Looking For Roleplay: The Thread!


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Nov 10, 2010
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Hey you! Like to roleplay? Well then look no further, this thread is for you!

I've decided instead of having people post individual topics about RPs they are interested in, we could simply organize everything into one thread. That way instead of having to check through individual topics, you an now just refer to this thread for all your roleplaying inquiries!

Here's how it works. Simply fill out the form below that will summarize your likes, dislikes, preferences, themes, etc. about roleplaying and then you're set. Think of this as your very own classified section.. you can pick and choose someone to RP with, or even multiple people if you decided to start a thread. The best part about this idea is that you can edit your posts at any time you want if your preferences change or for any other reason really!

Once you have it filled out, just post it and add any additional info you think you may need to put down. Feel free to share your contact info as well!

Here is the submission form:

Username: (This is your name at Ryonani.)
Gender: (Optional if you wish to remain anonymous.)
Experience: (Your RP experience in years preferably. Feel free to be more specific, like where you started out at and whatnot!)
Preferences: (Here you can list what you are interested in when it comes to roleplay. It can be anywhere from simply just 'ryona' to anything more specific.. like being 'strangled atop a wooden horse while Purple Haze is playing in the background on a Tuesday morning during the summer solstice.')
Dislikes: (Anything you wouldn't like to encounter during a roleplay.)
Method: (Your preferred method of RPing, be in PM, chat, VoIP, a thread, etc.)
Availability: (Times you are available for RP. Please don't forget to list your timezone!)
Current Interests: (Here you can list what you're currently looking for. This option is colored so that it stands out from the rest- so people can see what you want to do!)
Other: (Anything else I did not list that you may want to add on!)

Here is the copypasta for this template:

[COLOR="#FFD700"][B]Current Interests:[/B][/COLOR]
And that's it! I'll start things off by posting my own info.

Username: Idoro
Gender: Male
Experience: 13 years (Chatroom, Forum)
Preferences: General Ryona, light guro (Like impalements). Male on Female or Female on Female only. I LOVE zako and anything sexual or kinky is fine by me. I can play male or female roles. I have a pee fetish as well!
Dislikes: Gyaku, Futa, heavy guro, scat. If you want to do any of this, don't even bother.
Method: I am available over the forums via thread, chat, or PM. I also use several IM programs as well as a few VoIP programs like Skype and Ventrilo.
Availability: My work schedule is random, though I will say the weekend is almost always a bad time to reach me. I operate in the Pacific Timezone (-8 hours GMT).
Current Interests: Here are some characters I've been wanting to RP with (If you have any questions about them, please PM me!):
Lyndis (Fire Emblem)
Mei Fang (Arcana Heart)
Naomi Fluegel (Zoids: New Century)
Lian Shi (Dynasty Warriors)
Angela (Seiken Densetsu 3)

NEW (3/25/2013)

Rika (Phantasy Star IV)
Nei (Phantasy Star II)
Severa (Fire Emblem: Awakening)
Cynthia (Fire Emblem: Awakening)

Please ask me about my OCs, I love using them!

Other: If you don't like what I'm doing during one of our RPs, please speak up. I hate to be the only one enjoying something. c:
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Jun 10, 2010
Hello! My name is TheCrimsonRisk. I'm a good listener and I like long walks on the beach...oh, wait. Wrong forum.


Username: TheCrimsonRisk
Gender: Male
Experience: 15+ years pen and paper RPG, about a year of forum/IRC experience
Preferences: Wrestling! Combat-based RP is my favourite kind, though I'm starting to dip into more erotic things. Fighting leading to sex is always welcome :) I can play the villain or the heroine. Strong, cruel villains and virtuous, confident heroines are the best.
Dislikes: Extreme guro, futanari, gyaku, scat. Heroines in street clothes. Boring!
Method: PM me if you want to set up a time or come find me on the ryonani IRC channel (link in the top left menu of the front page)
Availability: Usually active from 8 PM until the wee hours of the morning (Eastern Standard Time)
Current Interests: Currently have a lot of ideas bouncing around my head, ranging from real life wrestlers to video games and comics heroines:

Aksana - probably the hottest WWE Diva that's regularly on television at the moment

Catwoman - purple costume from the 90s is best, though I liked Anne Hathaway a lot too

Blair Dame - obscure character from the Street Fighter EX series, one of the sexiest and most simple character designs. Looking to feature her in something erotic, preferably M/F

Other: Like my friend Idoro says, "speak up!" Communication is key to a good RP. Also, I prefer my heroines in one-piece swimsuits.
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May 8, 2011
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My turn!

Username: daman077c
Gender: Male
Experience: 3 months roleplaying experience, 2 years Journalism experience, 6 months of Creative Writing classes
Preferences: Wrestling and Superheroine characters. I mainly do "Combat" RP's, though from time to time I seem to add sexual stuff into them. Mind wanders, I guess. I can play both heroine and villain, and from the little bit of time I've spent doing RP's, I like being the villain.
Dislikes: Pretty much nothing is out-of-bounds with me, aside from vore, gyaku, and straight up rape with a penis. I can take things like fingering, but not rape with a penis.
Method: I can be found in the IRC channel pretty much all day, as I'm a full-time college student taking online classes. You can also PM me to set something up.
Availability: Active all day, again, in the IRC chat room.
Current Interests:

Angela Fong - Favorite customs wrestler. I was the reason she started doing customs, and am happy she still does them.

Psylocke - Favorite heroine, backstory be damned. I like using her in RP's so much that there is now a running joke with me in the IRC chat room involving her...

Wrestle Angels - I own both PS2 Wrestle Angels games, and can RP as pretty much anyone in the game. Favorite wrestler in the game: Chisato Sakurai.

Sumiko - SKW wrestler who looks absolutely GORGEOUS in anything she wears on his site.

Other: Hope to see more people RP'ing either in the chat, or through PM's! I'm going to attempt to set a record for "Most RP's Done in 1 Week," though I dunno when I will attempt it...
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Mar 25, 2012
Well..It's about time I post myself too.

Username: Bakurete (Forum) Baku|Haku (Irc Ryonani Chat)
Gender: Not telling
Experience: I'm been on the forums around a Year I think, I have a tendency too dissapear. I also do live RP, As a matter of fact I Dm those.
Preferences: Mostly a female heroines being defeated. I love the idea that the stonger the heroine the greater is the defeat. I also like the idea of "thropies"; You know like a heroine's mask or... Herself
Dislikes: Fuuta, I hate Fuuta. Killing characters. If we have like a story line not respect it. Goore. Did I mention I hate Fuuta?. I hate children being involved in anyway. And Animals.
Method:I'm on the IRC chat. I only come to the forum once in a while. I like lots and lost of punishment to the heroine. Also I have a tendency to write short paragraphs
Availability: Morning and Night. I am not abiable on the afternoon

Current Interests:
Cutey Honey:Super Heroine made by Go Nagai. She can change into any costume and have that costume powers (Like, If she has a cowgirl costume she has perfect aim, If she has a swordwoman costume she is a very good esgrimist...Etc...etc)

Green Lanter Corps: THeres a lot of females on the Green Lanter corps, I really like to have their rings as a throphy
Jade Arisia Rrab Boodika Katma-Tui Laira

Cat Woman Guardian of Gotham: She is from a Story Line where she is the heroine instead of Batman.

Tokusatsu: If you know this word, You know what I'm talking about. Basicly the heroines from Power Rangers, Super Sentai, Kamen Rider.

Kunoichis: Female Ninjas Rock!

