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Mah Vs Raquel

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Mah, May 11, 2013.

  1. Mah

    Mah Vivacious Visitor

    May 10, 2013
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    Hi guys, I hope you enjoy my first story (an old fantasy)!
    Please, sorry for any english errors.
    First of all, I will describe myself:

    • Mah
    I am a white girl, long black hair, green eyes and slim body.

    • Raquel
    She is a muscled girl, taller than me, she is a white girl with a short hair.

    The story begins when I and my boyfriend, Mike, went to my parent´s farm to spend the weekend togheter.
    When we arrived I talked with the man who my parents hired to manage the farm and told him that me and my boyfriend would like to be alone, he agreed, but, told me that his daughter would stay there for anything that we need.
    Her name is Raquel, I don´t like her, because I know that she loves Mike, because her hard work, she developed her body, she taller than me and have muscles, she really scare me.
    After the lunch Mike and I have a little sleep, I woke up first and decided to swim , I decide to use my pink thong bikini.
    When I arrived near of the pool, Raquel arrived!!!

    • Raquel: Finally you show yourself Mah.
    • Mah: Hello Raquel, how are you? (I am a little scared now, I´m sure that she have bad intentions)
    • Raquel: I´m fine, but, now I am very angry, because I don´t know why a handsome guy like Mike have a so pathetic girlfriend like you?
    • Mah: Raquel, please leave us alone, Mike is my boyfriend he loves me and you don´t have any chance with him.
    • Raquel: This is true little bitch, and is all because of you, but, you will suffer for this!
    At this moment Raquel run in my direction and grabs my hair.

    • Raquel: Now, I just want to have fun punishing you for take him from me.
    • Mah: No Raquel, please, stop.
    She lands a terrible belly punch that leave me without air, now I am totally under her mercy, she takes me to the house that we made for the manager of the farm.
    She locked the door.

    • Raquel: Now we can have some privacy
    • Mah: Are you out of your mind? This can cost your father´s job.
    • Raquel: No dear, I´m sure that nothing will happen, so let´s begin the party?
    Raquel came in my direction, I don´t know how defend myself, and tried a slap.

    • Raquel: Is this the best you cand do?
    Raquel slaps me, my face turned with her force.

    • Mah: AAAAIIII
    • Raquel: This is just the beginning I have much more for you.
    Now she kicks my belly, I bow and fell on my knees in front of her.
    Raquel don´t give me any chance to recover, she grabs my hair one more time, I don´t have forces to resist, so, she throws me against the wall, my back hit so hard the wall that I give two steps forward, she comes to me, grab my arms and place above my head, now my belly is totally defenseless.

    • Raquel: I am really enjoying this!
    • Mah: Noooooo, please, stop.
    She punches my belly, counting

    • Raquel: 1
    • Mah: OOOOOFFFF
    • Raquel: 2
    • Mah: UUUUHHH
    • Raquel: 3
    • Raquel: 4
    • Mah: aaaaaahhhh
    • Raquel: 5
    • Mah: AAAAAHHHH (this time I fall)
    • Raquel: Hahahaha, stand up
    She grabs my hair again and throws me to the table I fall with my face on the table

    • Raquel: As you are a bad girl, now you need a spanking!
    • Mah: What? You can´t do this to me.
    Raquel lower my panties, and slaps each side of my ass, slap after slap she really enjoy this, she slaps so hard that my buttocks shakes up and down.

    • Raquel: Whoa, this is really funny, let´s take the other side?
    • Mah: pleaaaase, I can´t take anymore
    This time she turns me and focus on my uncovered pussy (well shaved).
    Now, she joins her hands and smash my little pussy.

    • Raquel: Hahahaha, you are so ridiculous, I will humiliate you even more.
    • Mah: No please, what you gonna do?
    She now takes a video cam at her room.

    • Raquel: I prepared this surprise for you, I will record every minute from ou meeting, if you talk about this for anyone I will upload this in the internet!
    • Mah: Noooo please, this would ruin my life.
    • Raquel: Just smile bitch.
    She continues to punish my pussy, she kicks:

    She grabs and twists:

    She attacks using her knees:

    She give me some time in my beat down, she now uses her camera to focus in my suffering, she films my battered pussy, my lowed panties, she wants to capture every angle of my suffering.
    She places the camera on a base, now, the camera can capture every moment of the action.

