(Old Canon) a ryona city alliance


Ryonani Teamster
Hello, this was an rp between me and NNin. I hope you enjoy! This takes place between haku's prey and Ryona City: First call.
[15:05] <unknownwatcher> the women escort NNin and lang to the alley way where they were greeted by two other women
[15:05] <unknownwatcher> "hello, before we get doen to business, we want to test Lang's fighting capabilities"
[15:06] <unknownwatcher> and just like that, the two women who escorted the pair rushed to fight lang
[15:10] <NNin> "Wait... wha..." NNin surprised. But not before Lang moves to in front of him. She readies her Chinese Sword quickly, shifting into a defensive stance!
[15:11] <unknownwatcher> the pair stopped in their tracks once they saw Lang's sword.
[15:12] <unknownwatcher> "He didn't tell us about swords being involved!" one said
[15:12] <unknownwatcher> "whatever, I'll go high and you go low" the other said
[15:12] <unknownwatcher> whatever*
[15:13] <unknownwatcher> one zako attempts a run jump kick on Lang and the other attempts a slide kick
[15:17] <NNin> Petal Lang sees the moves and she jumps! Dodging the sliding. She snaps kicks to blocks one woman's jumping kick and when falling, she performs heel drop to the sliding woman's head!
[15:18] <unknownwatcher> huuuk! one lady went as her kick was deflected
[15:19] <unknownwatcher> UUUUFFFFF went another as her head was stomped in rending her uncouncious
[15:19] <unknownwatcher> The zako who tried to jump kick lang fell on her butt
[15:19] <unknownwatcher> "damn you" she said as she got up and attempted to punch lang in the face
[15:20] <NNin> Lang just moves her head aside to dodge. "You are..."
[15:21] <NNin> Before she swiftly uppercut the woman with the sword's pummel. "...not good enough."

