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May 8, 2022
Hi there! To keep it relatively simple, I am basically looking for good roleplayers (people who know how to post more than a single line, or are at least willing to put in an effort) who are looking to dish out some excessive violence. In particular I am looking for people who greatly enjoy humiliation and belly punching.

I can roleplay a variety of characters, including humans in a variety of settings and time periods, fantasy races such as elves, demongirls, and even furries. I'm also open to playing as certain canon characters from anime or videogames, and I'm even open to playing a multitude of characters for mass knockout/snuff scenes (Agent Aika anyone? :P ). In other words, I am quite open to a lot of options, depending on what your preferences might be. The level of resistance or fights my characters can put up depends on your preferences as well - they can either be easy ragdoll victims or worthy opponents.


- Belly Punching, Humiliation, Defeat, Peril, Vulnerability, Bullying, Knockouts.
- I love contrasts between characters, such as young vs old, small vs big, interracial, etc. This isn't a necessity, but simply more appealing if involved :P
- When it comes to violence I generally prefer blunt forms of abuse such as punches, kicks, blunt weapons, etc, but I am certainly open to more bloodier types of violence.
- Heavier gore I only like if it quickly leads to death.
- Monsters, Tentacles, creatures, insects, aliens, even animals, can all be interesting abusers too if you happen to enjoy playing as such things.
- I prefer semi-para or para RP done in third person.


- I ONLY do same-sex fights; female vs female or male vs male.
- Broken Bones, Ripping off limbs, or tearing out intestines I don't find appealing. Snuff is fine though :P
- Sex. I don't mind lowblows or the more private areas being exposed or focussed on, but I don't aim for character orgasms. If sex HAS to be involved, I prefer it as a tool for humiliation, but even then I prefer the focus of the RP to remain on the hostility and violence, not the sex.
- First-person roleplay, one-liners.

Summed up, I am looking for cruel opponents who greatly enjoy destroying their opponents. Interested? Just send me a PM so we can discuss our options :)

Wow, I'm shocked this managed to survive the migration.

Bumping since still relevant after 3 years.
Hi, I’m interested, how do I engage in this RP


May 8, 2022
Username: Chun-Li_Forever
Gender: Male
Experience: 5-6 years (as of today)
Preferences: Ryona: Belly punching, beat downs/beatings, fights, blood, vomit, broken ribs, I am fine playing victim or aggressor
Dislikes: Killing, death (unless it's the bad guy), gore, scat, dismemberment, nudity, sexual assault/rape, OCs, god characters, submissions/wrestling (prefer strikes over grapples and submissions)
Method: chat, private messaging, or forum
Availability: Open (USA Pacific time)
Current Interests: Character: Chun-Li (open to most or all Street Fighter characters), specific RP interest can be found in Preferences
Other: I'm working on a Chun-Li comic, so usually, RPs serve as an inspiration to my work, seeing Chun-Li in different scenarios and having her fight her way out of it or take a beatdown from it.
Hi, I’m interested, how do I engage on this ?

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