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Mar 18, 2020
-- CHAPTER 1 --

Three years after Zedd and Rita gave up on attempting to conquer the Earth, they came back for a short time in the late 90s to make another attempt. The citizens of Angel Grove put up quite some resistance to Zedd and his minions. He did not anticipate the people of Ashtabula to be as formidable. Zedd was also seeking out inspiration for new foot soldiers to accompany his army of monsters. Previous foot soldiers had the appearance of masked humanoid creatures held together in spandex outfits. Zedd’s new creation would need to have a more familiar appearance, allowing them to blend in to human society more readily. These new foot soldiers would be able to serve in spy roles or infiltrate certain people groups. Since new ranger recruits came from high schools and college, they would need a minion capable of mimicking the appearance of a teenager or young adult. This is the story of how Hannah Gottlieb became an unwilling character in this short chapter of Power Ranger history.

Hannah was your typical 18 year old girl living her life as a small town high school student. She excelled in the classroom and in sports, where she won quite a few medals in pole vaulting during track season. She pictured herself as an athlete and wore athletic clothing on a daily basis, especially her prized Cleveland Cavaliers jersey. On the days of a track meet, she wore her tracksuit and uniform with pride. To Lord Zedd, Hannah would serve as the perfect template for his new army of foot soldiers.

On a fateful spring day, the morning before Hannah’s season opening track meet, she disappeared while walking to school. Lord Zedd had managed to have his two boneheaded lieutenants pull off a successful kidnapping without drawing too much attention from the locals. Thousands of miles away at their moon headquarters, Lord Zedd quickly had Finster work on perfecting a new foot soldier using Hannah’s body as a template.

The process of making the new foot soldiers were almost identical to that of the original putties. However, the end result was a new putty patroller with the appearance of a teenage girl with the increased strength needed to formidably take on a ranger. Hannah’s lifeless body was placed into a machine, quickly analyzed and then incinerated. Gobbs of putty were placed into a mold and then placed into the machine. The result was a dozen freshly made “copies” of Hannah standing on a platform.

The new putties looked strikingly similar to Hannah, but with some slightly minor exceptions. The skin had a slight grayish tone and the pupils had a bright red appearance. Hannah was wearing her school’s green track uniform, white t-shirt and green nylon warmup pants the day she was kidnapped. The uniform was essentially unchanged, except that the color was changed to dark gray and the schools logo was replaced with a ‘Z’ emblem in the middle of the upper abdomen. With a flash of energy emitting from Zed’s staff, the new putties came to life as their bodies convulsed with the lightning pouring into them.

With this new batch of putties complete, he had Goldar engage in a fight with all twelve of them at the same time. The putties by no means stood a chance against Goldar, but it was a test to see how long they could last in a fight. As with all previous Zedd foot soldiers, a swift kick or punch to the ‘Z’ caused them to shatter into pieces. It was a known flaw in their design and Zedd knew about it. However, fixing the problem was seen as unnecessary since they could be so easily replaced. Within minutes, Goldar reduced the group of putties to a pile of rubble. Pleased with the results, Zedd tasked Finster with the role of creating a vast army of the new putties.

From Hannah’s point of view, she remembers walking to school and then being surprised by two strange-looking men, the sound of her neck snapping, then nothing. She remembers the intense white light and then suddenly standing on a platform looking down at her gray running shoes. There was something strange about how her body looked now. Her skin had a slight gray tone to it and her uniform had a different look as well. It was of the same soft material but a different color and with this new raised emblem on her chest. Her baggy windpants had changed color as well from forest green to dark gray. Looking down at her feet, she could see the small strip of white fabric from a t-shirt untucked at her waist and the loose-fitting track singlet layered over it. She was unable to move at all. She could hear sounds and conversation in the distance, but couldn’t see where it was coming from.

In an instant, Hannah felt an intense rush of energy pour into her body. As it was happening, she felt an intense wave of pleasure wash over her, like an orgasm. She could feel her toes curling in her shoes. She looked around and saw other versions of herself standing on this platform, all wearing the same uniform. The dark brown hair of each foot soldier was tied into a little ball behind its head. The pupils also had a bright red color that almost glowed when you saw them from a distance. Her mind felt numb and she couldn’t articulate what she was thinking as well as before. She somehow knew exactly what her new role was and what she had to do now. When she tried to talk, her speech sounded like she was underwater. Her new voice sounded like, “Wobloblowobloblo bloblboblo.” Strangely, she could recognize the babbling and the babbling of other putties as well.

Hannah had heard of putties before from the news stories on television. She remembers that they often terrorized people but eventually exploded into a pile of rubble after a quick confrontation with the Power Rangers. They did little more than slow an opponent down or get sacrificed by a more powerful monster. In awe, she realized that she herself was now just a foot soldier for Lord Zedd and the life she knew before was over.

