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Legend of Twin Princesses

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by mononokekime, Mar 2, 2010.

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    WARNING - sexual themes inside

    Chapter 1 - Prologue

    The kingdom of Obaya was rejoicing. Not only blessed by triple the harvest and prosperity, the queen of Obaya, Lady Asura, gave birth of twins. Though the people that the queen was barren, their prayers were answered.

    The king announced the day of naming the twins, the people began to arrange it.

    Lady Asura was at her room resting. She took a moment to notice the twins' interactivity with each other. She noticed that the elder girl, keeps on hitting the younger one. She also noticed that the elder twin's eyes, traced with evil intent. But she ignored it, maybe because she's tired and she's seeing things.

    That afternoon, Lady Asura woke up because of an unusual wind. When she tries to see what's going on, the elder baby was on the air surrounded with black paper-like aura. The aura became real papers and began to spread into seemingly infinite papers. Unable to move, Lady Asura tried to chant but her voice never came out and the papers immediately tied her arms and feet reducing her movements. Then it gagged her, sealing her lips. The papers continued to wrap her until she was reduced into a mummy. Luckily, Lady Asura's friend, Kagome, sees what's happening and began to counter the wrappings with her chants. The aura seems to be much stronger until it drained Lasy Asura's physical energy.

    Kagome decided to double her counterspell technique, injuring her arms with blade. After a series of chants, the bandages returned to the baby's back and disappeared. The baby safely came back to where she is. Then upon seeing Lady Asura exhausted, Kagome rushed to her and gave her medication.

    "What's going on?" Kagome asked.

    Lady Asura took a sip of her medicine before she told her, "It's maybe an evil intent. I see it to her eyes..."

    "Evil intent?" Kagome repeated, "But how come it was on your daughter?"

    "I don't even know why..." Ladu Asura replied, "But I want you to keep this incident secret. Let's see what will happen next."

    "How about your daughters?" Kagome asked.

    Lady Asura looked at her daughters, "There's no reason to treat them so badly. Treat them equally, know what's right and wrong. Do you understand?"

    Kagome bowed and left.

    The next day, the king brought out the babies for their introduction and blessing. The townspeople were very happy and gave gifts to them.

    The king started to bless the younger one, "blessed by the gods, she will defend the Obaya from corruption, evil and other enemies. She will be bearing the shield of Obaya by the cherry blossoms, thereforth, her name will be Sakura." It was followed by a series of applause.

    Then the king blessed the elder one, "Blessed by the gods, she will eliminate all the enemies of Obaya. She will expand the territory of Obaya. She will be bearing the sword of Obaya like a fountain of water, thereforth, her name will be Izumi." Then it was followed of darkness of clouds and a series of thunders, scarying some of the people. But after a couple of minutes, it disappears and light resumes.

    The babies grown up to their teens when Lady Asura participated in a war against a invading clan by the name of Kyo-san. Obaya didn't expect the overwhelming numbers of the invading clan but Lady Asura was left unfazed. She used her energy and magics to repel the enemy. After Obaya successfully defended their land, Lady Asura was reported to be missing. The king proclaimed her dead after a month of their search... hurting the children's emotions.

    Izumi and Sakura became rivals when it comes to battle skills. Sakura excelled in sword fighting and Izumi began to explore the world of sorcery and manipulation. Izumi always loses against Sakura on both battles and developed a grudge against her.

    Both girls came to the age of 20, and were given the weapons of their choice. Sakura chose the sword blessed by a legendary blacksmith. Izumi unable to use a sword wielded an orb with the power of manipulation instead. But Izumi wonders how she can use it to her advantage.

    Izumi's evil intent began to manifest slowly. Her grudge and desire to defeat Sakura were all the source of this.

    Sakura and Izumi joined the war between Obaya and Kyo-san. Kyo-san's officers were in disarray and deployed at random. Sakura captured one of them and brought the officer to the castle to be interrogated. Izumi, on the other hand, was desperate to defeat her sister, went on a killing spree. After the war, the king was surprised at the battle reports. He was pleased to know that Izumi helped Obaya to reduce enemy numbers but was more pleased to know the Sakura captured an enemy officer.

    That night, Sakura accompanied the king to the dungeon where she put the officer. But along the way, she noticed Izumi rushing ahead. Then she heard some slashing. Sakura hurriedly went to the place and saw the officer's corpse... and other figure standing behind.

    "Izumi!" Sakura called out.