Well, Other than that nothing. Just don't ask me personal stuff.
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Username: Rahzel
Gender: Male
1 Year on a website called Fightfantasies
Preferences: I'm up for anything as long as it's FvsF
Dislikes: I don't like my characters being stripped of their clothes, or nudity in general.
Method: I am available for any method and I use Yahoo or MSN for IM programs.
I am in EST and I'm available usually late at night any day of the week.
Current Interests:
I'm into girls barefoot in Karate GIs and my OCs Zoe and Sonja.
I'm a sucker for KOs and victory poses.

Here are my OCs

Zoe: http://razell619.deviantart.com/favourites/#/d5iqtea

Sonja: http://razell619.deviantart.com/favourites/#/d5inzvv
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Apr 3, 2010
Username: KevinFace

Gender: Male

Experience: 11 months total (Gaia Online, IMVU, Ryonani IRC)

Preferences: Wrestling, Martial Arts, Supernatural, Mild Sexual Content, Death. I prefer to be the aggressor, but I can also be a victim. As an aggressor, I will usually be male.

Dislikes: Futa and Gyaku mainly. They usually depend on my RP Partner.

Method: IRC Chat, Skype IM

Availability: Weekdays 2 PM EST, Weekends All day. Mainly when you see my name and I'm actually there.

Current Interests: Anything that involves the preferences I listed.


I have multiple OC's that I can use as well for RP scenarios.
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Nov 15, 2011
Username: sooperhero1
Gender: female
Experience: been doing instant message, story based rping for about 13 years
Preferences: Generally into scenes where a heroine who usually wins and saves the day is finally defeated for good, generally followed by being groped, stripped, and kept as a slave.
Dislikes: don't like death stuff, gore or disfigurement, gross amounts of bodily fluids, toilet stuff, and anything involving furries.
Method: Instant message or chat
Availability: on most of the day most of the time, central time zone, but mostly on yahoo
Current Interests: Looking for players who are detailed, descriptive, open minded, and verbose. Not that into playing OC's unless we have a type of character we want and cant figure out a mainstream character that fits.
Other: ask me


Username: kunashgi2
Gender: male
Experience: not that much, ive roleplayed a bit before but not with a ryona theme
Preferences: good old beatings with bare hands and feet, mostly FvF, though im ok with MvF as long as the male aint one of those old dudes with hulk-like size. I also like humiliation and victory poses
Dislikes: sexual stuff (yeah, nudity inluded), death of the characters, characters bein eating (forgot how thats called)hulk-sized old dudes beating up girls, wrestling (sorry, ive seen that a lot)
Method: anythin really, what suits you best
Availability:im on vacations now so anyday
Current Interests: nothing that really stands out
Other:if any of this annoys you im sorry, but its my personal preference so..i guess youre gonna have to deal with it, if you like it, youre more than welcome.
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May 30, 2011
South-Eastern Europe
Experience:5-6 years of RP-ing over G-mail, private messages and Skype
Preferences:submission holds, racial supremacy, sexual stuff, death, human toilet, Pokemon, K9, equines, minotaurs, panthers...
Dislikes:rape, not too comfortable with playing the dominant character unless it's for someone I know for a long time. Also use of torture equipment, bladed weaponry...
Method: Skype and G-mail- especially the chat function
Availability:UTC+1, from 16:00 to 22:00 On weekdays except Tuesday and Friday. Weekends: Saturday from 14:00- no limit. Sunday: all day, up to 23:00. Check if I'm online via PM or mail in any case.
Current Interests:Asian RP-ers, even if English is not perfect. Boosts the hotness of the racial supremacy fetish. Black people are great, too.
Other: I play both female and male characters.


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Jan 13, 2013
Username: RyonaSensei
Gender: Male
Experience: I have about 17 years worth of writing and storytelling experience even if I didn't start getting any good until I was a teenager and even then is questionable. I have 10 years of Role Playing experience as of March of 2016. Funny the things we keep track of isn't it?
I have RP'd on Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Xbox Live and even Facebook.
I do the most RP work in story-based environments. I even go through the extra trouble to make the plausibility of a situation in an Ryona situation believable.