She looked forward and saw one of the men who kidnapped her from before walking towards her and the group. The door slammed shut behind him. In an instant, he began fighting with members of her group. Instinct started kicking in and she began performing a series of martial art moves against the weird-looking man. She didn’t even take a single Karate class in her whole life. He grabbed her and another identical foot soldier and effortlessly slammed the two of them together. The emblem on her torso began to glow and felt very warm. She looked over and saw the other putty and hers was glowing as well. She thought, is this it? Am I going to die now? I’ve seen video footage of putties look like this right before they explode. The emblem got brighter and brighter and her abdomen began hurting a lot. She felt a wave of ecstasy pour over her and she began having an orgasm as her pelvis started thrusting upward over and over. Soon the uniform singlet she was wearing began glowing as well. In a split second she could feel her body being ripped apart molecule by molecule. She saw a flash of light and then nothing, again.

What seemed like a split second later, Hannah again experienced the same intense flash of light and standing on the platform looking down at her gray athletic shoes. Then once more, she felt a sudden rush of energy entering her torso. She found the experience of being destroyed and brought back to life both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. She looked over where she had just died a few minutes ago and saw the shattered remains of her previous body. With her hands, she felt over her abdomen where the ‘Z’ emblem is and noticed something strange about her new body: her breasts seemed to be missing. She always had small breasts when she was still a human, but now her chest is completely flat.

Hannah also came to the realization that she technically was not a ‘she’ anymore nor did she have a name or even a number. Putties were asexual and did not contain sex organs, which is why she felt no breasts when she was feeling around her chest area. Also, the internal organs in putties worked much differently. Putties did not need to eat, drink, use the bathroom, or any other bodily function. Putties are made on an as needed basis. With their low survival rate, they are not designed to function more than a few days at a time. All of their energy come directly from Zedd.

“You there!,” exclaimed Lord Zedd, “come over here.” With a discharge of energy toward the ‘Z’ emblem the body was miraculously relocated back onto the Earth’s surface, back at the same location where Hannah was originally abducted. It was now much later in the day, around 10 in the morning. The uniform had changed back to its original forest green color and the ‘Z’ emblem returned once more to the original school logo. To Hannah’s disappointment, the breasts were still noticeably missing. Also, the new body lacked the brain power and vocal chords to communicate like a human. That last energy blast also gave the foot soldier all the necessary instructions to perform the task.

As Hannah began slowly figuring out, the putty brain had very little power to process more advanced speech patterns and fighting strategy. While it had the “muscle” memory needed to perform simple to intermediate-level martial arts maneuvers, it lacked the ability to properly prepare for an adversary’s next move. The instructions from Zedd were very clear: spy on the Power Rangers who are present at that school. In other words, be seen but not heard. This would be easy for Hannah. For all of her athletic accomplishments, Hannah was a bit of a hermit. She had very few close friends and her home life kind of sucked.

As Hannah walked along she saw her reflection in a store window and couldn’t help but notice how slender she looked now with a flat chest. It was kind of a relief to not wear a bra anymore even though she now looked less like a woman. But then again, she wasn’t human anymore and it didn’t matter. It did matter if she had to blend in with humans and not stick out. The bright red eyes would definitely catch a lot of unwanted attention. She felt around and noticed a little bulge in the cargo pocket of her windpants. She pulled out a contact lense case and carefully placed the lenses in her eyes. To her relief, the pupils now looked more like her original brown eye color. Being that it was late March and still a bit chilly outside, she removed her green track team hoodie out of her bag and pulled it on over her torso. The puffy material seemed to do a good job concealing her flat chest.

Hannah entered the school just as students were moving onto their next class. At this time of the day, she would need to be in study hall. Students were busily moving along in the school corridors. She wondered if anyone noticed she was tardy or that she had a slightly different appearance. To her surprise, the students didn’t seem to take notice. It helped that several other students, members of the high school track team, were also wearing their uniform.

Being that it was in the mid-90s, Hip Hop music, baggy jeans, sweatpants, and windpants were popular at the time, even among teenage girls. She could hear the ‘swishing’ sound of her nylon windpants as she walked along in the hallway. Hannah was thinking, the idea of her track uniform being the chosen uniform for Zedd’s new foot soldiers seemed delightful. She would not have enjoyed wearing a tight full body spandex outfit, especially while operating in a variety of different environments. From the outside, she looked like just a scrawny teenage girl. Little does anyone know she has the equivalent strength of three men.

Hannah’s high school had a very small ranger presence with only three members. She never knew who they were because they didn’t make it publicly known who their members were. With the instructions she received from Lord Zedd, the putty patroller knew just how to spot them and perform surveillance on them. As she entered the study hall, she stood at the back of the room so she could get a full view of everyone there.

