving sick pleasure from this act..
    <PearlSoldier07> "Y-you're not going to get away with this.." she said, her voice having none of its allure and sexiness.. now sounding desperate and scared. "Th-the Pearl Corporation will hear of this.. and you'll be targeted for asssassination..."
    <PearlSoldier07> As she was tugged, she whimpered and fell over... an unintentional stop.
    <PearlSoldier07> ((YT))
    <Raden> "I dunno, are you sure? Cause he might just feel like you're a big girl and can make her own decisions... and dealing with her own consequences."
    <Raden> "You've got five seconds to get up before I start dragging you, choking you the whole time."
    <Raden> (yt)
    <PearlSoldier07> #7 quickly scrambled back onto her knees, catching up and crawling to Raden's side.
    <PearlSoldier07> "When my suit is repaired.. you're.. going to regret doing this to me.." she said coldly.
    <PearlSoldier07> ((YT))
    <Raden> "And that's the entire reason we're even here. You have taken nothing from this, have you?"
    <Raden> "Actions.. consequences. You seem to still not grasp this... you see, your actions have led to these consequences, and now you're still threatening me."
    <Raden> I shove Seven to the floor with my foot, then plant a boot on her back to hold her down, while pulling on the chain!
    <Raden> (yt)
    <PearlSoldier07> Consequences? There was never any consequences for what she did! She was always able to do whatever she wanted, lived the way she wanted.. killed anyone she pleased..
    <PearlSoldier07> "Nnuh!" she whimpered as she was forced to the ground, her soft breasts squishes against the floor. "Th-think about what you're doing... if you don't let me go now.. you're going to die!"
    <PearlSoldier07> And then, the chain was pulled, forcing her body upwards as she grabbed at the collar with both hands. "Noooo... aaauuck...!!"
    <PearlSoldier07> Her body trembled, and her legs kicked about as she was strangled.
    <PearlSoldier07> ((YT))
    <Raden> "I'm sorry, did you say something? It sounded like "ackaakackak" or... something like that."
    <Raden> After a few more seconds of this, I decide to let her go, relinquishing the choke.
    <Raden> I even take the collar off.
    <Raden> "Now come on up here. I haven't got this through to your stubborn ass yet."
    <Raden> Standing Seven up, I have to hold her to keep her up. Then I knee her in the crotch, at the same time hugging her close. *THUMP*
    <Raden> (yt)
    <PearlSoldier07> "Hmmmff.." She didn't know how much more of this she could take! Thankfully, after a few more seconds,she was released.. and fell to the ground once more.
    <PearlSoldier07> She felt the collar released from her neck.. it would allow her to breathe easier. But that was little comfort as she was brought up to a standing position.. held up by Raden.
    <PearlSoldier07> She wanted to tell him to get his hands off.. but instead, she got another knee to her crotch.. her eyes widened once more and she made a pitiful whimper, her head falling into Raden's shoulder as her legs trembled from the blow.
    <PearlSoldier07> ((YT))
    <Raden> Hiking Peral up, getting under her leg, I bring her up in a bearhug, subtly coaxing her legs to wrap around me to complete the hold.
    <Raden> I begin to lay in the hold, squeezing her back and ribs...
    <Raden> (yt)
    <PearlSoldier07> "Noo.." she whimpered as she felt Raden's arms close around her.. she knew what was coming next. As he squeezed her in a bearhug, tightening around her, her legs closed around his sides.
    <PearlSoldier07> Her back arched and she tried to push away from Raden as she was squeezed, but it was a weak resistance. The expression on her face was of agony... and her hanging, swishing hair only adding to the image of suffering.
    <PearlSoldier07> #7 was not a heavy girl, but her body was soft and pleasant to touch... her breasts squeezed up against Raden's chest as he squeezed.
    <PearlSoldier07> ((YT))
    <Raden> "mhmm. Very nice, indeed. You're so squishy, the perfect type for this kind of thing."
    <Raden> "I could probably do this to you all day... but I do have other things to think about. Like this."
    <Raden> Pulling her hair to bring her forward again, I cradle her head and neck in a guillotine hold... and then drop backwards, bashing her into the floor with a DDT.
    <Raden> Even Susanna is impressed. "Damn. That looked harsh. You mind if I steal that?"
    <Raden> "Go right ahead. How do you think we should end this?"
    <Raden> Susanna: "Well, I know one of your favourites. And I'm sure it would knock her loopy."
