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Lzzy Hale Hunts Big Game

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Mariposa, Jan 14, 2015.

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    Oct 7, 2014
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    Lzzy Hale crawled through the underbrush of her personal game preserve in the Pennsylvania Appalachians. The 25ha preserve was stacked with game that the FBI would love to bring her in for hunting. Lzzy came to the end of the bushes and spotted a lone, 18-year-old young woman bathing in a stream. She looked like a river nymph. Lzzy licked her lips as she drew her 50m, tasseled, composite yew long bow. She knocked a shaft and pulled the string back to the point the string slipped from fingers. A perfect shot: the shaft went through the young woman's heart. Lzzy stalked toward her kill, slipped out of her camouflaged hunting dress, and began to celebrate her kill. She had just finished her fifth thrust and lifted up for a sixth, when she felt a sword in her back. Lzzy slowly lowered herself to the corpse and gently rolled off. As alive as she felt on stage or making a kill, she never felt more alive than she did now. This was her element: the moment she knew her death was imminent. When Lzzy was on her back on the ground and could see her assailant, it was Josh Smith, her bassist and on-again off-again lover. They were currently on. A bloody smirk stole across Lzzy's beautiful face. "Hey, Babe. Our date is not until tomorrow evening, during the height of the Nor'easter."
    "I am just here to see how the hunt goes because of the Nor'easter coming." Josh replied with an equally bloody sneer. "As I walked the paths, I realized that most of the game was in hiding, but you did bag a good one. I will let you get back to the hunt, though. Love you and see you tomorrow night, Sweetheart."
    "Love you, too Babe." Lzzy returned with a cheerful smile. Josh turned and walked away, sheathing his long sword. He got 20m before Lzzy shot an arrow at him. Josh drew his short sword, pivoted, and blocked the shaft in one smooth motion. "Do not forget about our date tomorrow!" Lzzy glared at him.
    "You worry too much, Sweetheart. I will be here, and I will finally kill you." Josh replied.
    "About damn time you finally did so!" Lzzy called back excited.
    "Shut up or you will scare what game remains!" Josh called back and walked away.
    Lzzy returned to her kill. After a powerful orgasm, Lzzy cleaned up and continued her hunt. She found tracks near a well-used watering hole, approaching it. Lzzy tracked them to the hole, but stayed out of site among a rocky outcrop. A big-breasted woman of about 25 was drinking, knowing full well someone was stalking her, but ready to die. Lzzy sneaked up behind the woman and broke her neck barehanded. Lzzy reveled in this kill, too, knowing that more kills today were a long shot in the dark. Lzzy felt the wind bite through her hunting dress, but kept hunting until the snow started falling. She returned to her ATV and drove down the mountain to her SUV and went on home. The next day at three, she drove back to her preserve, fired up her ATV, and drove up the mountain to find Josh waiting for her.
    "What are the rules today, Sweetheart?" He asked after kissing Lzzy.
    "As I am technically the prey, I get a five minute head start. The game is not over until one of us kills the other. The whole preserve is usable. I do not want this to end too quickly." Lzzy said as she checked her quivers. "The blizzard has made conditions treacherous. As such, goggles are required. As for other inclement weather equipment, that is up to you." Lzzy slipped into her black latex bodysuit with deprivation hood.
    "Oh, Sweetheart, I cannot wait to take that off your corpse." Josh said with a lust filled smirk.
    "I just cannot wait for you to kill me!" Lzzy exclaimed. "Of course, I will be doing everything I can to kill you."
    "It would not be fun otherwise." Josh smiled at his death-obsessed lover. "Before we officially start trying to kill each other, how did yesterday's hunt go?"
    Lzzy half-smiled. "I got another after you left, but the snow picked up and I decided to head back down and wait until this afternoon for the BIG GAME hunt to track through the blizzard."
    Josh returned the smile and caressed Lzzy's cheek. "How long is this blizzard supposed to last?"
    Lzzy leaned into her boyfriend's caress. "According to the weather reports, the blizzard is supposed to last for the next two weeks, and the weather patterns are supposed to be ripe for another one to hit a few days after this one."