Each power ranger carried a special badge on them so they could morph into their suit at any time. These badges contained a great deal of power, enough that simply touching one would cause a putty to melt or be vaporized. They had an incredible effect on putties in particular, probably because they are made from an evil substance. Kind of like matter and antimatter meeting each other, but a bit different. The closer her body came to those badges the more she could feel its effect. As everyone was filing into the study hall, she could immediately feel the presence of the ranger badges. She walked around pretending to find a seat, but secretly she was using her “badge radar” to pinpoint its source.

Power Rangers did almost everything together. They ate together, studied together, attended the same classes together, and even had sex with each other. There was Curt, the red ranger and leader of the group. Billy, the blue ranger and nerdy genius of the group. And Kristi, the yellow ranger and on-and-off girlfriend of Curt.

Curt always dressed in flannels and cut-up jeans. He grew up on a farm when he was young. After his parents died, he moved in with his uncle who lived in town. His passion is playing the drums in a garage band. Curt had a problem with underage drinking and smoking weed until he became a power ranger. Despite the occasional mood swing, he is well liked by his friends.

Billy is an aspiring computer geek and has few other pursuits outside of being a ranger. He dresses like a goth and listens to Marilyn Manson tapes on repeat. Unlike Curt, he comes from a pretty stable home environment. Both his parents are teachers at the high school and he is an only child. The two boys seem to have nothing in common, yet are always around each other.

Kristi is obsessed with being involved in team sports and listening to hip hop. In the fall, she participates in cross country running. In the winter, she is on the basketball team. Now, she’s a track and field star. She and Curt have very little in common, but always find themselves back in a relationship with each other. Since today is the beginning of track season, she is dressed in her green track uniform. Just like Hannah, she too enjoys wearing athletic clothing almost everyday. She likes driving to Cleveland on the weekend and going to breakdancing clubs. Curt didn’t care much for Kristi’s choice of clothing style. He preferred she dress more like a girl instead of wearing t-shirts and baggy adidas windpants seemingly all the time. He’s not into hip hop music at all and these differences seem to keep coming up as conflict in their relationship.

Hannah sat down in a seat behind the group. Now that she had successfully identified who the rangers were, her task was to eavesdrop on their conversations. Built into the design of each putty patroller was a form of audio/visual recording and transmitting equipment. Lord Zedd sat comfortably from his moon headquarters listening and watching what was happening. Occasionally, he would curse at the screen because his spy wasn’t doing exactly what he wanted it to do. Hannah would look up and smile when one of the rangers would mention a detail that she knew might be used against them later.

Apparently, Curt and Billy were going to attend the track meet later today to watch Kristi perform in the high jump competition. Lord Zedd began crafting a plan to ambush this group of poorly prepared power rangers. He would send hundreds of his foot soldiers to overwhelm the rangers and subdue them before they had a chance to react. New instructions from Zedd started pouring in much to Hannah’s surprise. She would give the signal to begin the attack on the rangers. After her and the hundreds of other “z putties” sufficiently weakened the three rangers, he would send the Stag Beetle to finish the job.

It just dawned on Hannah that her body consisted of more than a clay-like substance and energy from Lord Zedd’s staff. She must have machine components built into her body as well. As strange as it might sound, it is probably within her electronic components where her conscious self resides currently. Just like a ghost in the machine, everytime she is eliminated, her conscious is transferred into another body. The self-destruct mechanism built into her and every putty must serve to prevent an enemy from acquiring Zedd’s technology.

A few hours later, the school day came to an end and it was now time to get on the bus to travel to Geneva, a few miles away for the track meet. Hannah sat in the seat behind Kristi on the short trip over to Geneva. To avoid conversation with anyone, she pretended to sleep on the ride over. According to the plan, she will need to perform the pole vault once or twice and then attempt to impale Kristi by throwing a Javelin at her. This will be the signal to begin the attack on the field. She will be part of the first wave of foot soldiers to engage with the rangers. After the first group is eliminated, a second and then third wave of putties will fight. Before the rangers have a chance to recover, the Stag Beetle will be sent in to finish what the putties started.

They arrived at the track meet in Geneva and everyone got off the bus and soon began their warm up drills. Hannah removed her hooded sweatshirt, revealing her track singlet underneath. All of the track singlets were unisex and looked big when worn by a girl. The scoop came down to about breast level in the front, so a white t shirt was required to be worn under the uniform. Hannah typically kept her uniform untucked at the waist so that a bit of her t shirt stuck out at the bottom. She really liked the layered look with her uniform. On the back of her singlet she had a three digit number: 357.

