Looking For Roleplay: The Thread!



Gender: Male - Fights as female.
Experience:About 4 years between MMO's, irc, second life and forums.
Preferences:Torture, fighting, domination, submission, brutal fights, blood, blades, pain, wrestling, snuff, sadism, mascocism, watersports, general cruelness, monsters (all kinds), verbal abuse, bullying, battles to the death and Giant monster fights/kaiju. Happy to roleplay with Both genders.
Dislikes:scat, single word posts.
Method:IRC, skype or pms!
Availability: between 6-m and 12am GMT but I'm online alot.
Current Interests: Vs's battles/pitfights/arena fights, the winner gets the looser to do as they like with!
Other: Been watching alot of queen's blade. So if anyones up for that sort of RP I am too! PM if you wanna go a round or two!
Also very much into the idea of Arena fighting, slavery and humiliation, long term roleplay.
Very veryyyyyyy fond of Fantasy roleplay, a world with all types of fantasy species and stuff. ^^
I play as a Animestyle Sporty framed female, wrestling leotard in purple and black with black cat ears hairband and sewn on tail called Roaring Rhema. :3


Wrestling Roaring Rhema (Soon to come)
Fantasy setting Rhema (Chat room Norm!)
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Mar 29, 2012
Username: bloodmaiden Gender: Female Experience: 4 years in rp´s Preferences: wrestling matches where I am the jobber Dislikes: guro, rapes and be beaten fast (I preffer my nemesis have a good time punishing me) Method: pm or IRC Availability: Every night Current Interests: Wretling rp´s where my fans have a good time watching me loosing Other:
My character
Real name: Vitória Sousa
Ring Name: Flower Girl
Age: 24 years old
Appearance: Vitória is a slim girl and her sizes are: height: 5ft64in, weight: 130lbs, bust: 35/16 in, waist: 24/64 in and hip: 37/64 in. Vitória has a dark brown hair that reachs a slightly below of her shoulders, dark brown eyes.
Biography: Since was a child Vitória has passion for flowers, her hobby is collect as many as she can. Her other passion are the wrestling matches, she aways dreamed about some day climb into the ring and fight in a pro wrestling match. Some day her dream become true, but, her skills were not so good as she desired, beatings, handicap matchs, humiliating defeats, sometimes being striped in front of her fans, all her matches were one-sided, but, she never give up, she train hard, study her opponents, but, she continue to be a great jobber. Considering her passion for flowers, Vitória created her wrestling attire as a light blue bikini adorned with images of flowers in yellow collor, her white boot cover until reach her knees, and her entrance attire, includes a flower that sho throws to her fans (this is a special moment for everyone of them).
In rp´s I like: Bearhug, backbreaker, full nelson, belly punches, face punches, breast punches, I love to be striped and at the end of the match, my opponent tie me to some part of the ring, using my bikini as rope, I love to be humiliated, I like to be beaten in front of my fans, I like when my opponent taunt me during my defeat, I love have a looong fight where my opponent enjoys defeating me, I like to have my breasts and pussy steped, I love when my opponent traps me in the corner and beat me there, and... you can do anything you want to me.
Well, if someone is interested in challenge Vitória, please contact me by pm, right???


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Mar 13, 2012
Username: evihero
Gender: Male
Experience: 2 years on rp´s
Preferences: I ove to play as the wrestler jobber/superheroine
Dislikes: rapes and guro
Method: IRC, pm or chat
Availability:every day by night
Current Interests: I love to play as a wrestler jobber or a losing superheroine, I have my oc, but, can also play with someone´s character
Other: I love asian girs, my oc is a japanese girl, I also can play using girls like Angela Fong, Gail kim or su yung.
If you are interested, please sen me a pm


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Nov 27, 2009
Username: Hocubed
Experience: Approximately four years on another RP forum
Preferences: I tend to appreciate light Ryona themes. I like it when a heroine gets beaten in a pretty even battle but occasionally I find a dominatrix dominating our heroine to be good fun, too. Grapples from behind, hair pulls, and whips are a personal favorite but I'm pretty much up for whatever. As for themes, I'm game for whatever. I know more about video games and WWE than anime but I know enough to get by. I prefer FxF but sometimes MxF is good, too. I like to be the victim more than the aggressor.
Dislikes: I appreciate Ryona but nothing hardcore. I don't want to read or see rape or gore.
Method: PM, preferably, but I'm willing to do chat or Skype.
Availability: I have free time here and there. Just PM and I'll get back to you.
Current Interests: Currently I have a few ideas for Canon characters but I would love to hear your suggestions.

