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OC: Victor Heinrich The Necromancer. "villian character"

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by Zombie, Jun 4, 2016.

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    Oct 5, 2014
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    My second OC and first of them with an more detailed combat.

    Name: Lucien

    Age: 196

    Gender: Male "half undead"

    Height: 1,90 m

    Weight: 60 Kg

    Eyes: Bright red

    Hair: Gray

    Alignment: Neutral Evil

    Combat type: Magic user


    Lucien was once a wizard on your typical adventures party. His party was accompanied with an male paladin called Randall, an female cleric called Rachel and a male rogue called Villad. They were friends in their childhood, Lucien was always the outcast but they needed an wizard, and teamed together when going for the adventuring life.

    It all turned around when they entered an tomb and Lucien found an ancient book which dated thousands of years back. Randall wanted the book to be destroyed but Lucien took the book and ignored Randall. Read about it. He learned incantations and spells about raising the dead, ancient spells and spells that will cause immense pain. They later got ambushed by an group of bandits. Lucien casted a spell which made all the bandits tremble in fear while he then touched every bandit, turning the flesh into ash. Lucien felt the power he had used.

    Randall god's gave calling from his got and felt that Lucien had to be killed. Lucien disagreed and he killed Randall. He then raised his hands. Turning every corpse into a zombie. Rachel and Vallid saw that Lucien's face turned green. It slowly dissolved leaving only a bit of his face revealed. Lucien proceeded corrupted the wound of Rachel, Rachel screamed in agony while the corruption took over her body. Becoming an slave to her best friend. Lucien took his undead and he paralyzed Vallid, leaving him for his own.

    Lucien became an noticeable villain for sacking towns and killing everyone. He felt that he was never awarded for his work. He used his hometown as his lair and let his undead work on a temple. After years of waiting his grand temple was complete, full with everything to satisfy his needs for torture, death and suffering. All kinds of heroes came to his lair and tried to kill him. Its been 150 years. And no-one every succeeded. Killing even the greatest of heroes. Trapping their soul, torturing their flesh. Before they became food for his undead army of an asset to his undead army.

    ---------------------------------------------------------Combat abilities-------------------------------------------------------------

    Finger of Death: Lucien touches his foe. On a hit the foe will get into an immense pain, rotting the body on the place he had touched him/her.

    Blink: Lucien can teleport to any area he can see that is no more then 30 meters away from him.

    Summon undead: Lucien will summon his undead "Not available when not in his temple".

    Float: Lucien will float 1 meter in the air. Still in range for an melee attack but making him more fast.

    Ray of death: Lucien casts an spell that will terrify an foe is he/she fails to resist.

    Leech life: Lucien will cast an ray of blood. On a hit he will leech some HP back. On a miss he will lose some health.

    Staff force: Lucien attacks with his staff. On a hit the enemy gets thrown out of melee range.

    Command undead: Lucien orders an undead, a group of undead or every undead under his control.

    --------Story will be updated if he gets roleplayed--------
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