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[PC] Oblivion Modding Guide

Discussion in 'Adult Games' started by onlinehero, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. onlinehero

    onlinehero Swell Supporter

    Dec 15, 2009
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    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Modding Guide

    I recently had to reinstall Oblivion and mods so I decided to make this guide.
    This is my own Oblivion modding guide with my own preferences, take what you like from it.

    NOTE: Do not use cracked .exe or you won't be able to use the OBSE modding-tool. Buy the game or use gcw mini-image.
    NOTE2: Use non-localiced version of the game (US version) to ensure that mods work.
    NOTE3: Install Oblivion to the default directory. It will make your life easier.
    NOTE4: When you download a mod, read the README file and always install all required files.

    I. Before you begin

    1. Learn modding basics:
    Oblivion Modding FAQ - Overclock.net - Overclocking.net
    Installing Oblivion mods - Planet Elder Scrolls

    2. Configure and tweak Oblivion to get the best gameplay:
    See Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Tweak Guide

    3. Register to Tesnexus and Planet Elder Scrolls:
    The Elder Scrolls Nexus
    Planet, The Elder Scrolls

    4. Update Oblivion to latest version (v.1.2.0416):
    The Elder Scrolls

    5. Install Unofficial Oblivion Patch:
    Unofficial Oblivion Patch at The Elder Scrolls Nexus - Oblivion mods and community

    6. Install Oblivion Mod Manager:
    Oblivion mod manager at The Elder Scrolls Nexus - Oblivion mods and community

    7. Install latest version of OBSE modding-tool:

    8. Run Oblivion.exe before running Mod Manager (game loads .BSA files and creates Saves folder)

    9. Check out this Load Order Guide

    II. Oblivion Mods Group I: How to make a "Beautiful Character"

    See this guide to understand the different methods of creating a character

    To make a pretty character you need:
    1. Body mod
    2. Hair mod
    3. Voice mod
    4. Face mod
    5. Clothes/armors

    1. Body mods:
    Most popular body mods are Exnems, HGEC and Robert's Female Body mod. Most armors are made for Exnems / HGEC (HGEC is updated version of Exnems), so I recommend to use either one.

    Exnems Underwear Body
    Undies New Textures
    Exnems Nude
    High Rez Skin Textures for Exnems

    HG EyeCandy Body
    High Rez Skin Textures for HGEC
    HGEC Body Seam Reducer

    You can use Luchaire's Neck Seam Concealer mod to hide neck seams.

    2. Hair mods:
    These two are the best hairpacks, get both:
    Soya Hair Pack
    Rens Beauty Pack

    3. Voice mods:
    Anime voices is the only one that I use
    Anime voices
    Custom Voice Tutorial

    4. Face mods:
    This is my own personal Face mod list. You can customize your character's face using showracemenu cheat

    Required mods for elf faces:
    Rens Beauty Pack (adds Mystic Elf race)
    Beatiful People v.2.7

    Elf faces:
    Sia Mystic Elf
    Raewyn Mystic Elf
    Eva Mystic Elf
    Tommy Mystic Elf
    Mystic High Elf-Remake
    Nec Elf Kaleah
    Aeryn Mystic Elf
    Siliana Lineage II Elf
    Elves of Lineage II + Patch 1.5 (Beautiful People will conflict with this mod)

    Promising looking, haven't tried (these may require other mods):
    Imperial Girl Tamara
    Dark Elf Eileen Telvanni
    Imperial Girl Aliyah (requires Natural Faces mod)
    Imperial Girl Albani Celii
    Violet Elf

    You can search Tesnexus for more (keywords "save", "elf" or "imperial girl").
    It is also possible to import face of an NPC for the player character. See this guide.

    5. Clothes / Armor / etc:
    My own personal armor mod list:

    HGEC/Exnem armors
    List of Armors
    Dark Illusion Armor
    Diano Armor
    Apachii Goddess Store
    Amazon Armor
    Blood Elves Armor
    Sorceress Armors
    Crimson Armor
    Deceiver Armor
    Blueness Lion Armor
    Goddess Armor
    Alexanders Wings
    ShadowSilk Outfit
    Dancer Clothes
    Sorceress Outfit
    Twilight Assassin Armor
    Rogue Outfit
    R18PN Armor and Dress
    SG Cloud and Nobydy
    Sexy Warrior outfit
    Gloria and Trish Armor
    Black Luster Weapons and Armor
    White Goddess Armor
    Wearable Undies
    Black Assassin Armor
    Witch Queen Ritual Robe
    Drow Witch Robe
    Eshmes Female Clothing
    Lingerie Set
    Void Armor
    Dancer Clothes Recolor
    Mins Armor
    Warglaives and Silverlight Armor
    X-Blades Ayumi Set (armor and weapon)

    You can search Tesnexus for more outfits.

