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Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Chainsaw, Dec 3, 2012.

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    Bruno drove a hard fist into the blonde's stomach, she collapsed like a deck of cards and was out, Alfred was dissapointed.. though the accident had given women excellent healing ability, only a few of them got the pain tolerance that his company wanted.

    "Gee, boss..she barely lasted 5 minutes" Bruno said as he took of his mask, his huge frame barely breaking into a sweat. "Tell me something i don't know" Alfred said as he looked toward Jim. "Well" he inquired quizzically.
    "We have ten minutes of footage boss, i would say after editing, it's going be to be somewhere around 2 to 3 minutes, long enough for a $12 clip i am afraid."
    Alfred was pissed, this blonde was supposed to last longer than that. the last time he got decent footage was when Nicole had talked him into filming her, Bruno and Fatso had beat the shit out of her and he had sold a decent amount of that 20minute video and the clips from the video sold quite a lot as well.

    "You know what to do boss!! " Bruno said as he motioned toward the remote that Nicole had given him.
    "No! i am not taking that risk again, i almost lost you two the last time when she got angry, it took you six months to recover from what happened??" Alfred looked concerned.
    "I know boss, but don't worry!!" Bruno exclaimed "We know never to use 'W' word again"

    "Besides..!!" Bruno put his arms around Alfred "I have a score to settle with your friend, tell you what let me go to the states and have a "Test drive" of her delicious body, "I know exactly what to do."
    Nicole was bored, she sat there in her white shirt and black mini-skirt, her beautiful red hair, waved down the length of her beautiful face, she left the top two buttons of her shirt unbuttoned, showing just enough of her fantastic 34C breasts, they complimented her 24 waist and 34 hips really well, she was curved at all the right places, she looked up at the clock, her shift was up and she got up from the table, as she walked she looked down at her collar, it hadn't gone off once in six months, Had Bruno and Fatso forgotten about her?, were they okay?. The questions will have to wait. for now she went back home.

    Home was a small place in the suburbs, a cosy little one room apartment. she stripped out of her dress and climbed into the shower, the water ran across her perfect body, her six-pack abs glistened in the shower, she was enjoying her bath when suddenly the light on the collar triggered, at first she couldn't believe it. Were Bruno and Fatso there? She had waited so long for another beatdown. she turned of the shower and ventured outside to her room, the excitement was driving her crazy, her glorious nude body was in full display, she went to the door and unlocked it, she could see no one in the hallway, she locked the door in dissapointment and turned around, it felt like a brick had her face and her head snapped backwards, she could feel a strong hand grab her beautiful red hair and toss her to the floor back first, she looked up to see bruno standing over her. "Bruno!!.." She screamed before foot landed on her beautiful stomach knocking the wind out of her. "H..avent..lost yo..ur touch i see!!" she said coughing.
    What happened next was a blur. Bruno started by picking her up and body slamming her nude body hard into the floor, her forehead was smashed across every table and the walls, her abs were kicked and punched, her tits raked, bitten and everything in between and her crotch was molested. This went on for a while before Bruno finally tired and collapsed. "Wait..what?? You done already? it's only been like 10 mins." Nicole said dissapointly, her body had already healed. Bruno was in awe "Nicole, come on.." he said panting "i am beyond tired and you barely have a scratch" Nicole helped Bruno get up and sat him down on the sofa, giving him glass of water. "So big boy?" she said her nude body now on his lap, Bruno couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed at the obvious hard-on he was nursing. Nicole smiled "That's quite alright, big boy, that doesn't bother me.." she said moving closer and kissing him on the cheek "Tell me, what brings you here?" Bruno quickly went through the story of how Alfred wasn't getting any women worthy enough for his company. She seemed eugenically excited when she heard about the prices her videos were netting and how all of them missed her back in the town. "Well Bruno, looks like it's time to go back". The lights on her collar went off again and this time even Bruno was taken aback, Nicole felt a kick land on her back from behind and she fell to the floor face-first. she turned around and saw Fatso standing there. "Well, isn't this just dandy" she winced as Fatso pulled her up by the hair.

    Alfred was beside himself with joy the little teaser he had posted of Nicole coming back to his company had got the internet crowd excited, he had decided to raise the stakes, he had set up a ring with foreign objects littered under the ring and strewn about outside. Bruno and Fatso had stepped up their game as well easily lasting 40 minutes the last time they went to town on her. Nicole was almost wet with excitement.

    Finally the time had come to start the show, all the camera's had been set and were rolling, Bruno and Fatso strode their huge frames into the ring wearing leather pants, boots, MMA gloves and masks, Nicole chose to keep it simple, she wore a pink thong, converse sneakers, MMA gloves and elbow and knee pads. "Before we start, there will be three rounds 10 minutes each and that's pretty much it, now boys do your worst" Alfred said as he motioned all of them to the center of the ring. Nicole could see massive hard on's decorating both Bruno and Fatso, she could hardly wait, Alfred rang the bell and almost instantly Bruno and fatso ran toward Nicole "Well boys" Nicole said as she saw the two coming toward her now with their fists out and screaming with rage."i'm all yours"

    ROUND 1:

    Nicole felt Bruno's fist make contact on her nose while Fatso's landed on her chin, the dual blow caused her to fly back into the ropes, Bruno and Fatso locked her arms up in the ropes. Bruno pummeled her belly with all he had, the force of each blow drawing a small "Omph" from her, Fatso went to work on her ample bosoms, mauling and biting them, they untied her from the ropes and grabbing her barely there pink thong by either side gave her a double suplex, Nicole landed and instantly arched her back in pain. "Ugggghhhh...fuck yeah!!" she said as she felt pain shoot through her back. Bruno quickly put his feet on her luscious red hair and grabbing her arms arched her violently upwards "Arrrrghhhhhh..!!" Nicole screamed, Fatso tore of her thong. Bruno motioned him to take a few steps back. "1..2.." he said arching her ever so more "and 3" Fatso came running in and with a quick snap of his feet sent his size 12 boot crashing into Nicole's crotch, at the very same moment as the impact, Bruno let go and landed head first onto Nicole's stomach. Nicole let out a scream and collapsed in a heap in the center of the ring. She felt pain surge through her stomach and crotch, "Oh fuuuuckkkk..yeah" she exclaimed. Nicole was yanked upward by Bruno and sent crashing into one corner of the ring, he followed that up by round house kick to Nicole's head which had her seeing stars for a while. Fatso followed up with his huge shoulders to Nicole's toned mid-section which caused her to lean forward and Bruno unleashed with a punch to her beautiful face which cut her skin but healed within seconds. "Uffff..Fuccckkkkkkk..!!" Nicole cried and landed face first onto the mats, her nude body lay there for a while before Bruno picked her up by her beautiful red hair and with quick snap of her shoulders sent her crashing into Fatso's outstretched boots. The boots crashed into Nicole's face and she lay on the mat motionless while the blood coming from her mouth quickly healed. 10 minutes for the first round were up.
    Alfred was beyond jubilant, he had gotten some of the best footage he had ever recorded but there was still a slight look of concern on his face for Nicole but he was relived to see Bruno and Fatso helping her up and seating her in the corner. she seemed winded but was Smiling. "That was the best ever you guys!!" She was saying, the guys also seemed happy that she was okay, after a while they were ready to go again. Alfred motioned the camera's to roll.

    ROUND 2:
    The three fighters stood in the center of the ring. Bruno raised his right hand and Fatso raised his left, Nicole raised both her hands to meet theirs, the combined power of the men was enough to weaken her down, she dropped to one knee first, then to another until she was staring right up at her would be tormentors, Bruno and Fatso let go of the hold and punched her hard in the face and watched it while her face flung sideways spitting blood, by the time her face went where about Fatso's abdomen was the swelling on her right cheek and the cut above her right eye had healed, the blood on Fatso's shorts were the only reminder that her face had ever been cut open, Fatso for his part punched her equally as hard snaping her head right again, the blood and a couple of teeth landed on Bruno and fell down but as before the wound was healed instantly, "Well, Fatso..this looks like fun" Bruno exclaimed as he punched her again. Bruno and Fatso played tennis with Nicole's face for a while till the ring was a mess of blood, teeth and sweat. If bruno and fatso hadn't been holding her, she would have slumped to the ground. Bruno the unleashed a lethal sadistic kick on her back causing her to scream "Ahhhhhhh..Fucccckkkk..yesssss". Fatso unleashed a kick off his own and this went for a while, they would occasionally kick her in the stomach for variety. when they were satisfied they let her slump to the floor, she lay in the pool of her own blood for a while before Bruno picked her up flung her into the corner, they stuck her legs on the top turnbuckle and let her head come crashing down the mat, they had her trapped upside down on the corner post. The bell rang and the 10mins were over and the bell rang. Both Bruno and Fatso let out a huge groan. Nicole seemed the most dissapointed, "What?? That's bullshit" she exclaimed. "Sorry, boys.." Nicole was still upside down at the corner. "Tell you what..just leave me here, so you don't have to waste extra time trying to get me into position, Alfred i can be pretend to be knocked out and these boys can wake me up with a blow to my face!!" Bruno and Fatso seemed to like the idea and were already rubbing their hands in anticipation of the next round. Alfred went about taking the required footage of her knocked out.

    ROUND 3:
    Alfred motioned the bell to ring and Bruno was off, he jumped up and dropped a hard elbow into Nicole's open crotch and Fatso rammed his head into her abdomen. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! FUCCCCCKKKKK YESSSSSSSS!!" Nicole screamed, her body limped to the floor face first. Bruno and Fatso left her lying there and went to pick some equipment so that they could do some real damage while Alfred captured Nicole's motionless body on the mat, Nicole had a huge smile on her face.
    What happened next was a blur to Nicole, She remembered a bat to her face, it hit her cheek and shattered her teeth instantly as they went flying out of her mouth covered in blood and spit, as her head turned to the right, and her beautiful hair blew all over her face, by the time her teeth hit the floor, she had healed.
    "Oh there's more we did to ya, Nicole" Bruno spattered as Nicole lay curled in his lap with her feet on Fatso's big stomach, "Really now..??" She inquired quizzically, "We used a chair on you" Nicole remembered two chairs that were bought down on her back with the intensity of a train, both the Chairs bent on impact and Nicole's back went red from the impact, she remembered the force travelling to the front of her body and breaking one of her ribs and droplets of blood flew from her nose, by the time Bruno picked her up by her beautiful hair, she had healed.
    "i drove a barbered wire bat through your tits" Fatso muttered, Nicole remembered the wire colliding first instantly leaving cuts, they felt like a thousand needles all pricking the skin at once. after the barbed wire had sunk in deep enough, the wood collided breaking on impact with her tits,breaking her entire rib cage causing her fly back, while in the air she saw, spit, blood and sweat flow from her mouth, by the time she hit the ground, she was healed.
    "i kinda drove a chair through your cunt" Nicole repainted the scene of the chair entering her clitoris jumping her whole body upward, and another hit causing her fly more upward, by the time she hit the floor....
    "You buys are the best!!" she kissed both of them on the cheeks. "i think i am going to like it here" she thought.

    To be continued..