Looking For Roleplay: The Thread!


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Aug 3, 2018
Username: Masakado12
Gender: Male
Experience: About two to three years.
Preferences: Boxing, wrestling, MMA, male vs. male, female vs. female, male vs. female, sometimes one-sided fights, since I like to be the aggressor.
Dislikes: Rape, Guro, Vore, Scat, Death.
Method: Discord or PM, usually.
Availability: I've got Central Time Zone, and my availability is random, at times.


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Jun 10, 2012
Username: juan_77
Gender: Male
Experience: nothing :D
Preferences: Boxing, wrestling, marvel/Dc comics, MMA, female vs. female, male vs. female, Rape, Guro, Vore, Scat, Death.
Dislikes: underage characters
Method: Discord or PM, or a thead.
Availability: Always :D
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Jul 16, 2018
Username: Bagoom
Gender: Male
Experience: Well over eight years, on numerous sites and forums.
Preferences: Male on Female, or Female on Female. Ryona (I generally like to be the aggressor, but I can play the victim too if you want.), belly punching, bearhugs, submissions, sleeperholds, strikes to sensitive areas like the breasts and crotch, rape, humiliation. I'm open to other things too if you want to discuss.
Dislikes: bathroom play, anything involving bodily waste.
Method: PM, threads, skype.
Availability: Usually around whenever I can.
Current Interests: Wrestling, and superheroine settings. However, I'm open to any other ideas if you have any.
I want to roleplay with you


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May 1, 2018
Beneath you~
Username: Feki
Gender: t-Female (She/her)
Experience: Several years of text rp
Preferences: Ryona, gore, cruelty, bullying, humiliation, maybe some snuff and necro if you're into that?~
Dislikes: Scat, pregnancy, genital torture, lesbian
Method: In-game! Text too~ PMs here, might make a discord (though I'm too shy to voice call strangers >//<)
Availability: Times are kinda uncertain, I'm GMT but hmu and we'll talk about it~
Current Interests: I really have a kink for being dominated at games. Ideally I'd like to hop into a private match with you and have a fight that's weighted in your favour. Insult me, call me a dumb slut, all that good stuff. I just have a big fetish for losing games of all kinds! <3 We can do text rp around whichever setting you choose~
Other: Games I wanna be ryona'd in:
Overwatch - custom 1v1 where I fight with a disadvantage against you. Particularly interested in Reinhardt, Roadhog and Doomfist partners
SSB4 3ds - No disadvantages needed, I suck at this game so you can have fun beating the hell outta me~

There might be more! But those are the most obvious ones to me <3


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Sep 14, 2018
Username: Stormspirit
Experience: Over ten years roleplay experience from text based forums to MMO's.
Preferences: I mostly enjoy playing villianous male characters in combat centric or superhero type stories. Scenerio's that start with conflict and result in the villain being victorious with a conquered heroine at his mercy. Beyond that I'm pretty flexible, I play both male and female characters (always as the dominant aggressor) and in any timeline or setting.
Dislikes:Waterspots, Scat, Excessive gore.
Method: Private Message, Discord, Skype, F-Chat, Email
Availability: Generally after 9pm est, usually, but it varies due to my job.
Current Interests: Heel vs Jobber wrestling scenerios or Superheroine vs Villian, or Evil Warlord who abuses his underlings/uses them to practice his combat skills.
Other: I recently made an F-List profile that still very much in development. One of my more basic characters but it gives an example. F-list - Warning


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Feb 28, 2019
Username: Prime259
Gender: Male
Experience: I've Had About 2 Years Of Experience With TTRPGs (Particularly D&D, And Some With Shadowrun And The Warhammer 40k RPGs) And An MMO RP Which Ended Pretty Quickly.
Preferences: I Enjoy Playing Male Good And Evil Knightly Types, Snuff And Necro (Particularly Strangle, Suffocation, And Neck Breaking), Combat Oriented RPs With Some Social Stuff, Medieval Fantasy RPs, And Male Vs Female, Zako.
Dislikes: Gore, Most Bodily Fluids (Blood And Drool Are Fine Though).
Method: Discord Messaging.
Availability: My Sequel Is Inconsistent, But I'm Generally Available On Tuesday And Thursday (3PM-4:30PM Usually, And 8PM To 9PM), Friday And Saturday (Message Me Between 12AM - 1AM And I'll Tell Ya If I'm Available), And On Sunday (Same Sequel As Weekdays)
Current Interests: An RP Playing Characters Of Our Making With A Medieval Fantasy Setting, With Some Snuff And Heavy Zako Elements, Your Stereo Typical Set Of Races (Elves, Orcs And The Such).
Apologies For My Tight Sequel, I Have Quite A Few Things I Need To Keep Up On, Send Me A Message If Your Interested In Doing Something Like This.
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Apr 9, 2019
Username: Invader7

Gender: Male

Experience: About 3 1/2 years

Preferences: Female VS female deathmatches (Mortal Kombat style or RPG stats with dice). Humiliating finishers, Decapitations, almost anything.

Dislikes: Nothing I guess.

Availability: Night time. PST. KIK name: Invader78

Current interests: I usually do RPs or Stories.

Hit me up if your down I suppose!


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Apr 16, 2019
Name: Red17
Experience: almost a year.
Preferences: Female vs Female death matches, humiliation (physical and verbal), I generally prefer to play the victim character who would all arrogant and cocky at first before the other character breaks and finishes her, fights leading to sex, and probably anything that is not mentioned in my dislikes.
Dislikes: Scat, cannibalism, anything that goes down the toilet, bloodless finishes (neck snaps, drowning, strangling).
Availability: Night time mostly (GMT+2).
Method: Discord, PM.
Current Interests: RPs and stories involving videogame characters, comic superheroes and anime characters, though I'm more into RPs because it became harder for me to make time to write stories.
Message me if you are interested!
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Jun 2, 2016
Username: Ninhgi
Gender: Male.
Experience: 1 year.
Preferences: Male on Female, ryona, maledom; Bearhugs.
Dislikes: Punching, death.
Method: Discord, PM.
Availability: Central Time Zone, at night mostly.
Current Interests: Wrestling and superheroines.
Other: I speak English, and Spanish is my native language.


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Mar 25, 2018
Username: sumikofan
Gender: Male.
Experience: 1 year.
Preferences: one-sided ryona, superheroine Ryona, belly punching, wrestling
Dislikes: scat, gore, broken bones, death
Method: Discord, PM.
Availability: GMT +8, anytime that isn't early morning for me
Current Interests: Wrestling, superheroines, multiple attackers vs one


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Apr 14, 2019
Username: Zxaen
Gender: Male
Experience: A year and a half.
Preferences: Female v female combat, death, gore. Death traps/hazards. Vore.
Dislikes: Scat, asphyxiation, watersports.
Method: Pm. I would be fine with any other methods as well.
Availability: Evening and night time. Pacific time.
Current Interests: Currently looking to do death matches, but I am fine with a roleplay that consists of a longer narrative.
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