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Marvel Comics Fiction: Black Cat, Black Widow & Elektra - The Kingpin's Workout

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by TheCrimsonRisk, May 31, 2012.

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    This story is based on a short scene from Web Of Spider-Man #84.

    Black Cat, Black Widow & Elektra - The Kingpin's Workout

    Black-Cat-marvel-comics-14636559-531-782.jpg tumblr_lje5os76UE1qe9tnzo1_500.jpg Elektra_pinup_by_PaulRenaud.jpg

    The costumes were delivered to each of their rooms last night, giving them plenty of time to get comfortable. Made with great care and precision, it was near impossible to tell them apart from the real thing. The red head held the leather outfit in front of her, looking it over. It better fit. After all, she couldn't become the Black Widow without it.

    This was not the world famous Natasha Romanoff. The woman was gorgeous, blessed with smooth skin and exotic features; certainly, one could easily mistake her for the infamous Russian spy. The Kingpin's officers went above and beyond in searching for the right women to properly fill these roles. This "Black Widow" was an elite gymnast and martial artist. She'd nearly qualified for the Olympics, but the training costs proved to be too much and she found herself in debt. Having burned too many bridges, she had no choice but to turn to a local gangster for money. They both ended up in over their heads and after he turned up dead, the Kingpin's men only spared her because she offered her services to them. While she dreaded becoming part of a demented prostitution ring, it turned out that the Kingpin's needs were far more eccentric.


    "You're the new girl, huh?"

    Black Widow was standing in front of a full length mirror, playing with the zipper in front of her costume. It was a full bodysuit made of black synthetic leather that actually felt resistant when you pressed against it. She looked at the girl who addressed her, a youthful looking beauty with flowing white hair. It might have been a wig, but it was impossible to tell. "Yeah, this is my first session. You look familiar. 'Catgirl'?"

    "Ha ha, close. The Black Cat!" As she finished, she triumphantly threw a fist into the air. "But you can call me 'Felicia'." Black Cat's attire was similar to the Widow's, only with white fur running down the opening in the front of her costume and along the back of her arms and legs. Within the tips of her gloves were sharp metal nails. "Scared?"

    Widow shook her head. "I don't know what to expect, to be honest. I know that we're supposed to be helping him train, but I don't know the details. What are we doing, exactly?"

    Before Felicia could answer, an attendant entered the locker room door and informed them that they were to be ready in three minutes. He reminded the Black Widow that she would be expected to respond to that codename or "Natasha". Grabbing her domino mask, the Black Cat completed her transformation and bolted for the door. "Showtime!"

    Natasha could only look on as Felicia was already halfway down the hall to the elevator. She turned to the remaining woman in the room. Dressed in a skimpy red ninja outfit, it was clear that she was in fantastic shape. Her cloth top only covered her left shoulder and her arms were covered in wraps and tassels. She wore a thong bikini bottom, but a long cloth hung down from her waist to her ankles allowed her to stay somewhat modest. Tight leggings ran up to the top of her shins. Her strong features and stunning eyes suggested Mediterranean origins. "And who are you supposed to be?" the Widow asked.

    With a cold look, the woman answered: "Elektra."


    The double doors opened and the colossal form of The Kingpin, Wilson Fisk, sauntered into the training chambers. He was wearing loose fitting shorts, similar to a Thai kick boxer; other than that, nothing. Despite his size, he moved with confidence and coordination and his body looked to be more muscle than fat. His surprising agility made Natasha slightly nervous.

    "Ladies. Welcome. Felicia. Elektra. And...I see we have ourselves a new Widow." Fisk led them over to a large circular area, similar to a sumo ring. It was appropriate, considering his build. "Now, surround me."

    Natasha looked to her training partners, but they were moving to flank their opponent. During the elevator ride, Elektra had filled Natasha in on the situation. The Kingpin had a unique way of motivating himself. Not only did he train himself to battle multiple opponents at a time, he had begun dressing them in the attire of his greatest enemies. It gave him a psychological edge. On some evenings, it would be men dressed as Spider-Man, Daredevil and Captain America. On others, it might be a group dressed as S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Tonight, it was the women's turn. When Natasha asked how serious these workouts usually get, Elektra didn't respond.

    "Is your mind wandering, my dear Natasha?" Fisk's deep voice snapped Natasha out of her recollection.

    "I'm...not exactly sure how we're supposed to begin, Mr. Fisk." She said, tentative.

    "How about like this!" Felicia let out an exaggerated meow as she leapt onto the Kingpin's back, digging her claws into his shoulder. He winced in pain.

    Elektra didn't jump in right away. "Felicia, no! We attack together!" Before Felicia could respond, Kingpin reached back and grabbed a handful of her latex costume. He quickly leaned forward while yanking on the material, sending the Black Cat flipping in front of him. As she went over, he used his other hand to secure his grip and slammed her body down hard.

    Swinging a bo staff, Elektra struck the Kingpin's thigh. It made an audible crack, but he shrugged it off. She knew it would only annoy him, but it gave Felicia time to catch her breath. Placing one end of the bo against the ground, Elektra pole vaulted herself into the air, extending her leg and executing a gorgeous flying kick. She caught him right in the chest, momentarily stunning him.