    Izumi smiled at her evilly, "Oh, I was planning to escape dear. But you're on my way."

    Sakura got near of Izumi, "What've you done?"

    "Blind as I expected," Izumi laughed out loud crazily, "I killed this man, because he's our enemy!"

    "Why have you done that for?" Sakura cried.


    "Have I done something wrong?" Sakura asked her.

    Izumi was about to swing her blade but a steel hand stopped her.

    "What's going on?" the king asked them.

    Izumi wasn't able to answer and left without a word. Sakura was about to follow her but all she was blocked by their father.

    "Don't follow her..."

    Sakura fell in silence and stopped.

    Izumi after a long time of running, had reached an abandoned castle very far from Obaya and other countries. She kept on crying. It rained like crazy and she took shelter from that castle.

    She held the orb, "Why am I unable to defeat her? WHat's the matter?"

    "Beautiful, isn't it?" Someone from her back asked her. Izumi looked behind and saw nothing. When she faced her orb, she saw a naked figure with eyes covered with hair. She panicked at the same time, she felt something familiar.

    "W-who are you?" she asked.

    The figure carressed her, "This orb is beautiful, yet powerful. And you're still angry and unable to defeat your sister."

    Izumi was angered and began to pull away the orb from the hands of the figure, "I have no sister! I'll no longer have a sister!"

    The figure stood up and embraced her which she didn't react but to cry like a child, "Don't worry child, if you want, I'll give it to you for free..."

    Izumi stopped crying, "You're giving me what?"

    "The power..." the figure spoke, "The power you've been seeking... The power that you're mother have prohibited you to use... the power that can only defeat your sister..."

    "For free?" Izumi repeated.

    The figure began to cover herself with white bandages, then after transforming herself into a mummified figure, she disappeared and the bandages remains. A pile of bandages scattered to Izumi's feet, who was speechless at that time.

    "Hey! Don't leave me here!" she cried. Then the orb she was holding began to crack and broke, "Huh?"

    Suddenly, the bandages began to move at their will, wrapping Izumi's legs seperately. Izumi began to panic and began to run away. But she stumbled and the bandages began to wrap her arms. Her hands became ball giving her difficulty on how she can hold things.

    "What's going on?" she cried again, "I thought you'll be giving me the power -- --mmmphhh!" then the bandages tried to seal her lips and her eyes.

    Against her will, her legs began to join together, then without wasting a second, the bandages wrapped her feet until it came up to her stomach and missed her crotch. Then up to her chest, bandages began to tighter her arms lost control and were wrapped to her sides tightly that she began to gasp.

    What's going on?, she asked herself.

    Then remaining bandages began to cut the cloth on her crotch, revealing her untouched sex. then they made their way on cutting Izumi's cloths inside, also not contented for the tightness it applied on Izumi, another layer of bandages began to crawl and missed her sex. Izumi moaned upon feeling the coldness on her waiting sex.

    A seperate pile of bandages began to crawl down to her crotch. Izumi moaned louder as she felt bandages began to ran inside her sex. Powerless to resist, she just rolled and struggled until she became exhausted. The bandages began to go deeper until they reach their limit. Like worms, the bandages began to penetrate inside her.

    Izumi, began to struggle violently. The remaining pile of bandages began to wrap her sex to seal it. Becuase of this, Izumi gave up to her sexual pleasure and just moaned.

    Her body began to float as if being lifted by unseen force. Then it lead her body to a coffin-like place where her body fit. Izumi began her first orgasm, too strong orgasm that she began to like. The penetration continued until she herself, became unconscious.

    She woke up that next morning. Still mummified but without the bandages on her head. She see herself on the ground.

    "What's happening?" she asked herself.

    Then she heard a voice, "Now, I am completely yours and you're completely mine!"

    "Shut up! Where are you?" Izumi reacted.

    "I am now your body, and you're my body now."

    "Then why do you have to do this?" Izumi cried.

    The bandages all over her body began to loosen, "Because this is the only way..." then the bandages wrapped to her arms but not her hands to form like an armband. She began to smell the scent of her orgasm. After the bandages formed to her arms, she looked at her hands and laughed maniacally.

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    Chapter 2 - The Younger Sister

    Months passed by, Izumi wandered the world to train her weapon which she named 'Shikigami'. Izumi is looking forward to battle with someone who could give her a challenge. The empty castle where she met and gained Shikigami became her home alone. She learned how to create things using paper bandages.

