Lucina Hair and Outfit?



I can't find any lucina outfits, so can someone make one, and hair to go with it? Doesn't have to be dynamic hair. if not anything else, please do the hair. if you decide to do the outfit too, please exclude the mask and scabbard.
btw i couldn't find many good sources, which is probobly why she hasn't been done.
edit: found lucina style hair on widgets thread, all i need is the outfit.
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Jul 24, 2014
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Obviously, you didn't read the Reference Shot Guide nor the Requesting Rules, so read the following and edit your first post & title accordingly.

To make a request likely to be fullfilled:
  • Put in the title the complete name of the character(s) you request and their source (e.g. animated serie). Multiple characters from different sources require separate threads.
  • Say "Hello".
  • Tell what kind of mod you request:
    • Static hair mod (i.e. PNG). Good for short hair, several artists are able to make this.
    • Dynamic hair mod (i.e. SWF). Good for long hair, only a few artists can make this.
    • Costume mod (i.e. SWF). For costumes or hair accessories, only a few artists can make this.
  • Find good references on the web (i.e. not only 5 minutes on Google Images. Places to look and more info: Reference Shot Guide).
    • Side-view is essential: almost nothing can be done if the hair or costume is not shown exactly from the side (i.e. 90°)
    • Anime-style is essential: it means two or three colours (base, shadow, light reflection) with no gradients. Photographs, 3D game screenshots, digital "waterpainting" pictures, etc. have colour gradients very difficult to reproduce.
    • High resolution is essential: very pixelated refs makes drawing small parts quite difficult (find PNG or JPG images, not GIF or BMP).
  • Upload you references on an offsite image hoster (e.g. Imgur) and put them in image tags (
    , top bar of the edition window).
  • Do not put a link to your refs, hotlink them, or attach them on

Take some time to read carefully the main Requesting Rules also.