Black Canary vs Poison Ivy

Alexa Bliss vs Sasha Banks

Hermione Granger vs Bellatrix

Elizabeth Swann vs Lian (and possibly Park)

Ann Hathaway's Catwoman vs Harley/Poison Ivy

Cassandra vs. Ivy

Jaina Proudmoore vs. Sally Whitemane

Moira MacTaggert/Kitty Pryde vs Emma Frost

Daenerys Targaryen vs. Doreah

Silk Spectre II vs Twilight Lady (and minions)

Lana vs Cia

Other: My current interests are a little specific but don't let that discourage you from making your own suggestions.
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May 10, 2013
Hey guys
Is someone interested in defeat, humiliate and destroy my superheroine/wrestler? Anyone interested, please, send me a pm?
Her name is White Lotus.
Maryanne is a martial artist, she loves to pratice her fighting skills. During a trip to China where she was training a new kung fu style, she found a cave, there she found a white flower, when she touched the flower a spirit appeared and gave her special powers, since that day Maryanne transformed in White Lotus!!!
Powers: She can fly, super strengh, over human reflex.
Weakness: If the flower on her head be removed, she become weak, sho don´t have a lot of experience, so is easy to be cheated.
wl.jpgWhite Lotus.jpg
A special thanks to my friend princeofpain who created the images of my OC
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May 14, 2012
Username: marvelfan1234
Gender: male
Experience: couple months
Preference: mixed wrestling or fighting defeating my female opponent. Playing the villain defeating a superheroine. I prefer to RP with women partners only.
Dislikes: guro, death or rape
Method: the IRC
Availability: anytime if I'm not online pm me.
Current Interests: defeating my female/heroine opponent and humiliating them with some torture. My favorite move are bearhugs I love squeezing my opponent making her weak for a good beatdown. Also I'm very open to any of your ideas.
Other: I based my O.C. character/villain after mysef called the Enforcer. If any women want to be defeated and humiliated please PM me ok?
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Jul 27, 2012
DeviantArt Username
Username: KeiBreilSL
Gender: Female
Experience: A few years RPing over Yahoo instant messenger, and lots of experience RPing on second life. All RP's where specifically Sentry/Zako themes.

Preferences: I prefer zako pretty much exclusively. Most of my RP's consist of me playing either as a guard or zako... and are always one sided against me. Not necessarily into realistic scenarios, preferring RP's to involve impractical costumes/uniforms.

I love creating backgrounds for the characters I RP, even if they are just guards/zakos. The characters I play aren't never evil though. For methods of dispatch I'm open to lethal and non lethal.

Dislikes: Mutilation, Furries, overly complicated/long sex scenes.

Method: I prefer Second Life. I have hundreds of costumes/props to create scenes quickly. I also RP over Yahoo Messenger.

Availability: Weekend mornings, and weekday evenings. I've got a pretty busy life outside of this so I can't make any specific time guarantees.

Current Interests: Right now it's the zako thing. My preferences for costume/method of dispatch change constantly, and are really dependent on interesting stories/art/videos I've seen that week. I'm more interested in an interesting costume/uniform and scenario then keeping it realistic.

Some examples from recent Second Life RP's


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Feb 3, 2014
Username: SufferingLily

Gender: Female

Experience: Almost two years of IRC roleplay experience.

Preferences: I have a broad range of interests and it's pretty likely that I can find common ground with just about anybody. With that said I do tend toward fantasy scenarios and those involving the martial arts but I'm just as happy to do a wrestling or superhero scenario or anything in between. I love trying new things so if you've got any inventive or unique scenarios you would like to try out I would be more than happy to take part.

Dislikes: There isn't much that I would balk at but I don't care for anything in the territory of guro.

Method: Primarily IRC

Availability: I'm mostly around in the early morning from 5 A.M. EST and on.

Current Interests: Lyndis (Fire Emblem) Hitomi or Kasumi (Dead or Alive)
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Aug 20, 2013
Eastern United States
Username: Psythe


I've done a handful of quick roleplays over about a 4 year period, and I wrote one quick story on the site quite a few months back. http://www.ryonani.com/fiction/5143-ayames-mission.html

One of the reasons I'm posting this is to dive deeper into ryona writing and get some real experience with it. I really love this stuff.


