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Hello, is anyone up for a RP where Nico Robin from One Piece is absolutely destroyed? I would absolutely to do a scene where Robin is badly beaten, tortured and possibly raped/molested (optional).

Before we go further I must say I have hair fetish so licking, flipping, sucking, pulling, draping or simply describing hair in the RP is a turn on.

My other kinks - abuse, ryona, hatefuck, BDSM, bullying, slavery, clothed RP, foreplay, humiliation, degradation, teasing.

If you have any scene/scenario in mind I would love to hear it but if not, I can also suggest some starters!

If interested please PM me and we could get our RP started! I'm also on Kik so just message me if interested :)

Please message me even if you responded earlier, I was going through some things so didn't reply earlier so I might have poofed :3


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