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Liking the DT

Discussion in 'Dialogue' started by badjman1, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. badjman1

    badjman1 Guest

    This is just a normal talking, but, the girl enjoys the cock.
    It's based off of the default text and I named it Alt. Default, thinking somehow ModGuy would love it enough to put it in to the game. Lol~ Anyway,
    I hope you like it.. The text is this~

    Remember, if you want more. Ask. Tell me what kind and I most likely will make it ^^ I also have a few female friends that don't mind helping me out~ So you can know what they'll really say, instead of what you want them to say. :D

    intro:"Wow.. He's so big..."
    intro:"I don't think it'll fit in my mouth.."
    general:"He's huge.."
    general:"I wanna taste more of him.."
    general:"I love your cock.. *YOU*"
    resistance:"I can't take it any deeper.."
    resistance:"I can't go any deeper..."
    resistance:"I don't think I can take any more.."
    resistance:"Stop pushing me down* YOU*.. Please.."
    resistance:"Stop pushing me so far down.."
    resistance:"That's deep enough* YOU*.."
    interrupt: "-ng!"
    first_throat:"I toke it so deep *YOU*.."
    first_throat:"Your so big..."
    first_throat:"I don't think I can take it any deeper *YOU*.."
    first_throat:"Please* YOU*... More.."
    first_throat:"I want to take him completely!"
    first_throat:"I'm gagging..."
    first_throat:"You're making me gag..* YOU*.."
    first_throat:"You're making me choke..* YOU*!.."
    first_throat:"Please be gentler.. I'm choking.."
    first_throat:"You're choking me.."
    first_throat:"Mmm.. I want more... Shove it deeper.."
    first_throat:"You shoving it in my throat.."
    first_throat:"Don't stop.."
    first_dt:"I can't believe I toke it all the way down my throat.."
    first_dt:"You forced it in to my throat.. It felt weird.."
    first_dt:"My throat.."
    first_dt:"Did it feel good in my throat *YOU*?"
    first_dt:"You pushed it all the way in..."
    pull_off:"I couldn't breath.. Sorry.."
    pull_off:"Your pushing it down *YOU*.."
    pull_off:"Your forcing it down.."
    pull_off:"I'm taking it so deep.."
    pull_off:"It's to hard to take it all the way.."
    pull_off:"Your so big.."
    pull_off:"I can't breath.."
    pull_off:"Let me catch my breath *YOU*.."
    held:"Wait... let me catch my breath.."
    held:"Can't... breathe.."
    held:"Let me breathe* YOU*.."
    held:"I can't breathe when you do that.."
    held:"I'm going to pass out.."
    held:"I'm going to faint.."
    held:"I can't take it for so long.."
    held:"Don't hold me down for so long*, YOU*.."
    wake:"I-I passed out.."
    wake:"What happened?"
    wake:"*YOU, *... you made me faint.."
    wake:"*YOU, *... you made me pass out!"
    vigorous:"Slow down* YOU*.."
    vigorous:"Wait! Slow down.."
    vigorous:"You're too rough..."
    vigorous:"You're being too rough.."
    vigorous:"Stop being so rough.."
    vigorous:"It's too rough.."
    vigorous:"It feels like your tearing my throat.."
    vigorous:"My throat feels weird.."
    vigorous:"You're going to tear my throat.."
    vigorous:"Wait! You're being too rough.."
    vigorous:"I can't take any more* YOU*.."
    pre_cum:"Are you almost there?"
    pre_cum:"Your really hard.."
    pre_cum:"Your throbbing.."
    cum_on_face:"Your cum is so hot.."
    cum_on_face:"You came all over my face.."
    cum_on_face:"You came all over me..."
    cum_on_face:"It's everywhere.."
    cum_on_face:"*YOUR cum... *It's all over my face..."
    cum_on_face:"*YOUR cum... *It's everywhere..."
    cum_on_face:"It's so hot..."
    cum_in_mouth:"swallow it..?"
    cum_in_mouth:"Should I drink it?"
    cum_in_mouth:"You want me to swallow it *YOU*?"
    cum_in_throat:"I'm so full.."
    cum_in_throat:"I can feel it all inside me..."
    cum_in_throat:"I can feel it inside me..."
    cum_in_throat:"You came right down my throat..."
    cum_in_throat:"You came straight into my stomach.."
    cum_in_eye:"My eyes!"
    cum_in_eye:"I can't see!"
    cum_in_eye:"Aim for my face!!"
    swallow:"I'm so full."
    swallow:"I can't believe I drank it all*, YOU*..."
    swallow:"I can't believe I was able to swallow it all*, YOU*..."
    swallow:"I can still taste it."
    swallow:"I can feel it all inside me."
    swallow:"So much..."
    drool:"I couldn't swallow it all* YOU*... I'm sorry.."
    drool:"I couldn't drink it all..."
    drool:"There's was so much.."
    restart:"W-wait... you still want more..?"
    restart:"W-wait... you want more..?"
    restart:"You're still hard...?"
    restart:"H-hey, you're still going..?"
    restart:"You cam *FINISHES*.. Y-You still want more? B-But I'm full.."


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