Current Interests:(but are not limited to): Bearhug, spanking, sexual violence (From forceful kissing to rape.Completely Optional.I won't push anyone into this one.) I also don't go full nudity, ever. Belly Punch, Vore, Wrestling, Superheroine, Anime based.
I like attention drawn to legs like skirts and shorts. If they are in pants then tight pants or wearing leggings.

I've been called somewhat of a 'professional victim' in the way of people enjoy having me as the victim because of over describing sometimes. I enjoy being the aggressor when I can. I have no interested in Ryona where the girl wants to be punished, that's never been fun to me.

Characters List
(I'm not the best at coming up with character designs on my own so often times I will see a character that I think fits the role in a movie, show or game and choose their design and edit it as I see fit. I will add the name of the character or person they are made to look like underneath.)

Name: Makaia Volke
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Style: Long hair with curls at the end.
Hair Color: Brunette.
Eye Color: Hazel.
Personality: Sweet and soft spoken. She was born from the seed of evil that plagued the world before her birth but was born as an opposite reaction to that evil. Her kind nature makes her gullible and too trusting for her own good.
Her power consists of telekinetic properties but uses them only one rare occasions. Not the most experienced or skilled hand to hand, relying on magic as a primary weapon over her natural telekinesis.
(Final Fantasy Type 0: Rem) (Anyone who has played and beaten this game, I can assure you that if you learn more about Makaia as RP continues, I had thought of her most powerful form before I beat the game and have witnesses.)

Name: Mila Misael
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Style: Long straight down her back.
Hair Color: Black.
Eye Color: Zaffre (Shade of Blue)
Personality: She is a realist with a hard look on the world around her. She is often to go head first into suicidal situations but always planning her every move. She is a skilled swordsmen and her intellect is higher than average for people twice her age. Though she tends to spend most of her time alone and always pushing herself she will always look after her friends and comrades and tell them not to stress themselves out.
(Final Fantasy Type 0: Queen)

Name: Hael The Witch
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Hair Style: Length to shoulders and curly.
Hair Color: Black.
Eye Color: Laurel Green.
Personality: Confident, snarky and tough. Naturally gifted with a power of a neutral witch she was not given the title of "The Good" "The Bad" or "The Wicked" but instead of "The Witch" letting her choose her own alliances as her powers branch in multiple directions. Hael has zero hand-to-hand fighting ability and relies solely on her magical abilities to fight.
(Hael is made to look after an actual actress so I will only reveal when asked. I don't want to post their name on this forum.)
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Username: Xylophobic

Gender: Not telling .. .

Experience: About 4 years of IRC and PM RPs.

Preferences: General ryona, Yuri, Teasing, Feet/stepping on, Bearhugs, Sleeper Holds, Energy Draining, Defeated Heroine, Female Wrestling, Humiliation

Dislikes: Guro in general, Death

Method: PMs through Ryonani

Availability: Semi-frequently throughout the day.

Current Interests: Fighting Game Girls(Tekken/DoA/Soul Calibur/King of Fighters/Darkstalkers) Female Wrestling. Touhou Wrestling, Superheroine(Magical Girl)

Other: I don't have many original characters myself, however if its preferred I can do that. I'm pretty open as far as that goes. I can play as either the aggressor or the Victim, however I personally prefer to play the victim. I would prefer it if any RPs were Girl on Girl, as that's what I like the most, however I wouldn't mind giving Boy on Girl a try. Also tell me about what you like as well if anything peaks your interest specifically, I'm always happy to please.


