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Leifang and Hitomi's Lesson (DOA5)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Relampagos, Mar 16, 2013.

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    Sorry for being inactive, I've been kind of overwhelmed. Just wanted to throw this out there. Enjoy!


    "Leifang, you really don't have to do this," cautioned Hitomi, the concern in her voice evident.

    Leifang was stubborn though.

    "I have to prove myself to him," said Leifang, stretching her long legs. She was very flexible, easily sliding into the splits, flush with the ground. Her Chinese dress, which revealed all of her legs, only covered her crotch and butt to allow Leifang to use her flexibility in combat. "Besides, I've already challenged him to a duel. Backing out now would be humiliating."

    Hitomi sighed. She was almost certain the duel was not going to do well.

    "Don't push yourself too hard, okay?" pleaded Hitomi. "He's known to go a bit overboard-"

    "Yo." Jann Lee appeared out of nowhere with a smirk on his face.

    Leifang was surprised and a little afraid to see him, but did her best to look nonchalant.

    "You ready for this fight?" taunted Leifang, trying to look confident.

    Jann Lee's smirk widened.

    "I am, but you're not," responded Jann Lee, sticking his chest in Leifang's face. "You're just a stupid little girl. I only came to tell you to go home, where girls belong."

    Leifang was shaking with anger and hurt, her face a deep shade of scarlet. Hitomi, caught her expression and glared at Jann Lee.

    "Come on Leifang, let's just go home..." suggested Hitomi, leading Leifang away. Suddenly, Leifang whipped back and lashed a long leg out at Jann Lee, smacking his head to the side.

    As he stumbled backwards, Leifang leaped forward and threw him to the ground with a combination of a leg sweep and a Taichi throw, slamming him with a hard thump. However, just before he hit the ground, Jann Lee curled his back and rolled back to his feet in a spiraling motion with his hands, landing in a crouched position. The Jeet Kune Do wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, snarling.

    You're going to pay for that," growled Jann Lee ferociously. His rage seemed to radiate from his body. Both girls shrank back, trembling.

    "HYAAAAH!" yelled Leifang, attacking with a flying double kick. Prepared for the assault, Jann Lee easily sidestepped the kick. Leifang landed awkwardly on the ground after missing her target, but spun back towards Jann Lee with a whirling hook kick, her dress fluttering in the wind. Jann Lee caught her foot in his hand and lifted it higher, forcing her to hop on her other foot in an effort to maintain her balance.

    "Nice panties," commented Jann Lee. "Although I thought only children wore white ones with decoration."

    Leifang's face flushed, tears of humiliation pooling in her eyes. Like a snake, Jann Lee lashed out at her supporting leg, knocking Leifang on to her ass.

    "Anghhh, ghhh, khhhhhh!" grunted Leifang through clenched teeth, eyes squeezed tight, cradling her broken knee on the ground.

    "Get up, girl!" shouted Jann Lee, swinging a brutal kick into her back.

    "HUHGK!" gasped Leifang, arching forward on the cold pavement.

    "Get up, I said!"

    A kick to the face, jerking her face skywards at an angle.


    "Stupid kid."

    A stomp planted in her chest, crushing her breasts and cracking a rib.

    A cross between a wheeze and a scream came out of Leifang's mouth.

    "You should've gone home, but since you kicked me you're going to..."

    Jann Lee dragged Leifang into the air by an ankle and tossed her skywards. Hitomi's eyes widened in horror as she anticipated what was about to happen. Indeed, Leifang's legs had spread slightly from her flight and...

    "UWAAAGH!" cried Leifang as Jann Lee rocketed a single fist into her crotch with the force of a bullet. She spasmed once with the blow.

    "...be in a lot of agony," finished Jann Lee sinisterly, dumping the limp girl to the ground, writhing and clutching the fork between her legs. He straddled the feeble form and slapped her in the face to alerten her. Leifang's eyes fluttered open slightly, glazed with pain. Jann Lee grinned and cocked back his fist.

    Thwack! Wham! Jann Lee's fists were a blur, thrashing Leifang's bruised face left and right on the concrete. Her cries of pain were slowly fading. More of her blood was flying onto the ground.

    Hitomi couldn't contain herself any longer.

    "Stop hurting her!" she screamed, bolting over to the scene of the beatdown. "That's enough!" she yelled, pushing the frenzied Jann Lee off of the beaten form of Leifang. "You've already proved your point, you bastard! No need to brutalize a teenage girl!"

    Jann Lee snapped out of his trance and whirled towards Hitomi, backfisting her across the face.

    "How dare you dishonor me... you will pay as well," threatened Jann Lee with menace. Hitomi entered her fighting stance, but it was no use. Jann Lee blitzed forward with a blistering combo of rapid punches characteristic of JKD aimed at Hitomi's face. Her defense crumbled quickly under the pressure and before she knew it she was being pummeled with Jann Lee's hard fists, her head knocked in every angle possible. Hitomi didn't even have time to cry out.

    Jann Lee sent her staggering to the ground with a slide kick buried in her gut, making her exhale with an "oof". On her ass, Hitomi desperately tried to back away from the brutal martial artist, but Jann Lee leapt forward launched her in the air with a hard jumping kick forced into her chin.

    "GAAH!" Hitomi landed on her shoulders but Jann Lee punched her back onto her feet.

    "Oof, uwagh, guh!" gurgled Hitomi as Jann Lee doubled her over with three uppercuts straight up her gut, lifting her toes off the ground. She came to rest on his skyward-pointing fist, dangling limply.

    "You heard of one inch punch before?"

    Hitomi groaned.

    "Well, I'll show you."

    Jann Lee withdrew his fist from her abdomen by a miniscule amount, allowing Hitomi to slump to her knees. With the force of a bullet, Jann Lee blasted Hitomi backwards several yards, bent in half at the stomach from the force of his brutal punch.

    "HUUUUUUWAGGHHHHH!" gasped Hitomi, crashing against a wall, slumped against it. She didn't move.

    He leisurely walked over to Hitomi's prone body and lazily kicked her across the face with a roundhouse, violently slamming her upper body into the ground. He dragged her over next to Leifang.

    "Let this be a lesson to all the little girls out there..." grinned Jann Lee as he crotch kicked both girls in turn. They barely reacted. He backed up and leapt high into the air, directly above their bodies. He landed hard with each foot square in each girl's face with a loud crack.

    He was pleased to see blood on their face when he removed his feet.

    "Let the big boys do the fighting, or you'll just get pummeled."

    Jann Lee walked away leisurely from the two beaten girls on the ground.
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    Loved it.