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Kunoichis Ambushed

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Minskirty2, Aug 4, 2013.

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    (Hey everyone!
    This is a story me and a friend are writing about a few of my OCs in the Naruto universe. It isn't finished yet, so I will be updating it as we continue. Feel free to critique since we aren't very good writers yet. I hope you enjoy!
    PS. this story is based on an anime so it will have anime physics, so people may go crashing through stuff and flyig really far. And our Stories tend to get a bit more rape oriented than most people here. Just a heads up.)

    "Wind style," Minata whispered, making the lion symbol with her hands. "Gentle point." She finished, pointing her finger at the back of her comrade, Tina's head. A small gust of wind swept from Minata's fingertip and blew Tina's hair band out of her short pink hair.
    "Hey!" Tina exclaimed, reaching and catching her hair band out of the air, then looking back at Minata.
    Minata made an innocent face and shrugged, "Wasn't me." she said.
    "Hah." Tina laughed. "Sure it wasn't. The wind is just short a headband and is trying to compensate."
    "Yeah." Minata said "That must be it."
    "Hey," the third and final team member called over her shoulder. "Minata, we're on a mission, focus please."
    "Sorry, Stella." Minata said folding her hands behind her back. "All this walking is boring."
    The three kunoichi had been walking along this seemingly abandoned forest trail for almost seven hours in search of their contact but no one had approached them. And as gorgeous as Minata thought Stella's hair was, watching her red ponytail swing back and forth all day got old pretty fast.
    Minata ran her hand through her wavy blond hair to make sure no dead leaves had fallen in it.
    "Why hasn't our contact shown up yet?" Minata called to Stella. Stella was the team captain and was the only one who had all the details for their mission.
    "It's not that much further." Stella said. "So keep your voice down."
    Minata sighed and slumped a bit. "We're going to walk forever aren't we?"
    Tina turned around and looked at Minata. "It's not so bad." she said. "The woods are pretty this time of year."
    Minata looked up at the sun through the trees. It was just like Tina to see the bright side, usually Tina was what made the missions interesting but Stella had told them not to talk.
    "Hey, Minata." Tina whispered.
    "What?" Minata whispered back.
    "Do you think the reason we have to keep our voices down is because we, you know... Are on a dangerous mission again?"
    Minata's stomach dropped and a chill went down her spine. Their last combat mission had ended very badly for them, It was a miracle they all lived, Stella still wasn't her old self emotionally or physically, the scar on her back left by the flames would probably never fully heal.
    "I hope not," Minata whispers, touching her covered cleavage where her ow unhealded sword wound is.
    "It would explain why Stella's so on edge." Tina points out.
    "Please just drop it." Minata says. "I don't even want to think on those lines."
    Tina shrugged and mouthed "Sorry" before turning back around and quickening her pace to get a bit closer to Stella.
    Stella suddenly stopped and Tina nearly ran into her. "We're here." Stella says, drawing her folded Demon wind shuriken.
    "Why are you drawing a weapon?" Tina asks "Aren't we just meeting a contact?-"
    Tina was cut off as Stella grabbed her and jumped back as a hail of Kunai landed where she had been a moment ago. Minata drew her razor kunai and ducked behind a tree.
    "NO." Stella said as she and Tina both retreated behind an adjacent tree. "They weren't supposed to..."
    "Who weren't supposed to?" Tina asked as another hail of Kunai and shuriken hit their tree.
    "There was a slight chance the contact might be wanted by a local bandit group." Stella said, taking out a few of her own Kunai and throwing them back the direction the others came from.
    "So why are they after us?" Tina asked.
    "I don't know." Stella responded. "Just run."