The match began and Hannah prepared for her competition. The rest of the girls removed their warmup pants, but she kept her pants on. This is mostly because she wasn’t wearing any shorts underneath. There also wasn’t any regulation that said you couldn’t perform with warmup pants. Typically, it just affected the performance. It was also cold outside, so she didn’t mind keeping her skinny legs warm.

Hannah ran with the pole, lodged it into the ground, her body lifted high into the air, arched her back and effortlessly made her way over the stick. The other performers were shocked by what they just saw. She just broke all previous records by a wide margin.

Over by the high jump, she saw Kristi about to perform. Hannah saw this as her moment. She walked over and grabbed a javelin laying on the ground. A moment later, Kristi jumped over the stick. Before she could stand up on the mat, Hannah threw the Javelin straight at Kristi and buried it deep within her left shoulder. All of a sudden there was silence and everyone stopped what they were doing and looked over at Hannah. A few seconds had passed and then she reverted back to her putty form. The uniform had returned to its original dark gray color and she now had a large ‘Z’ emblem on her abdomen. Her eyes now glowed with a bright red color. She began dancing around and babbling, “Wobloblobloblo bloblobloblo.”

Hundreds of putties began storming the field and running over to Kristi. Track performers and visitors began running away in fear. In an instant, Curt and Billy had transported over to Kristi to help her. The putties began circling them and dancing around making babbling noises.

“Are these what I think they are?” said Billy. “Yes, they are putties, but like nothing we’ve ever seen before,” said Curt. They looked too human to be putties, thought Billy.

Kristi slowly got to her feet and pulled the Javelin out of her shoulder. She couldn’t move her left shoulder at all. The first wave of putties began their attack and the person who was once Hannah joined the first wave of attackers. The putties at first seemed to be too much for them to handle, but then the rangers took back control and started littering the ground with defeated foot soldiers. From a distance, it started to look like a fireworks show as dozens of putties began exploding or vaporizing near the high jump area.

Down where all the fighting was taking place, Hannah and dozens of other putties were getting tossed around, kicked, and thrown. She began losing much of her energy. Curt’s badge morphed into a Sword and he started slicing putties completely in half or running his sword through two or three of them at a time. Hannah’s slender frame allowed for Curt’s sword to pierce through several putties at a time. The foot soldiers stood in a row with two feet of razor sharp steel slammed through their chests. Their legs started sagging a little and then their bodies were devoured from the inside out by a bright white light until they completely vaporized. Billy’s badge morphed into a bow and arrows and he started shooting two or three putties at a time. One arrow completely passed through one putty entered another before it stopped. Each time an arrow hit a putty it simply vaporized within a few seconds. Kristi picked up the Javelin which had been used on her and began running around impaling putties with it.

Hannah started seeing their numbers dropping fast, but the next group could not attack until they were all eliminated first. An arrow came out of nowhere hitting her in the sternum above the scoop of her singlet. The arrow went through the putty in front of her, then passing completely through her chest before hitting the ‘Z’ of the soldier behind her, causing it to explode. Triple kill shot! I’ve been eagerly waiting for that to happen to me, she thought. She fell to her knees and then leaned against a pile of dead putties that was forming quickly at that spot. Her whole body just stopped moving and she couldn’t feel anything anymore. She could still see and hear the battle continuing on around her but could not move to get a better look. The components in the brain must still be functioning for now even though the body itself quit functioning.

The first and second wave have now been eliminated and there are hundreds of bodies scattered everywhere. The pile where Hannah had fallen has become deeper as more and more bodies have fallen onto it. A putty had fallen right in front of her, blocking part of her view. She now had a view of the back of her own neck. The shoulder length hair was still fastened in a bun, except for a few stray hairs. To pass the time, she studied the body that lay beside her. She noted how soft the white t-shirt looked and remembered how comfortable it was to wear.

The noise from the fighting seems to have died down. At this point, it is assumed that all of the foot soldiers have been eliminated. Out of the corner of her eye she can see the Stag Beetle walking around. Outnumbered, the stag beetle got desperate and began throwing putty corpses at the rangers. A whole pile of dead putty patrollers was picked up and flung in the direction of the heroes. Landing on their Z’s or by colliding with each others torsos while landing, the putties set off a chain reaction with their bodies. The shock wave sent bodies flying in all directions including Hannah’s current body, which is now laying dozens of yards away curled up in a fetal position.

For a brief moment, Billy was knocked unconscious on the ground. Curt and Kristi crawled over to him and shook him until he was awake. He opened his eyes and saw the severed head of a z putty staring straight at him. Some of the foot soldiers reverted back to a clay-like base material when they exploded. This body had been ripped apart from the explosion before it could morph back into clay. The hair was still fastened behind the head but in a messy looking bun. Billy picked up the severed head by the hair and looked intently at the eyes. There was slight movement in the pupils as they dilated and constricted to account for light and darkness. This thing is still functioning, still recording what is happening as the battle continues around it, he thought.

