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[PC] Need suggestion for a good villain game

Discussion in 'Adult Games' started by Shiro_VX, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. Shiro_VX

    Shiro_VX Guest

    Hi Everyone,

    I'd just like to inquire if anyone could suggest a good game where you play as the evil villain (not the kind who's more of an anti-hero) in both the indie and non-indie games.

    I just reached the end part of Orc Kingdom (main char Orc capturing women and turning them into MonMusume) and quite enjoyed the bad guy protagonist in that game and was hoping there are more other games worth getting/playing.

    Can anyone advise? Thanks.
  2. snakesonaplane

    snakesonaplane Vivacious Visitor

    Mar 8, 2012
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    "Transformation Apocalypse Zuburiusu" is a game where you're some fat guy trying to rape a princess I think the plot is. You control him and all the enemies are female

    Can anyone think of any other games like that? Most games you control a girl being attacked by monsters, so being able to ID games like the above would be good for something different
  3. Shiro_VX

    Shiro_VX Guest

    Hi snakesonaplane,

    I'm not much a fan over sidescrolling/platformer and more of an rpg or visual novels type of player, but i'll put this one in my "to try" list.

    The scenario I had in mind was that of the villain being defeated by the heroes and vows to get his revenge (maou type character). However, he needs to rebuild his empire so he goes off around kidnapping maidens/heroines, kidnapping, raping and impregnating them (harem building) and also battling for control over an area. Either he does go after them for revenge or is a starting Demon Lord (just for example) building his empire from the ground up.

    Its kinda like a hentai take on Disgaea mixed with the army building of Suikoden in case you are also into the console gaming.

    To everyone,

    I've already played those developed by Pixy (e.g. Taimanin Series, Tentacle Witches, etc.) since I'm a fan of the artwork and also others like Inchouyuu series, Mahou Shoujo Ai series, etc.

    Please don't include hypnotism type control hentai in your suggestions.

  4. Thundragon

    Thundragon Avid Affiliate

    May 12, 2011
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    I can think of dragon's bride, and I'm sure there was some weird tower defense game where you played as an evil overlord or something, however I can't remember it's name.
  5. abdal

    abdal Potential Patron

    Feb 21, 2012
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    futa villan of dragon quest