Looking For Roleplay: The Thread!


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May 15, 2016
Username: Dementedvillian
Gender: Male
Experience: Little to none
Preferences: female vs female, male vs male, sexual content, light blood, wrestling, free for alls, dirty fights, winner dominating loser
Dislikes: toiletries, children, animals (did these really need to be said?), overly one sided fights (ie weak skinny girl vs muscular giant), lots of blood, futa, transformations
Method: PM, thread, or skype IM
Availability: Various random times throughout the day
Current Interests: video game characters, certain anime characters, want to make an OC someday
Other: I do really want to do a battle royale amongst the entire forum. That would be a ton of fun, if a massive hassle to prepare.


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Oct 19, 2015
Username: Jade1503
Gender: Female
Experience: Wrote countless wrestling/catfight fan-fictions as well as five years of wrestling role-play
Preferences: Female vs Female, toilet fights, naked fight, lesbians, wrestling, catfight, sex fight, and hairy pussies.
Dislikes: Children, male vs female, domination fight, one-sided fight, one-word reply, blood, gore, and deaths.
Method: Private Messages here (Role-play forum if committed)
Availability: Anytime I come online

Character: Myself
Sex/Race: Human Female
Fighting Style: Wrestling, brawl and kung-fu.
Signature Move: Dragon Crusher (Torture Rack Backbreaker)
Setting: Powerhouse Heel who dominates her opponents using pro-wrestling moves or dirty sexual moves.



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Jun 14, 2016
Username: SecretIdentity
Gender: Male
Experience: A couple of years with some dry spells (haven't done much on this forum)

Females being defeated (in most cases), although the winner could be whatever. Death (slightly preferred) or knockout. Lots of zako or otherwise; doesn't matter. Defeated person able to put up at least a good fight and perhaps even the better fighter and just had bad luck or a mistake that cost her. The good girl loosing (but not all the time). Bloodless deaths such as neck snaps and strangulation, laser blasts, etc., but other deaths not out of the question, especially if it makes sense given the circumstances.

Too much gore, graphic sex (minor mentions are fine and humiliation/groping/hitting in such areas), overly one sided from the get go, characters wearing skimpy/no clothing when it makes no sense for logic or their character (clothing damage is fine and in situations where they might very well be naked such as ambushed while at a hot spring), unrealistic things in general (stuff like magic doesn't count here because it retains logic in universe)

Private messages or roleplay thread. May starts a multiverse where different battles can all take place in the same canon.

As of this week, mostly late at night. Normally in the mornings (pacific time).
Current Interests:
Fantasy or scifi fights. For specific ideas:

1. Someone could be a villain taking down multiple heroines played by me in a series of battles. Despite heavily outnumbered and outgunned, the villain manages to wipe them all out in a massive upset.

2. I could be a bunch of clones with sci-fi tech. The villain, played by you, fights them for some reason.

3. Anime-like Japanese schoolgirl army battles you. It's a school where they train fighters with minor magical powers like street fighter. They are still in their uniforms and unprepared when you ambush them to take them out in a preemptive attack.
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Jul 5, 2013
Trying to get back into ryona RPs after a hiatus, and figured it would be a good idea to update my profile and repost.

Username: Last Hero
Gender: Male
Experience: Long time writer, at least fifteen years. Been roleplaying for about seven years now. About three years experience with IM RPs.
Preferences: Female on female, brutal combat, psychological as well as physical damage, experimenting. Forced kissing is a plus, and I do like to incorporate rape - but if you’re not down with that, I’m cool.
Also, if you’re into reverse ryona - guys getting beaten by girls - let me know, I’m very much
Dislikes: Anything involving stuff that would typically go in a toilet. Beyond that, I'm open to suggestions.
Method: I like well-written posts - I don't think every reply needs to be lengthy and verbose, but I'd prefer to err on the longer side and put actual thought into it. Proper grammar and spelling are a plus, though as long it's not glaring, I won't fuss about it.
Availability: Saturday and Sunday are wide open, and I'm available after midnight each weekday.
Current Interests: Fighting games, Mass Effect, martial arts, MMA, combat.
Other: Talk to me about what characters you might want to use - I'm willing to do a little studying to learn about the character I might be playing, even if it's from something I'm not familiar with. If you're interested in my writing style, I'm doing a series on the Fiction board called the Tournament.


