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OC: John Park "The Binder"

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by Zombie, Mar 30, 2015.

  1. Zombie

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    Oct 5, 2014
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    John Park "The binder".

    A middle aged sociopath who likes to hurt people *mostly women* and to torture them to there breaking point.

    Born in England and raised in the Netherlands.

    He is 1,80 meters tall and has black hair, he always wears suits
    He has a burnscar on his right cheek.

    dislikes: most form of entertainment and but likes to watch people getting hurt or emotionaly hurt.

    Likes: He likes small girls with small breasts and small butts, but he doesn't care if his hostage are otherwise.

    Fears: a strong fear for fire, he can still feel the pain form years ago.
    He is afraid of his ex-criminal friend Sam, Sam blames him of Karen's death.

    *he is also useable with sci-fi and fantasy RP.*

    In his younger years he was a victom of bullying on school.
    In Science class a classmate dropped his burner on the ground resulting a blaze which set half the school on fire.
    He rescued his whole class with no problems but he cought fire when trying to save then, which scarred his right cheek.

    Still being bullied and having no appreciation for saving the class he drive crazy and he stabbed one of the bullies to death, resulting in 10 years of jail for Homicide.

    After set free he became a fulltime criminal robbing banks and stores with 2 fellow criminals: Karen and Sam.
    It made a huge succes but after 3 years when Karen died after a heist gone bad he got into hiding in his manor.

    ------------------------------------------Fighting style (NEW)---------------------------------------------
    He isn't a magic user or a strong bulky warrior, but he uses FEAR to scare foes in combat, making them do less damage but they will suffer more damage from John's attacks.

    His weapon of choice is a iron pipe and a pistol, one-handed crossbow or laser gun (Laser gun - Sci-fi scene etc).
    He is a skilled in dodging enemy strikes, so much of his combat defence is based on his agility and inteligence.

    With his high inteligence and no feel for emotion he can do some mean and nasty to get out winning without showing any kind of mercy.

    (PM me or send a mail.)

    I'm going to add more like a drawing of him and more detailed information if requested.
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  2. princeofpain

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    Feb 4, 2012
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    Would you be interested in a rp against my heroine???