Nude Mods for the Female characters in BlackDesertOnline (6 Viewers)


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Feb 7, 2023
Mommy got a new dress


2023-05-16_279172491.JPG 2023-05-17_317619681.JPG 2023-05-17_317650976.JPG


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Apr 10, 2021
Hello, if I update with the files in your resource, can I avoid downloading the files in this article? ^^
Suzu's ressources contain everything you need, kinda like an all in one package. Other files in her ressources (like the new bodies) can be added to the main package as well (updates, look at the dates to see what's newer/older). There are several other files with different costume edits or different styles hidden all accross the many BDO threads that you can also check out to see if you find a style you prefer and replace those files.
Then, once you start that modding journey, you'll most likely run into some conflicts like holes in body or clipping because one design puts a piece of cloth over that body part but another doesn't, and to prevent clipping the first design cut the body but without the cloth you now want to have the skin showing, etc. You'll then dive deep into the numerous partcut threads to try and learn how it all works.
THEN, you'll be curious about what other files you can mod in the game and you'll try your hands on paz browser to extract all the game files and play around with changing them, mastering the search feature of these forums and then you'll be the master modder who will give us many new and crazy edits that make this game even more fun to play :p

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