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‘Enough of this “highness” thing, Jade.’ Kitana snapped as soon as she spotted Jade behind a pillar. ‘Why do you keep following me around? I do not need a chaperone!’ Kitana’s long brown was the same length as Jade’s and they share the same eye colour. Her skin was slightly lighter than Jade’s but have the same muscle tone: small biceps and a visible eight-pack. She wore a short blue halter-style crop top that stop at her navel, exposing her belly, and she wore a blue thong with a loincloth attached to the front. Her legs were covered in blue thigh-high boots. Her shoulders, thighs, belly and back were exposed. Her face was unmasked and a snarl was on her face.

‘I’m only protecting you, Kitana.’ Jade defended as she walked in Kitana’s private arena. Jade’s black raven hair loose until the waist and her eyes were brown. Her tanned muscles body and a visible eight-pack was covered in a green skin-tight outfit and black high-knee boots; her belly, shoulders, sides of her breasts and thighs exposed. Her face was unmasked. ‘If anything happens to you, then Edenia will lose their princess.’

They were in one of the palace gardens filled with Edenian vegetables and exotic plants. Kitana was hoping to have some time alone and as usual, Jade was stalking her like a hawk. Now they were facing each other on a wooden platform that act like a veranda in the garden.

Kitana rolled her pretty eyes. ‘Nothing will happen to me in my own garden and it’s none of your business where I go! You’re not my babysitter!’

‘It’s my business when your personal safety is concerned!’ Jade argued back, ignoring Kitana’s last statement. ‘Stop being so unreasonable!’

‘Me being unreasonable?’ Kitana shouted as she came close to Jade. ‘It’s you whose being unreasonable! Stalking the royal princess! I just want to be alone for awhile! Is that too much to ask?’

‘Stop acting so spoilt!’ Jade shouted back.

Angrily, Kitana slapped her on the face. Jade’s head was hit sideways and she held her face in surprise. Then she slapped Kitana back and Kitana snarled at her.

‘I have enough of your insolence!’ She punched Jade in the face and the belly.

Jade stumbled backwards and wiped her mouth with the back of her hands. ‘I believe I need to teach your “highness” a lesson in humbleness.’

‘Give it a try, Jade!’ Kitana said and got into her fighting stance as well as Jade. It was summer in Edenia so the weather was humid, making Kitana and Jade sweaty.

Jade and Kitana circled around on the platform before giving their warriors’ cry and charging towards each other. They clasped hands and entered a test of strength, both of them equally strong. Kitana was the first one to let go and wrapped Jade’s head in a headlock, squeezing it tightly. Jade grunted and elbowed Kitana’s sides, making her grunted as well. Kitana ran forward and bulldogged Jade’s face into the ground. Jade rolled onto her back and Kitana elbow dropped on her stomach, making Jade puke out saliva.

Jade quickly wrapped her legs around Kitana and squeezed her body. Kitana screamed and elbowed Jade’s thighs. Jade continued to tighten the hold, ignoring the pain. Drool were flowing out of Kitana’s mouth and in desperation, she leaned back and elbowed in Jade’s breasts. Jade howled and let go of Kitana but as soon as Kitana stood up, Jade kicked her between her legs. Kitana screamed and hold her crotch as Jade stood up, clutching her breasts.

‘You bitch!’ Kitana gasped. ‘That was low!’

‘Attacking my breast is considered low too, your highness.’ Jade retorted back, placing heavy sarcasm on Kitana’s title.

Kitana yelled and kicked Jade in the belly. Jade spat out saliva as she elbowed on Kitana’s leg. Kitana howled and Jade pulled her closer and clotheslined her to the platform. Kitana gasped out saliva as her back hit the platform but she raised her leg and kicked Jade in the jaws. Jade flew into the air as Kitana rolled onto her feet. Before Jade could hit the ground, Kitana caught her in mid-air and slammed her back into one of the pillars: shattering it. Then Kitana power bombed Jade onto the platform, cracking the platform slightly.

Kitana lifted Jade into the air for another power-bomb but Jade punched Kitana on the head several timed. Jade flipped backwards and slammed Kitana onto the platform. Jade stood up as Kitana face downward and planted a foot on Kitana’s back. Jade grabbed Kitana’s arms and pulled backwards. Kitana screamed as Jade dislocated her shoulders joint violently and when Jade heard a pop from Kitana’s arms, she planted her feet on the back of Kitana’s head and slammed her face into the platform.

Kitana moaned in the platform as Jade pulled her up. Jade uppercut Kitana in the belly, making the princess puke out a lot of saliva. Then Jade Irish whipped her towards one of the pillars and Kitana slammed into it. Jade ran towards Kitana and drop kicked: only to hit the pillar. Kitana stepped behind Jade and pulled her up and applied Octopus hold. As Kitana bend Jade’s body sideway, she also drilled her elbows onto Jade’s sides and ribs. Jade screamed and moaned as her body was being tortured.

Finally, Kitana let Jade go after five minutes had past and sat on her. With her right fist, Kitana punched Jade in the stomach while using her left fist to punch Jade’s breasts. Jade gasped and moaned as her breasts and belly were being attacked and her mouth shot out saliva like a fountain. Having enough, Jade caught Kitana’s left fist and delivered a left punch into Kitana’s stomach. Kitana spat out saliva and she was tossed off Jade’s body: Jade was still holding onto Kitana’s left hand.

Jade put Kitana’s left arm between her legs and pulled it back: applying arm bar. Kitana screamed as her left arm was being pulled out of her socket again. Jade snapped Kitana’s left arm and let her go, allowing Kitana to roll away: hugging her arm. Jade grabbed Kitana by the hair and smashed her face into one of the pillars, destroying the pillar. The she pulled Kitana closer to her and delivered three German suplexes, slamming her upper back three times on the platform.

Jade let Kitana go and Kitana held her head in pain. Jade was about to pull Kitana up again but Kitana punched Jade in the crotch and pulled her by the ankles: making Jade fall on her back. Kitana got up and swung Jade in circles before throwing her into the last pillar: crumbling it. Jade laid under the rubble as Kitana pulled her up and kneed her between the legs and double punched her breasts.

Jade cried in pain and vomited out saliva as Kitana held her and kneed her in the belly for ten times. Then Kitana turned Jade upside down and pile drove her into the platform. When Jade body fell onto the platform, Kitana wrapped her thighs around Jade’s head in a head scissors: squeezing Jade’s head. Jade’s muffled voice can only be heard as she wormed her way through Kitana’s thighs and bit on Kitana’s crotch, hard.

Kitana screamed and let go of Jade, clutching her crotch. Jade stood up and pulled Kitana by the hair. She lifted Kitana into the air and delivered a muscle buster on her. Kitana gasped in pain and her eyes widened. She fell onto the platform, her back to damaged and her body limped. Jade pulled her up again and started treating Kitana like a punching bag. Jade punched Kitana in the face, belly and breasts and kicked her between the legs, thighs and chin. At every attack, Kitana could only stuck out her tongue as more drool flowed out of her mouth. Finally, Jade gave Kitana a gut kick: making her vomit out saliva and sending her flying backwards. She landed on her back and she lay there, cover in sweat and saliva overflowing her mouth.

Jade stood over Kitana and smirked. ‘I hope you learned your lesson, your highness. Now, let’s get you back inside and clean up.’

Jade put Kitana over her shoulders and brought her back inside the palace.