    (Actual fighting begins here)

    Stella and Tina took off back the way they came. Minata stood and was about to take off but she was frozen in place by the feeling of breath down her neck.
    "Hello sweetheart." Said an all too familiar man's voice behind her. Minata's heart skipped a beat. It was them, the same group of ninjas who had defeated her and her squad before and given her the scar. Minata, in a flash of panic whirled around and swung her Kunai at the ninja's head. Her attack didn't make contact, the man had ducked under her attack, and before she had time to retreat, he reached out and struck her in between her breasts, breaking the buckle on her shoulder bag. His lightning chakra filled her chest and sent her flying backward. She was about to hit a tree when another one of the enemy ninjas hit her with a flying kick to her side, sending her rolling through the brush and hitting her back against a boulder, hard.
    "OGH!" She let out as she made impact. She looked up to see the third enemy ninja coming down at her with his sword. She rolled to the side and heard his sword slice clean through the boulder she had been leaning against an instant earlier. She jumped into the air, aiming for a tree to jump off of and get away, She saw the lightning style ninja coming at her.
    She made the Ram hand sign, preparing her Wind scythe jutsu, suddenly the second enemy ninja used this opportunity to grab her hands as he flew up, past her, pulling her hands with him so they were pinned above her head. The lighting ninja threw a punch at her chin, but she kicked up and knocked his fist away with her foot and was about to kick him in the head with her other leg, but a chain wrapped around it. She looked down to see the sword ninja had been responsible for throwing the chain.
    Minata felt the lighting ninja's free fist make contact with the side of her face, sending her spinning back toward the ground. She managed to catch a glimpse in her spinning vision of the glint of the sword ninja's blade below her. He was going to slice her clean in half.
    Minata quickly weaved the ox hand symbol and used her rapid rotation to her advantage. Chakra poured from every pour in her body and turned to wind.
    "Buzz-saw Jutsu!" Minata declared. She fell toward the blade, but the sharp wind chakra she was emitting along with her rotation, clashed with the ninja's blade as if her chakra were a blade of its own. Her chakra knocked the ninja's blade away and the wind of her jutsu forced the ninja to jump back out of its reach. Minata slowed herself with her chakra to allow her to land on her feet. She crouched to jump up again but felt the boots of one of the ninjas she had forgotten were still above her land square on the back of her head and between her shoulder blades and smashed her, face first into the ground.
    "You're a tricky little girl." said the ninja standing on her. Minata recognized the voice as the second ninja. The one who used wind and fire style. The foot on her head was removed and smashed back down on her right hand. A hand pulled her head up by her hair. She was looking face to face with the sword ninja.
    The sword ninja shook his head and sighed. "You messed up her pretty face..."
    Minata was a mess. The forest floor was far from soft and the body weight of the ninja falling on her head had knocked her nearly senseless. Her left cheek was swelling from the blow that sent her spinning, her nose and lips were bleeding, her left eye was probably black and he was sure she had broken a tooth.
    "She's in better shape then last time." Said the lightning ninja, stepping over.
    "True." The sword ninja laughed before he smashed her face into the ground again by her hair.
    Minata raised her free left hand and tried to elbow the fire ninja off her back, but he caught her arm and pulled it behind her in an arm lock. He stepped off her back and hand then grabbed her hair too and hauled her to her feet by her locked arm and her hair.
    "Keep her arm locked." The Lighting ninja said. "That way she can't cast Jutsu."
    Minata tried to punch behind herself but it was no use. The fire ninja jerked her to the left, steering her by her hair.
    Minata saw their fourth and final member approaching from the direction Stella and Tina ran off in. It was their final and probably meanest member, their kunoichi summoner.
    The summoner girl landed in front of Minata and smiled.
    "Her companions are running from my Bee swarm right now." the kunoichi said, moving her face much too close to Minata's. "Hear that little girl? They aren't coming to save you."
    Minata spit blood in the kunoichi's face. "Go to hell." she said.
    The kunoichi stepped back and wiped the blood off her face calmly. "I could." she said. "Or I can just bring it here to you."
    A knot of fear was building up in Minata's chest. This summoner was the reason they lost last time.