[15:23] <unknownwatcher> the other woman's head violently whipped back as she fell backwards
[15:23] <unknownwatcher> 'help...sisters...." the woman said as she raised her hands towards them
[15:25] <unknownwatcher> the two other women rushed behind Lang trying to perform a double flying kick on lang's back
[15:26] <NNin> NNin: "Watch out!"
[15:29] <NNin> With NNin's warning, Lang glares back and sees another two women coming!
[15:30] <NNin> Lang splits her legs apart, ducking. She dodges the flying kicks before springs backward to stand up.
[15:31] <unknownwatcher> the ladies land on their feet before they turn around and each gave lang a smirk
[15:32] <unknownwatcher> "so, you are one of the petals I take it? I'm called jackel and my partner is called puma" the woman said. from her accent, it sounds like she's russian
[15:33] <unknownwatcher> Jackel then takes out her stunbalde and puma dons her tonfas
[15:33] <unknownwatcher> 'let the real fight begin!"
[15:35] <NNin> Lang looks at both of them "Then, here I come!"
[15:36] <NNin> The Chinese girl rushs in and swiftly slashs at Jackel. It's like a test shot for their skills, but still fast.
[15:38] <unknownwatcher> before Lang could reach Jackel, Puma blocks Lang's sword with one of her steel tonfa's and attempts to hit Lang with the other one
[15:38] <unknownwatcher> meanwhile Jackel is charging up her stun blade....
[15:40] <NNin> Lang jumps back, impressed by Puma's speed.
[15:42] <NNin> She then uses feint stab to lure Puma to defense but goes for sharp low kick instead. If this worked, Lang will follows with a high kick to the face with the same leg.
[15:43] <unknownwatcher> Lang's feint worked as Puma's leg was kicked "ERRRRR!" followed by a kick in the face "arrgghhhh!"
[15:44] <unknownwatcher> Jackel's blade was done charging however and she went to electify Lang immediatly. if it worked, she would follow with a judo flip
[15:47] <NNin> Lang was about to attack another time, but she was interrupted! Forcing her to block with her sword.
[15:48] <NNin> Unfortunately, the electric zaps her via the weapon! "Ahh!" Lang yells, dropping her sword. 'Electric...!?' she thought while her body feels palalysed....
[15:51] <unknownwatcher> puma gets up shaking out the cobwebs from the last kick. 'errr....she hits hard"
[15:52] <unknownwatcher> Jackel: no matter, I got her with my stun blade. let's knock her out!
[15:52] <unknownwatcher> Jackel kicks Lang's sword away from her as she went for a sleeperhold
[15:53] <unknownwatcher> puma then rushes towards lang and attempts to body scissor her
[15:55] <NNin> Things go bad to Lang fast, not only her body was paralyzed at this moment that forbid her to escape, the duo go for submission move. Electric and hols, ban of her Chi Armor...
[15:55] <NNin> *hold
[15:58] <NNin> Her slim neck was choke from behind, torment her windpipe quickly, while her body is also squeezed...
[15:58] <NNin> Moaning, the Chinese girl struggles though, she tries to punch at Puma before the holds get her...
[15:59] <unknownwatcher> jackel squeezed down on Lang harder and puma tightened around Lang's petite body with her muscular legs
[15:59] <unknownwatcher> Puma:" she's not so tough.. I wander wha- OWW!"
[16:00] <unknownwatcher> puma was punched in face by Lang which lessened her grip on the petal
[16:01] <NNin> Lang uses the chance to elbow back at Jackel's side! Hoping this can help. Not once but twice!
[16:03] <unknownwatcher> lang's first elbow attack only lessened Jackels grip "urrghh, you- ahhhh". the second elbow attack caused jackel to throw Lang to the ground on top of puma
[16:03] <unknownwatcher> Jackel:.....oops. sorry Puma!
[16:03] <unknownwatcher> puma attempts to grab Lang again
[16:05] * Lang rolls aside fast before she was grabbed!
[16:07] <NNin> Then she lands on her right knee, unholster her pistol on it and aim. She regains some breath before send out a warning "Don't move, or I will shoot." she says, panting...
[16:08] <unknownwatcher> the two women paused and looked at each other
[16:09] <unknownwatcher> "I think the boss was right about her" jackel said
[16:10] <unknownwatcher> Puma gets up an dusts herself off "apologise to you madame petal. we were sent to test your fighting capabilities" puma looks at NNin "sorry about interuppting your meal but our boss was....insistant on the test"
[16:12] <NNin> NNin: "I... know..." the man says. "But she's quite serious if there is any danger to me. (When she's not on shopping though.) Maybe she isn't sure if she got KOed, you will kidnap me instead..."
[16:13] <NNin> "And I think a situation with gun can be... counted.... at least she doesn't shoot right away...." he speaks while Lang slowly stand up....
[16:14] <unknownwatcher> Jackel: "anyways, the test is over and you passed. Our boss, The Watcher, wants an alliance with you and the petals"
[16:20] <NNin> "I once hear about him..." Lang said. "We can accept the alliance. Do you want me to lead you to our place? Then we can talk about the details?" she offers, and put her gun back to the holster. Still placing a hand on it, however....
[16:22] <unknownwatcher> Jackel notices Lang holding on to her weapon "a wise policy but let us offer a token of trust"
[16:22] <unknownwatcher> the women hand their weapons to Lang
[16:23] <unknownwatcher> "you can keep them til after the meeting" puma said

[02:12.36] 13* jackel hands her and puma weapons to Lang

[02:13.05] 00<Petal> Lang took them. "Let me keep them for a while."

[02:13.16] 04<jackel>04 "where would be a good plce to talk about our potential alliance?"

[02:14.49] 00<Petal> NNin: "24 hours cafe is good."

[02:15.28] 04<jackel>04 "excellent, let's head there"

[02:16.50] 00<Petal> The group reached the ryonani cafe.

[02:17.30] 13* jackel and puma take a seat with jackel looking serious
[02:18.29] 04<jackel>04 "I'll be honest, watcher ince needs allies

[02:18.43] 00<Petal> NNin: -orders some coffee
[02:18.54] 04<jackel>04 "we were hoping you would team up with us"
[02:19.10] 00<Petal> Lang: "I see. What he want from us?"
[02:19.36] 00<Petal> Lang: "Petal's combat powress, I guess."

