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Megan Fox vs AJ Lee

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by TrishKO, Jan 11, 2015.

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    Jan 11, 2015
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    AJ Lee: Everyone knows, I'm the QUEEN! Nothing personal, just a fact. Lovely Megan, i see, how fast grows your reputation. Very impressive, but not me. I'm ready to be YOUR queen now. Please, don't make me await.

    Megan Fox: You really think I'm dumb enough to tangle with a pro like you? Come on, I may have gotten my self confidence back, but I haven't become stupidly arrogant. I have a 0% chance of winning, so I'm not going to fight you.

    AJ Lee: Why you afraid me, Foxy luv? Hey, look at me, you think you're not strong enough for little ol' me? C'mon, Foxy, i swear, you'll never regret about it. Pleeeease!

    Megan Fox: I'll give Cheryl until tomorrow to respond, but if she doesn't I've got a couple of interesting ideas to even things up a bit.

    AJ Lee: Honestly? Please let me be the first. I'm so bored.

    Megan Fox: OK, but you're going to be taking on me and Kristen Stewart in a handicap match since you're a professional.

    AJ Lee: Eeew! Are you sure about Kristen? I thought, it will be more personal, between me and you. I promise, i'll be a ordinary girl. Not a pro.

    Megan Fox: Alright, fine. Just you and me. Let's get this over with.

    AJ Lee: Awww! Don't be shy, Foxy. You gonna love it.

    Megan Fox: You're gonna be too shy to ever show your face around here again after I'm finished with you.

    AJ Lee: Heh, make me! Let's go!
    Megan steps out on to the ramp as fireworks explode on either side of her and the fans roar in anticipation of the match. After pumping up the crowd for a few moments, Megan starts to make her way down to the ring, waving and blowing kisses to her fans along the way.

    Upon reaching the ring, Megan hoists herself up by gripping the bottom rope and jumping up onto the apron. Playing up to the crowd, Megan slowly and sensually drops her robe, revealing an undone white button up shirt over her familiar black bra and panties.
    After that, "Light it up" begin to play. AJ Lee come at ring. Her smile is so warm, but in the eyes clear undisguised lust. "Well, Foxy luv, now, you can show me what you'll do to me?"
    Megan watches intently as her opponent skips to the ring and swiftly slides through the ropes before emphatically popping to her feet, getting an ovation from her fans. Being face to face with AJ for the first time, Fox actually sees that she's actually taller than the wrestler, although she's quite a bit bulkier. Not backing down as AJ confidently strides up to her, Megan steels herself as she listens to the diva provoke her into action. "Well, for starters, how about THIS?!" Fox snarls before smashing her forehead into AJ's nose.
    "Oh! Aghhh!" AJ winces in pain, covered her face with both hands. She's quickly becomes angry. "You wanna play rough, b###h? Ok, i'll show you a hard way." AJ jumped on Megan knocking her on the canvas. She straddled Magan's waist, and snarled in her face. "This is all what you got? This is ridiculous, hon. Try again, and don't disappoint me."
    Megan is shocked as she's taken off her feet and driven into the mat by AJ's surprising maneuver, angry at losing her height advantage so quickly. The diva smiled wickedly down into Fox's struggling face, but stronger wrestler easily kept her pinned down. "C'mon Foxy, hurt me. I dare you." AJ chuckled as she playfully slapped the actress' cheek.
    Megan moaned weakly, her legs helplessly twitching. She knows, AJ was objectively stronger. And yet, she had sexual tricks in her sleeve. Perhaps she lacked physique, against this muscular babe, but Megan was unpredictable. Foxy suddenly grinned.
    "Hey, what's so funny, honey?" AJ asked.

    "You pinning me down like this and slapping me with your crotch grinding into my stomach... it's turning me on. C'mon AJ, hit me again. Do it." AJ was flustered by Megan's lust-filled monologue, unsure of what to do next. Instead of doing what Fox apparently wanted, AJ got up from Megan's waist and invited the other brunette to resume the fight on their feet far away from Fox's sexual advances.

