Juli Kidman from the Evil Within request


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Jun 5, 2012
Hello @seanparker94. Welcome to Undertow.

Juli Kidman from the Evil Within
Please take a look at the Request Rules and especially the Reference Shot Guide. We need side-view images in order to create SDT mods. If possible, the images should use anime art style as well. The Evil Within uses a much more realistic art style, so you'll probably need to browse through fanart in order to find usable images. Something like this might be useful, except that it shows the wrong angle.

Please do her hair and her outfit those heels and gun holster looks so hot
The hair shouldn't be difficult, assuming that you can find good reference images.

Clothing mods involve special tools and quite a bit of work. I'd encourage you to spend some time looking through existing mods. You can probably find a few examples of jeans and high-heeled shoes. If they're a close match then you could use them as-is. If they require only a few changes then you could contact the original artist and ask them to consider your request.

The hip holster would be tricky because of how SDT handles anatomy. 3d meshes can be rigged to multiple bones so that clothing will stretch or fold as the character walks around. SDT uses simple sprite-based rigging, so it wouldn't be possible to recreate the holster without relying on advanced physics code (which would be too much work for such a niche request). If you really want to include the holster then you'd need to decide whether to attach it to the waist or thigh. Alternatively: you could re-use an existing mod, such as Mike's Lara Croft gear or Dante's Weapon Accessories.

The shoulder holster shouldn't be difficult to create, but it's closely fitted to her shirt. Hence, it probably won't happen unless someone decides to create the shirt. And the shirt is going to be tricky because it's heavily creased (lots of shading work) and because the character is relatively unknown (difficult to find reference images).

Please try to track down some good reference images. These should be anime- or cartoon-style side views , although you can include a few videogame screenshots (or 3d renders) if the fanart shows mistakes. Don't just limit yourself to images of the face; an image which shows the front of the girl's face might still be useful if it depicts something else (e.g. footwear, shirt, holsters) from the side.
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