Probably my favorite way to end a story is with a humiliating, unrecoverable defeat for the heroine, often including bondage, stripping and hopefully enslavement to the victor. An important element is also that the loser is defeated to an extent that she can never recover, and is either killed in the case of guro, enslaved for life to her conquerer, or something else that she can't come back from.

(other humiliation elements I love): Forced marches, being made to march barefoot, being made to strip naked under duress, panties in mouth, kneeling in defeat, forced kissing, being made to beg, crawling, trampling, boot licking, spanking etc.

Bondage: I really love bondage, and in the case of ryona makes for a great asset to the ending of a story for me, whether it be a hogtie and gag, slave chains and collar and leash, a simple pair of cuffs etc.

Combat: Aside from your average martial arts stuff, I really like belly punches, kicks, etc. face slapping, hair pulling, choking, dragging by hair, clothing damage, a heroine/villainess's own weapons used against her, the list goes on.

Guro(death): while it's not my favorite, I like guro just fine if it's say an execution of the loser after her defeat. Not too much of a fan of it happening quickly during a battle, because then there's no climactic humiliating ending for the loser after the fight.
As for the cause of death, I'm not sure, since my scenarios rarely contain guro, so it'll have to be a bit experimental ^^

Zako: I like zako here and there. There's something really sexy about a group of female mooks trying to gang up on the heroine only to find themselves beaten silly and ko'd sprawled out on the floor, or bound and gagged and stuffed in a locker or stashed away in the shadows etc.
The occasional decapitation, or silenced pistol shot to the head is always nice too ;)

Sexual: anything sexual, such as fingering, groping, forced kissing(I love forced kissing), is probably fine as long as it's female-on-female. Another experimentation category ^^

Dislikes: gyaku, M/f rape, too much physical brutality, anything with underage characters(18+ only), unfair fights, such as 2 or 3-on-1 beatdowns, 'huge muscle-head vs petite woman' etc(I like the heroine to lose due to inferior skill/intellect etc. rather than circumstances beyond her control), scat, lots of blood and/or gore. Possibly other stuff I haven't thought of, but I think I covered it.

Preferably through PM on ryonani. If you want to rp contact me regardless, and we'll work something out :)

I'm in the eastern United States, and I'm usually available between 8:00 - 11:00 PM, and sometimes between 12:30 - 5:00 AM

Current Interests:
For video games:

Fina Fantasy 7 or 10(the games I've played): Tifa, Aeris or Elena from the Turks(7), or Yuna and Lulu(10).

Tenchu: Ayame, random kunoichis,

Resident Evil: Claire, Jill, Ada and Rebecca. (Ashley: "What about me Leon? LEEEOON!" Leon: "No not you Ashley. Jesus...").

Metal Gear Solid: Meryl, Sniper Wolf(1), Olga Gurlucovitch(2) (if we do this one, let's keep Raiden out of the story shall we? :P).

Any of a number of others I'm sure, but those come to mind just now.

For TV:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy, Faith and Willow. (if you're not into this one because it's live action, that's fine, but I'm just putting it out there because I love Buffy).


I prefer to write with the character who will ultimately lose the fight, because I tend to like to revel in the psychology of the defeat and humiliation of the heroine or villainess. That's just a preference, however. Compromises can be made :)

My favorite scenario is male-on-female, but for now I'm sticking with female-on-female until I get more experienced and comfortable with ryona in general.

Random specific fetishes: Forced unmasking(especially ninja-style masks). A heroine/villainess with rugged boots being stripped barefoot. Slave bikinis. Failed revenge attempts. A whole library of other stuff I won't bore you with here. :P

Message me with any ideas you have that are not within my 'dislikes', and we'll go from there.

Thanks for checking out my page :)
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Username: Stealth-Killer

Gender: Male

Experience: 7 years

Preferences: Zako, Light Guro such as asphyxiation, neck breaking and simple knife attacks. Stealth

Dislikes: Heavy Guro, Rape, Sex Driven stories, torture.

Method: Ryonani Chat, Instant Messenger, F-List (If you have a profile there.) IRC.

Availability: At least six days a week from 4 PM EST to 3 AM EST

Current Interests: I have a taste for stealth based stories where a highly trained infiltrator or assassin silently eliminates a great number of Zako warriors or guards. They would not have to be completely useless Zako, just taken unawares by a highly trained killer they never saw coming. The infiltrator/assassin, could be headed toward an ultimate target. My hunter/huntress doesn['t have to be all about stealth for the entirety of the play, they could end up in a typical Zako showdown at certain points.

