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Need help here I am new

Discussion in 'Help' started by Logimanas1, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. Logimanas1

    Logimanas1 Potential Patron

    Aug 24, 2015
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    Hello, so I have few questions:
    How do I use animetool?
    How do I upload clothing, bottom, upper, shoes etc so that I would not have to import them every time I run a game?
    How do I install X ray mod or whatever that is where dick is going and you can see it through ?
  2. aztlan

    aztlan Swell Supporter

    Sep 14, 2013
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    Look at sby's Loader Pack for an example of animtools and moreclothing installed. You can then use dialogues via PimGd"s Dialogue Actions to load the clothing or just use the Loader's Character Folders. Wee Willie and Flaeck have some packs showing how to combine these in a very elaborate manner - useful to study.