Even in death, the face of his new adversary looked beautiful. Secretly, Billy had always been attracted to Hannah but never knew how to show it. She was a track star and he was a nerd, but he always sensed something different about her. He felt that there was something more to her than just the athletic clothing and a collection of sports trophies. He still feels that way even though she is now an expendable foot soldier and an enemy of his. Sitting on the ground he sensed a bit of grief come over him as he thought of this. He remembers fighting these putties and the weird sense of joy he had as he was fighting them. I feel like I’m dancing with her when I am fighting them. The look on its (Hannah’s) face when it’s struggling to kick or punch me.

Hannah was thinking back when she was still a human and reading about the Power Rangers, Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa and her monsters, and of course, those putties. It became such a big deal, that they made comic books about the Power Rangers and their adventures. She always felt that they embellished their stories, but now after experiencing it firsthand, it seemed strangely close to the truth. Being killed by a ranger is painful but exhilarating as well. Hannah had always fantasized about being objectified and being used in some degrading way. Being used as cannon fodder for a powerful enemy and then being punched in the ‘Z’ causes this explosion of pleasure in her mind. Perhaps that was what Lord Zedd had intended for her to experience when she agreed to be his new foot soldier.

Oh! That’s right, I did agree to be a foot soldier, Hannah remembers. Lord Zedd had personally sought out Hannah after reading about her athletic accomplishments in the news. He also read the contents of her computer’s hard drive and knew about the secret fascination she had with being a soldier. Growing up she would watch films of medieval knights slashing their way through lines of foot soldiers on the battlefield. Medieval soldiers typically wore a sleeveless tunic or singlet over their armor. Along the way, Hannah had observed that track singlets, tank tops, and basketball jerseys closely resembled the tunic of medieval times. She lived out her fantasy of being a foot soldier by participating in sports where she wore singlets or tank tops. Whenever an opponent maneuvered around her or outwitted her and scored a point, she imagined it was like her being slashed at with a sword, run through with a lance, or pierced with an arrow.

From outer space, Lord Zedd sent a bolt of energy hurling towards the earth and crash into the monster. The ground shook and large deep crevices formed where the Stag Beetle previously was. The earth opened and dozens of corpses fell into the holes and were swallowed up. Hannah felt her limp body lifted again as a great wind came and blew the many hundreds of putty corpses around the stadium area, into the bleachers and against walls and chain link fences. Her body came to rest again near a concrete wall with a few other foot soldiers. To her delight, instead of being curled up on the ground where she can’t see anything, she can now get a better view of the battle from the way she is positioned. She can see the Stag Beetle again, but now it is growing larger and larger. With each step the monster makes, the ground trembles and some of the putties are squished beneath her feet. A few minutes later, the Megazord arrived and the two battled it out among the rubble that was once the stadium.

From Hannah’s point of view, it’s like witnessing two children in halloween costumes fighting each other in slow motion. The area around the fighting must be absolutely devastated by now, she thought. The megazord fell or stepped very close to her location multiple times during the course of battle. After several minutes of intense fighting, the megazord finally defeated the giant Stag Beetle as it fell and exploded off in the distance.

The confrontation with the Power Rangers was finally over and it was a humiliating defeat for Lord Zedd and his countless minions. Hannah was not too disappointed, she finally got to live out her fantasy of being a foot soldier. However, a part of her thought the rangers would hesitate to fight her because the new putties had a more feminine appearance and because they looked like a fellow classmate. In fact, it appeared to make no difference at all. They cut down the little army of Hannah clones in a matter of minutes.

The hours slipped by and the evening came. Hannah could hear footsteps and sounds of movement. Apparently, some of the locals brave enough to venture into ground zero of the fighting were coming by to investigate. She could see men with flashlights and some of them had cameras and were taking pictures of the putties and the devastation. About an hour later, more and more people could be heard and voices shouting. It was dark now and she could see very little except the dark figures of people moving around and the occasional person walking by taking pictures. A group of people were walking over to her and she could see them picking up bodies and carrying them over to a cart. They picked up Hannah by the arms and legs, carried her over to the giant cart, and tossed her onto the other bodies that were laying there. More bodies were tossed onto the cart and then it was hauled over to where a massive pile was forming in the middle of a field.

The townspeople had formed what looked like a giant wall of bodies and neatly stacked the dead foot soldiers on top of each other. They picked up Hannah and laid her too on the pile with the hundreds of other bodies. The uniform worn by putties was made of nylon, a flammable material, so a simple match is all that was needed to ignite the fire. The fire came quickly and consumed her body and then, nothing.