    And that time, Sakura was restless, looking for her sister. She suspected that her sister is still living somewhere. With her sword-fighting skills she gained by learning kenjutsu, she named her sword 'Shinigami'. She had discovered some mysteries about the sword but haven't gained it's true powers yet.


    It was already night time, Izumi felt someone waiting outside the castle. Curiously enough, she found out one old man in black cloak.

    Arming her bandages like a katar, she asked the man, "What do you want? It's night time and I want to sleep."

    The old man looked at her, "Well little girl, I have been waiting for you." then he showed an evil smile on her.

    "What do you want?" Izumi prepared her katar, "Don't waste my time or I'll kill you!"

    The old man laughed at her, "You're too aggressive. I'm not interested on fighting with you. I would just need your help."

    Izumi asked, "My help?"

    "That's right. Let me tell you my story..." the old man sat down as he began to tell his story, "I am from the city of Edalken, one of the cities with large land and less people. The emperor of Edalken blessed us with so much things: Wealth, Health and Prosperity. Three days ago, I came accross one girl from Obaya who looked like you. She's wearing a pink kimono and has a katana made of the finest metal in the world. I heard her telling her assistant about Obaya was about to wage war with Edalken because of the plague that is going on the large portion of the land and she says Edalken is a city of Darkness, blaming the emperor to be a god..."

    Izumi looked at him, "hmm...did you said a girl who looked like me in pink kimono?"

    The man replied, "Yes...and you looked like the same..."

    "I think I know who that girl." Izumi smiled evilly.

    The old man kneeled and begged to her, "Please I know you're somewhat related to her. If you could eliminate her as a threat I will give you one price from the emperor himself."

    Izumi looked away and thought, I think it's time to show what I am capable of.

    Izumi looked at him, "Old man, you could return in peace now. Leave the rest to me."

    The old man walked away, "We'll see each other again then." then he smiled to himself, "...and you'll die with your sister."


    The next morning, Sakura woke up with a paper plane on her chest. She opened the plane and she saw a familiar writing...a letter from her sister!

    Little sister, let's meet to an empty castle very far from Obaya. I want you to go alone and not with anybody else. I don't bring any weapons and let's meet in peace.

    Sakura was silent. She thought of her sister who were missing for months. She brought the letter to her father who was in deep thought.

    "From Izumi?" he asked her.

    Sakura answered, "Yes. She was saying that we meet somewhere else."

    "My child, you better not to go." the king coldly said.

    "But why?"

    The king looked away, "It must be a trap."

    Sakura got angry and said, "No I'll do it. I'll meet her!" then she ran to her room.

    Sakura was nervous. She looked at her sword and held it.

    "Shinigami, am I doing the right thing?"

    The sword, of course, didn't give her an answer.

    "I'm nervous. " she said to herself as if she's talking to her sword.

    "But I have to do it." she told herself before putting the sword into its hilt.

    She dressed herself and went to the castle without bringing any weapon. She is indeed sure that her sister has changed. The afternoon began to rain heavily and almost got soaked from the rain.

    She noticed that the castle was beautifully arranged. There were linens hanging around like art.

    "Whoa, she must have decorated this castle for herself." She told herself.

    Suddenly strong wind blew to her direction. The linen began to fly out like crazy. She never noticed it until the linens came to her direction and attempted to wrap around her.

    "What the...?" she asked herself as she began to evade and ran away the linens.

    She had reached a dead-end and the linens had reached her arms and legs, holding them tightly that she cried in pain. Then she faced her sides and saw a familiar person...


    She had struggled against the linens but they were too strong. Until she noticed that her sister was mummified in bandages, she also thought that she'll be mummified as well.

    "What's going on?"

    She saw the bandages from her sister to be loose, and she heard her craziest laugh ever.

    "My my my, little sister...how's it going?" Izumi asked while walking towards Sakura's direction.

    "What's going on?" Sakura replied while struggling against the linens which successfully mummified her from neck to toe. Her hands at her sides and feet bound together so tight that she can't even breathe properly.

    Izumi held Sakura's neck with her left hand, "You look pitiful...as if I would pity you."

    "Wh-why are you doing this?" Sakura asked.

    "I have something to deal with you first. But don't worry, I won't kill you yet. I'll have you taste my wrath before I kill you." Izumi grinned evilly as she have her hand touch sakura's chest.

    Sakura felt that the linens tighten again as she began to have difficulties of breathing.