    The kunoichi pulled out a scroll from her bag and looked at the label so Minata couldn't see it. The kunoichi smiled and opened the scroll then looked at the lightning ninja. "Grab her other hand." the kunoichi demanded. Minata felt the lighting ninja grab her other wrist and pull it out to the side. He was sending a slight electric chakra current down her arm, into her entire body tense. On the outside it probably just looked like she was shivering, but every muscle in her body was tight, mkaingin it nearly impossible for her to fight back.
    The kunoichi place her hand on the scroll and declared "Summoning jutsu." There was a puff of smoke, and two large white slugs appeared on the scroll. The kunoichi held her finger still with Minata's blood that was spat on her on it in front of the slugs. The slugs slurped up the blood through their mouths. The moment they ate the blood they turned green and their eyes sunk back into their body.
    The kunoichi picked up the slugs and looked to the sword ninja. "Open her robe." She ordered.
    Minata's eye went wide as the ninja grabbed the folds of her sleeveless kimono top and pulled it open and over her shoulders, exposing her large breasts.
    "NO!" Minata screamed, struggling against the grip one her arms and hair. However the lighting ninja channeled his lighting chakra through her even more, Minata's entire body began shaking uncontrollably, making her breasts bounce and jiggle. after a few seconds of intense shocking Minata finally relaxed and slumped in her enemy's grip, causing the Lighting ninja to reduce his shocking again.
    The kunoichi help the slugs out to Minata and placed them on her upper breasts, next to her neck. Their skin was very cold and slimy. Minata would have shivered had her body not already been doing so from the current running through her.
    "Chakra runs through the body." The kunoichi explained. "But it is stronger in some points than others."
    The slugs began moving down Minata's breasts.
    "On a woman it is easy to find her strongest chakra point." The kunoichi continued, a grin spreading across her face. "Women give life to this world, and their children."
    The slugs reached the edge of Minata's shaking breasts.
    "The child drinks milk. And a woman's breasts are chalk full of chakra to fill that milk with life."
    The slugs oozed over the edged of Minata's breasts and attached to her exposed nipples. Minata let out a scream that was quickly silenced when the kunoichi sent a swift punch to Minata's belly.
    "Don't interrupt me you little bitch." The kunoichi warned. "These slugs suck the chakra from your breasts. You body will replenish the chakra in your boobies faster than anywhere else. These Slugs will suck you to death in less than five minutes."
    The slugs, now dangling from Minata's nipples began to pull her chakra out at an alarming rate.
    "No." Minata cried. "Please... Stop- I, I- OH..." The massive loss of her chakra made her lightheaded. It was like bleeding out only it made you feel more empty.
    The kunoichi slapped Minata across the face, then pulled her hand back and licked some of Minata's blood from her lips and smiled. "Your chakra is delicious." The kunoichi said leaning in close to Minata's face. "I'd like a taste." The kunoichi then pressed her face to Minata's and kissed her.
    Minata's eyes went wide and tears began involuntarily rolling down her cheeks. The kunoichi began drinking Chakra from Minata's mouth. Minata's vision was going blurry. The slugs hanging from her nipples were growing larger by the second as they filled with her chakra, making them heavier and only increasing the weight pulling on her little nipples. Her breasts felt empty. They were still very large and jiggly, but they felt like they were only full of air and like they could pop and disappear at any moment.
    Minata's head fell back but it was held in place by the hand holding her hair. Her knees buckled and she began to fall, only being held up by her hair and her arm lock, her shoulder made a loud cracking noise as her weight was shifted to her arm lock. The kunoichi reached under Minata's bare shoulders and began holding her up, keeping her shoulder from breaking but also keeping their kiss sustained. Minata was going to die at the rate her chakra was fading. She was going to die on a routine mission. It was pathetic. Her chakra was pouring out of her into the filthy,slimy mouths of the sucking slugs and the wet mouth of the kunoichi. Minata's eyes rolled back in her head and her eyes closed. Only aware of the extreme pinching on her nipples, the jeering and laughing of the other ninja and the kunoichi's tongue exploring and lapping up ever ounce of chakra in her mouth.
    Minata tried not to accepted her fate, but her heart was slowing, her body already felt empty and lifeless. There was no way she would survive...... Then, she heard a faint whistling......like......like a shuriken..... A demon wind shuriken......Stella's demon wind shuriken.

    (It's not over! More coming soon)
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