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Apr 8, 2011
Username: Akumart
Gender: I won't tell if you don't ask...XD
Experience: No Experience at all....XD
Preferences: Hypnosis, stuns, teasing, energy draining, defeated heroine, helpless heroines
Dislikes: GURO! and horror...XD
Method: Ryonani PM or Yahoo mail
Availability: Most of the time...
Current Interests: Fire Emblem Awakening... Especially Lucina. Soul Calibur 5 (Phyrra and Natsu) And most female gaming characters (I don't really know the name of my Avatar on ryonani but I'm sure she's a game character too... I like her too...XD)... I'm not really that picky....
Other: I kinda prefer girl on girl combat... And I really like making up stories and whatnot... Can play as either the aggressor or the victim....XD
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Username: Drull
Gender: Female
Experience: Quite a bit outside of here, but I'm new to this forum.
Preferences: Everything, oh my god everything~ I'm super-excited to try whatever is on your mind. I'm a fan of defeat in general. I'm delighted to play anything you want. Anything. Men, Women, Inbetween and outside the lines, Humans, Loli, furries, ponies, trees. Even -trees-. I'd rather not do trees though. What i'm getting at is that i really do mean -everything-
Dislikes: Willing stuff just turns me off, as does willing sex.

Method: Vesdrull@yahoo.com, Vesdrull@skype, PM, IRC.
Availability: Pretty much always.
Current Interests: Well, I've been playing a ton of Resident Evil 6 recently, guiding Helena and Sherry to beautiful oblivion. Recently finished Witch's House too, it's an utter playground for masochists like myself. It's so cool ; ;
Other: I am eager. Like, super eager. I prefer victim, but i can play aggressor too. I am, however, very picky about what i play aggressor for, and it's a rarity I'm in the mood. I wouldn't rely on me playing aggressor for you, in other words.

*I have an F-List, but you're only seeing that if you ask. I get all blushy and secretive about it. When I say I'm into everything, I really -do- mean it.*
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Last Hero

Username: Last Hero
Gender: Male
Experience: Long time writer, at least ten years. Been roleplaying for about seven years now, though I haven't done any real roleplaying over IM before, that's a new experience. Still, I think it'll be a smooth transition.
Preferences: Female on female, brutal combat, psychological as well as physical damage, experimenting.
Dislikes: Anything involving stuff that would typically go in a toilet. Beyond that, I'm open to suggestions.
Method: I like well-written posts - I don't think every reply needs to be lengthy and verbose, but I'd prefer to err on the longer side and put actual thought into it. Proper grammar and spelling are a plus, though as long it's not glaring, I won't fuss about it.
Availability: Saturday and Sunday are wide open, and I'm available after midnight each weekday.
Current Interests: Fighting games, Mass Effect, martial arts, MMA, combat.
Other: Talk to me about what characters you might want to use - I'm willing to do a little studying to learn about the character I might be playing, even if it's from something I'm not familiar with. If you're interested in my writing style, I'm doing a series on the Fiction board called the Tournament.


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Dec 1, 2010
Zako Land
Username: NNin
Gender: Male
Experience: Not much, really. Maybe only 1 year via chatroom or forum.
Preferences: General Ryona, belly punch, light guro (slash, impalement, bone break). Male vs. Female or Female vs. Female. Like many here, I love zako. I can be both an aggressor or victim.
Dislikes: Futanari, hard guro and scat.
Method: I'm most comfortable with IRC. But PM or IM program like Skype are ok too.
Availability: I'm available around 14:00 GMT.
Current Interests:
Using zako, henchwoman or my OC in RP.

Other: Feel free to let me know what event you want to have in our RP.
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Apr 4, 2013
Username: Mordenkainen
Gender: Male
Experience:Very little
Preferences: Ryona, Gyaku, Light Guro(Slashing and Bone Breaking mainly), Futa, Asphyxiation(Choking), and Sexual Degradation. I don't mind watersports, fluidplay, etc as long as it's not too rediculous.
Dislikes :Hard Guro and Scat
Method: Ryonani IRC chat, Skype(PM me for info.)
Availability: Everyday almost.
Current Interests: Mainly Capcom and SNK fighting game girls, Most girls from the Suikoden series, Poison from Final Fight(She is a newhalf, but I'm a sucker for those since I'm Bi), and Sheena from Tales of Symphonia
Other: I can do Female v Female, Male v Female, or Futa v Female. I'm normally the "aggressor" type unless RPing with someone that is using a chick with a powerful build, then i go victim.