    Her plan worked and Megan quickly got back up to her feet, sending a fist into AJ's hard abs on the way up.
    "Aww, how cute, Foxy baby. Your struggle amuses me.", AJ laughing, her muscular abs took a hit with ease. "C'mon, squishy, take me." AJ Lee beckoned Megan to herself.
    Her punch having no effect on her hard-bodied opponent, Megan lunged toward AJ with a knee to the diva's crotch. AJ easily blocked Fox's attack and grabbed hold of her knee, raising it awkwardly and forcing Megan to humorously hop around on one foot. Done toying with Megan for the moment, AJ decides to show Fox that she can fight dirty too. Stepping forward, AJ drives her own knee hard up into Megan's defenseless groin, forcing her eyes and mouth to go wide in absolute agony as she dropped to the mat, holding her throbbing womanhood while AJ prances around the ring, mocking her fallen foe.
    "Ooh! Does it hurt, Foxy? My bad, i promised be a good girl." AJ whispered in the Megan ear.
    "Sorry, luv, I must let you playing, too."
    Smaller girl stroked Megan's crotch, and gave her a playfully air kiss.
    "That's all, you're already cured. Rise and shine, sweetie, I want to see your smile!"
    Before Megan could fully realize what was happening, the horrible blunt pain in her womanhood was slowly being replaced with a warm, pleasurable sensation as AJ began fondling her through her panties. Once Fox was aware of what was happening the fog in her head cleared and she grabbed AJ's wrist in an attempt to stop her molestation, but the diva was simply too strong and overpowered Megan as she chided, "C'mon Meg, I know you want this, just let yourself feel good." AJ laughed as Megan let out a humiliating moan of pleasure.

    Megan knew she had to do something to stop this before she was powerless to resist her opponents stroking hand. As another moan escaped her lips, Megan quickly rolled to one side and drove her knee hard into AJ's ribs and she was finally able to get a reaction from her powerfully built foe. AJ groaned as Megan's hard kneecap cracked against her ribs and took her breath away. AJ was knocked clear of Fox, holding her side as she tried breathe without sharp pains racing across her torso.
    "I've got you!" Megan chuckled, "Not so tough, huh? Don't move, shorty, i'm not done with you yet."
    Small wrestler girl heared last words of her opponent. She had no idea what Fox will do with her next. Strong tightened legs squeezed AJ's waist, blocking access of air. "Don't worry babbie, This is only part of what I'm going to do with you."
    AJ moaned again, when Megan pushed her abs by own firm ass.
    Shifting her position to AJ's side so that only one of the diva's arms could reach her, Megan poured everything she had into her scissors, hoping she could overcome her opponent's muscular abs and force a submission from her. The sharp pain in AJ's side was now even worse as Fox's thighs mercilessly squeezed AJ's midsection until she was wincing in pure agony. "Aww, what's the matter AJ? Not feeling so tough now?" Megan laughed as she reached for the wrestler's breast and began to fondle the trapped woman.
    "Hey! Hey! Don't touch me, please!" AJ whined, she was absolutely helpless laying on the ring, between Megan's strongest legs. AJ Lee thought, she can easily control the match, skillfully dominate over her non pro opponent. Megan proved her supremacy, And she didn't want to give mercy to anyone.
    "Aww is big bad AJ Lee about to give in to a scrawny actress like me?" Megan asked with a chuckle as she began to subtly grind herself against AJ's hip. Letting go of her opponent's breast, Megan reached further down AJ's body until her fingers began slipped in between her shorts and smooth skin. "You ready to feel good AJ?" Fox asked as she cupped the other woman's bare pussy, relishing the gasp it coaxed from AJ's lips.
    AJ started to panic. She could not move, feeling the touch of nimble fingers to her smooth skin.
    "Hey! Hey! What are you doing, Meg? It's not funny! We're talking about fight only." Her voice suddenly trembled, when the forefinger slipped under the tight shorts.
    "Aaaah! Let me go, Foxy! If I can be free, you'll gonna lick my black fingernails!"
    Megan smiled wistfully, continue fingering AJ under shorts.
    "But I'm not going to let you go... at least not until I've had some fun with you." Megan said seductively as she shoved two fingers inside of her opponent, getting a gasp from AJ's lips in response. Hearing the diva moan and groan at her every whim, Megan releases AJ's arm and uses her now free hand to grasp the other brunette's hair; forcing AJ's face close to her own, Megan shoved her lips onto her opponent's mouth, kissing her passionately while she continued to grind into her hip and thrust her fingers in and out of AJ's most sensitive area.