    III. Oblivion Mods Group II: Combat, Camera and Sex Mods

    1. Combat mods:
    Battle Bullet Time
    Fatigue Penalties v.2.0 (hand-to-hand combat mod seen in my ryona videos)
    Unnecessary Violence (beta state fighting mod. adds new moves, dual wielding etc)
    DMC Stylish (unnecessary)
    Stylish Jump (unnecessary)
    Sephs Hand to Hand Animation Replacer (unnecessary)
    Deadly Reflex (gory/brutal finishing moves)
    Note: Deadly Reflex will conflict with Battle Bullet Time mod.

    2. Camera mods:
    Chase camera (Optional. For better 3rd person cam)
    Fatality Cam (changes death reload time to 5 minutes)
    Ultimate 3rd Person Camera (Optional. See video)

    3. Sex/Rape/Bondage mods:
    SexDarkness (sex mod)
    The Elder Scrolls Nexus - Oblivion mods and community
    The Elder Scrolls Nexus - Oblivion mods and community
    Note: SexDarkness requires also MaleBodyReplacer mod to work

    Estrus (Tentacle/slime/ghost rape mod)
    Erotic Oblivion Pose Pack (Erotic poses and bondage poses)
    Chain it pose pack (Chain bondage poses)
    Xlovers (Rape mod)

    THE END! I will update this guide if I found other interesting mods..
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  2. onlinehero

    onlinehero Swell Supporter

    Dec 15, 2009
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    Useful Oblivion cheats and tips:

    1. God Mode (must be targeting nothing)
    Code: tgm

    2. Toggle No Clipping / Collision
    Code: tcl

    3. Set Character's Health (change the 999 to any number to add unlimited Health)
    Code: player.setav health "999"

    4. Toggle UI On / Off
    Code: tm

    5. Kill NPC (must be targeting NPC)
    Code: kill

    6. Disable Object (must be targeting object)
    Code: disable

    7. Revive Target
    Code: resurrect

    8. Set the Weather
    Code: fw [weatherid]
    Note: Here is a full list of Oblivion Weather codes.

    9. Stop Combat (must be targeting NPC)
    Code: setav aggression 0
    Code: stopcombat

    10. 3rd Person Camera
    Hold down R or middle mouse key
    Code: tfc (you cannot move character in this mode)
    Create a copy of your character and let enemy attack it (must be targeting character)
    Code: createfullactorcopy

    11. Add light spell (good in dark places)
    Code: player.addspell 000A9829
    Use Light Spell

    12. Make NPCs Prefer Unarmed Combat (must be targeting NPC)
    Code: setav blade / blunt / marksman 0 (depending on what weapon NPC carries)
    Code: setav strength 255
    Code: setav handtohand 255
    Remove NPC's weapon
    Code: removeitem [weaponid]
    Note: Here is a full list of Oblivion Item Codes.

    13. Edit Name, Race and Appearance
    Code: showracemenu

    14. Spawn Object
    Code: player.placeatme [objectid]
    For example, player.placeatme 0000C20D will spawn an ogre near you

    More cheats can be found here:
    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Cheats Codes and Secrets - PC - Oblivion Cheat Codes
    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Cheats,The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough - GameSpot.com
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  3. detritus

    detritus angry angry Staff Member Administrator Moderator Ryonani Teamster

    Nov 23, 2009
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    Thanks a bunch for taking the time to make this. Maybe now I'll finally have the patience to try modding up Oblivion. I just started messing with Fallout 3 modding although they've been a little disappointing to far.
  4. onlinehero

    onlinehero Swell Supporter

    Dec 15, 2009
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    I managed to import face of an NPC for my character and thought I might add it here..
    This is just a saved game file. It may work, it may not.