    Josh gave a bloody smile. "So, I have six weeks to kill you. I can take my time and get off to the actual ways I bring about slow your death."
    Lzzy closed her eyes as her vagina pulsed. "Yes, but I would you not take forever to kill me."
    Josh shook his head. "No, I would not either." Josh pulled Lzzy close and met her open mouth with his. Their tongues played in each other's mouths. Lzzy's vagina exploded into the latex panties under her bodysuit.
    After breaking the kiss, Josh asked, "why do you get a head start?"
    Lzzy smiled evilly at her bassist and lover. "I am in stilettos and the prey always gets a head start."
    "Fair enough." Josh said. "I love you, Lzzy. If I did not, I would not agree to play these games with you."
    "I love you too, Josh." Lzzy replied. "If I did not, I would not ask you to play these games with me." She gave him one last kiss, zipped her suit up to her nose, and disappeared into the swirling snow.
    Lzzy stealthed her way to the far north-eastern edge of the preserve, knowing Josh was not far behind, not caring about being sneaky. She doubled back, leading Josh into the worst of the howling winds and driving snow.
    Josh sneaked up behind her. She turned to face him as he walked up to her. He gently put his hand under the latex hood and brushed Lzzy's cheek. Josh then unzipped the hood to her chin. They leaned in for a quick kiss, a taste of what was to come when one of them died. Josh pulled back, removed his hand, and re-zipped the hood. "I love you, Lzzy."
    "I love you, too, Josh." Lzzy replied. "Show me how much you love me," obviously giving the latex a crimson smile.
    "I will kill you for our love, Lzzy, Sweetheart." Josh gave a bloody sneer and threw himself at his beautiful lover.
    With that, the love-crazed death match began. Lzzy was caught off guard by the ferocity of Josh's attacks, but kept her footing and managed to retaliate. "This is it," Lzzy thought gleefully as her pussy gave another explosion, "this is my end. Josh is serious about killing me!" Her cunt exploded again. Lzzy was getting off to the thought of dying. "Josh, can you smell how turned on I am?" She asked flirtatiously.
    "Yes, Lzzy, but when the killing blow comes, you will be more than just turned on, your orgasm will rock the plateau." Josh replied with a smirk.
    The fighting re-intensified. Lzzy's snatch erupted in an orgasm that left her reeling. In her pleasure, she miss stepped and tripped over a rock. Lzzy tried to recover, but in the latex stilettos, her balance was off, and she fell to her back. Josh was over her in an instant. He brought his zweihander down as he came down on one knee. "This is it." Lzzy thought joyously as her vagina became a 50-cal, blowing cum into her latex panties so fast that she was stuck to them. Josh brought his zwiehander down, and as it made contact with Lzzy's body-
    "MEH! MEH! MEH!" Her alarm clock screeched.
    "FUCK AND SHIT!" Lzzy shrieked, pissed off enough to kill Josh as is. She slammed her fist into her clock, shutting it up.
    Lzzy's scream woke Josh, who grabbed his bow and instinctively aimed at the door where someone's heart would be. "WHAT THE HELL, LZZY!?" Josh screamed at his girlfriend.
    "I was about to have the best orgasm of my life when that damn motherfucker had to ruin it!" Lzzy screamed, pissed at being cut off mid-orgasm.
    Josh laid his bow on the bedside table. "What if I made it up to you?"
    "You were about to CAUSE me to have the best orgasm." Lzzy replied.
    He smirked at her. "How, Sweetheart?"
    "We were running through my preserve, and the time came for me to die. You came down on one knee, bringing your zweihander with you. You brought your zweihander down to cut me in half. Just as the steel made contact, that bitch ruined it. I was supposed to shake the plateau!" Lzzy bitched.