    * Raden grins...
    <Raden> (yt)
    <PearlSoldier07> #7's lip quivers as Raden has his fun. She couldn't believe she was being humiliated like this... as she was released from the bearhug, her head was put into a hold under the arm.. and then she was brought to the floor again in a DDT!
    <PearlSoldier07> "Guh.." she gasped weakly, laying unmoving on the ground. She couldn't even bring herself to roll onto her side anymore.
    <PearlSoldier07> Near Raden, she didn't have much energy left.. but knowing she was a goner anyways, she drew in a few deep breaths.. before drawing a knee inwards, using it to hoist herself up slightly.. and then putting every ounce of strength left into shooting a fist up into Raden's crotch! She couldn't let him get away with this unscathed..
    <PearlSoldier07> ((YT))
    <Raden> "AUGPHHHH!!" the blow was not super strong, but where it hit, it didn't need to be to hurt like hell!
    <Raden> I made some kind of sudden exhaling and then doubled over and fell to my side. Susanna had moved right in.
    <Raden> Susanna: "You bitch, I'll finish you myself!"
    <Raden> "Su- phooo... Susanna, don't... I'll... do it when I recover. I need a minute. Just... hold her.. while I.. ow. Oof..."
    <Raden> "So, that's what the felt like when I hit her there, eh? ow...."
    <Raden> Standing tentatively, I try to shake it off. It still hurts, not pleasant.
    <Raden> (Been kicked there before, it really isn't. :p)
    <Raden> Susanna grabs a hold of Pearl, wrapping her arms around her and restraining her.
    <Raden> (yt)
    <PearlSoldier07> #7 chuckled.. her gambit had succeeded. As Raden retreated back, doubling over in pain she remarked, "Oh.. don't be.. such a drama queen.. there's barely anything there anyways.."
    <PearlSoldier07> "Mmph.." she grunted as Susanna restrained her, though she couldn't put up any resistance at this point.. "Big man.. getting a woman to do his work for him.." she said angrily, sobbing once more. "And a real ugly one at that..."
    <PearlSoldier07> Feeling another surge of energy, #7 moves her head forward, and then brings it back quickly, trying to smack Susanna's face with the back of her head!
    <PearlSoldier07> ((YT))
    <Raden> *smack* "AGH!"
    <Raden> *that didn't sound like asuch a good thing.*
    * Raden looks over to see Susanna holding her face, Pearl Soldier free!
    * Raden whispers into a communicator on his wrist. "Get in here, now!"
    <Raden> As Susanna and I stare down Pearl, someone is coming up behind her... she taps the super soldier on the shoulder, then takes a quick step back to avoid an attack.
    <Raden> ???: "Excuse me, miss?"
    <Raden> (yt)
    <PearlSoldier07> She was released, but had very weak footing to stand on.. she didn't even make it a few steps before it seemed as if someone else had arrived..
    <PearlSoldier07> She turned suddenly, holding her arms up in a defensive position. "Now what...?"
    <PearlSoldier07> ((YT))
    <Raden> The newcomer is dressed in a sharp business suit, shoulder length blonde hair covering her right eye.
    <Raden> It starts to make #7 feel nauseous and dizzy as it radiates energy toward her!
    <Raden> (yt)
    <PearlSoldier07> "Wha... ngh.." #7 covers her face as the cybernetic beam hits her. She begins backing up.. and begins to feel dizzy.
    <PearlSoldier07> "No! G..get awa...aah.." she moaned, her legs feeling wobbly again..
    <PearlSoldier07> ((YT))
    <Raden> "Good work, Scarlett. We almost didn't have use of you... no offense of course. We were handling things fine until she got cheap."
    <Raden> Scarlett: "I am not capable of being offended, sir."
    <Raden> "How much power did you use on that?"
    <Raden> Scarlett: "All of it, sir. The tweaks to power emission control were unsuccessful. The entire power reserve is still used. Estimated charge time is three hours, four minutes."
    <Raden> "Damn it. Well, at least she will be like this for a few minutes, just long enough for me to do a couple more things. Good work, agent."
    <Raden> As Seven tries to get her bearings back, I move in and grab her between the legs, making sure to squeeze her crotch a little just to add to the humiliation.
    <Raden> "A little more resolute than 82 at least, heh. I think 82 liked it."
