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My OC- Alexandra Thorne.

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by MrCheeserack, Sep 20, 2015.

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    Dec 17, 2012
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    Name : Alexandra Thorne
    Alias : Thorne
    Fighting Style: Whatever works, she hasn't been trained in anyone particular style. Street Brawling was more her thing, busting skulls of common street thugs, and sometimes(okay, most of the time) getting into more trouble than she can handle.
    Strengths/Abilities- Self replicating Nanotechnology will increse Thornes strength endurance and healing ability.
    Weaknesses- EMP pulses will entirley shut down her Nanotech rendering her completley normal until her body naturally replicates more. Thorne can only boost one abillity at a time, so if she is healing she is only as strong as a regular person. She is still only human, even when boosted her endurance can only go so far.

    Preferances: The Heroine loses, whether it's to a single overpowering enemy or being outnumbered by common thugs, whatever trouble she gets into i love a good beat down going her way, a proper room destroying furniture splintering beatdown. All manner of throws and blows are welcome. Costume destruction and maybe a few wardrobe malfunctions, because lets face it Superheroines can't always keep their bewbs in their outfits, can they?. Over the clothes groping, fingering and forced orgasms....and a sprinkling of pulling my OC's outfit open, because its fun to humiliate the Do-gooders !. That being said i would prefer to keep the character at least partially clothed. I'm not against forced orgasms or having the character being forced blackamiled or otherwise coerced into performaing various sexual favors.

    So yeah, thats her, il flesh her out more and more as and when i finish her short stories. I've written two already but they need more Ryona before i could post them somewhere here.

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