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Jan 10, 2016
nice story, but here's an idea, so clearly Billy has a thing for Hannah, maybe have Zed notice that and instead of using the putties in this chapter, we get a little timeskip where they were failing even more, but when the chapter starts Finster has perfected a new machine where Zed still having Hannah's DNA clones her making disposable human clones, who when defeated die but their bodies remain intact. Have them wear a sexy 2 piece outfit to show off their butt, wear high heel boots, massive cleavage and much of her pretty face, and have them killed in interesting ways. See what Billy thinks of killing hundreds of exact sexy clones of the girl he has a crush on. and maybe some civilians start having some "ideas" of what to do with surviving clones.


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Jan 10, 2016
and here's an idea for the yellow ranger's suit, maybe their mentor gives her a new one later. Like Hanah her outfit is skimpy too. micro skirt with no panties, bare midriff, and yellow high heel boots.


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Mar 18, 2020
-- CHAPTER 2 --

After what seemed like a few seconds, a rush of white light and then the familiar sight of herself standing on a platform looking down at her ‘Z’ and shoes again. An orgasmic rush of energy filled her body and she could move her arms and legs again. She will always look forward to that blast of energy into her chest from Lord Zedd’s staff, she thought. Looking around, she saw some new faces added to the putty army; there were clones of a female asian woman and a caucasian man, both looking like they were in their early twenties. There were about fifteen putties standing on that platform, fresh copies of Hannah, the asian girl, and the white male. Just like the z putties that came before them, they had a slender build and wore that same baggy foot soldier uniform. The male putty was modeled after a scrawny, clean-shaven man with short hair. Overall, the group of soldiers still looked a lot alike except for facial differences.

To her delight, Hannah had gained little memory snippets of all the foot soldiers involved in the last battle. She can recall what they each felt as they were sliced apart, shot with arrows, hit in the ‘Z’, or even squished by the Stag Beetle and Megazord. This meant that the new putties could recall what it felt like as well. Likewise, Hannah could recall how the other templates found their way into Z Putty circulation.

The asian-looking putty came from a 22 year old woman living in Texas. Unlike Hannah, she did not volunteer herself for the role. She was horrified when she found out she was now a foot soldier. Growing up in an affluent household, she was treated like a “princess” and had a high view of herself. The thought of sacrificing herself in battle, let alone being used as an expendable foot soldier would have made her cringe. Now that she is part of the regular lineup of cannon fodder, it makes the whole experience of being a z putty that much more interesting.

The white male putty came from a 20 year old man who was also from Ohio and was an avid runner in high school. As a matter of fact, He and Hannah had competed at similar sporting events. Like the asian woman, he was taken against his will. He’s not against the idea of sacrificing himself but a little weirded out by having memories of being a woman.

Lord Zedd has rethought his plan of world domination. With improvements made in cloning technology, Zedd plans to send millions of his new foot soldiers to earth to quickly overwhelm the U.S. military. The first phase is to send 10,000 foot soldiers to invade NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, gain access to the nation’s nuclear ballistic missiles. From there, they can fortify the complex and dictate terms with the world’s governments.

Hannah and the other 10,000 foot soldiers have already been cloned and are awaiting being transferred to earth for yet another probably doomed mission. Even though Hannah now works for Lord Zedd, she knows that his plans will not work. Being aware of how many resources the Power Rangers have, Hannah knows it is a forlorn hope. But she persists anyway, because she enjoys being a Z putty.

In an instant, Hannah felt the intense rush of energy enter her chest and the rapid transit to Earth outside Colorado Springs. Down on the planet, she is surprised at how many soldiers are with her. A great wave of energy and the sudden arrival of 10,000 soldiers appearing outside a major military installation tend to draw a lot of attention. Hannah found herself in the middle of a giant crowd of disorganization. Like a stampeding herd of buffalo, the giant mass of foot soldiers charged toward the mountain complex.

Both the guards on the ground and the automated defense system kicked in and started firing at the invading force. Bullets ripped through the foot soldiers and bodies began dropping and piling up fast in front of the complex. However, with their vast numbers and element of surprise, the putty army quickly overwhelmed the outer NORAD defenses. Guards were trampled as thousands of enemy soldiers ran through the gates and into the complex.

Deeper and deeper into the complex they went and more resistance was met along the way. From Hannah’s point of view, there were several moments during that initial charge where she almost got killed. A part of her enjoys the thought of being eliminated and laying around lifeless on the ground, although she much prefers getting punched in the ‘Z’. The orgasm that comes with getting hit in the chest can be felt even after she has ‘respawned’ into a new body. Or, at least, it seems that way.

