Marvel Ultimate Alliance


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Aug 15, 2011
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (PS3, X-Box 360, PC, Wii)
Released in: 2006
Genre: Action Role-Playing Game

The player takes control of a super hero team to combat Dr. Doom and his sinister plans to take over the world, though there is more at stake as the game unfolds and Dr. Doom's plans come close to fruition. With DLC available for the game, over 30 characters can be selected anytime throughout the game to change your four-man team, although a few selected characters must be unlocked through the story mode. At any time you can swap between your squad of four characters, each have their own abilities and grappling moves.

-A very good game with a decent storyline and fair amount of replay value with some great rendered cut scenes. The character selection is great with some favourite super heroes you can compile teams out of as well. The view is mostly top down and quite far, taking away slightly from its ryona value.

Female Characters Available
- Elektra
- Invisible Woman
- Miss Marvel
- Spider-Woman
- Storm
Each character has four outfits available to them as you level them up. The PC can supposedly be modded, changing characters for other female characters created by modders, some of which are of good quality.

A few of the bosses have grappling holds:
- Bulldozer (Wrecking Crew, encountered on the Bifrost Bridge) has the ability to bearhug a character he catches, trapping their arms and squeezing them for a few seconds before tossing them away.
- Piledriver (Wrecking Crew ^^) has the ability to piledriver the character, grasping his foe and performing a spinning piledriver not all so different from Zangief's
- Galactus (encountered on Skrull world) who is encountered late on in the game is a giant you must flee from at one point in the game. If your character lags behind he will attempt to grab your character. He will then begin to squeeze the character for a few seconds if they are caught.
- Venom is a playable character for the 360 through DLC, and has two grappling moves, a bearhug and piledriver from the Wrecking Crew members. He can use both moves potentially as a combo, hugging his enemies before piledriving them to finish if you so desire. There is only one level with female enemies though, an underwater level featuring blue sea creature like women.
- Other attacks are mostly strikes, charging attacks or blasts. Some can knock a character down, stun them, cause characters to flee or force a general hit animation of the character throughout the rest of the game.



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Dec 15, 2009
In trouble
Woah, awesome job dude! I once had this game but I never finished even the first level, since normal thugs didn't have any good ryona moves. At least I now know what I did miss xD
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