Other: I can play as male or female, and I often enjoy playing females, more. Here are three assassin characters I have created on F-List.

https://www.f-list.net/c/kasumi tou/

https://www.f-list.net/c/black wraith/

https://www.f-list.net/c/lady warclaw/
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Mar 3, 2014
The moosey north of Europe
Username: Selene

Gender: Female

7 years, primarily IM-based

Sexual stories, belly pain, hairpulling, groin blows, rape, stories ending in slavery, humiliation, tentacles, mild guro (Say, impalement), vampirism - I particularly enjoy if the victim is soiled in various ways, dragged through the mud, forced to wet herself or be peed on, stripped and so forth. I enjoy lengthy punishment scenes such as whipping and spanking, and getting humiliated publicly by being displayed, forced to admit my submission and dressed in slutty outfits. Also, strictly female/female stories - I don't mind RPing with anyone, but the characters on both sides I would prefer to be female. Miiight be lenient on that part if the aggressor is some kind of scary monster, but let's not make assumptions. Really into lactation as well. Oh yeah, and I'm a big fan of girls in tank tops, sports bras and karate gis...

I can play either victim or aggressor.

To again emphasize, I very much enjoy being enslaved at the end. It'd be such a waste to just leave me lying around... but I have now begun experimenting with death as an ending.

I've also gained a bit of an interest in the idea of a tough heroine encountering a large group of henchwomen... except unlike in zako, where she takes them all down, they wear her down and ultimately overpower her.

Heavy guro, scat, loli, Gyaku. Pro wrestling stories (I don't mind wrestling holds at all - won't likely use them though - but I don't have any interest in pro wrestling).

IM - check my profile or PM me. Also, I'm in the IRC channel constantly.

Most of my time. My timezone is GMT+1, but I'm up a lot of late nights.

Current Interests:
Settings I'd like using include Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Capcom and SNK fighting games, Killer Instinct, Streets of Rage, Final Fight, Soul Calibur, Final Fantasy (Preferrably FFVII and earlier), Phantasy Star, Red Alert (Unusual perhaps, but it has a lot of attractive women I'd like to play as), Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, Castlevania, Marvel, DC - I also LOVE crossovers. Something more specific I'd like to do - for a more long-running story concept - would be a mistress travelling around to defeat and collect various women from one or more settings for her harem. Me, of course, being the victims.
I also have an interest in such a thing occurring with regular women in a more real-life setting.

Another scenario I want to do involves a kind of erotic, modern version of gladiator games wherein beautiful women fight each other for the audience's pleasure, with the victor allowed to keep the loser. This could of course be combined with the above, having one champion winning bout after bout after bout.

In addition I've gained an interest in situations of completely one-sided beatdowns upon me as a noncombatant character hardly able to defend herself. Rather up for celebrity play in this context. As always, preferrably ending in sexual slavery.

And also I've gotten the idea of playing as a high-and-mighty evil queen defeated quite permanently by a heroine, heroines or an army of invaders.

Here' a handy album with characters I'd like to play.

Other: I tend to be a little concise, so bear with me if my posts are short. Also, I'm a teensy shy, so if you're interested contact me.

I may not actually know much of the technicals of fighting, but I'll take a look at how my characters fight before entering a story as them.

Willing and happy to use OCs for various settings. Ask away, I'd love to tell!

Oh yeah, and this is one rapidly-edited post.
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Username: asetikish


8 years tabletop, 5 years online

combat that isn't totally one sided at the beginning, low blows, belly punches, chest and pussy grabs, combat leading to sex, wrestling moves, humiliation, rape combat, martial arts...I prefer to play the beaten female

gore, vore, scat

ym or gtalk, I can try the irc if anyone offers

I operate at GMT +8 so, that would probably late at night for all the people in the US to very early in the morning.

Current Interests:
superheroines (non-canon), fighting game heroines, original characters, ninjas, martial artists...basically tough girls who will be subdued.

I really want to have a story behind the ryona, but occasional ryona-only scenes are welcome.


