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Feb 7, 2012
Masquerade MAID-GUY

EP1 1/3
EP1 2/3 on youtube
EP1 3/3 on youtube

Kamen no Maid Guy (仮面のメイドガイ) is comedy manga created by Maruboro Akai. And anime adaptation directed by Masayuki Sakoi in 2008.

Songs: Ending song/(nico video/Full) and Opening song/(nico video/Full)
Kogarashi CS/(full on nico vide)Fubuki CS on nico Thema of Breast fan club

Plot of story:
Naeka Fujiwara is granddaughter of a billionaire. There are so many male propose
her to get her inheritance. In order to protect her,
the masked Maid Guy Kogarashi was summoned.​

Naeka Fujiwara:富士原 なえか /CV Yuka Iguchi 井口裕香
A granddaughter of a billionaire/17Yo with 88cm bust.
There are so many male propose her to get her inheritance.
And she is astudent of Shuuhou Seiha Private School and
blong to KENDO Club(as 2nd captain).​
Kogarashi:コガラシ/Rikiya Koyama 小林力也
The "MAID GUY" ,super-powered man in a maid uniform.​
Fubuki:フブキ /CV Megumi Toyoguchi豊口めぐみ
19 year old maid, who is also assigned to
the Fujiwara household. She is tasked with both the Fujiwaras' daily care, and keeping Kogarashi
under control. She has great skill as a maid and guardian.​
Eiko Izumi:和泉 英子 /CV Emiri Kato 加藤英美里
Naeka's friend and fellow teammate in the kendo club.
She is highly envious of Naeka's bust size and whenever she gets annoyed by Naeka's comments​
Miwa Hirano:平野美和/CV Yu Kobayashi 小林 ゆう
A friend and fellow classmate to Naeka.
Boyish, short-haired and more rational member of the kendo club,
Miwa is a decently performing student.​
Elizabeth K. Strawberryfield エリザベス-K-ストロベリーフィールド CV/Saki Fujita 藤田咲
A transfer student to Naeka's school, thirteen-year old
child prodigy of English descent, Liz is extremely wealthy herself, a remarkab
le kendo student and immediately treats Naeka as her rival.​

Episodes and ryona
01 Nice To Meet You, Master!/はじめましてだ、ご主人!
09:00- Naeka drivened by Kogarashi​
02 Expert Of Loving Huge Breasts/博士の愛した巨乳
03:15- Naeka defated by her class mates.
13:20- Fubuki defeated by Kogarashi.
14:10- Naeka beaten by Kogarashi.
18:00- Naeka got ear and brain torture by Kogarashi.​
03 The Romance Doesn't Stop?/ロマンティックが止まらない?
17:00- Naeka beaten by her teacher.​
04 Thong and Big Breasts/ヒモとボイン
14:00 Liz hit by Eiko​
05 Maid Ninpou, High School Girl Technique/メイド忍法 女子高生の術
03:30 Liz was dameged by Tsurara(Liz's maid).
03:40- Shizuka(Liz's maid) was dameged by Tsurara(Liz's maid).
20:00- Tsurara(Liz's maid) had hold by tentacles created by Kogarashi's hair.​
06 Clumsy Maid Girl Doesn't Look Back/ドジッ娘メイドは振り向かない
09:00- Naeka down via huge diet.
12:00- Fubuki and Naeka get mind controlled by Kogarashi.
17:20- Fubuki get food torture by Naeka.​
07 Naeka's Sword. Mt.Kurama Training Chapter/なえかの剣 鞍馬山修行編
15:40 Naeka drowned by Fubuki.​
08 That Name Is Extraordinary! Strawberry Mask/その名は怪傑!いちご仮面
05:30 Liz fall down to ground from school.​
09 Sweet Service, In The Middle Of Cleavage/甘いご奉仕 谷間の中に
no ryona but big breasts war​
10 Aim For Fine!/ファインをねらえ!
08:40 Liz hit by monster.
18:00 mind ryona for you.​
11 A Midsummer Night's Breasts/真夏の夜の乳
no ryona​
12 Farewell, Dear Maid Guy/さらば愛しきメイドガイ
13:30- Shizuka(Liz's maid) and Tsurara(Liz's maid) strings fold by Kogarashi.​
13(OVA) In that Summer, biggest Breasts/あの夏、いちばん豊かな乳
no ryona​





Rapidshare files : http://www.mediafire.com/?wvqb9lvx4cu2o

soliloquy of editor:
Fubuki wa ore no yome.
kogarashi is your yome.
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