    "Now, you'll have to stay quiet first and enjoy my appetizer..." Izumi said as the bandages at her hand began to spread madly to wrap her for the second layer but this time, it covered her mouth, eyes and everything in her head except from her nose.

    Sakura can't speak could only moan and struggle madly as the bandages went on wrapping her the third layer. But she felt something different...

    A bandage has cut out the bandages wrapped around her sex. Izumi felt delighted when she saw her sister's cold sex. She had her finger touch it which made Sakura madly struggle. the bandage began to ram itself into her and penetrated her.

    Sakura could only moan until she ceased to struggle due to loss of energy. The bandage began to reach her ends and finally stopped. She began to breathe madly until she exploded her juices and lost consciousness.

    Izumi was delighted of what she had seen. She carried her mummified sister and carressed and hugged her maliciously until the night....

    "You're finally mine, little sister. And you deserve to suffer like this..."


    The king of Obaya went to Sakura's room, only to see a letter.

    Father, I know you'll be angry at me. But I have to do this for me to reunite with my sister. Whatever happens to me, I'll come back with her. Don't worry.

    "If she could only be more obedient..." he sighed.
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    I'll have to check this out when I get home, congrats on being the 2nd writer on this site :D
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    Thanks for sharing your story, I'd like to review it with you if you're open to constructive criticism.
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    of course, I'm open to it. Go ahead and tell me please.
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    Chapter 3 - Consequences

    Miko, standing right in front of her unconscious twin sister, is still unsatisfied. There seems to be incomplete, she thought, Having her here being tortured enough is not yet enough. But I might spoil the fun if I kill her early.

    She removed the bandages covering her sister's head. She is delighted when she saw her sister's reaction of her sexual pleasure. To wake her up, she slapped her. Sakura woke up but can't react enough to stop her pleasure to come.

    "Good enough, but I still have to make use of you until we got home." Miko whispered to her sister.

    "P-please...I don't want this..." Sakura replied to her.

    "No! You're not coming out unless I feel like doing so." Miko angrily answered, then she proceeded on gagging her, "Now you're coming with me." Then bandages began to wrap her the third time attaching to her back to carry her. Then she started to walk back to Obaya using a shortcut.

    Sakura barely struggled. But never did she able to hurt or get Miko's attention.

    "Now guess, where are we going?" Miko grinned while not looking at her.

    Sakura stopped struggling to think, then it dawned her. She tried to scream while being gagged.

    Miko laughed out, "That's right. We're going back home...and I'll present you as gift."

    Sakura continued to scream under the gag, until Miko became irritated.

    "Could you just shut up?" Miko angrily asked. But Sakura is still insisting. Miko put her down for a moment and punched her stomach. Sakura's vision blurred then darkened.


    Sakura woke up by a gust of wind. She still felt the pleasure brought to her by Miko's bandages which was soaked heavily by her very own juice. As she looked around, she noticed that it was her own room. She tried to struggle once more to check if the bandages are lost of stiffness due to her perspiration, but nothing happened.

    Gee, this is stronger than ordinary paper. she thought.

    She thought of crawling and head to the door but she heard some familiar voices arguing.

    "No! You're not my daughter! Get out of my castle!"

    "Hmm...and by doing that, are you giving MY kingdom to my little sister instead?"

    "What have you done to Sakura?!"

    "Well, I haven't seen her yet..."

    "Don't act like stupid! Where is she?!"

    "First give me my kingdom!"


    "And why?!"

    "You're not my daughter!"

    "Well then, I think I have to bargain you something..."


    "Come and follow me."

    Then silence...and footsteps. The door opens and Sakura sees Miko and their father.

    "Well well well....how do you like my gift, father?" Miko sarcastically asked.

    The king gasped in horror and hurriedly rushed to his mummified, "My child, what happened to you?"

    Sakura could only moan as a reaction.

    "Well, I gagged her so that she cannot speak. Now, where's my kingdom?" Miko coldly asked.

    The king faced her, "You take my kingdom. But release her first."

    "Good choice. But don't worry, I'm not ready to take it yet. You still have the right to rule this kingdom. The only thing I want is being the sole heir...and I'll give that little girl as well a chance to live...as my slave."

    The king replied, "What are you thinking? is it enough for me to give you the whole kingdom?"

    Miko smiled evilly as she approaches Sakura, "Well, it's better than to kill both of you. You're lucky enough to live up to a point where you can see me rule and make things better for Obaya while Sakura serves me, right?"

