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Juvia Vs Jenny

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by rasutzarsenal, Jun 2, 2014.

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    May 11, 2014
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    Qualifiers Match-3 count pin or submission to win-Juvia vs Jenny 40-60
    Juvia enters the stadium in a purple bikini and skirt with white polka dots. Her skirt was slightly too short and showed a glimpse of her ass and crotch. Juvias face was a very bright red; she had her arms tightly around her chest as she scampered down the ramp and into the ring. nervous from her match Juvia squats in the corner, mentally preparing.
    In stark contrast Jenny enters the stadium in a two piece lime bikini with a top that was much too small for Jenny's buxom chest. Jenny welcomed the crowds cheers and howling. She took her time walking down the ramp hugging and getting rowdy with crowd members. When Jenny gets to the ring she entertains the audience by pulling up her bikini bottom into a thong and performing a lap dance in the corner Turnbuckles. Running her hands from her chest to between her thighs Jenny finally stopped st the refs request.
    Tonights match will be between Fiores number one diva Jenny; and one of Fairytails cutest members Juvia.
    This is Juvias first wrestling match yet she is supposedly one of our more durable divas.

    wha- what is she doing to herself?Hmph juvia isnt ready to show so much skin to such a large croud.
    *Jenny smiles slightly*
    by the time im done with her she probably wont mind it

    Ding! Ding! Ding! The bell rings and the match begins
    Jenny quickly spears into Juvia, pinning her back into the Turnbuckles. Jenny follows her attack with several knees to Juvias stomach. Satisfied with her current advantage Jenny backs up and gives Juvia some space. Out of breath, Juvia slinks down onto the mat resting her back on the turnbuckles. She slides her hand across her stomach and flinches at the sudden pain.

    Man Jenny didnt give the newbie Juvia a chance.
    Ouch... *Juvia breaths heavily for a moment* damn, Its way to early for me to be at such a disadvantage!
    so many things i could do... oh i know! *jennys face turns red and breaks into a huge grin*

    Jenny reveling in the audiences roar decides to give them a show. Jenny pulls up her bikini bottom into a thong. Rubbing her hands around her ass cheeks, Jenny faces Juvia and slowly walks towards her. Juvias eyes go wide with fear; seeing no way out Juvia stays put and raises her hands to try and stop Jenny

    Juvia, Juvia, Juvia... me and you are about to become much closer...
    No! please you cant do that!
    Oh Juvia you poor girl that's not gonna stop Jenny at all!

    Jenny quickly turns around and starts rubbing her ass in Juvias face.Pined down between Jenny and the turnbuckles Juvia is unable to stop her. Not satisfied Jenny grabs Juvia's head and pushes it deeper into her ass and crotch. The crowd is going wild at this point hooting and howling at the two divas. Jenny grinds on Juvia for a few more seconds before releasing her. Finally satisfied Jenny releases her grasp and backs away. Juvia stays in her corner trying to catch her breath. Juvias face is bright red and covered in both her and Jenny's sweat.

    I have never seen someone so humiliated in a wrestling match before!
    Its not over yet Baby!
    im... going... to kill her...

    Wanting to continue Juvia's embarresment Jenny pulls Juvia out of her corner by the Hair and gets her out into the center of the ring. Jenny then crouches down and lifts Juvia holding her stomach on her own shoulder. Jenny then pulls up Juvias skirt revealing Her underwear to the extreme delight of the crowd. Infuriated by Jenny's antics Juvia slams herelbow into Jenny's head and her knee into her stomach. Surprised by Juvias attack, Jenny releases her. Juvia quickly capitalizes on Jenny's slow reaction and wraps her arm sround Jennys neck as she lands back on her feet. She then swings her leg up over Juvias neck and slams down to the floor. Juvia adjusts herself so she is sitting on Jennys face and has her hands firmly on Jennys breasts for the pin. She raises her hands in the air and laughs to celebrate her victory.

    That was Juvias special move the sunset split! Its a rare circumstance to see a move preformed that has such a difficult setup!
    Gotcha! now you know how it feels!

    One...Juvia raises her first finger
    Two...Another finger is raised
    Thre-Jenny slightly raises her left shoulder.
    Juvia rushes to complete a new pin, securing Jenny's shoulders this time.
    One...Two...thr-Jenny kicks out, ending Juvia's pin.

    Without any other damage done im not suprised juvia couldnt get the pin; even with her finisher.
    So stupid! i shouldve done another move to KO her completely
    Shes got more fight in her than i thought. I gotta do something before she knocks me out.

    Frustrated Juvia pulls up Jenny by wrapping her arm around her neck. She then arches Jenny's back preparing for a repeat of her last finisher, the sunset split. Raising her hand in the air Juvia yells to the crowd, She then raises her leg over Jenny's neck. Suddently realizing the danger she was in, Jenny breaks away as Juvia slams to the mat while splitting. Wincing from her throat and head being smashed Jenny retreats into a corner and mulls over her wounds. Juvia slowly rises to her feet and begins limping towards Jenny.

    She wont stop until one of us is knocked out... sorry Juvia but i have to use my trump card.
    Ugh.... that split really put a strain on my thighs...

    Still angry with Jenny for earlier Juvia runs and jumps into Jenny's corner. Jenny scampers out of the way and into the middle of the ring. Juvia recovers from her impact with the Turnbuckles and starts limping towards Jenny again. Jenny meets her halfway and gently caresses Juvia's cheek. Confused Juvia stops in her tracks and meets Jenny's gaze.

    there both just atanding there what sort of move is this?
    Come here you...

    Jenny comes in slowly and kisses Juvia very lightly on the lips. Enticed by Jenny's advance Juvia moves forward to deepen the kiss. At this point Jenny pulls away and steps back a few feet; She then clocks back one of her legs. With her eyes closed Juvia stumbles forward a little bit closer. Jenny twists around and slams the side of her foot across the left side of Juvia's jaw with all her remaining power and momentum. the kick causes a smack to ring out throughout the stadium, followed by a quieter crunch from Jenny's ankle and Juvia's face. Initially appearing unaffected, Juvia takes one last shaky step before collapsing face first onto the mat. Jenny gently rolls Juvia over and falls on her for the pin. Securing her pin Jenny held down Juvia's shoulders with her forearm. She also lifted one of Julia's legs whileplacing her own leg on Juvia other leg.
    Ding!Ding! Ding!
    Jenny rolls Juvia back over and gingerly places Juvias head on her lap. Jenny moves Julia's hair out of her eyes and caresses her cheek again. Jenny lowers her head and whispers something in Juvias ear.

    We should do this again sometime...

    A few seconds later Juvia's eyes slowly open and Jenny helps her get to her feet. Jenny raises Juvia's hand along with hers to show there's no hard feelings. Jenny and Juvia limp out of the arena together; Juvia nursing her jaw and Jenny nursing her ankle.