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What kind of animation do you want to see in the game

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May 9, 2016
Hello everyone! I'm the character designer and animator of Kalyskah's game.

I've created this pull to know what kind of animations do you want to see in the game, so I'll get this results and add to the top of my list of priorities. Also, if you have an ideia of animation, just post here and I'll add it to the pull!
On this thread you can post, pictures, gifs, videos, descriptions or anything you want to show me as a reference of animation for the game.

And remember to mix your vote, like: "kalyskah/Woman - Oral" or "Kalyskah/Men - Feet"

Our website: lustful illumination
Kalyskah's Twitter: Kalyskah Karnstein (@Kalyskah) | Twitter
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