    "my child, I'm so sorry."The king faced Sakura, "It's for your own good as well."

    Sakura moaned sadly. The king stood and Miko started to chant to remove Sakura's bandages. After seeing his daughter free, he left the room.

    "and now you heard him, right?" Miko asked Sakura.

    Sakura looked at her sharply, "I swear, I'll make you pay for this...."

    "What?!" Miko asked, "What do you say?"

    Sakura walked passed her to get her dress without any answers. Miko became angry and held her arm as tight as possible.

    "I am talking to you! You are in no position to ignore me!"

    "I am your sister...." Sakura replied.

    Miko angrily pulled her and slap her hard that her sister fell, "No you're not my sister! You're my slave now!"

    "I'm still your sister though I will live now as your slave." Sakura said softly.

    "No!" Miko replied back before she left. Due to exhaustion, Sakura collapsed on the floor.


    Night came, but it was so noisy outside that Sakura woke up. She decided to get dressed and see what's outside. But upon opening the door, Sakura saw the king waiting for her.

    "Come and follow me." The king told her.

    Sakura quickly followed the king. She was a little nervous because the king looked like serious this time.

    "What do you think will happen if you haven't meet your sister just like what you did?"

    Sakura answered, "My father, I thought that Miko is waiting for me. We both missed each other. And I cannot go on without her."

    The king shook her head, "and you exchange her for the kingdom of peace?"

    Sakura replied, "The kingdom of peace is yet at stake but I have never exchange the kingdom for her."

    "You already did by becoming a hostage by your sister yourself. Too bad, you haven't listened to me..." The king angrily said to her, "Now she left me without any choice at all!"

    Sakura bowed, "Father, I cannot bring back the time. But if you want to punish me, I'm yours now."

    "Right, a punishment for being such a foolish person, I'm allowing Miko to punish you herself." The king said at her before an earthquake occured, increasing the noise heard outside of the castle, "What's that?!"

    "We're under attack!" Sakura shouted as she made her way back to her room to get her sword. As she looked outside her window, she saw 2 large golems made of wood from afar. And as she looked below, she sees her sister, preparing her bandages while running to meet their opponents. She run downstairs with her sword to join her but her sister had left her.

    The golems were met by Miko with her bandages turning into a lance. She threw the lance away directed to the head of one of those golems, but the lance didn't even damaged the eyes of her opponent. Miko fervently made another lance and threw it but the golem blocked it using the tip of its finger.

    "Kch, let me get it straight!" Miko shouted as she made a long sword and ran to attack. The blade didn't even cut, "What the -!"

    The first golem pulled a tree to make it as its club and swung onto Miko in a faster rate that Miko failed to dodge. Sakura heard her scream as she went to the woods to find and fight the golems. Then she heard something crash towards her direction. As she looked to it, she saw her sister badly wounded in the stomach due to the attack.

    "Miko, are you okay?" she asked.

    Miko looked at her angrily, "This is my fight! Don't interrupt me!" then she ran again to attack. This time, Sakura followed quietly and hid under one bush to check if Miko will be able to defeat the opponent.

    "AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Miko charged herself, creating multiple blades that hit the enemy. But the blades are just futile and broke.

    And again, the golem swung its club at her back and successfully hit her. Miko was threw in a different direction.

    Sakura can't stand to see her sister being defeated. She came out and began attack using her blade. She successfully cut off the golem's foot, rendering it useless to attack.

    ...The battle continues as she faced her first challenge...
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    Chapter 4 - Desires

    Sakura saw it all, and she was really mad at what happened. Izumi was a little far so might as well, attack.

    She put her sword back to its hilt, Shinigami, are you able to hear me?

    Of course, no response from the sword is heard.

    Get ready!

    She ran towards the other golem, which is prepared to face her with a tree as a club. As the golem swings it, another blow happened.

    Izumi was able to hear the other golem fighting. She knows who is fighting and was angry.

    "Damn it! She's beating the guys herself."|

    She hid under a bush to see how her sister will deal with the opponent. An attack was initiated by the golem which was a little fast. Unfortunately, Sakura was on a mid-air and was able to cut off its left arm.

    "By attacking my sister, I'll make you pay for this!" Sakura exclaimed.

    The golem didn't respond. However, it attacked with the remaining arm it has. It was fast and Izumi was delighted about what she is seeing. The punch was so powerful that it left a large hole in the land. The dust cleared and Izumi was surprised that her sister is missing after that scene.