Once in the building, putties had confiscated weapons from dead guards and from the armory. They were using them to hold personnel hostage in the complex. Hannah walked into a medium-sized room with one other foot soldier to keep watch over four staff members. She stood there as the other putty held a rifle pointed at the hostages. Amusingly, the putties had no idea how to use the weapons they were now holding. The other soldier was one of the ‘male’ clones. He looked down at the rifle, studying it, holding it close to his hips. Much like Hannah, he had no prior experience with firearms and Lord Zed gave them no instructions on how to use them.

“Who are you people?”, said one of the male staff members. “They kind of look like college kids, but their faces are gray and those eyes…”, said a female hostage. “What is up with that uniform? They look like they’re on their way to a track meet… Why the Z? Does that stand for something?” Hannah began babbling in her putty-speak, “Bloblobluloololooluolo.” Then the other foot soldier starting babbling also, “Bluuublobloblolulo.”

“Oh my God, they’re turning people into putties!”, said the middle-aged staff member in the corner. “I thought the putties were gone for good. Don’t you guys remember? They had that same emblem on their chests.” Another staff member spoke up, “Yes I do remember. It was on the news a while back. There was a homemade video of some little kids at a park playing kickball when they were surprised by a bunch of these things. The little kids figured out they could kill them by hitting that ‘Z’ on their chests.”

Hannah looked down at her ‘Z’ as they were talking about it. The man continued, “I’ve heard they are pretty stupid. You can easily outwit them, but if they get a hold of you they could easily cause serious harm. They’re really strong.” A female staffer spoke up, “They may be stupid but they can still understand what you’re saying. The other one, the one without a gun, she just looked down at her chest as you were talking about it.”

A few hours had passed since the initial assault on the complex. The staffers kept chatting away on the other side of the room. They seemingly talked about everything in that time period. Right now, they were debating whether Hannah was actually a woman or a scrawny boy with a ponytail. “Neither of them are men or women. They may have used a real woman as a template for these soldiers,” said the middle-aged man. The female staff member spoke up, “I do remember something happening in Ohio a few months back. You know what, I thought that uniform and her face looked familiar. There were some photos circulating around and I do now remember that particular woman. I mean, not that same woman standing over there, but a copy of her and lying dead on the ground with a bunch of other soldiers.”’

To Hannah, the discussion across the room about her identity or what she is made of did not seem to bother her. If anything, she is maybe a little excited that people are taking notice of her. Since becoming a putty, she has not been anxious about anything. Almost as if her putty brain is not wired to contemplate much of anything, let alone worry. Some instructions came pouring into her brain from Lord Zed. They had succeeded in capturing most of the vast complex but with terrible losses. Only a third of the putties still remain and the Power Rangers have arrived to help win back the facility for the military. This came as no surprise to Hannah who had been waiting patiently for the bad news to finally come. I wonder how this will play out? I really want to meet the rangers and fight them, but I’ll probably end up getting killed here by one of these boring staff members, Hannah thought.

Another hour went by and Hannah could hear the sounds of fighting off in the distance and getting closer. The middle-aged man spoke, “It sounds like our help is finally coming, we’ll be out of here in no time.” Hannah, who was looking out a window into the corridor, looked back momentarily at the man who was talking. “That’s right. They’re coming for you two.”

Hannah knew what her role was and what she had to do. The bulky backpack she had been hauling around this whole time she now needed to put back on and position herself in front of the male foot soldier. With one hand holding onto the shoulder strap and the other holding onto the weapon, he rested the rifle onto Hannah’s right shoulder and walked out into the corridor, leaving the hostages behind in the room. Once in the hallway, Hannah lowered herself to both knees and tightly squeezed shoulder-to-shoulder between two putties. About nine putties knelt together, copies of Hannah and the asian woman, forming a wall of bodies in the corridor. The backpacks were bulletproof and held additional ammunition. Some rope was fed under the shoulder straps and secured in place to keep the ‘shields’ held locked together. Putties with rifles took position behind them, resting their rifles on a shoulder, waiting for the moment to arrive. Hannah was hoping to die a different way, but at least she will get a good view of what is happening.

In the distance she could hear a soldier barking orders reminding them not to use grenades because of hostages. A split second later, a yellow muzzle flash appeared at the end of the corridor, and gunfire filled the hallway. Bullets slammed into the putties and Hannah could feel the rope tugging on her back as it was straining to keep the bodies in an upright posture. A bullet slammed into the two foot soldiers adjacent to her killing them both instantly. A bullet hit Hannah in the leg, stomach, and shoulder. It was really painful, but not unbearable. The male putty behind her was shot in the head and now leaning against her back. Someone else quickly took his position and resumed firing the rifle, resting upon her right shoulder. She could feel someone digging through her backpack for more ammo. Out of the corner of her left eye she saw the silhouette of a female putty's head explode from a bullet hitting it.

