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Life (j-drama)

Discussion in 'Videos' started by Mardion, Jun 23, 2012.

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    Jan 18, 2010
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    'Life' is a Japanese TV series which deals with bullying in high school from a pretty serious angle. The main perpetrator is a girl named Manami who commands the respect of several other girls of her class, and together they bully whoever Manami chooses to, and soon enough that includes our (female) protagonist, Ayumu. Some of the scenes are pretty cruel, and there is also the matter of the guy who lures the protagonist into his home and proceeds to rape and abuse her... yeah, not a series you'd want your kids to watch... unless you're Japanese of course!:yo !:

    I have amassed all the scenes in the series where you see the protagonist receiving serious physical abuse (and just a tad of psychological abuse... you'd need to watch the whole series to fully appreciate what she goes through) in the following package for your viewing pleasure. The scenes include punching and kicking by the girls, splashing with dirty water and pinning with the mop, being held against her will and threatened to swallow needles, being bound in chains and hit a bit by thugs etc.

    The link is : Life.7z
    To unzip, use the program 7-Zip and the password : ryonani

    A sample of this series' ryona can be found early on in this YouTube video :
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