    "Just give in and all you'll experience is pleasure, isn't that what you want, AJ?"
    "Nooo! It's my rules! I can't give! Ugghhh" AJ's womandhood throbbed in time with the touching of gentle fingers. AJ didn't finish the last words, when Megan kissed her hard again.
    "My, my", Megan smiled in her face, "I got it! Undefeated AJ has never been defeated in sexfight! I'm proud that I'm the first girl who overpowered your pussy."
    AJ bite her lower lip, trying not to whine, Megan laughed, openly enjoying of these sounds.
    Incredibly, but AJ managed to be free. So, she was free now. But her legs treacherously shaking. AJ felt a strange weakness, her sweaty body glistened in the spotlights. Small wrestler pressed her fingers to her pussy, trying to soothe a sweet shiver. Megan, lasciviously licking her lips, went to AJ.
    Megan took advantage of the barely standing AJ and shoved her into the corner, pressing her body hard into the diva's, making sure to keep AJ's legs spread by putting her own knees between them. "You're so close, AJ, and I know you want me to finish what I started..." Megan rasps as she slides her hand down AJ's body and slips a finger inside the already wet forbidden fruit.
    AJ's mouth opened wide, she let out a loud groan, full of languor. Foxy pressed harder, to a strong, wet body, of her weakening opponent. Sexy brunette was not a professional wrestler, like AJ, but she had the ultimate weapon. "Shush, my little pet, you're mine", Foxy whispered in her ear, with smile.
    "Oooh... Megan... stoooaap... whaaat... aaaa... yuuu... dooooin..." AJ groaned.
    Feeling she has AJ under control, Megan leans in and plants another sensual kiss on the wrestler's lips, getting an exasperated moan in response. With AJ distracted, Fox uses her free hand to lift AJ's left over the middle and then does the same with her right, spreading her legs wide and allowing her arousal to drizzle out of her stretched wide pussy and splash into a puddle on the canvas. Adding two more fingers inside of the diva, Megan starts her opponent down the final stretch of her ever building orgasm as AJ is now putty in her hands, moaning and groaning like an overpaid porn star.

    "That's it AJ, almost there." Megan says as she kisses her way down AJ's neck and chest on her way to the diva's breasts.
    "Aaaah... yuuu can't... nooo... I am stronger! You will never defeat me..." AJ moaned, hoping that Megan give her a break.
    "Aww, love these cocky words! AJ, u know, i win. As your mistress, i want to teach you a lessons of domination. First lesson: fingers - a girls best friends." Megan kissed Aj's glossy lips, and continued.
    "Actually I take that back, the first lesson is that your sole purpose for living now is bringing me pleasure; and your first exam begins now!" Just as AJ was about erupt, Megan pulled her fingers out of the diva's drooling slit, eliciting a groan of pure frustration from AJ before she dragged her out of the corner and into the middle of the ring on her back. Now that AJ was completely at her mercy, Megan stood over her head and then kneeled down, framing the other brunette's flushed face with her thighs as she looked down into her eyes and huskily stated, "Do a good job AJ, this exam is pass or fail."