Hannah was kneeling there with her head held up high as bullets whizzed around her. She was now the only ‘shield’ putty still alive. The firing had started to die down as most of the putties were now dead. The rifle resting on her right shoulder had quit firing. A bullet slammed into her chest, right above the ‘Z’ and she felt herself go limp. Her head leaned to the left a bit and then sank forward. Staring down at her chest, she could now see the damage done to her from the bullets.

The gunfire had stopped and soon she could hear footsteps approaching from the other end of the hallway. “That was easier than I thought,” said one of the guards. “Anybody hurt?” “No,” yelled a voice down the hallway. “These things make pathetic soldiers, I bet they couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn,” said the guard. He squatted down in front of Hannah and lifted her head up so he could look at her. “This one’s not that fucked up. Dr. Anderson said he wanted one of them for a study.” “That’s cut her loose then,” said the other guard. The guard cut the rope and the makeshift wall of dead putties fell apart. The guard dragged Hannah’s body by the arms down the hallway and set her against a wall. “You guys stack the bodies against this wall here,” said the head guard.

Hannah couldn’t see much of what was happening, but she could still hear people talking and movement around her. The guards neatly stacked the bodies against the walls and rescued the staff members who were locked away in the room. After about twenty minutes, one of the guards came over to Hannah, scooped her body up, and carried her on his shoulder. A few minutes passed and she arrived to a brightly lit room where men in white lab coats were working. “Set it over there with the others,” said Dr. Anderson. Hannah was laid sitting up against a wall next to other dead foot soldiers, her head hanging down.

Across the room, Dr. Anderson was about to begin an autopsy on one of the dead female putties. They began undressing the body, which had died from a single gunshot wound to the chest, directly above the ‘Z’. Interestingly, they found that the uniform consisted of several layers and could not be completely removed from the subject. The base layers were molded to the body itself, almost as if it had formed from a single solid object. Upon further examination, the ‘Z’ seemed to act like a shield protecting the foot soldier’s upper abdomen. They decided to perform an MRI to get a better picture of the inside anatomy.

They eventually discovered that putty patrollers had the same bone structure as humans but contained few internal organs. The chest contained what appeared to be its vital organs but the epigastric area seemed to contain the main power source of the body. The head was mostly a fluid-filled area with a branch of nerves running down from it. It also had no sex organs or digestive tract. The putties were asexual but maintained the physical appearance of the original template they were modeled after.

A while later, Dr. Anderson had Hannah and the other dead putties brought to a ballistics lab located in the next room. They impaled them on hooks and suspended them from the ceiling. Behind bulletproof glass, they were preparing to test the putties vulnerabilities by subjecting them to different modes of injury. Hannah hung there in the lab, impaled on a set of hooks protruding from each shoulder. With her head staring down at her chest, she could see the bullet wounds in her chest and leg. Her shoulder-length hair was still secured in a messy-looking bun. She was enjoying the laboratory experience, eagerly awaiting her chance to be tested on.

A guard entered the room and fired a burst of shots into a male corpse. The bullets hit the ‘Z’ but passed completely through the body. He continued firing more and more shots until, finally, the ‘Z’ began glowing. The guard quickly exited the room as the putty started glowing more and more. The whole uniform started glowing, particularly the singlet. Suddenly, like the sound of a small bomb going off, the body exploded and sent chunks all throughout the ballistics lab. Hannah could see chunks hit her limp body, causing her to swing from side to side for about a minute.

The same guard came back into the room and readied himself for the test. He pulled out a needled syringe and walked over to the asian-looking putty and proceeded to inject the solution into her neck. Nothing happened. The guard left the room and came back into the room again with some black rope. He started tying two adjacent putties’ arms together with the rope when the ‘Z’ started glowing on the asian putty. Luckily, he noticed the glow and ran out of the room. She exploded and sent debris flying everywhere. A large chunk hit a neighboring putty in the ‘Z’ and it began glowing. As the glow became brighter and spread to the rest of the body, the other putty whose arm was tied to it began glowing as well. BAM! Followed by another BAM! Hannah and one other foot soldier were all that remained in the room.

The guard returned and walked over to Hannah. He began with slight touch of the ‘Z’ emblem. Nothing happened. He then pressed firmly against her chest with his palm. Again, nothing happened. The guard then wound himself up and delivered a firm punch squarely in the ‘Z’. Hannah felt it that time. Another punch, and then it started glowing. Hannah could definitely feel it this time and getting more intense by the second. The guard ran for cover. Her uniform singlet emitted a bright white light, and after what seemed like a few seconds, she felt her body being ripped apart and then blackness.

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