[02:20.08] 04<jackel>04 "He wants you to back us up if things get to sticky and he wants another set of eyes"
[02:20.53] 04<jackel>04 puma's cell phone rung "I need to take thyis. back in a bit"

[02:21.55] 00<Petal> NNin: -enjoys cake and coffee
[02:22.17] 00<Petal> Lang: "We can help that. And your spying ability can be benefit to us."

[02:23.18] 04<jackel>04 "I'm happy to hear that" Jackal drinks some coffee
[02:23.47] 04<jackel>04 "question, the watcher has lost track of shyne. do you know what happened to her?"
[02:25.21] 04<jackel>04 puma is outside and is pacing back and forth with her cell looking pissed

[02:27.03] 00<Petal> Lang: -shakes her head. "What happened?"

[02:28.45] 04<jackel>04 "we do not know our selves. unfortunately, we are still relatively new here and only 25 percent of the city is secretly wired with our cameras"
[02:29.09] 04<jackel>04 puma busts in the cafe looking pissed
[02:29.34] 04<jackel>04 puma: someone kiddnapped eagle eye!
[02:29.58] 13* jackel has a look of surprised "shit!"

[02:32.57] 00<Petal> Lang: "So... you got an enemy too."
[02:33.11] 00<Petal> "Could you tell me about the suspect?"

[02:34.11] 04<jackel>04 puma walks back and forth frantic" apparently, it was a werewolf who claimed to be under someone called the ringmaster"
[02:34.44] 04<jackel>04 "jackel:"ringmaster? could it be the same one who leads the harleyz?"

[02:37.05] 00<Petal> NNinL -stops as he heard the name....
[02:37.20] 00<Petal> Lang: "Oh, I see.... that is terrible."
[02:39.43] 13* jackel looks at puma "anything else?"

[02:40.36] 04<jackel>04 puma:"yes, apparently they want the watcher to come and get her alone. right now, he's making a plan to get her back."
[02:40.42] 00<Petal> Lang: "Well. This Ringmaster is a powerful being with magical power... I'm afraid that I also have no plan against him...."
[02:40.52] 00<Petal> NNin: "How?"

[02:42.03] 04<jackel>04 puma: apparently, the watcher tagged all of us with tracers
[02:42.36] 13* jackel frowns "without our approval of course. so, we know where she is."
[02:43.01] 13* jackel looks at NNin and lang "want to help us save her?"

[02:44.53] 00<Petal> NNin: -looks at Lang....
[02:45.08] 00<Petal> Lang: "Yes. But this must be heavy work. But I have a score to setle with him."
[02:46.33] 04<jackel>04 "as does the watcher and we do now. Once he forms a plan, we should meet back here. agreed?"
[02:47.21] 00<Petal> Lang: -nods

[02:49.30] 13* jackel extends her hand "thank you"

[02:50.30] 00<Petal> Lang: -shakes the hand. "Hope we will work together well."

[02:53.10] 04<jackel>04 "as do I"
[02:53.30] 04<jackel>04 the pair leave NNin and lang to finish thier food

some unknown time after the meeting, the watcher watches the TonyG/ pearl alliance conference with Jackal and puma:

puma shakes her head, "So much for our backup. With Lang in the hospital and BaiBai not leaving her side, Our plan to raid the Ringmaster's headquarters will have to go on without them.."

The watcher got up from his chair and looked out the window. "unfortunately, we will not be raiding his place anytime soon. The tracer we had on her went off line."

Jackel slammed her fist onto the table "Dammit, what do we do now!? Eagle Eye could be anywhere!. Hell, we do not know if she is still alive! For all we know, she could be a chew toy to that monster that attacked her!"

The room was quiet for a moment then puma spoke up "Well, there is nothing we can do now. we will have to monitor the city for any harley activity but until then we wait. Either we find our comrade dead or alive but either way, we will avenge her.