Ryonani Teamster
Apr 1, 2010


Experience:I've done a few one on one RP scenarios

Preferences:Ryona, Gyaku, light guro, wrestling, one sided fights, fights to the death

Dislikes:scat, futa, rape

Availability: 7pm est - 1am est(everyday except friday and saturday)

Current Interests: I'm actually real easy regarding these things. If it sounds interesting, I'll gladly join in.
Other:I can play as the aggressor or the victim. for ryona, I usually prefer female on female but I can do male vs female. for gyaku, I only do female vs male.
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Oct 28, 2011
Username: Courtmaster

Gender: Male

Experience: Few years of tabletop gaming, couple years running a turn based strategy RP centered around tentacle rape. Been writing since I was a kid, most of my stories include Ryona elements.

Preferences: Humiliation, pain, light gore, heavy gore/death and dismemberment. I'm also down with hardcore post-defeat sexy time. Male on female, and female on female to a lesser degree. I enjoy playing either side.

Dislikes: Piss and scat.

Method: PM, forum threads, IRC

Availability: I don't have huge chunks of time I can dedicate to it, so for the most part the RPs will take several days for me. PM me if you want to work something out

Current Interests:
Video game/anime characters. Sometimes characters from TV or books. Heroines. Basically beating down any good-hearted tough chicks.

Other: I'm always chomping at the bits to use my OC! Ask about using them and you'll be my best friend!


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Apr 5, 2014
hehehe... yeah right..
DeviantArt Username

Username: stationk

Gender: F

Experience: some in Second Life

Preferences: superheroine is defeated in one sided battle, then toyed with a bit.

Dislikes: gore, vore, scat, rape, dead

Method: too new to say..

Availability: weekends

Current Interests: superheroines, wrestling with superheroines, female villainess to defeat my superheroines

My superheroines:

Centella: teenager


Like a Black Canary with enchanted strength and some invulnerability.

Easy to hypnotized, can be chloroformed.

My version of Supergirl: teenager


Original Supergirl powers at 40%.

Weak to kryptonite, can be chloroformed, can be hypnotized.


Username: Miqo
Gender: Male (but only do female as victim)
Experience: 10 years+ for RP but never with Ryona theme before. Being new to this i'd probably play the role of the victim (female)
Preferences: Asphyxiation, vore, guro, death, wrapped, poisoned, chloroform, Male on Female, Female on Female, or Creature on Female, fantasy or sci-fi settings.
Dislikes: Scat, pee is ok tho. Furries, quick deaths.
Method: Any text based medium.
Availability: EST time zone, weeknights
Current Interests: Video game characters, specifically ones from MMO's that are my own characters. Im a graphic artist, and think a good RP scenario would make for good inspiration for an image. My top game setting and characters would be WOW, FFXIV, or SWTOR.

Below is a pic of my FFXIV character, only one i had on hand.

If anyone is interested to give a noob a shot, send me a PM and we can go from there.

Tina's Stalker

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Apr 22, 2014
Portland, OR
Username: Tina's Stalker
Gender: Male
Experience: I haven't really been keeping track, but the earliest I can remember RPing was when I was around 12 or 13, so I'm just going to round it up to 10 years. Additionally, I'm an English major and currently work as a writer for my university's newspaper in addition to some freelance writing here and there. While I'm confident in my own writing abilities, as long as my RP partner is literate and puts a little effort into their responses, I'm not picky with who I RP with. Getting short, single-sentence responses after writing out a good paragraph or two can be quite frustrating.
Preferences: Guro, death, domination, abuse (physical, mental, and/or emotional), rape, incest, etc.
Dislikes: N/A. As long as I'm doing the dominating, I can't think of a single thing I won't be privy to try. I'm open to it all - even scat.
Method: Private messaging or email works just fine for me, but I particularly like the idea of RPing in a public thread, since it appeals to my more exhibitionist tendencies.
Availability: Depends. If I commit to an RP I usually do a good job of remaining active, but since I have a lot going on in my life right now I can't always be as active as I'd like to be.
Interests: What I'm most interested in is establishing unique, unusual, extreme, or inventive situations or stories. I've been around the block when it comes to sexual RPs, which has left me itching to think up things I haven't done before. As a result, I have some very specific ideas. Things that you don't tend to see a lot of. For example ---

*Mother/Son ryona and guro. More specifically, to begin with, a situation in which the mother is oblivious to her son's sexual or violent intentions until it's too late. For example, the mother could be a former wrestler, and the son could challenge her to a practice match in which he manipulates the situation to satisfy his sexual needs; positioning himself so that his crotch is mashed up against her face or backside as he keeps her pinned tightly to the ground, humping her from behind as she squirms from within a tight bear hug, attempting to 'accidentally' penetrate her, etc, all of which the mother would not recognize as overtly sexual due to the familial relationship and the sheer level of physical contact required in wrestling. I really like the idea of 'getting away with it' in a really sloppy and dirty way with the mother being none the wiser, at least until the son actively begins to rape and/or deliberately go out of his way to really hurt her, and I believe this would make for an interesting RP.