    "oh, did she disappear already?" she asked herself. Then she heard a loud charge from above.

    "You'll pay for what you have done!" Sakura exclaimed as she dealt the final slash to the opponent which bypassed its defences and made way to destroy its core. An explosion occured afterwards.

    Izumi was disappointed, "kch, that little girl again!" she told herself.

    Sakura stood up after the explosion like nothing had happened. She look at her sister who showed up.

    "I know I disobeyed you, but- " she stopped when Izumi slapped her.

    "Of course, I see how stupid you are! I told you to stand back but you insisted!" Izumi shouted, "Since you little girl had disobeyed my orders, how about a punishment?"

    Sakura sighed, "If that will make you happy, it's fine." then she smiled.

    Izumi became furious, "What make you think your smile could make me forgive you?" then she punched her sister in the stomach. The latter cried in pain but at least she didn't show any sign of nervousness.

    "I don't mind... if you would do this..." Sakura softly replied, "...everyday..."

    "Of course, you're my slave and you cannot do anything!" Izumi shouted before she lets go of her bandages in her hand to wrap her sister from head to toe at a faster pace. Then she used a teleportation stone to get them back to the Obaya castle.

    She put her mummified sister into her room and unwrapped her head, "Little slave, I have things to settle with you later. So prepare yourself!" she told her.

    "How could I prepare if I'm wrapped up like this! You almost kill-" Sakura replied but was stopped when Izumi punched her.

    "You have no right to complain!" Izumi said as she closed the door to get to her room. Clenching her fist, she told herself, I still cannot defeat her, dammit!

    Sakura was nervous. Her state incapable of moving added more to it since she's prone to any attacks. Moreover, she lost some energy on the fight that happened and in a little while, her eyes closed and she fell asleep.

    She woke up and noticed that the wrappings were worn off early morning. Immediately she took her robe and went for a bath. Her hands were shaky because of her thoughts.

    Why am I feeling nervous? It's my sister after all. Shouldn't I be glad that she's here?

    After breathing deeply, she went back into her room and dressed up. She looked outside thinking of what will happen next.

    Why is she doing this? what will happen next?

    Izumi opened the door silently that Sakura failed to notice.

    "Interesting...the little girl had anticipated her punishment for today." she said followed with an evil laugh.

    Sakura looked at her quietly then turned again to face the window. Izumi thought she was being ignored again that she held her sister's arm tightly.

    "You! You are ignoring me again, aren't you?!" Izumi shouted.

    Sakura replied while turning to her, "I'm not! If you're punishing me because of what i've done... go ahead..."

    "I'm not punishing you yet, little girl. There is something I want you to do!" Izumi exclaimed.

    "What is it?" Sakura asked

    Izumi laughed, "Well well well, I admit I like your body... and I want that body to work out."

    "What do you mean 'work out'?" Sakura replied.

    The bandages on Izumi's hands became loose and flew to tie Sakura's arms and feet, "You're too simple minded. I want to test my skills against your body, and that's that."

    Sakura tried to struggle, "Let me go!"

    "You're not going anywhere!" Izumi chuckled.

    "Let me go or I'll tell father!" Sakura cried.

    "Oh go ahead and talk to the old man. What can he do? Cry in agony? Watch you suffer?" Izumi laughed as her bandages held her victim as tight as possible. Then one bandage was wrapping her neck to strangle her, "Go ahead and scream!" she shouted as her sister struggled to breathe. Then she stopped.

    "Of course, I'm not planning to kill you yet. You have to make me pleased anytime I feel stressed." Izumi said before she kissed her sister in the lips and undress her.

    "What are you trying to do?" Sakura nervously asked.

    "I'll be playing my toy...and enjoy it..."Izumi maliciously said as she completely undressed her sister. Then she pinned her, "This body... if not because of you, this body is mine."

    Sakura stopped struggling. As she looked at her sister, she thought about what her sister had said.

    "anyways, I'll be happy to let you live if you could make me happy." Izumi laughed out as the bandages proceeded on wrapping her parts individually, "Soon, my mummified toy, you'll be experiencing pleasure..." she said as she stood up and forced her bandages to mummify again her sister.

    Sakura gasped as her mummification was so tight that she began to feel her lungs crushed. Izumi decided not to wrap her head to see her reaction to her plans

    "Let me see how could deal with electricity." Izumi laughed as she performed some hand signals. Her aura had changed and electricity came from the aura to Sakura's body, electrocuting her. Sakura could only cry in pain and struggle.