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Jun 15, 2012
Username: AustinWolfclaw
Gender: Male
Experience: Been RPing since 2002
Preferences: Guro, vore (soft and/or hard), torture, bone breaking, wild hungry carnivorous animals, predator/prey
Dislikes: Being cooked alive, watersports, scat (except if it's post vore), permanent transformation, RPing as girls.
Method: Ryonani IRC chat or Instant messenger.
Availability: Everyday until about 3am Eastern time (GMT -05:00)
Current Interests: I have a liking for characters getting tortured or killed by wild animals...like the lizardmen or ratmen in vindictus, or the wolves in tomb raider, just to name a few examples.
Other: I prefer to play as an anthropomorphic white-tail deer (think of a humanoid deer), and prefer to play the prey while hungry animals hunt me down. I like a good chase, but only if more predator will join in...the more the merrier! Mmmmm tasty.
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Sep 17, 2012
Username: HeroGirl
Experience = about 7 years text based rp.
Preferences: Superheroine rp but I am open to other suggestions. Sexy outfits, particularly leotards. Plot in my roleplays. Combat in my roleplays. Slight preference for male partners, but i dont mind so long as the player is a fun writer. Being defeated and dominated, with humiliation, both verbal/mental and physical. I like fist fights with a dash of wrestling. Bearhugs, and backbreaks and slams Oh My! Some light guro stuff can be fun. Some sex can be fun :)
Dislikes: One or two line replies. Me winning. Animals, kids and toilet.
Method: Chat, instant messenger.
Availability: Changable, but generally inconvenient for everyone else :p
Other: I prefer to play as superheroines, Ms Marvel is a favorite, black canary, supergirl and wonderwoman can all be fun. But i do like other characters too, I'll normally be up for a playing as cammy and I'm normally open to suggestions.


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May 27, 2012
Warlord's command station.
Username: VillainousWarlord.

Gender: Male.

Experience: A few years of RP'ing, through forum notes, threads, instant message, and messenger.

Preferences: Mainly fighting game scenario/fight RP's, Tekken; Mortal Kombat; Street Fighter; Dead Or Alive; King Of Fighters etc, open to most fandom, DC comics; Anime shows; boxing scenario's; the Alien series etc, movies/other games. Sexual is a green light along with pure pain/submission, humiliation scenes too. As you tell by the name, I love being the villain character, but can play as a hero role.

Dislikes: Lots of blood, slavery, rape is a nono, but aside from that, I'm open with all options and ideas.

Method: Via notes/or messages, can do RP over notes, but I can use most instant messaging services, mostly Skype. Do feel free to message me for roleplay.

Availability: Active all day, mostly, again messaging :D

Current Interests:
-Fighting game scernario's, canon/un canon: Maybe a quarter final elimination in the tournament? where both fighters will go at hell to win each other and progress.

-Sleeperhold session (leg scissors mainly)/thief of the night/assassin: this is a strange one, but the aspect of a curvy assassin againt a unknowing target, is just lovely. Or Harley Quinn from DC getting a good ol, lights out, choices lol XD

-Victory/win poses: there are LOTS, yet so many are fantastic for RP use's, example, Christie Monteiro's "Goodnight pose", or Lili's "please don't tell my father" pose, ask me about my faves there are thousands.

-Dizzy/dazed/sleepy time/rolling eyes/gas K.O/out like a light/off her feet/down for the count type's. Devious I know >D

-Crossover's: crossing a universe series, with something completely different to it. Like DOA meets KOF, MK meets Street Fighter and so on.

-SleeperKids/Fem Wrestling rooms: Two gems of sites, with a fair few gorgeous fem's indeed, quite a interesting idea for roleplaying. Faves being, Kyoko; Sumiko; Antoinette; Valentina;Carrie; Rain; Lacey etc.

Other: Looking to forward to the fun, RP's and friends ahead!
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