  5. Ellina

    Ellina Ryonani Teamster

    Jun 26, 2010
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    hm modding games up is really fun XD
    u can mod up oblivion to a nearly different game.
    sexyer womans. better looking npcs
    weapons spells... a littlebit martial arts
    surely some gore and brutal stuff too o.o

    but allways u have to hope, the stuff fits to ur version XD
  6. ramallo

    ramallo Potential Patron

    Apr 26, 2010
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    i have some hot mod too, just for who like busty girls XD
  7. handofdoz

    handofdoz Guest

    this is good information for when i get oblivion for the cp :D
  8. Gecko

    Gecko Ryonani Teamster

    Sep 1, 2010
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    I played the holy hell out of Oblivion on my first x-box...I'm thinking over 1,000 hours total. I think if I could have a character that looked that hot I might still be playing. I'm assuming you can only do this sort of thing on PC?
  9. Mebius

    Mebius Potential Patron

    Mar 5, 2010
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    This is why you buy PC versions of games when you can, yes. Granted, since modern consoles are pretty much PCs anyway, it's not completely impossible to do on the console. But it is a lot more difficult and generally requires unofficial firmware of one brand or another. If you've got a decent PC, may as well save yourself the hassle.

    On a different note, in all my years of going back to Oblivion I haven't been able to get a single character save file to come out like they are in the screenshots, even if I've got all of the mods and whatnot they require. The faces always come out wrong. Anyone else had better results? Maybe I'm just doing something wrong. I figure they've got to work or people wouldn't upload so many of them.
  10. Ellina

    Ellina Ryonani Teamster

    Jun 26, 2010
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    hm yea
    i remember the mistic elf race faces lookedmuch better then normal ones
    same maybe for other faces like lineage
    but yes i saw my charakters still looking les good like in the screens
    but maybe its because the screens are smaler again then the real 3d?

    i don't know~
  11. lalala

    lalala Guest

    mm can anyone make a torrent with patched oblivion or it is impossible?? =) because i haven't oblivion and i 'm a bumb in modifing the games hihihi
  12. Chrno

    Chrno Potential Patron

    Aug 18, 2010
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    Thanks a bunch for the thorough explanation!

    Modding Oblivion became a lot easier after creation of the Mod Manager but it was still such a pain to make it all work together without conflicts :)
  13. jojo777

    jojo777 Guest

    Ahhhh I've been looking for a collection of adult mods for Oblivion, thank you so much this is exactly what I was looking for!
  14. Unrelated

    Unrelated Ryonani Teamster

    Mar 22, 2010
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    Finally started playing Oblivion... got bored of it, and decided to check some of this stuff out... and hoooooly crap. Estrus and Chain-It! were particularly nice.
  15. onlinehero

    onlinehero Swell Supporter

    Dec 15, 2009
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    Then try Fatigue penalties and go fist-fighting (losing). I plan to make similar mod to Skyrim when it comes out.

    Personally the funniest thing I did in Oblivion was ski jumping with my horse after I had given it +255 speed and acrobatics :P
  16. Someone92

    Someone92 Staff Member Moderator

    Feb 21, 2010
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    As chance would have it I implemented adult content in my Oblivion version just a few days ago, and I came across a site which members translate the XLover Mods into Englisch. Enjoy:
    Lovers Lab - Lovers with PK

    Found a great side with many, many links to mods and in which order you should install them, follow the instructions and afterwards use the above link to install xLover. The side is in German, but it is so little text and as far as I've seen so far all links lead to English side it should be no problem to navigate through that page even if you hardly understand a word German.
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  17. Dandy TIger

    Dandy TIger Potential Patron

    Dec 9, 2010
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    I seem to have an issue where all of my ini and texture files from 10-200 are missing, no matter which version of Xlovers (or files making up the entirety of link in first post) I download. I'd love to just attribute it to my incompetence with mods, but the files just aren't there. Could someone post a link or tell where to get these missing files?

    Edit: Also missing 244-300
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  18. Someone92

    Someone92 Staff Member Moderator

    Feb 21, 2010
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  19. Dandy TIger

    Dandy TIger Potential Patron

    Dec 9, 2010
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    Ah, I forgot the Lovers Resource Pack. I feel a bit silly now. Thank you for the help!
  20. Someone92

    Someone92 Staff Member Moderator

    Feb 21, 2010
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    On another note, use the OBMM (Oblivion Mod Manager) to create an omod out of every mod with an .esp file, it helps alot to delete/deactivate or fix broken mods.
    If the file is already an omod just click 'Load' and select it, if the archive has a folder named "omod conversion data" or similar click 'Create' and then 'Add archive' and select the packed file/archive, OBMM will do the rest.
    If it's only a .esp file and maybe some other files/folder unpack them into a folder named 'data', click on 'Create' in OBMM, then 'Add folder' and select the 'data' folder you unzipped the files into; it helps a great deal later on if you fill the name, author, version, website (the one where you found the mod) and copy the description from the mod.