    "GO AHEAD AND SCREAM!" Izumi teased. Soon the electricity stopped and Sakura was catching her breath. Another wave of electricity came in and made Sakura scream in pain.

    "Yes, that's right." Izumi smiled evilly as she stopped the electricity from coming in, "What's next?" she asked herself as she looked outside.

    "Please...stop this..." Sakura cried as she struggled.

    Izumi kicked Sakura in the stomach, "You are in no position for begging! You deserve this from the start!"

    "But--" sakura tried to answer when Izumi kicked her again.

    "You have more things to do later..." Izumi said as she pinned her sister again, "Sweet dreams..." she smiled evilly as she hit Sakura in the forehead and the latter lost consciousness.


    A shadowy figure is approaching the gates of Obaya, as she saw the Obaya castle from a far, she smiled.

    "How are the wings of the butterfly doing? It must have been a long time..."

    She proceeded on moving forward. The soldiers of Obaya immediately bowed to her upon seeing her.

    "It's been a long time, indeed..." she said to herself.
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    wow . read it for the 1st time.. nice work man
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    ****Attention : I already applied the new names for the main characters so don't be confused. Sakura was changed to Hikari and Izumi was changed to Rei.****

    Chapter 5 - Uniting the Twins

    The shadowy figure made her way to the castle. Her long hair had the attention of the guards who immediately bow on sight.

    "There are still something that I want to see... so be quiet." She told the guards.

    then she proceeded on a room where the king is resting. The king was surprised but was assured that it's not an enemy.

    "Don't worry, I'm not here to kill you or anything. I'm just here to see if they remember me..."

    "I know you would come. There are some things I want to discuss with you before you continue." The king replied, "sit down and take a rest."


    Hikari was tensed. The bandages were so tight that she only manage to crawl. But everytime she does, her arms at sides beginning to feel pain.

    I could get out of here...but half of me won't even want to..., she told herself.

    She ignored the pain one last time and made it to the sliding door. In order for her to stand she slowly leaned her back and pushed herself. She was able to stand while leaning on the wall.

    This is embarrasing. she thought.

    She just noticed, it's raining outside, where she wrap herself with her blanket and calls her sister's name.

    I just want to make her happy... that's why I don't want to escape.

    She stumbled as the door opened. Her sister seemed to be angry.

    "We have a visitor downstairs. Now all I need you to do is to stay!" she exclaimed before she slammed the door.

    Hikari was confused, Who's that visitor?

    the door opened again and Rei approached Hikari, "Well. Before I leave, I thought of leaving you here, you might spill out. So sleep!" then she punched Hikari but the latter dodged and letting her hit the floor. Then she tried once more before hitting her head. Hikari fell dazed and lost consciousness. Rei immediately left and set up a trap.

    "It looks like there something interesting up there." the figure smiled at the king, "I'll go ahead and take a quick look."

    "Very well, you shall meet them there." the king replied, "Anyways, I've told you everything that happened so don't be surprised at what you'll see."

    The figure exited the room but on her way to Hikari's room, Rei was planning a trap. She let go of the bandages on her target. however, the bandages flew back and wrapped Rei instead. She stumbled in front of her supposedly target.

    "Whoa, I never thought you have definitely controlled shikigami." the figure smiled at her as she held Rei's head, "and you're trying to use it against someone who gave it to you..."

    It dawned Rei, "It can't be! You?!"

    "Good thing you remembered me at all." the figure laughed as she combed her hair and exposed her face to Rei, "It's me, Lady Asura of Obaya."

    "You're still alive?!" Rei asked.

    Asura smiled at her, "Of course, do you think an army of losers could defeat me?"

    Rei shouted at her, "Then why did you leave me? Why did you love Hikari more than me?!"

    "Is that what my little girl is brooding about?" Asura smiled as she pulled Rei by hair and dragged her back to Hikari's room.

    "What are you doing here?" Rei asked.

    Asura ignored Rei and approached Hikari, "Wake up." then she slapped her that the latter woke up disoriented.

    Hikari looked up and gasped in disbelief when she recognized the person who slapped her.

    "Mother!" she cried.

    "As expected from you, young one." Asura smiled. She looked at the sword she gave to her when she's young, "Unlike Rei, you haven't grasped 'his' powers yet."

    Hikari looked confused about what her mother said.

    Rei interrupted the silence by shouting at her mother, "WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING TO DO?!"

