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OC: Alexandria the Great

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by SharpJaws, Sep 11, 2015.

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    Sep 8, 2015
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    (This is my first OC that I want to use in roleplaying and fiction. If there are any changes needed to be made in order to follow the guidelines, please let me know. I hope you like her!)

    Polymnia “Polly” Mercouri

    Age: 20

    Height: 5’7”

    Weight: 125 lbs (with muscle)

    Hair Color: Brown

    Eye Color: Green

    Appearance/ Attire:


    (Only she doesn't need her weapons or shield, she takes off her helmet, and wears a brown hood when she fights. And her breastplate is actually leather to quicken mobility and make it a fair fight.)

    Nationality: Greek

    Hometown: Pella, Iowa

    Fighting Style: Pankration (Greek blend of boxing and wrestling)

    Background: As the daughter of a sword and shield champion of a father and an accomplished poet and musician of a mother, Polymnia “Polly” Mercouri was always fascinated by her Greek heritage. She began reading Greek mythology and history at age 8 and dreams of one day becoming a modern day Greek hero like Alexander the Great. Under the training of her father, the later preteen Polly studied and practiced with Ancient Greek weapons and combat techniques after school. Whether on foot or on horseback, she took every bit of training to heart and felt she was getting closer to make her dream a reality. While there are those who think of her as crazy to commit to this sort of goal, her friends, family, and teachers see her becoming more of a champion.

    In her teenaged years, Polly discovered that Alexander excelled in a fighting style that is a blend of boxing and wrestling in Greece. This was called Pankration. It was very similar to that of MMA fighting, but the thing is, there were no rules to it in the past and no one to stop any lethal or dirty hits that occur in the fight. Polly herself didn’t want to hurt her opponents to that extent, so she practiced with it while remaining in MMA rule standards. The only times she did go a bit far was if she was about to be robbed or assaulted or even when someone was in trouble in the streets.

    Now that she is a young adult, Polly felt ready to take on the world. The only question was where can she begin? She didn’t want to just showcase her talents, she wanted to use them to demonstrate how great her ancestors of Greece were in battle. Her searches online and television led her to discovering numerous tournaments and organizations such as the wrestling world of Rumble Roses, the hardcore King of Iron Fist tournament, and the world-famous Street Fighter tournament. Seeing those men and women fighting in the ring was like watching two warriors fight in the battlefield and she felt that she wanted to be a part of that. With no further delay, Polly armed and readied herself to join and fight wherever she chooses and enter new arenas. And when she steps into that ring, she would become the one…and only…

    Alexandria the Great.


    1) The Xyston

    (Front: Alexandria would first go sideways to give a left straight elbow strike to the face before turning 180 degrees to give a right elbow strike to the side of the face. Then, she would give a one-handed spear to the stomach to make her opponent double over and fall to the mat.)

    2) Wrath of Athena

    (Front: Alexandria would start with a rushing shoulder tackle similar to that of a shield strike to catch her opponent off guard and stun them. Second, she would grab one of their arms, pull them to her, flip and throw them down on their back, and punch down on their head before sitting on her back to work wrench the other arm in a Fujiwara armbar. Then, she would roll backwards and grab onto the closest leg before rolling sideways and trapping that leg with both of her own in an Achilles ankle lock while the two are on their backs, putting pressure on the leg and ankle until they submit or resist long enough to be released.)

    Ultimate- To The Strongest

    (Back: First, Alexandria would kick the back of her opponent’s kneecap to make them fall back in her arms. Next, she would knee them in the back to keep them disabled while grabbing one of their arms and wrapping it around their own neck in a chokehold. Then, she would go under their back and raise their body up on her shoulders in a torture rack while using one arm to hold and keep their own arm choking them and the other arm to hook over and bend one of their legs in the process. She would bend their body until they submit or they resist long enough to be released.)

    Allies/Friends: Mostly the people back home, but not yet in the league

    Family: Mother, Father, Older Brother

    Trivia: Although Polly is considered more physical in the ways of Greece, she is also knowledgeable in the life outside of war. She has a gentler side that allows her to play the guitar with her mother in performing her own original takes on famous Greek stories and poems in history. She also sometimes wear traditional female Greek clothing to act out and recite those very works of art.
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