    Ready to continue her humiliation of AJ Lee, Megan slid forward and pulled her panties to the side just before she planted her crotch directly over AJ's mouth and nose. "Do a good job and you'll get a reward..." Megan said to her foe as she reached down AJ's body and once again began playing with the other woman's snatch.
    "Whaaa.. what job?! Get off of me!" AJ shoved Megan's back with both hands. AJ break free from the Megan's sweaty trap. She angrily glared at Megan, who mockingly looked at the little athlete.
    "You thought I'd let you humiliate me?" AJ snarled, "I made ​​mistake, but it's ok. Your luck ran out. So, what did you say about the reward, Foxy?"
    Megan narrowed her clear blue eyes, and seductively beckoned AJ.
    "Disobeying your master is a big no-no, AJ, and pets who are disobedient are punished, not rewarded." Megan said angrily, still feeling confident, but angry that AJ had fought back and thrown her from her perch. Ready to teach AJ some more lessons, Megan began approaching the sweaty brunette with hatred in her eyes.
    "I'm a wrestler, and not your pet! Now we see, who wins." But, for some reason, AJ legs suddenly trembled. Megan's magic is worked. Small wrestler has not yet realized, she got into a trap again.
    With a quiet giggling, Megan rapidly slid to AJ.
    Megan laughed as she watched AJ's legs twitch and send her collapsing back to the canvas. "Alright AJ, it's time to put you away for good." Fox says as she stands between the diva's muscular legs and kicks them apart. Reaching down, Megan grabs both of the wrestler's ankles and folded her legs over her body until her toes were touching the mat just above her head. Taking a seat on AJ's calves and facing the wrestler's upturned ass, Megan looks back at AJ's face and sarcastically asks, "Now... where were we? Oh, right!" Megan goes back to work stroking the trapped woman's ever warming pussy, bringing gasps and moans of unwanted pleasure from the diva's mouth. Wanting to really drive AJ crazy with desire, Fox added her lips and tongue alongside her fingers and it wasn't long before Lee's body began jerking and twitching as her orgasm built itself closer and closer to climaxing.
    "Ah ... No, please ... not there!" AJ moaned. Megan smirked, resuming her lesson. "This is my fight, let me go, now!" AJ didn't understand, why she lying on the floor, humiliated by a weaker girl. She wanted show herself, and dominate all over this match. What a shame! And who? Megan Fox?
    Something incredible happened with the AJ's muscular body. She felt as Megan begins to completely dominate. "I'll never submit! Hear me? I won't let you toying with me!"
    "Oh, poor little AJ. You won't need to submit, when I'm finished diddling your twat you'll be nothing more than another stain on this mat." Megan says as she hears AJ's gasps come in short bursts while the muscles in her abdomen tighten in anticipation of what's about to come. Fox had AJ right on the precipice of eruption and to make sure it would be an orgasm the wrestler would never forget, she scooted back and smothered AJ's face with her backside while at the same time pressing her lips hard onto the diva's electrified pussy lips and drove her tongue inside. Moments later and AJ's entire body twitched and shook violently as the orgasm finally exploded through her entire being before completely deflating beneath the triumphant Megan Fox. Beaming a thousand-watt smile at her newest conquest, Megan wiggled her hips over AJ's face, adding further humiliation to the freshly conquered woman.
    AJ's legs convulsively twitched by several times, signaling Megan about total surrender. Megan looked back, with sweetest grin on her face. Megan's heart rapturously beating, butterflies fluttered in her flat tummy. Unbelievable! She overpowered the most titled diva!
    Well, let's see, what happened to our babydoll.
    Megan release AJ's calves, and sat on her muscular tummy, with obvious delight. "Awww... poor-poor AJ, seems like someone talking about fingernails licking? Oh, it's was you. Tee-hee-hee! Don't be shy, my little pet, the next lesson for you."
    "Remember when I said fingers were a girl's best friend...?" Megan asked with an evil grin as she showed AJ her fingers that were thickly coated with her own glistening girl-cum. AJ was horrified at the sight as it was a terrible reminder of what Megan had just done to her and she could only cringe in fear at what the cruel Fox would do next. Megan first lowered her hand to AJ's nose so the defeated woman could get a whiff of her own scent. Next, Megan inserted her finger, the least coated one, into her own mouth so she could get taste before she shoved every finger minus her thumb and pinky into AJ's mouth, forcing her to taste her own juices. "Lick them clean slut." Fox commands to the now crying AJ Lee.
    "Mmmm... Ughhh...!" AJ Lee with disgust pushed Megan's sticky fingers from her mouth. "Ughh... Maybe you make me cum, but you can't make ​​me submit. I'm not your sex toy, Megan. And you're not a winner."
    Megan was not impressed AJ's resistance. Her stubbornness lit a flame of lust with renewed vigor. Cunning Foxy radiantly smiled at Lee face, and touched her nose, with a finger tip.
    Megan knows, how she will humiliate AJ Lee.
    "Ugh! I get it. The big tough girl won't submit. The thing is, I don't give a shit about your submission. You, me, and everyone in this arena knows that you're already my b###h." Deciding that it's finally time to decisively end AJ Lee, Megan uses one hand to pinch the wrestler's nostrils shut while she uses the other to smother her mouth. "You see, AJ? Smothering you out is a perfectly acceptable way to finish this in my book." Megan smiled wickedly as she felt AJ's lower body squirm and struggle for oxygen as she bent down right into AJ's face so she drink in the last few flutters of her eyelids before they involuntarily closed in absolute defeat.
    With a lustfully smile, Megan stare at her unconscious opponent, once mighty and invincible, now, she turned her into a b###h.
    Foxy placed one foot on AJ's breast, staying in the victory pose, and then moved her heel on the wrestler girl's face. Megan straddled AJ's tummy, and leaned close to her ear. She whispered something seductive, and gave her a juicy kiss on the lips.
    AJ's eyelids quivered, she opened her eyes.
    "M-m-megan... Please..."
    Foxy mockingly flicked AJ in the nose. Now, she will teach this bitch.
    "'Please'? You don't get to beg anymore, slave." Megan says as she gives AJ a playful slap. "Now, you denied me pleasure before, but now that you're too weak to resist, I'm going to get what I have rightfully earned." The cold words struck fear into AJ's heart but she was still twitching and far too weak from her crushing orgasm to do anything to stop Megan from sitting on her face.