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Aug 2, 2016
Username: Slave Creek
Gender: Male
Experience: Formal Writer, Commissioned Writer, Wanting to write for my own kinks for a while. Lots and lots of RP experience from Tabletop to online forums to Live Action Role Playing.
Preferences: Femdom is a must, or some form of it. Willing to try anything but, It must be known I am always going to play a male submissive/slave no exceptions. Would be very interested in starting out as an escaped slave on the run. I love, love combat in my RP being a gladiator type or fighting for freedom would be ideal.
Dislikes: Being the Dominant, Scat/Bathroom play, Animals, kids.
Method: Forums, PM, email, games like IMVU/RLC
Availability: Available all day on Forums, PM, and email, Available otherwise from 9:PM-1:AM Eastern Time Zone

Current Interests: Interested in a long time running RP
Other: This is my ideal scenario. Being a runaway slave on the run who get's eventually caught by dominant woman where a fight for freedom ensues and upon eventual loss SlvCreek is made to become their slave for whatever they wish *wink wink* lol


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Aug 2, 2016
Username: Lordgriffin
Gender: Male
Experience: 30 years
Preferences: Canon Role plays, where the "Bad" guys can win, The Bad guys are INTELLIGENT, which means they are not looking JUST for sex or JUST for sadism. I like Rape, transformation, Pregnancy, LOVE Humiliation. Mind control, Corruption, slavery. Iniysahu
Dislikes: Romance, vanillia, Hermaphs
Method: Can be chat, or pm
Availability: Every night
Current Interests: Disney Females (Human and other) Fantasy, Sciencfiction, Superheroines, Ladyhawke, Eragon
Other: I am interested in famous books, movies, anything where the role play can be changed so the antagonist is INTELLIGENT, cunning, and not restricted. I have few or no limits, I like LONG TERM RP..each one building on the next. I am also open to suggestions. I liek toplay NPC's so we can have 3rd parties. contact me and CHAT with me please
Sounds cool, what is LadyHawke? I could be interested in playing an escaped male elf fighter/slave from the Eragon genre, I am also not interested in romance or vanilla.


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Jan 5, 2016
Hello to all.
is a bit that I'm thinking about a particular thing but I did not know if it was the right place to post it.

I'll try to explain my idea.

The RP I'm thinking and a game of human chess, where we control and chess pieces that are rapresentati what we want according to the theme. sci-fi, fantasy, mythological. what we want of course, with so many beautiful girls for me to be able to beat XD.

In every move / shift we will move a piece according to the conventional rules of chess, and will describe the action of the piece. It might also need to be encouraged if we send it before the enemy ready to "eat"

when a piece is "eaten" there is a brief confrontation where the attacker always wins even if it is a pedestrian (more weak piece of the game) against the Queen (the strongest piece). the "ate" piece is rendered unconscious or killed and displaced from the board.

It continues as long as you do not win the game by killing or capturing the king. (Or until we never tire if the proposal proves a bullshit) then defeated the pieces you can avail to do what you want to humiliate them or turn them into trophies they become your new pieces.

I hope that the proposal could be of interest to someone. please contact me via mp here. or use my meil racco88@alice.it.

I thought for the board to use roll 20 but if you know another good program to play chess as well tell me.

P.S. (I know the rules of chess, but I'm not a good player XD)


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Jan 22, 2013
Username: Airtew
Gender: Male
Experience: Over 15 Years of Various RP's
Preferences: I am looking for Zako scenarios specifically. Anything on female(s) combat, really as long as the victims don't have a chance but are still willing to try. Other than that not too picky, what happens during the RP happens. I am willing to trade off.
Dislikes: Taking on males, scat, while I don't like vore it just doesn't appeal to me
Method: Preferably over YIM or Skype, but willing to do any format other than email.
Availability: Mostly nights
Current Interests: kemonomimi ninjas, black bikini clad sentries, and sexy assassins
Other: Hit me up anytime on here and we'll trade contact info!
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May 10, 2013
Finally I am back!!!
After a long time away from here, I finally have time to return... and with a new Character.
I present Malu

I love to be a jobber and Malu is my new toy thanks a lot for my friend who created her).
Anyone who wants to have a good time punishing a helpless jobber contact me, ok?

Likes: Wrestling matches, street fights, undercover police operations, takes as hostage, blackmailed, forced to fight under disavantage conditions, illegal fights, catfights, have my bikini destroyed and torture.

Deslikes: Rape, break bones and guro

I can take some time to answer my part, but, at least once per day, I will note you.

Hope to have some fun here. Contact me by notes or give a like if you´re interested, ok?


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Nov 21, 2016
Username: InnocentIU
Gender: Unknown
Experience: None/Beginner
Preferences: Imprisonment,Spanking/Caning/Whipping (especially while wearing a thong), Butt Torture, Light Impalement (not deadly), Death (Decapitation or Shot/Torture to death),
Dislikes: Sex,Rape by human/creature (Object rape is ok)
Method: Via Private Message Inbox first
Availability: Australian Time (AEDT) Depends
Current Interests: Im looking for someone who can roleplay with me..Im interested in Prison/Punishment Roleplaying (no sex included), mainly imprisonment, daily prisoner chores, punishment (caning,spanking etc..) and/or some form of torture punishment. My role as a prisoner and your role as the (Judge for sentencing and Prison warden etc..).
Characters: Me (as prisoner), You (you are the Judge and Prison Warden, however you may come up with extra roles if you like)
Story: Beginning of the RP story I may have being framed in committed a serious offence (with the charge of theft and trespassing). I am now waiting for the decision of the Judge who will judge and implement the punishment for my criminal offences. After the decision was made and I will led to prison and prison cells/ giving introductory of myself to prison warden and so on...