    Josh climbed up onto his naked girlfriend, wrapped his hands around her beautiful neck, and started choking her while thrusting his dick into her pussy. He pulled out and shot his load onto her beautiful stomach just as she passed out. Lzzy's stomach was Josh's favorite part. Not her ass, pussy, or tits, it was her tight, toned stomach that did it for him, and where the killing blow was to land tomorrow night. He moved down her body to her cute snatch and inserted his tongue in the space previously vacated by his boner. Josh buried his tongue deep in Lzzy's vagina, breaking into her cervix. He licked her lolli in the truest sense of the word. Josh hit the sweet spot and Lzzy shot bolt upright screaming her ass off.
    The screaming woke Arejay, who busted into the love nest with his rifle at the ready. When he saw the scene, he mumbled an apology and hustled out.
    Josh licked Lzzy to an intense orgasm. After calming down, she insisted on taking a shower and cleaning the spunk off her stomach. He followed her into the bathroom, intending to provide company while she showered. Lzzy had other plans for Josh. "Care to join me?" She asked flirtatiously.
    Josh joined Lzzy in the shower. He soaped her up, and he rinsed her off. He climbed out, helped her out, and dried them both off. Josh helped Lzzy up onto the bathroom counter. He began caressing her stomach, getting rougher with each pass. When Josh had Lzzy moaning, he began kissing her stomach. His kisses drove her over the edge. Josh had Lzzy screaming. When he had her screaming, he brought his TEETH to bear on her beautiful abdomen. Josh had Lzzy shaking the house! Lzzy could no longer stand it and had Josh rub his dick on her stomach, fucking it. As he fucked her stomach, the screams became shrieks, knocking down sheetrock. The death-obsessed lovebirds cleaned up again.
    Lzzy slipped on a camouflage hunting dress without a bra or pair of panties. She grabbed her longbow, quivers, and sword belt. Lzzy grabbed her keys and started walking towards the door.
    Lzzy jumped into her SUV, fired it up, and hit the road. She drove and drove until she reached the mountains. Lzzy parked in front of that "No Trespassing" sign at the foot of her mountaintop retreat. She opened the shed, hopped on an ATV, nothing short of an all-wheel-drive could even get up the mountain. Lzzy reached the plateau, shut off her ATV, and tracked the pre-storm calm as the Nor'easter approached. The lack of game chilled Lzzy more than the cold. Yes, a storm was approaching, but most wild animals would be gathering food to prepare for a bad winter storm like a Nor'easter this late in the year. Lzzy heard rustling near a well-used watering hole. She slunk into the underbrush and crawled to the watering hole. There bathing in the stream of the water, was a beautiful 18-year-old woman. Lzzy knocked a shaft to her bow and pulled the string back to the point it slipped from grasp. The shaft flew straight and true despite the wind. It was a beautiful shot and a perfect hit. The shaft went through the young woman's heart. Lzzy approached her kill, slipped off the dress, and celebrated. Lzzy had just finished her fifth thrust and shot up for a sixth when she felt a long sword in her back. Lzzy was in her true element, her death was near. She slowly rolled off her kill to face her assailant. "Josh, babe, our date is not until tomorrow evening." Lzzy said with a crimson grin.
    "I know, Sweetheart, but I was just checking on the hunt, knowing that the game would be in hiding by now." He said with a bloody sneer as he sheathed his sword.
    "Why did you not tell me before I left?!" She accused.
    "Lzzy, I figured you were not coming to hunt, but for the privacy, and bagging something was just good luck." Josh said sheepishly. He turned to leave her.
    Lzzy fired a shaft at Josh. He drew a short sword, pivoted, and blocked the shaft in one smooth motion. "Do not forget that our date is tomorrow evening." She glared.
    "I forgot one time and you will never let me live that down!" He screamed. "I will be here tomorrow, count on it." Josh walked back to the ATV's.
    Lzzy finished celebrating, then continued walking as the wind picked, the storm getting closer. The rain had just started when she spotted tracks approaching another well used watering hole. Lzzy stalked towards it, spotting a buxom babe drinking. Lzzy knocked an arrow and let it fly, another shot, another kill. Lzzy celebrated this kill, too. She tracked further, but the wind picked up and the rain changed to sleet, telling her that no more kills were to be made. Lzzy turned around and walked back to her ATV. As Lzzy reached the bottom of the mountain, the sleet was changing to snow. She locked the ATV in the shed and drove home.