    <Raden> Hoisting up the soldier, I turn her upside down and shift her around a little to get the right position, putting my arms around her body. Then I drop down and nail a tombstone piledriver.
    <Raden> (yt)
    <PearlSoldier07> What was going on? One moment she was about to escape and the next...
    <PearlSoldier07> She felt something grab her crotch, causing her to emit a squeal.. before she knew it she was hoisted upside-down..
    <PearlSoldier07> "D-don't.. son't do this..." she mumbled incoherently as she was brought down hard, crying out and flopping onto her face..
    <PearlSoldier07> ((YT))
    <Raden> "Susanna, if you would, to make this easier."
    <Raden> "Scarlett, on this side."
    <Raden> Susanna easily hoists Pearl Soldier 7 up again. The two of them pick her up and put her on my shoulders so she is sitting there... and then the threwe of us bring her down hard to the ground again, with a triple powerbomb.
    <Raden> "If you'd slammed her, Susanna, she'd have left a ten foot crater. Good call letting me do it... plus hey, I got a nice view."
    <Raden> (yt)
    <PearlSoldier07> #7 was barely able to make out what was going on anymore.. she felt weightlessness as her body was lifted up into the air, held up by the three opponents.
    <PearlSoldier07> She then felt her body rushing back to the ground as she was slammed down hard. Her body spread apart, her eyes having nearly rolled to the back of her head. Her tongue hung out of her mouth slightly and drool leaked from the corner of her open mouth.
    <PearlSoldier07> Her body trembled a little, twitching.. and she made a strange groaning noise.
    <PearlSoldier07> ((YT))
    <Raden> Susanna: "You think she's had enough?"
    <Raden> "I'm not the medical specialist here. Scarlett, what do you think, in your medical opinion?"
    <Raden> Scarlett: "She is quite heavily damaged, sir. I do not believe any more is strictly necessary, however, she is still conscious."
    <Raden> "Hmm, so you're right. I'll have to change that."
    <Raden> "Susanna? Up, please."
    <Raden> Susanna smiled wickedly, and picked the super soldier up... scraped her up might be more appropriate.
    <Raden> She placed her on my shoulders on her back, and I put my hands on her in torture rack position... then began to pump the hold, laying it in to her.
    <Raden> "It's only a matter of time now... let's see how long you can endure this...."
    <Raden> (yt)
    <PearlSoldier07> "Nnngk.. ggh.." #7 began making guttural sounds as her body for some damned reason.. strained to keep conscious.
    <PearlSoldier07> Her eyes were wide now, and watered up.. her body had never been beaten this severely. Her thoughts were muddled.. and all she could think of was escaping this torture.
    <PearlSoldier07> Still, she managed a weak resistance.. though if it was of her own conscious decision, it could not be known.
    <PearlSoldier07> ((YT))
    <Raden> "You're pretty tough to keep fighting back like this, I'll give you that... but your little token here is no use."
    <Raden> Quick eye contact with Susanna and a nod, mouthing the word "record" gets her to click a fingernail.
    <Raden> "Now I want the Pearl Soldier's word on this, you understand me? Tell me there will be no repercussions from this and I'll let you kow. If not, I'll take you to my fortified experimentation lab... I'll let you think about that one."
    <Raden> "Tell me!"
    <Raden> The hold is pulled tighter...
    <Raden> (yt)
    <Raden> (kow = go, somehow. lol)
    <PearlSoldier07> "Haaauuurghh...."
    <PearlSoldier07> #7 was hardly in a position to speak.. and as Raden pulled her tighter, her body finally gave out.
    <PearlSoldier07> Unable to control her body functions voluntarily, a mix of vaginal fluid and urine burst from her crotch. But she was too far gone to be embarrassed...
    <PearlSoldier07> It didn't look like Raden would be getting an answer for her either way at this point.
    <PearlSoldier07> ((YT))
    <Raden> "What the hell is... oh man...! Really?? guhhh...."
    * Raden drops her on the floor.
    <Raden> "Well then. I'm gonna go get cleaned up, and in the meantime, you two take her to the lab for the mindwipe process. With any luck, she won't remember the last hour or so. But there've been glitches in that too, have they been fixed?"
    <Raden> Susanna: "Engineering team hasn't checked in with it yet, sir."
    <Raden> "Well, run it anyway, I guess we'll see. Nothing quite like an actual subject to try it on."
    <Raden> Susanna and Scarlett: "Yes, sir."
    <Raden> The two Augments carry her away...
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