Additional Details of My Character:

Name: Jessica Choi
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Nationality: Korean
Height/Weight: 163cm, 45kg
Body: Slim, Semi Large Butt and Chest
Personality: Innocent, shy, friendly, kindhearted, naive
Occupation: Student, Part time Gardener
Criminal Offence: Due to her misfortune she has being falsely accused of Theft (stealing jewelry) and trespassing properties.
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Jan 5, 2016
after failing to find some Italian who can share my passion for this play I get back again to try with you.

I need a bit of play in background ryona help me XD.

I prefer the medieval / fantasy background.

the only thing with which I do not agree and then toilet pley can acclimate to everything.

I prefer to play the victim, in this case a young thief, robber, adventurer, or some wild creature of fine appearance, which is captured or killed.

scenes involving the loss of the senses are very welcome ^^. Can someone help me?

as always I write with the translator so not always the sentences come out fine if that does not bother you I'm here.

I'm open to suggestions of all sorts ^^ contact me in private to talk about it

Lilac Alley

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Dec 28, 2016
Albany, New York
Username: Lilac Alley
Gender: Female
Experience: Eight years of Table Top Roleplaying. Seven years of Skype Roleplay. Five years as a Game Master. Four years on forums and Two years on Tumblr
Preferences: I am a dominant, looking for a submissive female/trap character. Ryona or Guro concerning Zako or Sentries are my favorite. We can talk about the extent of damage privately. I would prefer Modern or Futuristic settings but I’m fine with any setting when it comes down to it. I would rather be the person defeating the Zako.
Dislikes: Scat Specifically, Male Victims (I very sparingly make exceptions), Any Guro involving damage to the head
Method: I like to be contacted by Email first before starting anything. I use skype for more intricate scenes and Kik for simpler ones. Email is “Ballbearingsoutofmetal@gmail.com”
Availability: Due to the Rigor of University, I may not be on a lot. When I am, though, I’ll be happy to roleplay for hours on end :). The days I’m most likely to be on are Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sunday. Monday through Wednesday, I sleep early for early classes.
Current Interests: None specifically right now.
Other: Just want to clarify that I am willing to roleplay with anyone as long as we share enough interests to do a scene. I'd also like to send around paragraphs rather than single sentences.
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Jan 1, 2016
Username: Makinghertap
Gender: Male
Experience: About three years, I started on Deviantart but now I'm RPing on FB, Deviantart and Skype
Preferences: Female or male wrestling Ryona or superheroine ryona also I can do Zako but I want to be the person who beats up the group
Dislikes: Scat or nudity, I'm strictly into wrestling ryona
Method: Please send me a PM either here, Deviantart, or Skype
Availability: Anytime, I'll let you know if I get busy or if I'm going to sleep. My timezone is Eastern Standard Time
Current Interests: Looking for female or male wrestling OCs or canon female characters from several fandoms like Big Hero 6, Zootopia, Batgirl, Wonder Woman. Also right now, I'm looking to do fights with either a younger sister or older mother.
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Mar 9, 2016
Username: Chun-Li_Forever
Gender: Male
Experience: 5-6 years (as of today)
Preferences: Ryona: Belly punching, beat downs/beatings, fights, blood, vomit, broken ribs, I am fine playing victim or aggressor
Dislikes: Killing, death (unless it's the bad guy), gore, scat, dismemberment, nudity, sexual assault/rape, OCs, god characters, submissions/wrestling (prefer strikes over grapples and submissions)
Method: chat, private messaging, or forum
Availability: Open (USA Pacific time)
Current Interests: Character: Chun-Li (open to most or all Street Fighter characters), specific RP interest can be found in Preferences
Other: I'm working on a Chun-Li comic, so usually, RPs serve as an inspiration to my work, seeing Chun-Li in different scenarios and having her fight her way out of it or take a beatdown from it.