    Asura smiled as if she heard nothing, "You're too noisy..." then she obtained a bandage from Rei and gagged her, "You have no right to shout."

    Rei, unable to speak, moaned loudly. Asura stood in front of the twins.

    "Now is the time to speak, my children. I expect you to listen first."

    Rei and Hikari looked at her silently.

    "After that great war, I disappeared in order for me to learn more about a myth that was told by my mother. There is a demon said to be destroying this land, speading the plague to the people and was sealed by our ancestors. According to the myth, that seal was bypassed and the demon possessed an man who has vowed to conquer this land..."

    Hikari asked, "And who is this man?"

    "Unfortunately, that man's identity is unknown. I tried to search for the answer and I found out nothing. He is responsible for controlling many countries behind their back and all of them does not know it." Asura replied, "They claimed that the man is their god and they worship him without any question."

    "A god eh?" Hikari commented. Rei tried to speak but she could only moan. Asura removed the gag from her. Rei spoke, "So what's good about you returning here?"

    Asura smiled, "Well, it is said that only one person was able to survive the process while sealing the demon. And that man's power was transferred from generation to generation. My mother told me that upon giving birth to you, that man's powers were divided..."

    Rei angrily asked, "You want me to get along with this little girl?!"

    "You got me. You two have the power of that person. And you...only you two could defeat that demon." Asura pointed out.

    "That is stupid!" Rei reacted, "I only need just training and I'll be able to defeat even you!"

    Asura shook her head, "No you can't."

    "Oh how come? I even defeated two wood golems attacking Obaya!" Rei exclaimed, then she looked at Hikari, "Isn't it right, little sister?"

    Hikari looked down, "ahhh... n-" Rei looked at her fiercely that Hikari was struck with fear, "Are you claiming that you're the one who defeated those? That is stupid!" Rei shouted, "You even didn't come to help me, right?"

    "Y-yes..." Hikari softly answered.

    Asura approached Rei and brushed her hair, "Whoa good job. I didn't expect that you would be able to merge with Shikigami too early and use her to your advantage."

    "Hah, if in case, I should get a reward for defending Obaya, right?" Rei asked.

    "Of course yes. However, that attack is just a pretense." Asura stood up and looked at them, "The real reward will come in after I see it myself that one of you is really worth it to be the queen of Obaya."


    "Stupid..." Asura replied, "Not as I am standing in front of you, I am the queen and not any of you." she casted a spell that tighten Rei's bandages. Rei began to gasp for air, "That should teach you a lesson."

    "Wait, please mother! Don't!" Hikari pleaded, "Don't hurt her! Please!"

    Asura stopped, giving Rei a chance to breathe again, "Good thing you have a sister to protect you from my wrath. The next time you try to challenge me, you're dead." she coldly said as she chanted to loosen the girls' wrappings, "I'll see you around."

    Rei upon feeling that the wrappings were loose, began to have her bandage form into a katar and attack Asura.


    Asura was too fast that Rei was not able to notice her fist incoming and punched her in the stomach. Rei vomited upon hit and began to lose consciousness.

    "Rei!" Hikari screamed as she quickly approach her sister.

    "Don't worry, she'll wake up soon enough." Asura smiled at her then walked away.

    Hikari put her sister in her bed. She sighed before she deciding to clean her room.

    That night, Rei woke up and finds herself in her sister's room. Hikari was anxiously waiting for her.

    "You're awake..." Hikari spoke, while she reaches for her sister's hand. But she ended up recieving a slap from her.

    "You stupid little girl! If you helped me attack Asura, we could have defeated her! But, what have you done? You just stood and watched!" Rei shouted at her.

    "She's our mother!" Hikari replied, "I can't do-"

    "You're really an idiot!" Rei asnwered back.

    "I-I can help you out. But w-what will I get for helping you?" Hikari asked nervously.

    Rei laughed evilly, "What do you want little girl? Freedom? Comfort? A part of my kingdom? Come on, tell me!"

    "I..." Hikari spoke, "I... just want...I just want you to treat me like a sister! I just want you to treat me like a person! Like a friend! A part of you!" then she cried.

    Rei smiled evilly at her, "Little girl, your request seems difficult. But I'll see first your worth of your prize..."

    "Will you promise me that once we defeat her, you would do my wish?" Hikari asked.

    "Hmph...a promise." Rei answered as she stood and left the room. Deep inside,We'll see if you could make it after I treat you as a 'sister'.