    For Natasha, this was all happening too fast. She needed to act now! His back was turned to her, so she ran and slid between his legs, popping up on the other side and rifling precise punches into his belly. She was attacking so quickly that she didn't notice how much her hands were hurting. The Kingpin just raised a curious eye brow. Before she could change tactics, the back of his hand swung out and connected solidly with her cheek. She was lifted off of her feet and she fell to her knees.

    A frustrated Elektra twirled her bo, preparing for her next move. Feinting a kick, she instead did a spin in mid-air and attempted to bring her staff down on the Kingpin's head. He caught it in his massive paw and planted his foot into Elektra's mid-section with a stomach bruising push kick. For a moment, Elektra couldn't breathe and she landed on her back, dark spots filling her vision.

    Felicia sat up, sore and embarrassed. The sumo throw had actually knocked her unconscious for a few seconds. She tried to remember where she was, but it wasn't until she noticed the looming shadow over her that it came to her. Fisk took a handful of her hair and jerked her back. He stuck her face into his armpit and laid his arm across, securing a reverse headlock. Smothered by his arm, Felicia was worried she might suffocate. She concentrated on calming her breathing, but that became impossible as he began to drive his other hand repeatedly into her belly. Each fist landed with piston-like power, tenderizing her abs. Her arms fell limply to her sides and she began to lose consciousness again.

    Suddenly, Fisk felt his own neck being wrapped up. Natasha had recovered and was now astride him, attempting to lock in a rear naked choke using her arms to compress his windpipe. No matter how big someone is, they still have to breathe and Fisk soon became light headed. Allowing Felicia to fall limply to the floor, he put all of his effort into freeing himself from the choke but she had it on tight. In desperation, he threw himself backwards, squashing the Black Widow beneath him. The ground shook and it felt like they might fall straight through the floor. Natasha's leather outfit made a squeaking noise as she was compressed within his back flab. Fisk shook his head, somewhat disoriented. His vision cleared just in time to see Elektra charging towards him. He sprang up and instinctively threw an uppercut that landed square on her jaw, putting her on her tip-toes. Before she could fall down, he boxed her ears and delivered a head butt that knocked her for a loop. She lay spread-eagle on the ground, still alert enough to notice her opponent lumbering towards her. Fisk leapt into the air and landed on Elektra, his mammoth backside flattening her bountiful chest.
    The Kingpin sat down, pinning her arms under his knees. Her legs shook and she bucked meekly, but it was no use. The dust began to kick up off the ground as the fat man pounded her gorgeous face with his enormous fists. Her skull was getting sandwiched between his knuckles and the hard floor.

    "You want an attack, fat boy?" Natasha shouted. The taunt enraged the Kingpin and he turned to see her and Felicia standing together. "Try this on for size!"

    The two black clad females launched forward, with Felicia going high and Natasha going low. The Black Cat unleashed her claws again, this time going straight for his eyes. "How dare you!" He yelled at her as he held her wrists. Meanwhile, the Black Widow went for the groin. She unleashed a precision knee that would have incapacitated any man, but he didn't even flinch. Her knee was throbbing and judging by the sound it made when she connected, the Kingpin was wearing some kind of special cup. He glared at her. Still holding Felicia in the air, he did a quick 360 degree spin, spinning his prey horizontal to the ground before whipping her down on top of the wounded Black Widow. Their bodies made a sickening thud as they collided.

    "This is your best effort? We take you off of the streets and this is all you have to offer me?" With one massive hand, he gripped Widow's neck. The other hand shot between her legs and she was effortlessly lifted overhead. The Kingpin flipped his victim over onto his shoulders and she lay there stretched across his back, staring at the ceiling. He kept her in place with one hand resting on her thigh and the other wrapped around her chin and throat. "Let this be a lesson to the rest of you."

    An unnatural crunching sound filled the Kingpin's private quarters as he pulled down on both ends of Widow's body, bending her in half over his thickly muscled neck. She produced an agonized wail. The other two women were in no shape to rescue her and they were mostly grateful that it was her and not them. Another sharp tug produced a crack as loud as a large tree branch being split in two. It was unclear whether it was her back or neck that had been broken, maybe both, but the Widow was definitely dead. One final tug broke more bones and Kingpin let the lifeless body ooze down his back onto the ground.

    Assistants rushed in to help Felicia and Elektra were helped to the back. One of the Kingpin's officers approached him. "Not another Black Widow, sir."

    "You have to kill one. It makes the others fight harder next time."

    "True, sir. But this is the third one in a month. They are not easy to come by."

    Fisk put his hand on the officer's shoulder. "Ha ha ha! I'm sorry. I don't know why I keep picking her. This is business, not personal. Still...when can we get another one?"

    The officer scratched his chin. "I don't know, sir. Perhaps you'd like to try a Spider-Woman?"

    "Perhaps." Fisk sat down on an ornate bench. As attendants towelled him off, he took a relaxing breath, satisfied with the day's destruction.
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  2. Raden

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    Is that torture rack scene there why you asked me about it? Holy crap, man.

    "Another sharp tug produced a crack as loud as a large tree branch being split in two."

    ... DAMN

    And just the completely carefree and flippant way he regarded her death, jeez. I don't know the villain but even I know he's a giant prick. lol.

    Awesome job.
  3. Seth

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    Good work! Well, I was surprised that the other two survived, but it's still well done.
  4. CharYui

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    Awesome little story there, It almost makes me want to see a sequel where Kingpin decides to try out a 'Spider-Woman'.