    • Raquel: Your rest is over.
    Raquel puts my panties back, grabs my hair, and begins to punch me, from side to side.
    She shows no mercy as she punches from the right, from the left

    • Mah: AAAH
    • Mah: OOOFFF
    An uppercut.
    Every time that she hit my face and my face turns she follows right in the direction making sure that she will ever be in front of me, and continue the punishment.
    From side to side, punch after punch, I can´t support this and kneel, my body is now too weak to support more pain.
    Raquel steps on my head.
    Raquel: Mah, it´s really good to play with you, you are the perfect punch bag, but, it´s time to finish this!
    She drags me by the hair and sits me in a chair.

    • Raquel: Let´s take this?
    • Mah: No! I beg you!
    She strips my bra.

    • Raquel: Pretty uh?
    She takes my bra and displays in front of my face teasing me.
    Raquel: Do ou want back? You want? Take back (I try to take, but she fool me pulling back).
    She rubs my bra in my face and hits my face using it.
    Every time she hits my face, she say something:
    First time: You are pathetic;
    Second time: Weak
    Third time: Useless
    Fourth time: Worthless
    Every hit makes my head turns in 180°, from the left to right and from right to the left.
    My head is lowered, I am too stunned because the severe beating.
    Raquel looks to my bra and say: I have another utility for this.
    She goes for behind of me, take my arms and... TIES THEM USING MY OWN BRA!!!
    She takes the camera again, makes a pause in the record.

    • Raquel: Mah, now I want that you say that you don´t want Mike anymore as boyfriend.
    • Mah: NOOOOO, I love him, I can´t do this.
    • Raquel: Better, I will love to force you say.
    She places the camera on the base again and comes to me.
    I am totally weak and vulnerable, the only thing I can do is say: Please Mike don´t watch this.
    She holds my face and place her face tighter of mine making us look directly to the camera.

    • Raquel: Miiiike, please take a close look right here, your dear Mah have something to say for you. Say now
    • Mah: Nooooo.
    • Raquel: As you wish.
    POOOWWW, she give a hard punch to my umprotected breast.

    She punches my breasts, so many that I can´t count, the only thing to do is groan and moan.

    After the punches, she pinches my nipples and pulls me almost making me getting up from the chair.

    • Mah: No Raquel, stooooooop, I can´t take this, pleaaase, pleaaaase, I beg you.
    She don´t consider my supplications, and continue the torture of my pretty breasts.
    For few seconds she stops and look to me, now, she steps on my breats.

    She keep increasing the pressure, releases one breast and pass to torture the other.
    Whe she release for the last time, my head is lowered again, but, she grabs my hair and raises my head.
    Two slaps for each side of my face.

    • Mah: All right Raquel, sssst...t...to....p, I say.
    Raquel takes the camera and focus on my face: What do you want to say Mah?

    • Mah: Mike, please, leave me, I give up of our relation, leave me in peace... I DON´T WANT YOU!!!
    I started to cry.
    Raquel, stops the camera and say: Goood is not so hard uh?

    • Mah: Please, leave me.
    • Raquel: Well, you said what I want, so, I will leave you in peace, but, be warned, any word of what happened here for anyone... this video will be uploaded in the internet and... I will send a very special version to your boyfriend.
    • Mah: As you wish.
    • Raquel: Gooooood, but, I have just one more thing to do.
    • Mah: What? NOOOOO! You said you will leave me in peace.
    She comes to me, strips my panties, open my legs, pull my hair, open my mouth, and inserts my panties... inside of my mouth.

    • Raquel: HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Now just know, I filmed this part too HAHAHAAA.
    Completely happy because what she did, Raquel films my defeated and naked body, my face, my tied arms, my punished belly and my battered pussy.
    After suffer the worst humiliation of my life, my eyes roll back showing the white part and I faint.

    • Raquel: Sweet dreams baby HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
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  2. bloodmaiden

    bloodmaiden Potential Patron

    Mar 29, 2012
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    Your story is hot, I loved imagine a sexy girl being humiliated like you was
  3. princeofpain

    princeofpain Ryonani Teamster

    Feb 4, 2012
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    Great story
  4. Mah

    Mah Vivacious Visitor

    May 10, 2013
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    Thank you I hope you enjoyed
  5. princeofpain

    princeofpain Ryonani Teamster

    Feb 4, 2012
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    I am waiting for your next story!!!
  6. marvelfan1234

    marvelfan1234 Vivacious Visitor

    May 14, 2012
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    very good story looking forward to your next one
  7. Mah

    Mah Vivacious Visitor

    May 10, 2013
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    I thank your comment, I am working now on a new story, I will try to share with all you my fantasies, I have a lot.
  8. bloodmaiden

    bloodmaiden Potential Patron

    Mar 29, 2012
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    Hey Mah
    Loved your story when will you write another one?
  9. Mah

    Mah Vivacious Visitor

    May 10, 2013
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    I am working on a new one