    Josh kissed Lzzy when she entered the house. "How did the hunt go?" He asked.
    "I got another after you left." Lzzy replied. "Then the sleet came, and I decided to pack it in because the game was all in hiding."
    "You decided to wait for me to hunt in the blizzard then?" Josh asked.
    "Yeah." She answered, kissing him again. Lzzy led Josh to their room for another of their marathon fuck sessions.
    "Lzzy, Babe, chill out! Save some for tomorrow!" Josh bitched.
    "Not on your life, Honey!" She laughed, stripping and throwing him onto the bed.
    "Watch the bed!" Josh bitched again.
    "After tomorrow, you will have to buy a new bed anyway." Lzzy retorted, going after his erect cock. "We might as well just break it tonight so you have a legitimate excuse to buy one after you kill me." She joked.
    "After I kill you. I like the sound of that." He said.
    Knowing someone was to die the next day, the couple set to fucking with a demonic will, eventually breaking the bed and making a major racket. The next morning, they woke tired and sore but ready to fight each other to the death.
    The two left early, wanting to get out on the mountain in time for the worst of the blizzard. Lzzy was wearing her latex bodysuit with deprivation hood. She was holding Josh's hand as he drove through the backwoods to the preserve. The two shared their last conversation as boyfriend and girlfriend. "I like dying." Lzzy started. "I have never died before, but I cannot wait to breathe my last."
    "I cannot wait to take that bodysuit off you." Josh said, his mind obviously on the celebration. He let go of her hand and reached over to massage her pussy through the latex.
    "Make me scream." Lzzy smiled seductively, undoing her bodysuit and removing her panties.
    Josh did better and had Lzzy shrieking in pleasure. The drive seemed to take shorter for all the fun the SUV occupants were having. The ATV ride up the slope was silent with anticipation.
    "What are the rules today? Same as always?" Josh asked.
    "More or less," Lzzy replied, "Just one change: no tap outs. The game is not over until one of us is killed. Considering the weather, goggles are required."
    "I like the first new rule." He said jubilantly. "I am just not too keen on the second."
    "We will need goggles to see." She replied and he nodded.
    Josh leaned in and kissed Lzzy. She zipped up the bodysuit to her nose, strapped on her goggles, and leaned in for another kiss through the latex. "Give me five minutes before you start." Lzzy reiterated.
    "Got it." Josh said.
    Lzzy took off into the swirling snow. She stealthed her way dead center, knowing that Josh would catch up real quick. She lead him into the farthest reaches of the preserve before circling back to the center and the worst of the nor'easter. She heard rock crunch from behind and turned to see Josh coming up the ridge.
    "You led me on quite a chase, my beautiful mouse." Josh's smile ran red with blood. "But the game is over. Time for you to die."
    "I would not have it any other way." Lzzy breathed, approaching her killer ready for battle.
    Josh drew his Zweihander while Lzzy readied her own. He made the first move and she moved to block. The fight was on. Josh was highly skilled, but Lzzy proved more than his match. She drove him to the edge of the ridge before he started pushing her back the opposite direction. Lzzy's stilettos proved to be her undoing as she slipped backward on loose rock. She tried to catch herself, only to fall off the central ridge. Josh was down there in a trice and ready for his prize. Lzzy reached for her sword, only to have him stomp on her left wrist, shattering it and leaving her defenseless. Josh drove his zweihander through Lzzy's abdomen, picking her up on the backswing and throwing her into the rocky dirt. It was over and Lzzy was having violent orgasms as she lay there dying. Josh ripped off the bodysuit and proceeded to rape her before she was dead. He made his mistake. Lzzy managed to grab her dirk with her right hand and plunge it into Josh's side, forever leaving him a reminder of her and their time together. Lzzy breathed her last and lay still. He closed her eyes, kissed her dead lips, and left her to the elements.