    Crawling over the still-shivering woman, Megan took her time sliding her fully aroused, dripping snatch up the entire length of AJ's conquered body until her drooling snatch was pressing intently against the diva's chin. "Get ready to smell and taste your conqueror, you worthless b###h!" Megan stated loudly as she slid forward and planted her fully aroused pussy directly onto AJ's mouth and nose and wiggling her hips until she had the diva's nose right where she wanted it; nuzzled tightly against her clit.
    "Mmmmppphhh" AJ mumbled, feeling several odors, emanating from the Megan's crotch. The biggest problem was that her mistress sweating too much. Sticky clit rubbed on her lips, viscid slime dripped into open mouth. AJ took her punishment, If she wanted to be a b###h, then Megan would be a her choice. Foxy totally enjoyed the ride. She even thought about riding boots. And she said it to her cute pet...
    With her left hand tightly wrapped in AJ's sweaty hair and the diva squirming and bucking beneath her, a very appealing idea popped into Megan's head and she reached back down to AJ's waist in order to relieve the wrestler of her belt. Fox pulled hard on AJ's hair, as if it were the horn of a saddle, forcing the diva's face ever further into the dripping sauna that was her fully aroused sex.

    Swinging AJ's belt above her head like a lasso, there was only one thing missing from Megan's cowgirl get-up, and she admonished AJ for not providing what she wanted just as her orgasm started to hit. "You know, it's too bad I don't have a pair of spurred boots to really encourage you... maybe n-n-mmph nex-xnngh nxt ti-uuuuhhh-time!" Her body twitching and shuddering, Megan's pussy erupted and filled AJ's mouth with her orgasmic fluids before it overflowed and covered the dominated woman's face in the clear, whitish sticky fluid that affirmed Megan Fox's absolute victory over the diva who had no idea what she got herself into.

    Megan stayed still atop AJ's face for several seconds before she collapsed to her hands and knees and tried to recover from her soul-shaking orgasm. Finally getting her breath back, Fox slithered off of the unconscious AJ's drenched face and used the diva's own belt as and impromptu leash and wrapped it around Lee's neck. After a few slaps to her wet cheeks, AJ was awakened and forced to get onto her hands and knees by the cruel Megan.

    "I could really use some riding boots now." Megan says as she mounts AJ's back and slaps the diva's ass with her right hand, signaling her to move faster toward the back where Megan would introduce her new slave to her old one.