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more gags

Discussion in 'SDT Requests' started by blackrain, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. blackrain

    blackrain Potential Patron

    Mar 2, 2016
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    There are currently ring gags, tube gags, and a ball gag available in the Loader. I thought it would be nice to add a tape gag and maybe a cleave gag. There is a lot of variety and room for additions later as you will see in my reference pics.

    Tape gag 1
    Tape gag 2
    Cloth OTM gag
    Tape gag 3
    Tape gag 4
    Tape gag 5 (a little different than the rest)
    Tape bound and gagged (full body)
    Tape bound and gagged 2 (full body)

    Note: The last full body shots are meant as a tape alternative to the Shibari asset. It's a "would be nice", but not a core part of the request. It probably requires more consideration to be tackled.

    I did the sdChan mock-ups in GIMP and still have the tape and cleave gag layers separated. Here is a link if you want the XCF for some reason: sdchan1gags.xcf

    I'd like to get the tape and cleave gag vectorized and turned into SWFs first.
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  2. Josefina

    Josefina Potential Patron

    Jun 25, 2016
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