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Mar 2, 2016
There are currently ring gags, tube gags, and a ball gag available in the Loader. I thought it would be nice to add a tape gag and maybe a cleave gag. There is a lot of variety and room for additions later as you will see in my reference pics.

Tape gag 1
Tape gag 2
Cloth OTM gag
Tape gag 3
Tape gag 4
Tape gag 5 (a little different than the rest)
Tape bound and gagged (full body)
Tape bound and gagged 2 (full body)

Note: The last full body shots are meant as a tape alternative to the Shibari asset. It's a "would be nice", but not a core part of the request. It probably requires more consideration to be tackled.

I did the sdChan mock-ups in GIMP and still have the tape and cleave gag layers separated. Here is a link if you want the XCF for some reason: sdchan1gags.xcf

I'd like to get the tape and cleave gag vectorized and turned into SWFs first.


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Mar 2, 2016
So, I did this mostly for myself. It works for how I use it, though it's basically a WIP. I edited a lot of the hair from Mineur's Imports (about 29 to be exact). It's all flat static PNG hair with a "gag" drawn on. It won't actually keep the girl quiet or manipulate her mouth, you will have to add a vanilla gag underneath or (preferably) do something via a custom dialogue.

What I created was:
- two tape gags (packing tape and duct tape)
- two cleave gags (white and blue) that look best when the mouth is closed (use Dialogues and animations)
- mouth stuffing (best with the mouth wide open)
- handgag (for when the guy is behind her)

Here is what it looks like in-game:

I am unsure about how to distribute this at the moment since it's a modification to Mineur's hairs. I'm also not inclined to vectorize and turn any of these into SWF files, so if anyone wants that, it's on them. I can't edit/create Flash files. I'm halfway decent at GIMP, so I'll stick with that. This does present a couple problems. If you use hair tinting, then it also tints the gag. I had to make a high saturation version of one of the files because I wanted to desaturate the hair for a certain character. Keep that in mind.

Here are the XCF files I'm using as a template to create these. Basically, I just copy in a new hair file as a new layer (make any necessary edits) and export it (bam, new hair/gag file).

With those files above you should be able to more or less make "gag versions" of any static PNG hair you want. Anyway, feel free to vectorize, SWFify these, offer suggestions, or use the XCF files however you wish. I'd appreciate any credit you throw my way if you end up using it. I'm mostly sharing this stuff since it's just collecting dust on my computer.

Finally, here are some PNG files (for you to play with) of the gagged version of Mineur's Hyouka Fuwa. I'm not going to include every file I edited since it's not overly polished. Suggestions welcomed.



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Jul 24, 2014
Nice job.

I'm also not inclined to vectorize and turn any of these into SWF files, so if anyone wants that, it's on them. I can't edit/create Flash files.
I may make SWFs of these, but it would be better to have vectorised hands/stuffings/tapes/etc. so they would be neater and could be RGB adjustable (that would be nice, especially for hands, to allow them to be used with darker skin tones).
Unfortunately, I really have little time available at the moment (and probably for a long time)...

What you could do is tracing the outlines of your mods with Inkscape and get SVG files. This is quite easy and you seem to be competent enough to learn this, seeing the quality of your drawings.
There is a tutorial to use Inkscape here, made by Gingerless Soul, and many more online, not specific to SDT.

Also, if you get SVG files, it will be easy for any modder that has access to Flash Pro/Animate to make mods with them.
You may ask in this thread: SDT Mod .PSD (even maybe with your bitmap XCFs).

Good luck.

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Sep 25, 2016
Any sort of follow up would be amazing! I do think the variety of gags and "bondage tools" (tape, rope, ziptie, etc) right now is somewhat lacking. There has been a recent set of threads adding tape gags, but that's it: Duct tape
Good luck if you do decide to make SWFs of these.

Bob Stanley

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Sep 25, 2016
Hello all, trying to revive a similar thread from a while back: more gags

I would like to request any sort of new gag types similar to the following reference pictures:

I know they're not ideal references - it's quite tough finding good side views of these types of gags because drawings tend to focus on the face.

However in my mind this shouldn't be too hard as we already have the excellent RGB adjustable blindfold mod which already looks like a gag, albeit placed over the eyes. So if anyone would be kind enough to attempt to make a version "for the mouth", so to speak, that would be amazing. I didn't have time to dig into creating clothing items but there is probably an easy way to edit the blindfold mod in order to have it be moved downwards on the face to accomplish its purpose.

Do let me know if this post is within the rules.
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