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Moderators Wanted

Discussion in 'Club Announcements' started by detritus, Nov 13, 2015.

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  1. detritus

    detritus angry angry Staff Member Administrator Moderator Ryonani Teamster

    Nov 23, 2009
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    As we start a new community here, we're also starting the moderator team from scratch.

    We currently have openings for two global moderators, two IRC operators, and at least one moderator for any given subforum.

    Global moderators will be responsible for maintaining and updating site wide rules as needed.

    Moderators of subforums will handle reports, requests and issues for posts in their given forum while global moderators will handle all subforums that don't have a resident moderator.

    IRC operators will handle issues in the chat room and provide support via the #Support channel when available. If they're unable to resolve issues through chat, they are responsible for creating a work ticket for an administrator or moderator that can help at their earliest convenience.

    If you're interested, please use this application below and send it in a PM/conversation to me.

    ■ What role are you interested in applying for? (Global moderator, moderator, IRC operator)

    ■ What makes you think you'd be good at that role or what experience do you have in that role?

    ■ Aside from the above, why do you want to join Undertow's staff?

    ■ Are there any members here that would support you being on our staff team?

    ■ What days/hours are you normally active (include time zone)?

    ■ How many hours per week would you estimate you spend or plan to spend at Undertow?

    ■ What's your experience level with XenForo forum software?

    ■ Do you have any technical background, specifically related to web design, networking and database administration?

    ■ Are you fluent in any language besides English?

    ■ Do you have any other skills or abilities which you feel might be particularly useful to the community?

    ■ Hypothetical situation: If you were a staff member and a member began swearing at you and insulting you over PMs. How would you respond?

    ■ Is there anything you want to change about Undertow? If so, what would you change?

    ■ Once on the staff, how would you react if members started sending in complaints about you?

    ■ What do you think the purpose of Undertow is? What do you feel it should be?

    ■ Do you have any questions for us?
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.