Mod Request Rules


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Jun 5, 2012
This board is used to appeal for new features, changes to gameplay mechanics, or extensive changes to content (which can't be fulfilled using the vanilla import system).

Please familiarize yourself with the Request Rules before posting a new thread here. Some of the particulars are inapplicable, but you should attempt to follow the spirit of the rules. Search before posting; respect the modders; don't waste moderators' time.

If your request involves visual assets (such as a modified shape for the penis, a costume for the male character, etc) then you must provide Reference Images. If your request involves changes to gameplay mechanics, then try to describe how the game might play out with your mod in-place. Would your idea change the visible elements of the scene, or the GUI, or both? Try to avoid general verbs such as "fix" or "improve" - focus on specifics. You don't need to be a programmer to post here; you just need to express your ideas in detail.

When replying to a thread, please be sure that you're adding something. You can identify similar mods, or discuss challenges, or speculate about feasibility, or sketch out the idea by scribbling on a screenshot in MSPaint, or point out other games in which the requested feature has been successfully implemented. If you just want to show support for an idea, click the Like button.
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