*Taking advantage of and abusing an attractive woman (preferably an older woman or a much younger one - it doesn't seem quite as hot to be the same age) who is mentally crippled and incapable of understanding what I'm doing to them or why and/or is so broken she mistakes my cruelty for kindness (I know, I'm a devious bastard and a prick).

*Taking in a mentally unstable drug addict or someone I can easily make dependent on me and, through a great deal of 'touching up' (i.e plastic surgery, extensive cosmetic modifications, etc) over time, gradually transforming her into the perfect cum-dump/punching bag.

*Playing out a series of very devious and deliberate scenarios as a vicious cycle in which a female victim is constantly being teased with "freedom" only to have it snatched away and replaced with a much worse reality - for example, escaping the clutches of an abusive boyfriend and being taken in by a seemingly kind, older man who turns out to be far, far worse. After escaping him, she finds herself falling into the same trap again and again until she's utterly broken and/or discarded of.

*Guro RPs in which, after the victim dies, I continue to have my way with the body and my RP partner continues to RP as the corpse, describing the body or limb's movements/reactions to my actions in a detached manner. I don't really expect anyone else to really be interested in pursuing this, since it's almost 100% one-sided and relegates the victim to absolute objectification, necessitating that their responses be dictated entirely by my own actions. Still, thought I'd throw it out there.

*'Time Stop' rape, ryona, and guro. If you've ever seen any of the Japanese 'time stop' porn, that's basically what I'm talking about - just made more extreme. Again, not expecting anyone to really be interested in this one for more or less the same reasons as the last one.

^ These are the situations I'm most eager to try out. Ideally, I'd like to RP with an actual female, but I'm okay with RPing with a guy playing as a female, too. If at all interested, please, contact me. I'm also open to suggestions and, of course, the above scenarios aren't the only things I'd like to RP - they're just the ones I'm most keen on trying out as of right now. I'm up for lighter Ryona RPs and more generic situations as long as I'm playing the dominant one.


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May 6, 2014
Username: Wonderfa Gender: Female Experience: 2 years Preferences: I preffer to be the victm Dislikes: Rape, guro and rape Method: I heard that the IRC of this forum is great, but, you can contact me by gmail (send pm asking right?) Availability:weekends during the night Current Interests: Rp´s where I can play as Wonder Woman in peril situations Other: I am a great fan of Wonder Woman, I love to see her on peril situations, I really like to see Genocide, cheata and hades kicking her ass. If you have an oc villain and want to use against Wonder Woman, it will be a pleasure be dominated by you.


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Jun 3, 2014
Username: Lordgriffin
Gender: Male
Experience: 30 years
Preferences: Canon Role plays, where the "Bad" guys can win, The Bad guys are INTELLIGENT, which means they are not looking JUST for sex or JUST for sadism. I like Rape, transformation, Pregnancy, LOVE Humiliation. Mind control, Corruption, slavery. Iniysahu
Dislikes: Romance, vanillia, Hermaphs
Method: Can be chat, or pm
Availability: Every night
Current Interests: Disney Females (Human and other) Fantasy, Sciencfiction, Superheroines, Ladyhawke, Eragon
Other: I am interested in famous books, movies, anything where the role play can be changed so the antagonist is INTELLIGENT, cunning, and not restricted. I have few or no limits, I like LONG TERM RP..each one building on the next. I am also open to suggestions. I liek toplay NPC's so we can have 3rd parties. contact me and CHAT with me please


Ryonani Teamster
Feb 4, 2012
Here is White Avenger!!!

Real Name: Grazielle Willians
Age: 21
Powers: Don´t have any special power, she has amazing fightin skills and privileged intelligence.
Weakness: As a normal girl, she can become tired and she is inexperienced.
Grazielle is a skillful martial artist. During part of the day, she is a normal student, with problems of normal girls. At the other part of the day, she become the fighter White Avenger, a girls who wearing a white uniform that fights against the crime.
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