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Apr 10, 2016
Username: Docdogey
Gender: N/A
Experience: Extensive.
Preferences: Futanari, cum-play, incest, ahaego, light inflation, size/age difference, combat
Dislikes: Scat, non-sexual vore, anything that belongs in a toilet, humiliation/degredation
Method: Threads. Third Person
Availability:Once a day to several times a week.
Current Interests: Superheroes, magical kingdom, sci fi, high school, dystopian, magical girl.
Other:Fandoms I'm interested in.....Mass Effect, League of Legends, Overwatch, Marvel/DC, Rick and Morty(ask me for details=get cookie), Borderlands, Dark Souls, Guilty Gear, Fear, Blazblue, Killer Instinct, Mortal Kombat, Saints Row, Warframe, One Piece, Dragonball Z/Super.
Some character refs I'd love to use. Let me know if any catch your fancy....
6c4f8e7806dc4564779881ec5cfd2585.png 32dd1491a6c6a80daab854565380db31.jpg 37463f870211265dbdeebec92fc8dab0.jpeg 53882948_p0.png 17214673929914602523.jpg a19a8edd0e913779256c6163f0f19d51.jpg feaf979e382d598ee5e477bc024f9703.png Miles-DF-406543-Huge_steel_surprise.jpg Tarakanovich-388529-Ezria.jpg sample_8325831622f2700f0f7831e5dcbbb387.jpg


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Mar 26, 2017
Username: MasochisticTendency

Experience: 6 or 7 years chat/forum 2 or 3 years tabletop.

Preferences: One-sided battles, outmatched good or bimbo'ish heroine against one or more opponents who overwhelm and sadistically beat and/or punish her.

Mostly female opponents, but occasionally crave male opponents or monstrous creatures (Minotaur, orcs, tentacle monsters, aliens, monsters girls - naga, harpy, etc) and Futas.

'Death' trap type situations, capture and torture scenes, public humiliation.

Attacks and abuse aimed against the breasts and crotch.

Heavy sexual elements, humiliation and degradation, rape, torture.

Ability to take unrealistic damage like as if in a video game (Like a fight in Soul Caliber or Sword Art Online, receiving no more than superficial injuries). Scenerios that play out a bit like a game more than being totally realistic.

Heavily prefer to be on the receiving end than playing the dominant.

Wearing skimpy costumes, wardrobe malfunctions, clothing damage/destruction, total nudity.

Modern (wrestling, street fight), sci-fi, superhero settings. Right now seeking fantasy. Like to incorporate elements of hentai and ecchi anime.

Dislikes: Guro (Any physical damage to the body more than bruises and scratches, just superficial damage normally - but do have a thing for impalement/arrows to the body, lite guro?), Zako, Gyaku, Any bathroom play, true bestiality.

Method: PM, Forum, maybe Roll20, open to suggestions.

Availability: Totally random for now.

Current Interests: Right now I'm looking for something fantasy and D&D like, in vain of some ecchi/hentai settings (Queen's Blade, Bikini Warriors).
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Feb 6, 2017
Username: Chunli24

Gender: Male

Beginner but good imagination and descriptive writing.

Sexual ryona stories, belly pain, groin blows including bondage stories ending in humiliation, mild guro, I enjoy if the victim is soiled in various ways, dragged through the mud, forced to wet herself or be peed on, stripped / costume damage I enjoy bondage and getting humiliated, forced to admit my submission and dressed in slutty outfits. Also female vs female stories. I am a big fan of girls in tight spandex and leggings. To be honest into pretty much most things but do prefer to play the victim.

Dislikes: Not much.

Feel free to pm me and I am on discord.

Most of my time. My timezone is Uk, but I'm up a lot of late nights.

Current Interests:
Characters I would love to play Supergirl and Chun Li.
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Jan 5, 2016
Username: Big-Ronso
Gender: male
Experience: game often, but use the translator to write in English, so cpnversazione is not always smooth, but compensation with good ideas and imagination usually ^^.
Preferences: light guro (and guro but not heavy) fights to the death, hunting, trapping, trophies or playing with the bodies of the victims, and more
(However are open to every kind of idea then tell me)
Dislikes: Scat, anything That Belongs in a toilet
Method: PM or meil
Availability: more or less always

Current Interest: A little footsteps of Nier automata and other games at the moment are for hunting of pretty girls where the protagonist to catch or kill them and then deliver the victim to the authorities.
A bit like the bounty hunters. I can play both the hunter and the victim. the setting thought to a futuristic fantasi for every need.

Let me know, hello to all and good roll!


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Apr 12, 2017
Username: steph_91
Gender: Male
Experience: 3 years Tabletop roleplay
Preferences: Rape, mind break, pregnancy, innocent girls that turns into shameless perverts, exhibistionism, futanari, cum play, this sentence:
Dislikes: Guro, furry and scat
Method: I'm open to multiple ways...
Availability: You should contact me, then we can arrange a meeting, because I can be occupied or free without a scheme.
Current Interests: Magical girls, Star Guardian skin from League of Legends (Lux and Janna)
Other: I have no problem to RP a female charater or even a futanari/transexual one. I can create OC withouth problems.

Here, take a girl with the right glance:
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