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Jan 30, 2019
Hey guys, I am looking for skilled writers who take guro written commissions, and I am willing to offer $10 per 1k words (happy to negotiate). Short or medium length (1k-10k words) stories will do the job.

Must Be
Good with depicting details of face expression and body reaction
Open to write foot fetish, urine and scat elements
Good spelling, grammar and sentence structure

Give precedence to
Writers who are knowledgeable with Dark Souls, For Honor, Bloodborne and Rainbow Six Siege.
Writers who are good with depicting foot and soles
Writers who are good with depicting beheading and necrophilia
Writers who are good with depicting milf and muscle
Well versed writers

Please message me if you are interested. Also I will be bloody appreciated if you guys can introduce me some skilled writers who accept commissions, or some websites where I can put my request on.

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